Prague WinterPrague Winter

Prague Winter is my attempt to record a demented time during which I was both witness and involuntary participant.

Author: Nikolaus Martin

Publisher: Trafford

ISBN: 155395100X


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Prague Winter is my attempt to record a demented time during which I was both witness and involuntary participant. For many years I was haunted by nightmares of being recaptured by the Gestapo or of being trapped in Prague under the communists.

Prague WinterPrague Winter

The Katrovas / Winterova family keeps residences in Prague , Czech Republic
and Kalamazoo , Michigan . SOLO as Prague ' s Velvet Revolution changed
Richard Katrovas ' s life and values profoundly , and Prague Winter reflects those

Author: Richard Katrovas

Publisher: Carnegie-Mellon University Press

ISBN: UOM:39015060372342


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A collection of poetry by Richard Katrovas.

Winter in PragueWinter in Prague

Author: Robin Alison Remington

Publisher: MIT Press

ISBN: STANFORD:36105080810174


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The original sources compiled in this volume, many of which have not previously been available in English, will allow students of communism to examine more closely both the substance of change in Czechoslovakia prior to Soviet intervention in August 1968 and the subsequent disarray in the international Communist movement. Robin Remington has selected documents to show, first, what was actually happening in Czechoslovakia before invasion. Ow had what George Modelski calls "Communist culture" with its own literature, symbols, and ritual behavior declined in Prague? This section includes major statements on such questions as freedom of the press, the role of the Czechoslovak Communist Party, Czech-Slovak constitutional federation, the importance of interest groups within a Communist state, and the controversial Action Program of the new Dubcek government. The second and third sections of the book contain papers on Czechoslovak liberalization and orthodox response. The documents show increasingly concerned Soviet and East European reactions, pressures put on Prague, and negotiations, which, failing, led to invasion. The book's fourth section deals with the invasion and the split in world communism. It shows postinvasion justification from Moscow combined with deviant reactions from other Communist parties. Specifically, documents demonstrate where parties normally so far apart as the Chinese and the French stood in relation to the invasion, and they discuss reverberations in Yugoslavia and Rumania, Cuba, North Vietnam, and Italy. The text includes six cartoons from Czechoslovak journals, seventy-two documents, and thirty-five commentaries by Robin Remington, who is Research Associate in Communist Studies, M.I.T. Center for International Studies. Winter in Prague is the fourteenth book in the Studies in Communism, Revisionism, and Revolution series, William E. Griffith, general editor.

Prague WinterPrague Winter

The book takes readers from the Bohemian capital's thousand-year-old castle to the bomb shelters of London, from the desolate prison ghetto of Terezín to the highest councils of European and American government.

Author: Madeleine Albright

Publisher: Harper Collins

ISBN: 9780062030368


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“A remarkable story of adventure and passion, tragedy and courage set against the backdrop of occupied Czechoslovakia and World War II.” —Václav Havel From former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright comes a moving and thoughtful memoir of her formative years in Czechoslovakia during the tumult of Nazi occupation, World War II, fascism, and the onset of the Cold War. An intensely personal journey into the past that offers vital lessons for the future, Prague Winter combines the intimacy of an autobiography with the drama of an exciting and well-told story—all underpinned by the gravity and intelligence of a serious work of history. The result is a highly readable and incisive work filled with tragedy and triumph, a resonant narrative informed by Albright’s remarkable life experience and her characteristic candor in speaking hard truths.

The Witch of Prague and Other Crawford Horror ClassicsThe Witch of Prague and Other Crawford Horror Classics

This is the song— 'The fisherman of Oman tied the halter under his arms, The sky
was as blue as the sea in winter. The fisherman dived into the deep waters As a
ray of light shoots through a sapphire of price. The sea was as blue as the sky, ...

Author: Francis Marion Crawford

Publisher: e-artnow

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This meticulously edited Francis Marion Crawford collection is formatted for your eReader with a functional and detailed table of contents: Mr Isaacs With the Immortals Khaled: A Tale of Arabia The Witch of Prague The Upper Berth By the Waters of Paradise The Dead Smile Cecilia Man Overboard! For the Blood Is the Life The King's Messenger The Screaming Skull The Doll's Ghost

Prague in WinterPrague in Winter

This book is a photographic collection that captures the incredible city of Prague on a trip on a January weekend.

Author: Paul Mc Namara




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This book is a photographic collection that captures the incredible city of Prague on a trip on a January weekend. Prague is one of the world's great cities and one that I have a very special connection with. A long time ago (in the early 1990's), I went there to find my fortune and explore the "Left Bank of the '90's". It was a magical experience, even if I have not yet managed to complete my masterpiece. Every time I return, it feels like the last scenes of the film "Before Sunrise" where the last scenes of the film show the places that now seem empty without the characters to bring them to life. The photographs capture the city through the streets, the food, the nightlife, the people and the unique flavour of life that is Prague. Places that I habitually made my own during that time and new places that are fresh. This time in Winter.

Journal of a Residence at Vienna and Berlin in the Eventful Winter 1805 6Journal of a Residence at Vienna and Berlin in the Eventful Winter 1805 6

PRAGUE . 135 6 . Prague . Prague is a large well - built town , remark - The city
of able for its situation on the Moldau , a noble river running through it , over
which is a fine bridge 742 feet long ; this river divides the town into two parts , the
Old ...

Author: Henry Reeve


ISBN: ONB:+Z219614407


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The Witch of Prague Khaled A Tale of ArabiaThe Witch of Prague Khaled A Tale of Arabia

He walked heavily, bending his head, his eyes half closed as though in bodily
pain, the icy pavement rang like iron under his tread, the frozen air pierced
through him, as his sorrow pierced his heart, the gloom of the fast-sinking winter's
day ...

Author: Francis Marion Crawford

Publisher: e-artnow

ISBN: EAN:4057664560902


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In "The Witch of Prague" the main character is on a quest to find the woman he loves. When he gets to Prague, he falls under the spell of a witch. In "Khaled: A Tale of Arabia" the main protagonist, Khaled, has no soul - but he is offered one chance: if his wife comes to love him, despite his lack of a soul, he will become fully human.

Prague Winter Enhanced Edition Prague Winter Enhanced Edition

In the enhanced e-book Albright reveals how this book is different from any other she's written and pores over personal photos, family documents, and even a Slovak costume that she wore as a young girl to tell you the stories that bring ...

Author: Madeleine Albright

Publisher: Harper Collins

ISBN: 9780062206176


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Drawing on her own memory, her parents’ written reflections, interviews with contemporaries, and newly-available documents, former US Secretary of State and New York Times bestselling author Madeleine Albright recounts a tale that is by turns harrowing and inspiring. Before she turned twelve, Madeleine Albright’s life was shaken by some of the most cataclysmic events of the 20th century: the Nazi invasion of her native Prague, the Battle of Britain, the attempted genocide of European Jewry, the allied victory in World War II, the rise of communism, and the onset of the Cold War. In Prague Winter, Albright reflects on her discovery of her family’s Jewish heritage many decades after the war, on her Czech homeland’s tangled history, and on the stark moral choices faced by her parents and their generation. Often relying on eyewitness descriptions, she tells the story of how millions of ordinary citizens were ripped from familiar surroundings and forced into new roles as exile leaders and freedom fighters, resistance organizers and collaborators, victims and killers. These events of enormous complexity are shaped by concepts familiar to any growing child: fear, trust, adaptation, the search for identity, the pressure to conform, the quest for independence, and the difference between right and wrong. Prague Winter is an exploration of the past with timeless dilemmas in mind, a journey with universal lessons that is simultaneously a deeply personal memoir and an incisive work of history. It serves as a guide to the future through the lessons of the past, as seen through the eyes of one of the international community’s most respected and fascinating figures. Albright and her family’s experiences provide an intensely human lens through which to view the most political and tumultuous years in modern history.

Material Culture Daily Life in the New City of Prague in the Age of Rudolf IIMaterial Culture Daily Life in the New City of Prague in the Age of Rudolf II

In the late 19th century , Zikmund Winter , the father of Czech cultural history ,
wrote a series of cultural historical studies focusing on education , commerce ,
industry , and church life in Prague and other Bohemian cities in the 15th and
16th ...

Author: James R. Palmitessa


ISBN: STANFORD:36105019424808


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The Citizen of PragueThe Citizen of Prague

said Trautsohn ; thus it was not very long before the greater part " but , in the first
place , consider it is a long of the company were aware of his intentions . time till
winter , and I would not willingly live But as the parties most immediately ...

Author: Frau Henriette Wach von Paalzow




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