Our Culture What s Left of ItOur Culture What s Left of It


Author: Theodore Dalrymple

Publisher: Ivan R Dee

ISBN: 156663721X


Page: 341

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This new collection of essays by the author of Life at the Bottom bears the unmistakable stamp of Theodore Dalrymple's bracingly clearsighted view of the human condition. In these pieces, Dr. Dalrymple ranges over literature and ideas, from Shakespeare to Marx, from the breakdown of Islam to the legalization of drugs. Here is a book that restores our faith in the central importance of literature and criticism to our civilization. "Theodore Dalrymple is the best doctor-writer since William Carlos Williams." Peggy Noonan. Includes "When Islam Breaks Down," named the best journal article of 2004 by David Brooks of the New York Times."

Not With a Bang But a WhimperNot With a Bang But a Whimper

Also here are Mr. Dalrymple's trenchant observations on artists and ideologues, and on the treatment of criminals and the mentally disturbed, his area of medical interest.

Author: Theodore Dalrymple

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 9781566638517


Page: 252

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Theodore Dalrymple's brilliant new collection of writings follows on the extraordinary success of his earlier books, Life at the Bottom and Our Culture, What's Left of It. No writer today is more adept and incisive in exploring the state of our culture and the ideas that are changing our ways of life. In Not with a Bang But a Whimper, he takes the measure of our cultural decline, with special attention to Britain-its bureaucratic muddle, oppressive welfare mentality, and aimless young-all pursued in the name of democracy and freedom. He shows how terrorism and the growing numbers of Muslim minorities have changed our public life. Also here are Mr. Dalrymple's trenchant observations on artists and ideologues, and on the treatment of criminals and the mentally disturbed, his area of medical interest.

Life at the BottomLife at the Bottom

This is a searing account of life in the underclass and why it persists as it does, written by a British psychiatrist who treats the poor in a slum hospital and a prison in England.

Author: Theodore Dalrymple

Publisher: Ivan R Dee

ISBN: 1566635055


Page: 263

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This is a searing account of life in the underclass and why it persists as it does, written by a British psychiatrist who treats the poor in a slum hospital and a prison in England. Dr. Dalrymple's key insight is that long-term poverty is caused not by economics but by a dysfunctional set of values.

Circling Around Our Times Our CultureCircling Around Our Times Our Culture

Tortured by a string of pictures. In the end, what's left is I. Always, only, left, the
same old I-in-the-shape-of me-oh-my, For even while the world goes under, I-in-
me is what is left. Through someone's blunder, Stunned, bereft, yet left to be, I
owe it ...

Author: Arlene Corwin

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781469154244


Page: 302

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These are critical times some would say self-caused and reaping, times. Rickety, dangerous - but on the other hand, a world loaded with gifts and potential. Its a fight between the goodies and the baddies, the flux within all of us. Circling Round Our Times, Our Culture addresses the whole with a sharp eye. It makes you sting, cry, go Oh yeah, I knew that! It makes you question yourself. After all, You are our times and culture! I dont see anything you dont see. Im just here to prick you in form and rhythm. says Ms. Corwin.

The New Vichy SyndromeThe New Vichy Syndrome

“Overall, this is one of Dalrymple's friskier recent tomes: “What is life (as life in our
cities now amply demonstrates) but an ... —Ed West, CatholicHerald.co.uk “[W]ith
Our Culture, What's Left of It: The Mandarins and the Masses (2005) and Not ...

Author: Theodore Dalrymple

Publisher: Encounter Books

ISBN: 9781594035678


Page: 163

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Western Europe is in a strangely neurotic condition of being smug and terrified at the same time. On the one hand, Europeans believe they have at last created an ideal social and political system in which man can live comfortably. In many ways, things have never been better on the old continent. On the other hand, there is growing anxiety that Europe is quickly falling behind in an aggressive, globalized world. Europe is at the forefront of nothing, its demographics are rapidly transforming in unsettling ways, and the ancient threat of barbarian invasion has resurfaced in a fresh manifestation. In The New Vichy Syndrome, Theodore Dalrymple traces this malaise back to the great conflicts of the last century and their devastating effects upon the European psyche. From issues of religion, class, colonialism, and nationalism, Europeans hold a “miserablist” view of their history, one that alternates between indifference and outright contempt of the past. Today’s Europeans no longer believe in anything but personal economic security, an increased standard of living, shorter working hours, and long vacations in exotic locales. The result, Dalrymple asserts, is an unwillingness to preserve European achievements and the dismantling of western culture by Europeans themselves. As vapid hedonism and aggressive Islamism fill this cultural void, Europeans have no one else to blame for their plight.

What s Left What s Left

Women in Culture and the Labour Movement Julia Swindells, Lisa Jardine ... (on
the eve of the 1983 election, remember): Psychoanalysis finally remains one of
the few places in our culture where our experience of femininity can be spoken
as ...

Author: Julia Swindells

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9780429817939


Page: 190

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First published in 1990. What had been left out of Left thought? What had allowed the Left to substitute nostalgia for programme and action, and to continue to address itself exclusively to labouring men, despite insistent demands for inclusion from others – notably women – who recognised themselves as belonging to the Left? What’s Left?, a feminist challenge to the male-dominated ideology of the Labour Party, took shape under the pressure of two crucial events: the third successive election defeat of Labour by the Conservative Party, and the death of Raymond Williams. Swindells and Jardine analyse the difficulties the Left had including women in its account of class, to clarify general problems in British Left thought. They conclude that there was a serious and widely-perceived discrepancy between the Labour Party’s model of working-class consciousness and the experiences of the contemporary workforce as a whole. An important exploration of the intellectual history of the Labour Movement, What’s Left? looks critically at the Left from within the Left. It will be fascinating reading for students of cultural studies, history, politics and women’s studies.

My Year of MeatsMy Year of Meats

Peairs had a gun because here in America we fancy that ours is still a frontier
culture, where our homes must be ... were astonished at how deeply violence is
embedded in our culture, how it has become the culture, what's left of local color.

Author: Ruth Ozeki

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 1101141786


Page: 400

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A cross-cultural tale of two women brought together by the intersections of television and industrial agriculture, fertility and motherhood, life and love—the breakout hit by the celebrated author of A Tale for the Time Being Ruth Ozeki’s mesmerizing debut novel has captivated readers and reviewers worldwide. When documentarian Jane Takagi-Little finally lands a job producing a Japanese television show that just happens to be sponsored by an American meat-exporting business, she uncovers some unsavory truths about love, fertility, and a dangerous hormone called DES. Soon she will also cross paths with Akiko Ueno, a beleaguered Japanese housewife struggling to escape her overbearing husband. Hailed by USA Today as “rare and provocative” and awarded the Kirayama Prize for Literature of the Pacific Rim, My Year of Meats is a modern-day take on Upton Sinclair’s The Jungle for fans of Michael Pollan, Margaret Atwood, and Barbara Kingsolver.

The Force of FamilyThe Force of Family

But then when we realized we had lost our livelihoods and we had also lost our
culture, then you could see how the bitterness crept in there. So from there, we've
been trying to recover what's left of our culture. (19 November 2005) Cultural ...

Author: Cara Krmpotich

Publisher: University of Toronto Press

ISBN: 9781442666078


Page: 240

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Over the course of more than a decade, the Haida Nation triumphantly returned home all known Haida ancestral remains from North American museums. In the summer of 2010, they achieved what many thought was impossible: the repatriation of ancestral remains from the Pitt Rivers Museum at the University of Oxford. The Force of Family is an ethnography of those efforts to repatriate ancestral remains from museums around the world. Focusing on objects made to honour the ancestors, Cara Krmpotich explores how memory, objects, and kinship connect and form a cultural archive. Since the mid-1990s, Haidas have been making button blankets and bentwood boxes with clan crest designs, hosting feasts for hundreds of people, and composing and choreographing new songs and dances in the service of repatriation. The book comes to understand how shared experiences of sewing, weaving, dancing, cooking and feasting lead to the Haida notion of “respect,” the creation of kinship and collective memory, and the production of a cultural archive.

The Death of the Grown UpThe Death of the Grown Up

Theodore Dalrymple, “Our Culture, What's Left of It," interview by Jamie Glazov,
FrontPageMagazine.com, August 31, 2005. 2. Spencer, The Myth of Islamic
Tolerance, 55. Quotation concludes a paper by Bat Ye'or, “The Tolerant
Pluralistic ...

Author: Diana West

Publisher: St. Martin's Press

ISBN: 9781466840751


Page: 272

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Diana West sees a US filled with middle-age guys playing air guitar and thinks "No wonder we can't stop Islamic terrorism." She sees Moms Who Mosh and wonders "Is there a single adult left anywhere?" But, the grown-ups are all gone. The disease that killed them was incubated in the sixties to a rock-and-roll score, took hold in the seventies with the help of multiculturalism and left us with a nation of eternal adolescents who can't decide between "good" and "bad", a generation who can't say "no". From the inability to nix a sixteen year-old's request for Marilyn Manson concert tickets to offering adolescents parentally-funded motel rooms on prom night to rationalizing murderous acts of Islamic suicide bombers with platitudes of cultural equivalence, West sees us on a slippery slope that's lead to a time when America has forgotten its place in the world. In The Death of the Grown-Up Diana West serves up a provocative critique of our dangerously indecisive world leavened with humor and shot through with insight.


Jillian Becker was inspired to write this novel while researching her internationally best-selling book, Hitler's Children: The Story of the Baader-Meinhof Gang. * L: A Novel History deserves to take its place among the great dystopias - ...

Author: Jillian Becker

Publisher: WestBow Press

ISBN: 9781477273944


Page: 350

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Revolution sweeps Louis Zander, a charismatic philosopher of art and politics known as L, into power as dictator of England. This skillfully composed story could be a fictional realization of the Cloward-Piven strategy or Saul Alinsky's Rules for Radicals. It is a page-turner that traces the process by which one evil man seduces, perverts and destroys an entire nation. L could be Hitler, Stalin, or even the next Prime Minister or President. Jillian Becker was inspired to write this novel while researching her internationally best-selling book, Hitler's Children: The Story of the Baader-Meinhof Gang. * L: A Novel History deserves to take its place among the great dystopias - The Trial, 1984, Atlas Shrugged - alas the most salient literary genre of the last hundred years. - Theodore Dalrymple, author of Life at the Bottom; Our Culture, What's Left Of It; contributing editor City Journal; contributor Wall Street Journal. Penetrating as L is as a study of an artist-dictator's mind, it is also very witty. There are situations reminiscent of the British TV series Yes Prime Minister combined with the cruelty of Quentin Tarantino's Pulp Fiction. - Dr. Josef Zaruba-Pfefferman, Institute of Art History, Charles University, Prague Superbly engrossing - Kirkus Reviews

Still Telling What is ToldStill Telling What is Told

"Jeffrey Burghauser's poetry tackles the eternal questions with verbal, intellectual and emotional precision.

Author: Jeffrey Burghauser

Publisher: Independently Published

ISBN: 9798609225788


Page: 94

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One of America's preeminent formalist poets returns with another collection demonstrating the quick wit and technical elegance that have garnered praise on both sides of the Atlantic. "Jeffrey Burghauser's poetry tackles the eternal questions with verbal, intellectual and emotional precision."-Theodore Dalrymple, author of Our Culture, What's Left of It: The Mandarins and the Masses (2005) and Spoilt Rotten: The Toxic Cult of Sentimentality (2010)

Gifts of the VisitationGifts of the Visitation

When life fails to deliver on the joy it promised, only then are we ready to give
God what's left. I have embraced almost every lie our culture dangles before us.
And I have the scars to prove it. But the pain that came after the dust settled
cannot ...

Author: Denise Bossert

Publisher: Ave Maria Press

ISBN: 9781594715693


Page: 160

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The biblical encounter between the Virgin Mary and her cousin Elizabeth, before the births of Jesus and John the Baptist, is at the heart of Gifts of the Visitation by popular speaker and syndicated columnist Denise Bossert. She uses their story to highlight nine gifts experienced by both women as they awaited the arrival of their sons and to encourage readers to develop these gifts themselves. In her debut book, speaker, columnist, and Catholic convert Denise Bossert showcases the seasons of birth, grief, newness, and challenge experienced in the hearts of Mary and Elizabeth at the Visitation and invites readers to see these times in their own lives as opportunities to let God make all things new. Within each of those seasons, nine gifts emerge—spontaneity, courage, joy, readiness, humility, adventure, hospitality, wonder and awe, and thanksgiving—equipping readers to present Christ to the world as Mary and Elizabeth did. Bossert's encounter with Mary, which led her to Catholicism, serves as the window for discovering and exploring the gifts and helps readers look inside their own hearts to discover what the gifts of the visit between Mary and Elizabeth mean to them and how they can be Christ-bearers to others.

The Decline and Fall of the United States of AmericaThe Decline and Fall of the United States of America

Kerouac once lived not far from my own neighborhood, on Marshal St, a
springboard for his legendary journey, even ... never had a chance to set up his
cultural center he planned as a community outreach out of Teaneck, along the
Hackensack River. ... Apple fuckin' pie, that's whats left from our lost inheritance
of paradise.

Author: Anthony Kishko

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781469180342


Page: 647

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Politicianthe dirtiest word in the English language. says Jacob Pirandello Kharinsky, a character in this book hailed as the UNDERGROUND CLASSIC OF OUR GENERATION: The DECLINE and FALL of THE UNITED STATES of AMERICA part I. (A theme which implies many things, possibilities and perspectives.) Jake Kharinsky discovers himself in an unknown labyrinth, a clandestine initiation, and is unable to recall what leads him there. Stranger than fiction events and stories unfold...with aesthetic word play, symbolism, humor and an architectured structure, as if crafted and written by a musician, to lead one into an expansion of consciousness, a journey of the mind, right into the HEART & UNCONSICOUS of AMERICA and beyond. At times, engaging a psychological evaluation of the American political mind, and ways out of the swamps and wastelands. Jakes visionary pursuits for the meaning of life and his endless patriotic studies into the nature and origins of our political, social, and cultural realities leads him to write an Underground Notebook which will one day be a condensed guide for the coming dark era of: collapse, fascism, empire, civil war and revolution, though the Notebook is written with hopes towards identifying and preventing this disaster. (The Decline and Fall fleshes out what Emmanuel Goldsteins The Book, from Orwells 1984, may look like today.) America, as we are conditioned and believe we know it to be, is dissolving before our very eyes. Ask yourself: what is it that is not being said? This analysis is not a black and white, an Us vs. Them simplification or pessimism (as many still hold to valid ideals in a system that no longer works for We the people.) There is no simple view, traveling towards our future from the elusive illusions of the past. Prophetic, DYSTOPIAN, at times surrealin a exploratory epic seeking to make sense of it all, utilizing both fiction and non-fiction. Raising questions about how the spectrums of cultures and power influence and create our realities and consciousnesshow blind wealth, corruption, greed and propaganda orbit and control our lives behind seemingly invisible curtains and veils. Dynamic changes with every chapter and the flowing weight of compelling content draws and gravitates the reader to see the world differently and envision new possibilities. ( A recipe for REVOLUTION? A GENERAL STRIKE? In the organizing a grassroots Aquarian Renaissance Movement... ) Endless hours of entertainment and edifying knowledge & inspiration.*** A book unlike ever before written, yet following through on a lineage & fusion of varied literary traditions, schools of thought, and paradigms suffused with humor and knowledge. A justified literate denial of the two party bankster corporate diseased entity of the machine grinding our lives away. A welcoming and inviting challenge to trace the angst of our contemporary American wasteland and world nightmare to blaze through this storm. , Rebridge and pick up where our ancient Renaissance and organic connections were cut off, and leave the old world behind. GET INITIATED!!! Author can be viewed reading excerpt on Youtube under: information8090: http://youtu.be/mkWyFYfT_8Q [Back cover]: A Book for both genuine LIBERALS and CONSERVATIVES, and beyond, who are utterly disgusted with Democrats and Republicans... A genre of both Kafkaesque Dystopian fiction, & non-fiction (the Orwellian BOOK within the book), inviting the reader on a journey of Mind, Concept, Metaphor and Languageof questions and provocations, Aesthetics and Spirituality; to evoke, articulate, and gather all those things that are collectively on our minds, confused yet envisioned, as a Nation, and as a World; of which we all possess pieces, and herein begin to puzzle together these telling elements: Of Politics, History, Religion, Culture, Education, Philosophy and Deconstruction of our Ideologies, whose $old out and manipulated Idea$ have warped the

Left for DeadLeft for Dead

David was starting to think he might have missed something, when Michael
pointed to what appeared to be a small housing development up on the left. “We
always called ... with your parents.” “That's because that's what our culture has
taught ...

Author: Howard Jencks

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781469190952


Page: 241

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While investigating the murder of a suspected serial killer in the Lake Tahoe basin, Detective Michael Garrett is lead back to the small desert border town he once called home, where he uncovers a violent drug cartel that has begun expansion into the United States, and discovers the frightening reality that he has now placed not only himself, but his family and others in harms way. Driven by tourism, the last thing the city of Stateline, Nevada wanted to do was announce the presence of a serial killer. Driven by the laws of nature, the last thing Rosa Jimenez wanted was to become his next victim. Called to assist with a gruesome fi nding, Detective Garrett fi nds himself entrenched in an investigation he cant walk away from. Recognizing Rosa from his past, he was resolute that justice be served. As the investigation leads Garrett south, he seeks the assistance of an old friend and current Vice-Detective with the LAPD, David Ross. When Ross is unable to open doors in the Los Angeles area, Garrett realizes his next stop is his hometown on the Mexican border where he stumbles on a link to Los Zetas, a Drug Cartel that has formed an alliance with the Mexican Mafi a. Used to operating with impunity in Mexico, the cartel targets Garrett and his family as his investigation begins to threaten their business. In a daring attempt to make things right, the detectives cross the border to confront the man directing the cartel henchmen.

Songs and Stories of the GhoulsSongs and Stories of the Ghouls

Though it was reported she killed her children and left alone since that story took
care of all of them. Medea entrusted ... What was her culture? You say that it was
a ... what's left of me. The remnants of my culture, perhaps my personal culture.

Author: Alice Notley

Publisher: Wesleyan University Press

ISBN: 9780819571533


Page: 208

View: 604

Left dead after our cultures were broken by triumphant enemies, our stories changed to suit others. We now change them again to suit ourselves. Songs and Stories of the Ghouls purports to give power to the dead—voices to the victims of genocide both ancient and contemporary—and presence to women. Medea did not kill her sons; Dido founds a city, over and over again, the city of the present author’s poetry. In these poems the poet asserts that though her art comes from a tradition as broken as Afghanistan’s statuary, there is always a culture to pass on to one’s children, and one is always involved in doing so. We are the ghouls, the drinkers of the blood-sacs, and we insist that we are alive.


Chapter 12 Slaves IV : Waheenee You see , I lives in Sævioursville with a lot of
what's left of my Native tribe . ... It's very much like the rest of our neighbors , ' cept
for the door . ... We were trying real hard to hold onto some of our culture .


Publisher: Anita Foster Lovely

ISBN: 097956140X



View: 941


What's Left? Can We Fix It? Do We Care? Christian Piatt. call to embrace the “
nothingness” of the gap. He urges us not to fill that ... We tend to see hunger in
our culture of plenty as a bad thing, something to be eradicated, a problem that
must ...

Author: Christian Piatt

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9781455573127


Page: 224

View: 533

It's the end of Christianity as we know it. But it's not a catastrophe-it's an opportunity. Thousands are walking away from the church. Christians are grappling with their faith. And both believers and nonbelievers wondering-what's coming next? Fearless and provocative, spiritual trailblazer Christian Piatt offers a roadmap to the future of faith with an unflinching examination of the church today. What's left? Pairing the best "virtues" and worst "scandals" of Christianity, Piatt invites us to abandon institutional religion for deeper, truer faith. Can we fix it? Guided by the biggest historical, religious, and pop-cultural pioneers of the postChristian era, he demonstrates how to save the best of what Christianity has to offer-and how to rediscover and reinvent the rest. Do we care? There's plenty of good left in Christianity-if we dare to be as scandalously graceful and loving as Jesus Himself. Bold and insightful, POSTCHRISTIAN dares Christians to break out of the box and invites outsiders into the fold as we revolutionize faith for a postmodern world.

Crossing the Cultural BridgesCrossing the Cultural Bridges

With My African Wife Solomon A. Minta. “That's a nice scene over there. What's
that . . . what's that . . . ?” I kept pointing to different locations. “Don't get lost in
your memories. That's the beauty of Kumasi. You will be excited of everything you
will ...

Author: Solomon A. Minta

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781469108513


Page: 148

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The novel CROSSING THE CULTURAL BRIDGES, wipes away the negative stereotypes heaped against Africans. It helps to do away the cultural gap between the African and the Africans-in-Diaspora. The union between Jason and Dora breaks the cultural divides perpetrated against each other. Jason follows his wife to her country to marry her from her parents. He faced cultural challenges unknown to him. A character Mary surfaced with her family and adopted him. That was what saved him. He comes home to tell his people his experiences he cannot forget.