Little Owl s Book of ThinkingLittle Owl s Book of Thinking

He saw a deep green tree, dark but powerful and, well, different from the others. “Cedar tree,” said Big Owl knowingly. ... It doesn't look like the other trees: it has different bark, different leaves, a different greenness.

Author: Ian Gilbert

Publisher: Crown House Publishing

ISBN: 9781845903985


Page: 96

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This brilliant little book describes in an entertaining style the seven lessons Benny receives from his wise old father, keen to teach his son how to think and think well. Ideal for teachers, parents and older children, this book is an excellent method of introducing the concept of thinking skills and why they are so important. All ages.

The NidiologistThe Nidiologist

Again , March 4 , 1894 , while hunting through the woods near the Gunpowder river , Baltimore county , we flushed a Barred Owl from a medium - sized cedar tree and then saw an Acadian Owl on the same limb , about two feet from where the ...



ISBN: UCSD:31822031463003


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The NidologistThe Nidologist

... during from a natural cavity in beech tree , about the winter season . twelve feet up , and covered by Owl in red ... Baltimore county , we flushed a Bar- should say it is the red phase . red Owl from a medium - sized cedar tree ...



ISBN: CORNELL:31924071003986


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That the People Might LiveThat the People Might Live

... Momaday's Owl in the Cedar Tree , both works for young adult readers . 141 Owl in the Cedar Tree also deals with obligations to family , reflects a keen knowledge of tribal lifeways , and possesses a wonderful sense of delight .

Author: Jace Weaver

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780195344219


Page: 256

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Loyalty to the community is the highest value in Native American cultures, argues Jace Weaver. In That the People Might Live, he explores a wide range of Native American literature from 1768 to the present, taking this sense of community as both a starting point and a lens. Weaver considers some of the best known Native American writers, such as Leslie Marmon Silko, Gerald Vizenor, and Vine Deloria, as well as many others who are receiving critical attention here for the first time. He contends that the single thing that most defines these authors' writings, and makes them deserving of study as a literature separate from the national literature of the United States, is their commitment to Native community and its survival. He terms this commitment "communitism"--a fusion of "community" and "activism." The Native American authors are engaged in an ongoing quest for community and write out of a passionate commitment to it. They write, literally, "that the People might live." Drawing upon the best Native and non-Native scholarship (including the emerging postcolonial discourse), as well as a close reading of the writings themselves, Weaver adds his own provocative insights to help readers to a richer understanding of these too often neglected texts. A scholar of religion, he also sets this literature in the context of Native cultures and religious traditions, and explores the tensions between these traditions and Christianity.

Crossing the Owl s BridgeCrossing the Owl s Bridge

Owl's. Bridge. In the Tlingit tale, the red cedar tree that emerges from the statue of the Chief's wife grows. In its actualization, it is said to give rise to many other red cedar saplings all over the Queen Charlotte Islands.

Author: Kim Bateman, Ph.D.

Publisher: Chiron Publications

ISBN: 9781630513740


Page: 132

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Crossing the Owl’s Bridge uses the wisdom of worldwide folk tales to demonstrate how to share, ritualize, and transform grief. Each chapter describes psychological tasks as communicated through folk tales, offers stories about others, and provides guidelines for application. The premise is that although we do have to say goodbye to our material relationship, we are also being presented with a chance to say hello to a different type of relationship. Crossing the Owl’s Bridge illustrates creative outcomes to mourning that allow one to recognize, contain, release, and yet stay in relationship and keep loving. Kim Bateman, Ph.D., has facilitated grief workshops and taught courses in Death and Dying for over 20 years. Her research interests include bereavement, organizational psychology, and humor, and she has presented over 60 projects in the behavioral sciences at regional and national psychology conferences. Dr. Bateman has delivered many notable keynote addresses, including: “There’s a Fox Under My Bed and Pixie Dust in My Hair,” at the Developmental Psychology Conference, “The Psychology of Humor” at the Women’s Wellness Conference, and “College Culture Through the Song Lyrics of Bob Marley,” at the Community College League of California convention. She recently presented a TEDx talk called “Singing Over Bones.” Dr. Bateman serves as the executive dean of the Tahoe-Truckee Campus of Sierra College.


Great grays are masters of camouflage and surprise when hunting prey . RON AUSTING RON AUSTING RON AUSTING Body posture shifts drastically as the owl is about to. An adult great gray owl perches among the branches of a large cedar tree ...

Author: Floyd Scholz

Publisher: Stackpole Books

ISBN: 0811710211


Page: 414

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• The most complete collection of visual reference material on North American owls including over 700 stunning photographs of 16 species of owls • Physical features offer insight into hunting, feeding, flying, and communication Renowned carver Floyd Scholz presents the much anticipated follow-up to his best-selling Birds of Prey. In this new book, hundreds of stunning full-color photographs and useful line drawings offer detailed studies of 16 species of owls—from the tiny Elf Owl to the impressive Great Horned Owl. All are illustrated in full detail, with focus on body and wing design, plumage patterns, flight characteristics, and predatory behavior. Also includes a section on carving and painting techniques and a gallery of Floyd Scholz's finished carvings. A must-have reference for carvers, artists, ornithologists, naturalists—anyone interested in these magnificent birds.

Sugaring OffSugaring Off

The call of a chickadee, right above Owl in a cedar tree, near enough for her to hear. She stops, closing her eyes, appreciating it. A kill spot; something got a large bird, leaving a spray of blood and some scattered feathers Owl can't ...

Author: Gillian French

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9781643753348


Page: 302

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A dazzling and evocative novel about seventeen-year-old Owl, left partially deaf by an early childhood tragedy that will come back to haunt her all these years later when her father is released from prison, and who is always her freest self while hiking the forested acres surrounding her family’s New Hampshire maple sugar farm.