Outrider of EmpireOutrider of Empire

... Norman, 251, 268–78, 281, 283. 285. 288, 291, 363n'76 Madeira, Spain, 281 Malins, Geoffrey H., 269–78,280. 281,283, 287–88. 291 O'Brien, José de la Manchay (fictional character), 224–25 O'Day, Tom, & 374 & OUT RIDER of EMPIRE.

Author: Geoffrey A. Pocock

Publisher: University of Alberta

ISBN: 9780888647672


Page: 400

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A dreamer of dreams, an adventurer, and a man of many ideas, Roger Pocock was an inveterate, world-ranging traveler who lived the life that all adventurous boys desire. He listened with wonder to the stories of all those he met, be they outlaws like Butch Cassidy, ranchers, or mounted police. Readers of all ages and classes eagerly devoured Pocock’s western tales. Outrider of Empire is a testament to a prolific author and extraordinary man whose friends and acquaintances bridged the worlds of theatre, literature, the military, and science.

No Labour No BattleNo Labour No Battle

Lucas, Sir C., The Empire At War Vol III (Oxford 1924) Lucas, Sir C., The Empire At War Vol IV (Oxford 1924) Lucas, Sir C., ... G., Outrider of Empire The Life and Adventures of Roger Pocock (Edmonton, Alberta 2007) Pocock, Captain R., ...

Author: John Starling

Publisher: The History Press

ISBN: 9780750958790


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From 1917 British soldiers who were unfit or too old for front-line service were to serve unarmed and within the range of German guns for weeks or even months at a time undertaking labouring tasks. Both at the time and since they have arguably not been given the recognition they deserve for this difficult and dangerous work. From non-existence in 1914, by November 1918 Military Labour had developed into an organised and efficient 350,000-strong Labour Corps, supported by Dominion and foreign labour of more than a million men. Following the war, the grim and solemn tasks of clearing battlefields and constructing cemeteries, which continued until 1921, were also the responsibility of the Corps. Here, John Starling and Ivor Lee bring together extensive research from both primary and secondary sources to reveal how the vital, yet largely unreported, role played by these brave soldiers was crucial to achieving victory in 1918.

An Empire in DisarrayAn Empire in Disarray

It's just as well, she thought silently as the elevator took her to the outrider shuttle bays. The Merope-7 was the closest thing to a home that she had left. Sergeant Pallas and his four commandos were waiting for her on the deck when ...

Author: Joe Vasicek

Publisher: Joe Vasicek




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Only those who stand united can bring peace from the chaos of war. The Outworld Confederacy has shattered—but the Gaian Empire is shattering faster. Treasonous elements in both seek to reshape the galaxy in their own image. With Isaac and Reva's telepathic abilities, only Mara is in a position to thwart the usurpers. But Reva opposes the weaponization of the collective, and Mara refuses to be open about the darkest parts of her past. Unless they can unite, the collective will shatter just as surely as the Outworlds and the Empire. In war as in peace, all things rise or fall on leadership in SONS OF THE STARFARERS BOOK VIII: AN EMPIRE IN DISARRAY

Warfare and Tracking in Africa 1952 1990Warfare and Tracking in Africa 1952 1990

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Author: Timothy J Stapleton

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317316893


Page: 256

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During the decolonization wars in East and Southern Africa, tracking became increasingly valuable as a military tactic. Drawing on archival research and interviews, Stapleton presents a comparative study of the role of tracking in insurgency and counter-insurgency across Kenya, Zimbabwe and Namibia.

Keeper of the Concentration CampsKeeper of the Concentration Camps

Alden Pyle, the title character, was a young man based on another outrider of empire, a U.S. secret agent in Saigon, but otherwise shared with Myer all the fundamental features and trappings of American “innocence.

Author: Richard Drinnon

Publisher: Univ of California Press

ISBN: 9780520066014


Page: 368

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Examines the career of the American bureaucrat who was the director of the agency responsible for the internment of Japanese Americans during World War II and who later became Commissioner of the Bureau of Indian Affairs

Archives of the Heathens Vol IArchives of the Heathens Vol I

Her brother, the mounted Canadian policeman, adventurer, and novelist Roger Pocock (Outrider of Empire, The Dragon Slayer, Follow the Frontier) who was most famous for his 3600 mile “longest horse ride down the Rocky Mountains” from ...

Author: Dr. B. S. Jones

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781514476840


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We existed, only not to you, until now. Journey to the first quarter of the previous century when majestic steamships sheared the Atlantic waves before the Great War. Famous men Irving Berlin, Jerome Kern, George Arliss, and Leo Carrillo were members of a secret society on the RMS Mauretania. Actresses Constance Collier, Lena Ashwell, Pauline Chase, Alice Lloyd, Irene Fenwick, and Princess Paola of Saxe-Weimar were initiated. Ethelwyn Leveaux, author Somerset Maugham's lover and Sir Gerald Kelly's muse, signed the sacred tome. Leonard Peskett, architect of the Mauretania & Alexander Carlisle, architect of the Titanic, joined the illustrious ranks. Our affirmation dwells in the true accounts of the 169 persons who were honor bound to this tribe of Atlantic travelers. Become privy to the never before published secret rituals of the Select and Ancient Order of the Heathens. The HIGH PRIESTESS anticipated your arrival.

Butch CassidyButch Cassidy

William A. Pinkerton, Train Robberies, Train Robbers, and the “Hold-Up” Man. Geoffrey A. Pocock, Outrider of Empire: The Life and Adventures 2P_Leerhsen_ButchCassidy_CV_LR.indd 262 3/30/21 10:37 AM 262 NOTES ON SOURCES.

Author: Charles Leerhsen

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781501117497


Page: 320

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"For a century Butch Cassidy has been the subject of legends about his life and death, spawning a small industry of mythmakers and a major Hollywood film. Charles Leerhsen sorts out fact from fiction to find the real Butch Cassidy, who is far more complicated and fascinating than legend has it"--

Sam SteeleSam Steele

Outrider of Empire The Life and Adventures of Roger Pocock GEOFFREY A. POCOCK A dreamer of dreams, an adventurer, and a man of many ideas, Roger Pocock was an author and world-ranging traveller. More information at www.uap.ualberta.ca.

Author: Rod Macleod

Publisher: University of Alberta

ISBN: 9781772124330


Page: 432

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The life of Canada’s police and military hero is “a story worth telling. Macleod’s solid research and clear writing also make it a story worth reading” (AlbertaPrimeTimes.com). Sam Steele, “the man who tamed the Gold Rush,” had a high-profile public career, yet his private life has been closely protected. This biography follows Steele’s rise from farm boy in backwoods Ontario to the much-lauded Major General Sir Samuel Benfield Steele. Drawing on the vast Steele archive at the University of Alberta, this comprehensive biography vividly recounts some of the most significant events of the first fifty years of Canadian Confederation—including the founding of the North-West Mounted Police, the opening of the North through the Klondike, and Canada’s participation in the South African War—from the perspective of a policeman who became a military leader. Impeccably researched and accessibly written, Sam Steele is perfect for anyone interested in Canada’s early decades. “Deeply-researched and elegantly written, this book brings alive one of the most intriguing characters of Canadian history who has been undeservedly forgotten.” —Charlotte Gray, bestselling author of Murdered Midas “A revealing story of a talented, dedicated Canadian who always strove to do his best for his country.” —Canadian Military History “Focusing on its subject’s life and career, Sam Steele paints a thoughtful portrait of an interesting and important man that, like any good book, raises interesting and important questions . . . this biography is likely to remain the definitive work on Steele’s life.” —Canadian Historical Review

Building a Nuclear Empire Nuclear Energy As a Russian Foreign Policy Tool In the Case Of TurkeyBuilding a Nuclear Empire Nuclear Energy As a Russian Foreign Policy Tool In the Case Of Turkey

47 Outrider, “U.S. and Russia: Arms Race to Nowhere”, Nuclear Weapons, Outrider Foundation, outrider.org/nuclear-weapons/articles/us-and-russia-arms-race-nowhere/ [accessed March 7, 2019]. 48 Miles Pomper, “The Russian nuclear industry: ...

Author: Mehmet Çağatay Güler

Publisher: Cinius Yayınları

ISBN: 9786257043519


Page: 127

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This book examines the dynamics of Russian foreign policy between 2000-2019 by specifically focusing on the civilian aspect of nuclear energy and how it shapes Russia’s relations with Turkey. It aims to clarify the role and the importance of nuclear energy as a foreign policy tool, specifically in the case of Turkey. To this end, Russian nuclear energy policy is scrutinized in detail. This book reveals that the marketing and trading of nuclear power plants (NPPs) for civilian purposes not only provides surpluses for Russian economy but also increases the influence and power of Russia over those places where nuclear reactors are sold or other nuclear goods and services are supplied. Specifically, it examines the extent of the influence of the exportation of NPPs on the Russian foreign policy dynamics in Turkey. In this context, first a brief historical background information on Russian nuclear power status as well as the utilization of nuclear energy as a foreign policy tool during Putin’s presidency is given. This is followed by the Russia’s nuclear energy policies towards Turkey and the effects of this policy on the Russian foreign policy dynamics in Turkey. The book concludes that the Akkuyu NPP project will result in Moscow’s domination in the foreign policy dynamics between Turkey and Russia. As a result of such dominance Turkey will become much less sovereign in its foreign policy options and will feel the pressure coming from Moscow about the possible consequences of its actions which will not please Russia. The primary methodological tool of the work was qualitative analysis utilizing primary and secondary sources in Russian, English and Turkish on the topic, including academic books, articles, newspapers, magazines and relevant official websites.


... Empire, and Writing at the Boundaries of the United States (Charlottesville: University of Virginia Press, 2008); Pekka Hamalainen, The Comanche Empire (New Haven: Yale University Press, 2009); Anthony Mora, Border Dilemmas: Racial ...

Author: Rebecca Scofield

Publisher: University of Washington Press

ISBN: 9780295746050


Page: 264

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Rodeo is a dangerous and painful performance in which only the strongest and most skilled riders succeed. In the popular imagination, the western rodeo hero is often a stoic white man who embodies the toughness and independence of America’s frontier past. However, marginalized people have starred in rodeos since the very beginning. Cast out of popular western mythology and pushed to the fringes in everyday life, these cowboys and cowgirls found belonging and meaning at the rodeo, staking a claim to national inclusion. Outriders explores the histories of rodeoers at the margins of society, from female bronc-riders in the 1910s and 1920s and convict cowboys in Texas in the mid-twentieth century to all-black rodeos in the 1960s and 1970s and gay rodeoers in the late twentieth century. These rodeo riders not only widened the definition of the real American cowboy but also, at times, reinforced the persistent and exclusionary myth of an idealized western identity. In this nuanced study, Rebecca Scofield shares how these outsider communities courted authenticity as they put their lives on the line to connect with an imagined American West.