Painting the Landscape of Your SoulPainting the Landscape of Your Soul

Painting the Landscape of Your Soul engages and reawakens your innate creativity as a path to self discovery. This book is a step-by-step journey of empowerment, reclaiming your inner self with paint and paper.

Author: Damini Celebre


ISBN: 099067780X


Page: 318

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Painting the Landscape of Your Soul engages and reawakens your innate creativity as a path to self discovery. This book is a step-by-step journey of empowerment, reclaiming your inner self with paint and paper. It incorporates trusting your intuitive voice with deep, underlying principles of healing such as energy medicine and shamanism. It's a journey toward integration and wholeness and will bring a twinkle to your eyes again! No artistic skill is required."

Drawing and Painting the LandscapeDrawing and Painting the Landscape

There is a romantic idea about the artist striding through the landscape, painting materials in hand, ... fascinated by the interpretation of landscape and what landscape stands for in terms of how it moves you and touches your soul.

Author: Philip Tyler

Publisher: The Crowood Press

ISBN: 9781785003257


Page: 208

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Capturing the landscape on paper requires the artist to look - to look deep into the distance and deep into the soul. This practical book celebrates the genre of landscape painting - the wonder of discovering the extraordinary in the everyday scene. Philip Tyler looks in detail at the materials, techniques and approaches needed to paint the landscape, and offers advice on how to portray space, light, atmosphere and different weather conditions. Supported by the words and images of other notable artists, he explains how to transfer one's emotional response to the landscape onto paper or canvas. There are exercises to support the 50 lessons in the book and over 300 colour images illustrate the text.

Your Soul s PlanYour Soul s Plan

Imagine a room at the Louvre in which a great landscape hangs on the wall. One person may walk through the room without ever seeing it; perhaps other paintings divert this person's attention. A second individual may walk through the ...

Author: Robert Schwartz

Publisher: North Atlantic Books

ISBN: 9781556439520


Page: 344

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Would you like to understand the deeper spiritual meaning of physical illness, parenting handicapped children, drug addiction, alcoholism, the death of a loved one, accidents, deafness, and blindness? Your Soul’s Plan (which was originally published under the title Courageous Souls: Do We Plan Our Life Challenges Before Birth?) explores the premise that we are all eternal souls who plan our lives, including our greatest challenges, before we are born for the purpose of spiritual growth. Through compelling profiles of people who knowingly planned the experiences mentioned above, Your Soul’s Plan shows that suffering is not purposeless, but rather imbued with deep meaning. Working with four gifted mediums, author Robert Schwartz reveals the significance of each person’s life plan and allows us a fascinating look into the “other side.” Each personal story focuses on a specific life challenge, organized by type for easy reference. Accessible both to those familiar with the metaphysical aspects of spirituality and to the general reader, the moving narratives that comprise Your Soul’s Plan help readers awaken to the reality that they are transcendent, eternal souls. With this stirring book as a guide, feelings of anger, resentment, guilt, and victimization are healed and transformed into acceptance, forgiveness, gratitude, and peace. Robert Schwartz is also the author of Your Soul’s Gift: The Healing Power of the Life You Planned Before You Were Born, which explores the pre-birth planning of spiritual awakening, miscarriage, abortion, caregiving, abusive relationships, sexuality, incest, adoption, poverty, suicide, rape, and mental illness. There’s also a chapter about the pre-birth planning we do with our future pets. Robert Schwartz is a hypnotherapist who offers general Spiritual Guidance Sessions, Past Life Soul Regressions, and Between Lives Soul Regressions. Visit Robert online at

Painting LifePainting Life

How to paint the soul of anything is a problem that has long bedeviled painters . ... The “ soul ” of Winter Landscape with Skaters and a Bird Trap is the spirit of living on the edge or skating on thin ice , not knowing what will ...

Author: Robert L. Bonn

Publisher: Robert Bonn

ISBN: 1884092128


Page: 173

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In this book, Dr. Robert L. Bonn examines the "something more" in the paintings of the old master Flemish artist, Pieter Bruegel, The Elder, and conveys insights, not only into 16th century Flemish society but also into our own lives in the 21st century. As you read this book, you will see how Bruegel's scenes capture the universal conditions of conflict, work, play, folly and chaos, as well as innumerable pieces of biblical and folk wisdom.

Theories of Art From Winckelmann to BaudelaireTheories of Art From Winckelmann to Baudelaire

Keep sacred every pure movement of your soul , keep sacred any pious presentiment ” ( p . 83 ) . ... Caspar David Friedrich , as one knows , was a landscape painter , and we have already seen that he believed that landscape , that is ...

Author: Moshe Barasch

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 0415926262


Page: 389

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This anthology examines Love's Labours Lost from a variety of perspectives and through a wide range of materials. Selections discuss the play in terms of historical context, dating, and sources; character analysis; comic elements and verbal conceits; evidence of authorship; performance analysis; and feminist interpretations. Alongside theater reviews, production photographs, and critical commentary, the volume also includes essays written by practicing theater artists who have worked on the play. An index by name, literary work, and concept rounds out this valuable resource.

Faces of Your SoulFaces of Your Soul

Rituals in Art, Maskmaking, and Guided Imagery with Ancestors, Spirit Guides, and Totem Animals Elise Dirlam Ching, ... Sense how it explores and perceives your inner landscape: colors ofthe inner jungle, depth of the sea. heat of the ...

Author: Elise Dirlam Ching

Publisher: North Atlantic Books

ISBN: 9781583948767


Page: 256

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In Faces of Your Soul, Elise Dirlam Ching and Kaleo Ching combine art and archetypes, meditation and acupressure, guided imagery, journaling, and many different creative processes in a collage of healing knowledge and wisdom. The authors start by stressing the balance of complementary opposites—left brain/right brain, challenge/comfort, practicality/the sacred—as crucial to beginning the journey. Then through guided imagery, they lead readers through subconscious realms to connect with archetypal sources of inner wisdom. This process frees the creative and healing spirit, connecting explorers with the body's instinctive intelligence, which expresses itself through the creation of art. Central to this process is a detailed description of maskmaking—including how to work with a partner to mold each other's gauze mask—balanced with self-explorations of the inner experience of this event. Poetry, personal stories, photographs, and a gallery of Kaleo Ching's evocative totemic masks expand the reader's experience of this richly resonant journey to self.

Voyage Around My RoomVoyage Around My Room

I had been painting all morning, and my soul, taking pleasure in meditating on painting, left it to the beast to transport me to ... And happier still the painter who, summoned to his solitary promenades by his love for the landscape, ...

Author: Xavier de Maistre

Publisher: New Directions Publishing

ISBN: 9780811222341


Page: 244

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A lively and utterly singular travelogue of the intricate curiosities that are directly within one’s own reach In 1790, while serving in the Piedmontese army, the French aristocrat Xavier de Maistre (1763–1852) was punished for dueling and placed under house arrest for forty-two days. The result was a discursive, mischievous memoir Voyage Around My Room, and its sequel, Nocturnal Expedition Around My Room. Admired by Nietzsche and Machado de Assis, Ossian and Susan Sontag, this classic book proves that sitting on the living-room sofa can be as fascinating as crossing the Alps or paddling up the Amazon. In addition to the Voyage and Expedition, this edition also includes the dialogue “The Leper of the City of Aosta,” a preface by Xavier’s better-known older brother (the royalist philosopher Joseph de Maistre), and an introduction by Richard Howard.

Rethinking FranceRethinking France

To paint a country you have to know it. I know my country, I paint it . . . go and see, you'll recognize all my paintings.”73 At the same moment, critics were theorizing about this artistic patriotism: “Through landscape painting, ...

Author: Pierre Nora

Publisher: University of Chicago Press

ISBN: 9780226591339


Page: 480

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Focusing on the meaning of space for the French and the connection between the nation's history and its geography, this is the second volume in the translation of Nora's "Les Lieux de memoire". The essays gathered here cover essential approaches to French space: external and internal boundaries, the base unit of local space, and more.

In Pursuit of the Natural SignIn Pursuit of the Natural Sign

Both works of art emblematized something beyond the visible realities they represented: "Although the poet did not intend it, in that scene — resembling the paintings of Patinir — that slow ferryboat carries your soul ... a song ...

Author: Gayana Jurkevich

Publisher: Bucknell University Press

ISBN: 0838754139


Page: 259

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This is the first major study on Azorin to appear in two decades. The first part explores parallels between the cultural milieus in France and Spain when both countries lost their colonies in the second half of the nineteenth century. The second part studies the fiction and essays of Jose Martinez Ruiz (Azorin). Illustrated.

Landscape and Western ArtLandscape and Western Art

Would that not be more expedient and less fatiguing , since you could stay in a cool place without moving about and exposing yourself to illness ? But your soul could not enjoy the pleasures that come to it through the eyes ...

Author: Malcolm (Professor of Victorian and Visual Studies Andrews, Professor of Victorian and Visual Studies University of Kent Canterbury)

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

ISBN: 0192842331


Page: 248

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This book explores many issues raised by the range of ideas and images of the natural world in Western art since the Renaissance. The whole concept of landscape is examined as a representation of the relationship between the human and natural worlds. Featured artists include Claude, Freidrich, Turner, Cole and Ruisdael, and many different forms of landscape art are addressed, such as land art, painting, photography, garden design, panorama and cartography.

Awakening Your Creative SoulAwakening Your Creative Soul

You never know what will open the door. This book is for curious souls wanting to find the right spark to jump-start their creativity.

Author: Sandra Duran Wilson

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9781440353130


Page: 176

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Open the door to your creative awakening! "Do everything with great love, whether it is painting, writing, dancing, relationships or learning." --Sandra Duran Wilson Sharing your passion is the greatest gift you can give, and the journey to your creative awakening starts with a single step--or a single exercise. You never know what will open the door. This book is for curious souls wanting to find the right spark to jump-start their creativity. Inside, there are 52 chapters with an exercise for each week of the year featuring a step-by-step art, writing or meditation project. Following the flow of the seasons, the exercises are designed to take you from the spring of your intuition, through the summer of personal growth, fall of self-discovery to arrive at the end of your creative cycle refreshed, revived and renewed. Find your voice and vision: • 52 fun and beautiful projects offer a new chance at self-discovery every week for one year--they are not necessarily sequential and can be completed at any time on your journey • Weekly prompts merge art making with universal life challenges to help you open your mind and explore different spiritual and creative philosophies Refill your well, become the light, expand yourself and your story.

Literary StudiesLiterary Studies

Modern art rejects realistic approaches to literature, questions the idea of a divine creator and an orderly ... 1869) dramatically captures its subject through symbolic and evocative imagery: Your soul is like a painter's landscape ...

Author: Tison Pugh

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317929413


Page: 324

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Literary Studies: A Practical Guide provides a comprehensive foundation for the study of English, American, and world literatures, giving students the critical skills they need to best develop and apply their knowledge. Designed for use in a range of literature courses, it begins by outlining the history of literary movements, enabling students to contextualize a given work within its cultural and historical moment. Specific focus is then given to the use of literary theory and the analysis of: Poetry Prose fiction and novels Plays Films. A detailed unit provides clear and concise introductions to literary criticism and theory, encouraging students to nurture their unique insights into a range of texts with these critical tools. Finally, students are guided through the process of generating ideas for essays, considering the role of secondary criticism in their writing, and formulating literary arguments. This practical volume is an invaluable resource for students, providing them with the tools to succeed in any English course.

Honey and LeonardHoney and Leonard

Luther's favorite line was, “Buying art is investing in your soul.” He loved to say it as he was acquiring a new painting. After purchasing a dreamy Italian landscape from a female artist near Antibes, he couldn't help but elaborate, ...

Author: Mark Paul Smith

Publisher: BQB Publishing

ISBN: 9781945448485


Page: 250

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Honey and Leonard are in their seventies when they fall in love. Leonard is in the early stages of Alzheimer's and Honey thinks her love will cure him. When their heirs try to keep them apart, they flee to France in violation of court orders. Pursued by police, press, and private investigators, they become an international media sentation. In a time just before cell phones and the Internet, they become the Bonnie and Clyde of love. Their whirlwind romance encompasses arsenic poisoning, edler law, Alzheimer's, an Eiffel Tower arest, and a Paris jail break. And through it all Honey is in the middle of the difficult process of discovering that love does not conquer all. Or does it?

The Soul s PaletteThe Soul s Palette

famous art historian Ananda Coomaraswamy once noted that an artist is not a special kind of person but rather that ... as an artist and utilizing your natural ability to make images are the first steps to accessing your soul's palette.

Author: Cathy A. Malchiodi

Publisher: Shambhala Publications

ISBN: 9780834825345


Page: 240

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Making art, according to Cathy Malchiodi, may be as important to your physical and spiritual health as balanced nutrition, regular exercise, or meditation. Expressing yourself creatively—through drawing, painting, sculpture, photography—allows you to tap into a source of inner wisdom that provides guidance, soothes emotional pain, and revitalizes your being. The Soul's Palette reveals art's transformative powers. Exercises include working with materials for drawing, painting, sculpting, and collage; simple drawing and journal projects; self-guided meditations and affirmations; ideas for cultivating intuition, inspiration, and spontaneity; exploring personal symbols; and making art a spiritual practice.

English PaintingEnglish Painting

... to tranquil beauty, it is life and movement which stir the depths of his soul. In France, Constable's pictures wrought a wonderful effect. So great was their success that our modern school of landscape is greatly indebted to him.

Author: Ernest Chesneau

Publisher: Parkstone International

ISBN: 9781780428888


Page: 256

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The English school of painting was officially recognised at the beginning of the 18th century through the work of William Hogarth. It includes works by the most famous English artists, such as Thomas Gainsborough, Joseph Mallord William Turner, John Constable, Edward Burne- Jones, and Dante Gabriel Rossetti. This subject is introduced with a very unique text, published in 1882: a French study of English pictorial art. The author, Ernest Chesneau, was highly-cultured, an art historian and inspector of Fine Arts. He explains the beginnings of this school which excels in portraiture and landscapes, and reminds us of the English brilliance regarding watercolours, not forgetting to include the work of the Pre-Raphaelites.

Emily s Art and SoulEmily s Art and Soul

Andi returned her attention to the art. She took her time as she scanned each one. “Oil paintings, right?” “Yes.” Andi studied the landscape painting directly in front of her. “I love this one. It has a sensuality about it that I've ...

Author: Joy Argento

Publisher: Bold Strokes Books Inc

ISBN: 9781635553567



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High school teacher Emily Sanders’s bucket list didn’t include getting divorced and starting a new job in a new city. Those challenges pale, however, when her mother dies and Emily finds herself caring for her sister who has Down syndrome. When Emily meets Andi Marino she thinks she’s found a new best friend, just the right kind of fun and caring person to keep her from spending every weekend alone. So when Emily discovers she’s a lesbian and wants to explore her feelings for women, Andi seems like the perfect social guide. Except Emily doesn’t know that Andi has been attracted to her from the start and is fast falling in love with her. Caught up in exploring her sexuality, will Emily see the only woman she needs is right in front of her?

The Oxford Handbook of Edgar Allen PoeThe Oxford Handbook of Edgar Allen Poe

Observers whose manifold interests extended to poetry, painting, and landscape gardening find dream-like images in the works of Claude.17 Poe, of course, mentions Claude in “The Domain of Arnheim” in which Ellison, a connoisseur of ...

Author: J. Gerald Kennedy

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

ISBN: 9780190641870


Page: 880

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No American author of the early 19th century enjoys a larger international audience than Edgar Allan Poe. Widely translated, read, and studied, he occupies an iconic place in global culture. Such acclaim would have gratified Poe, who deliberately wrote for "the world at large" and mocked the provincialism of strictly nationalistic themes. Partly for this reason, early literary historians cast Poe as an outsider, regarding his dark fantasies as extraneous to American life and experience. Only in the 20th century did Poe finally gain a prominent place in the national canon. Changing critical approaches have deepened our understanding of Poe's complexity and revealed an author who defies easy classification. New models of interpretation have excited fresh debates about his essential genius, his subversive imagination, his cultural insight, and his ultimate impact, urging an expansive reconsideration of his literary achievement. Edited by leading experts J. Gerald Kennedy and Scott Peeples, this volume presents a sweeping reexamination of Poe's work. Forty-five distinguished scholars address Poe's troubled life and checkered career as a "magazinist," his poetry and prose, and his reviews, essays, opinions, and marginalia. The chapters provide fresh insights into Poe's lasting impact on subsequent literature, music, art, comics, and film and illuminate his radical conception of the universe, science, and the human mind. Wide-ranging and thought-provoking, this Handbook reveals a thoroughly modern Poe, whose timeless fables of peril and loss will continue to attract new generations of readers and scholars.