Once in a Blue Moon ShotOnce in a Blue Moon Shot

One by one, prostitutes are being murdered in the city of Mount Lebanon, Pennsylvania.

Author: John F. Evans

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9780595202713


Page: 251

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One by one, prostitutes are being murdered in the city of Mount Lebanon, Pennsylvania. With every attack, the killer's vicious and sadistic nature becomes more obvious - as does his disdain for the local police force. As the pressure mounts to solve the murders, two unseasoned officers become entangled in the case and begin to uncover lies and evidence that lead back to their own department.

Once In a Blue Moon Four Historical RomancesOnce In a Blue Moon Four Historical Romances

The lion did not show its face for about four weeks and then one evening after the women and children had tucked themselves ... line of sight and raising his shotgun, he was able to set off two shots, hitting the lion once in the side.

Author: Doreen Milstead

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc

ISBN: 9781365193446



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Mail Order Groom - Going To Meet Lee, is about a newspaper editor dissatisfied with his life in the Big Apple. He decides to head to Nebraska. Mail Order Groom: Dr. Westcott, The Dark Cowboy, is about a distraught doctor who can take no more of sickness and death in cholera-ridden New York City, and he answers an ad in the Mail Order Brides section of the newspaper. The Overweight Bride & Her Thin Husband - A woman who finds that her mother’s overfeeding causes her weight gain, literally flees to a less than appetizing offer from a farmer in Fresno. The Pregnant Woman From Manchester - A woman from Manchester manages to escape her abusive husband, just as she learns she’s pregnant; and trying to get as far away as she can, becomes a mail order bride to a farmer called Josh, in California.

Once in a Blue MoonOnce in a Blue Moon

He was always the one with the highly coveted 'Wayfinder' shoes, complete with a compass in the heel and an animal ... I had a bit of skill, and a good trick or two, where I would feint to shoot, dummy the shot then stroll past my ...

Author: Steve Worthington

Publisher: The History Press

ISBN: 9780752467535


Page: 300

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Once in a Blue Moon is the story of one man's never-ending affair with Manchester City. Be it playing, watching or managing, Steve 'Worthy' Worthington's life in football has never been easy. Having suffered an almost fatal road accident in the week before his ninth birthday, any aspirations for glocal stardom as a player were crushed beneath the wheels of a speeding Triumph Spitfire in 1971. As a spectator he fared no better. Over the years Manchester City and England addicts have experienced many disappointments - most of which he was there to see. As manager of his beloved Sunday League club Lee Athletic, success was a word used only on the odd occasion when he persuaded his team to turn up sober and in time for kick-off. But two things that have always kept him going were his love of the local 'Indie' music scene and an ability to find humour during the darkest of times. Join him n a vivid journey that takes you into the beating heart of 1960s and '70s working class Manchester: through give decades of football (and a bit of cricket), music and people, in the eyes and ears of an everyday bloke who turned constant failure into final triumph.

Once in a Blue MoonOnce in a Blue Moon

It wasn't that he suddenly distrusted them after so many years of working together; it was more that the ... An archer casually shot an apple off the head of a trusting friend, only to be immediately upstaged as another archer targeted ...

Author: Simon R. Green

Publisher: Jabberwocky Literary Agency, Inc.

ISBN: 9781625671318


Page: 575

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One more ‘Once upon a time...’ No one knows the hero business like Hawk and Fisher. That’s why they started the Hawk and Fisher Memorial Academy—to share their skills with the next generation of heroes. Decades later, their Hero Academy is the Dutchy of Lancre’s most profitable tourist attraction, its greatest pride, and now...its biggest problem. During auditions for the next class of students, an assassin ambushes Hawk and Fisher, setting off a powerful chain of events that could destroy the Forest Kingdom. For the Blue Moon rises once more, and with it, a familiar and formidable foe that Hawk and Fisher thought they’d never see again—the Demon Prince. Now, Hawk and Fisher must embark on one final quest. Joining forces with their children, they’ll reunite with old friends, visit legendary lands, and battle infamous villains to stop the Demon Prince once and for all. Hanging in the balance is the future of their bloodline, the kingdom, and the world. Once in a Blue Moon is the compelling conclusion to New York Times bestselling author Simon R. Green’s beloved The Forest Kingdom series.

Once in a Blue MoonOnce in a Blue Moon

“I shot him with my bow.” “Is he hurt badly?” “Just a shoulder wound. I passed up an easy kill shot.” “Why?” “I felt a hand on my shoulder, and I altered my aim. When I turned to see who had touched me, there was no one. I was alone.

Author: R. S. Curtis

Publisher: Archway Publishing

ISBN: 9781480880009


Page: 200

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Once in a Blue Moon, intended for all ages, is the magically realistic story of the Rainwater Family and their island in the middle of Good Bear Lake below Shadow Mountain in Colorado. Gabriel Rainwater is the family patriarch and Chris, his thirty-year old grandson. The Rainwaters are members of a clan of superhumans known as Rangers, whose mission it is to escort human spirits into and out of this world, and Gabriel is their head man. With Gabriel aging and Chris his only living relative, Chris believes he must be ready to be the next Rainwater head ranger and feels he must marry Lulu Big Sky, the daughter of the director of the ranger board of directors, Bob Big Sky, to strengthen their secret society. The difficulty is, Chris and Lulu don’t love each other. The trouble starts when the day before the wedding Amanda James, the human girl Chris really does love, comes back to town. This, at a time when Chris is under fire from Jack Newday, a non-ranger rabble-rouser, who believes Chris to be Bigfoot, a misnomer that has followed rangers like Chris for over a thousand years. The problem is, Jack is right. Chris is Bigfoot.

Once in a Blue MoonOnce in a Blue Moon

For one crazy moment she thought it was Michael, coming after her to talk to her. ... Callie would refresh her makeup right before they shot, of course, but she needed the confidence of looking perfect when she walked onto the ...

Author: Kristin James

Publisher: Harlequin

ISBN: 9781459286924



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His Child Michael Traynor was back—and sexier than ever. But Isabelle Gray was no longer the lovesick teenager who had once fallen foolishly into his bed. If Michael left her again, she wouldn't be the only one hurt this time. Now she had a daughter to think about—Michael's daughter. Her Secret Seeing Isabelle again convinced Michael she was the only woman for him. And though he saw the same hunger in her, Isabelle was hiding something that had her holding on to her defenses. Now Michael was determined to discover what the secret was….

Once in a Blue MoonOnce in a Blue Moon

Rose tapped the screen once and a long purple beam shot up to reveal a wide picture of the solar system right above their heads. It was amazing . . . Like they were really looking up into space. The guys stood back up slowly after ...

Author: Amber L. Lynch

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781481741972


Page: 260

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Lisa didn't think life could get any more normal than this, well, if seeing alien space ships counts as normal. But that wasn't a real alien space ship, just her imagination. Or so she wished...But aside from the good grades, a decent social life, and Decker, her boyfriend of seven years, moving away, everything seemed pretty normal. Until a new girl arrives into town. Her name is Rosalind and she seems like any other new kid, shy and slightly confused, but what Lisa didn't know was that Rose had a little secret, and when this strange girl shows up at Lisa's front door, Lisa doesn't know what to expect. Then Rose reveals something even more strange...Now Lisa, Decker and Adam are caught between a deal. If they can answer any questions this new girl has for them, then in return they may ask any questions of their own. But what they don't know is that the answers they receive will change the way they look at themselves and their world. Lisa wonders how they would've gotten themselves into such a mess, because before all of this, life felt normal...

Once In a Blue MoonOnce In a Blue Moon

After the sound of shuffling and male mumblings registered in her brain, she opened her eyes. Her mind froze, but her fingers kept moving automatically over the black and white keys. Augustus stood in front of her, watching her from ...

Author: Kathryn Kaleigh

Publisher: KST Publishing Inc

ISBN: 9781647910501



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Their love defied time… Arabella Becquerel inherited an antebellum plantation house from her great-grandmother. A house overrun with Civil War re-enactors adamant about staying in character and insisting that the year is 1863. She discovers secrets in the past that could change her life forever. Colonel Augustus Townsend of the Confederate army watched as his men turned the immaculate grounds of a plantation house into an army camp. All the while, he had no idea a beautiful woman waited inside the house. When Arabella and Augustus begin to work together, sparks fly. Will Arabella and Augustus believe in the impossible soon enough to find true love? This is a sweet/clean time travel romance with a happily ever after. A page-turning, gripping historical time travel novel by bestselling author Kathryn Kaleigh.

Eclipse IiEclipse Ii

Having their leadership show up in one place for dinner was a once in a blue moon shot. It certainly helped having good intelligence. Speaking of which, I understand you've arranged to meet with the Quintana cartel.

Author: G.S. Thurber

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781468536645


Page: 380

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eclipse \i-klipse\ n 1 a: the total or partial obscuring of one celestial body by another b : the passing into the shadow of a celestial body --- compare OCCULTATION, TRANSIT 2 : a falling into obscurity or decline; also: the state of being eclipsed 3 : the state of being in eclipse plumage

The Once in a Blue Moon GuesthouseThe Once in a Blue Moon Guesthouse

Robin took a grey pen and doodled an image of a crescent moon in the corner of the page. 'The days we offered were bespoke, so they weren't cheap. We sourced the best hotels, restaurants, private planes, speedboat trips, one-on-one ...

Author: Cressida McLaughlin

Publisher: HarperCollins UK

ISBN: 9780008219291


Page: 464

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The charming new bestseller from the No.1 bestselling author of The Canal Boat Cafe