The Outdoor Knots BookThe Outdoor Knots Book

Foreword Like many of you , I managed to get along in the outdoors for years knowing only a handful of knots . I adhered to the common wisdom that there was no need for all " them fancy knots " and muddled through with my basic set ...

Author: Clyde Soles

Publisher: The Mountaineers Books

ISBN: 0898869625


Page: 157

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A guide to the ropes and knots used in the outdoors by hikers, campers, paddlers, and climbers. *Guidelines for selecting the best rope and the best knot for the activity at hand *Knot-tying directions clearly illustrated with photos *New entry in the Mountaineers Outdoor Basics series It's fair to say that climber Clyde Soles is obsessed with ropes and knots and their absolute performance--since he regularly entrusts his life to ropes on sheer rock faces. His unique book explainshow to select and use ropes, cordage, and webbing for the outdoors. Invaluable information is provided on rope handling techniques (how to avoid dreaded tangles) and the best methods for rope care and maintenance. Step-by-step directions for tying over 40 knots are clearly illustrated with photographs. Other useful features include a glossary and a knot comparison chart activity. This is the definitive text on ropes and knots for anyone who plays in the outdoors!

Outdoor KnotsOutdoor Knots

A Pocket Guide to the Most Common Knots, Hitches, Splices, and Lashings Cliff Jacobson. the rope by about 25 percent; hence the 75 percent “breaking strength” figure for a rope with clove hitch applied. Note that splices (which aren't ...

Author: Cliff Jacobson

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 9781493041947


Page: 80

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Outdoor Knots delivers relevant and expertly curated content in a convenient, travel-ready package. With step-by-step instructions on tying the most used and useful knots, this is a book to keep with your gear, in your car, or on your person at all times.

Backpacker Magazine s Outdoor KnotsBackpacker Magazine s Outdoor Knots

The Knots You Need To Know Clyde Soles. BuTTerFLY The figure-8 loop is an excellent choice when the direction of pull is directly opposite the loop. Yet when the loop is in the middle of the rope and the strands are pulled apart, ...

Author: Clyde Soles

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 9780762767779


Page: 96

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Backpacker's Outdoor Knots provides readers step-by-step instructions for tying the most useful knots and hitches, splices and lashings for the outdoors; info on the best type of rope and knot for each task at hand; how to properly prepare, coil, and maintain ropes for durability and reliability. This handy pocket-sized guide is 96 pages, includes two popouts, and incorporates color photos, charts, and illustrations as needed throughout the interior.

Teaching Lifetime Outdoor PursuitsTeaching Lifetime Outdoor Pursuits

While this chapter does not include step-by-step instructions on how to teach each knot, a few clicks of your mouse ... When taught throughout the school year, knots can be introduced in conjunction with other outdoor pursuits as they ...

Author: Jeff Steffen

Publisher: Human Kinetics

ISBN: 9780736079990


Page: 224

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Teaching Lifetime Outdoor Pursuits presents 12 outdoor pursuits you can incorporate in your outdoor program or traditional PE program. The activities are aligned with NASPE standards and presented by experts who provide instruction on content, delivery, and assessment. The CD-ROM has objectives, sample lessons, sample assessments, and programming ideas.

Basic Illustrated Knots for the OutdoorsBasic Illustrated Knots for the Outdoors

The text for Basic Illustrated Knots for the Outdoors was conceived from a criticism of my book Canoeing Wild Rivers. The letter was from a man who said he'd studied the chapter on knots and hitches but couldn't get the hang of my ...

Author: Cliff Jacobson

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 9781461745679


Page: 64

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BASIC ILLUSTRATED KNOTS FOR THE OUTDOORS (Falcon) Cliff Jacobson A full-color manual for every outdoor enthusiast In full color, this illustrated how-to book covers the top ten most important knots and hitches, twenty-two variations, and four essential splices and lashings. There are right-handed and left-handed instructions and illustrations for tying each knot, plus tips on buying and maintaining ropes and choosing the correct knot for the task at hand. This guide is easy to follow and small enough to carry outdoors. Cliff Jacobson is an outdoors writer and wilderness canoe guide. He is a retired teacher of environmental science, and the author of more than a dozen successful books on canoeing and camping. He lives in River Falls, Wisconsin.

The Knot Outdoor WeddingsThe Knot Outdoor Weddings


Author: Carley Roney

Publisher: Potter Style

ISBN: 9780804186049


Page: 288

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50 real outdoor weddings reveal the keys to making the most of your setting’s natural beauty, while infusing it with special, meaningful touches that are all your own. The romance of an outdoor wedding is undeniable. In any outdoor setting—beach or backyard, vineyard or mountaintop—the couple has unlimited opportunity to personalize their day and create unforgettable ambience. The weddings featured in The Knot Outdoor Weddings were inspired by twinkling lights and cityscapes, fresh herbs and countryside farmers’ markets, shells and the sea, mountain peaks and endless vistas. . . . The Knot Outdoor Weddings also includes location-specific planning advice for the details of your event, such as attire, color palettes, stationery, menu, and favors, as well as considerations for perfecting your plan B and keeping guests comfortable in any weather.

L L Bean Outdoor Photography HandbookL L Bean Outdoor Photography Handbook

... Practical instruction on making the best of your outdoor shots, for beginning through intermediate photographers. ... L.L. Bean Fly-Fishing Handbook L.L. Bean Outdoor Knots Handbook The Lyons Press 123 West 18 Street New York, ...

Author: Jim Rowinski


ISBN: PSU:000044255800


Page: 162

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A beautifully illustrated in-depth guide that offers practical instruction on making the best of your outdoor shots, for beginning through intermediate photographers.

Outdoor Pocket BibleOutdoor Pocket Bible

Every outdoors person needs to know how to tie a few knots. When practising a knot it's best to use soft rope with a woven outer sheath rather than thin string because it's much easier to see what you're doing – and to untie the knot ...

Author: Paul Jenner

Publisher: Crimson Publishing

ISBN: 9781907087790


Page: 192

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When you're out and about enjoying the countryside the last thing you need is to lug around several different guides to wildlife, geology and meteorology.But there are plenty of things you'd like to look up if you could.How do you light a fire when all the wood is wet?Are those fox tracks or dog tracks?Is it going to rain? Generally there's nothing you can do but hope for the best, or maybe phone a friend if you can get reception, and they're in, and they know the answer... That's where this comes in. It has the answers to more questions than you'd think could fit into such a handy volume. You'll find out pretty much anything you need to know, from basic first aid to how to escape from quicksand; help with navigation; identifying constellations, seashells, burial mounds, and animal tracks; which wild food you can eat and how to recognise it; weather lore, such as which clouds indicate what kind of weather. This is the only book you really can't do without when you're out and about. So you can ditch that library of guidebooks and slip this in your pocket instead.This beautiful hardback edition has both dust-cover and gold embossing on the spine making it the perfect gift. Every Pocket Bible is lovingly crafted to give you a unique mix of useful references, handy tips and fascinating trivia that will enlighten and entertain you at every page. There is a Pocket Bible for everyone...Also in the series: The Gardener's Pocket Bible, The Camping Pocket Bible, The Dad's Pocket Bible and The Railway Pocket Bible

The Big Book of Primary Club Resources Science and Outdoor LearningThe Big Book of Primary Club Resources Science and Outdoor Learning

Helpful hints If you don't have an appropriate outdoor area or materials, use tubes and hung washing lines to mimic the sticks and branches Figure 7.5 Den building Prep for next session (tying knots) Familiarise yourself with the knots ...

Author: Fe Luton

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9780429844942


Page: 174

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These days, running a club is an accepted part of the teacher's remit, adding additional pressure to an already substantial workload. The Big Book of Primary Club Resources: Science and Outdoor Learning aims to ease that burden, providing a simple and clear week-by-week plan for science and outdoor learning clubs. Each chapter aims to explore science and outdoor learning in a context that complements classroom practice without specifically following the National Curriculum. Containing two years' worth of club sessions, this book is a quick, accessible and easy-to-use guide which provides clear and creative ideas, all of which are straightforward to resource, set up and run. A myriad of science and outdoor learning topics are covered, including: The human body Weather Chemistry and special effects science The environment Mathematics of the natural world Outdoor survival skills All activities are adapted for three age groups (4–7 years; 7–9 years and 9–11 years) and achieve highly satisfying outcomes for pupils. Taking the strain out of club planning, this book is an invaluable resource for teachers and teaching assistants running clubs for children aged 4–11.