Olympic DreamsOlympic Dreams

OLYMPIC DREAMS The dream of hosting the Olympics evokes stirring images of athletes competing in idyllic settings . Such imagery can be powerfully appealing for cities seeking the world's attention . Yet staging the games takes place on ...

Author: Matthew Burbank

Publisher: Lynne Rienner Publishers

ISBN: 1555879918


Page: 203

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What drives cities to pursue large-scale events like the Olympic games? Investigating local politics in three U.S. cities-Los Angeles, Atlanta, and Salt Lake City-as they vied for the role of Olympic host, this book provides a narrative of the evolving political economy of modern megaevents.

Olympic DreamsOlympic Dreams

It would give China the opportunity to show the world that our dream for the new millennium is the Olympic dream.”28 A new journal in Beijing, China Today, offered its own plea: “As for Beijing 2000—we all know that while man proposes, ...

Author: Guoqi XU

Publisher: Harvard University Press

ISBN: 9780674045422


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Already the world has seen the political, economic, and cultural significance of hosting the 2008 Olympics in Beijing—in policies instituted and altered, positions softened, projects undertaken. But will the Olympics make a lasting difference? This book approaches questions about the nature and future of China through the lens of sports—particularly as sports finds its utmost international expression in the Olympics.

Olympic DreamsOlympic Dreams

FICTION LEVEL 40Q Olympic Dreams Written by Dan and Janet Ahearn Illustrated by Larry Johnson Editor:Alison Adams Designers: Dana Bennet and Peter Malinchoc Literacy Consultants: Frances Fincher and May Tilghman, Wake County Public ...

Author: Dan Ahearn

Publisher: Benchmark Education Company

ISBN: 9781616729646


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Find out about the importance of hard work and dedication.

Coaching for Performance Realising the Olympic DreamCoaching for Performance Realising the Olympic Dream

First we set out some of the dreams of some London 2012 Olympic medal hopefuls. We call it, 'Daring to dream'. Second, we discuss some of the important factors that can help or hinder the realization of Olympic dreams.

Author: Sarah Lee

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781134922345


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This book celebrates two important aspects of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. (1) For those involved in any aspect of Olympism, and particularly coaches and athletes, London 2012 was about realising dreams, achieving success and participating in competitive sport at the highest level. This book sets out some of these dreams and the part coaches play in this. (2) The book also looks at the notion of ‘coaching-for-performance’ and does this from an international and multi-sport perspective. From interviews with Olympic coaches, the experiences of those working in the field of high performance and from applied sport researchers, the book uses the metaphor of the ‘coach-as-alchemist’ in order to capture the dynamics of coach-athlete relationships and performance. Sports such as diving, swimming, gymnastics, skiing are included as well as individual and team sports. The book is set within the context of elite sport, high performance and coaching. Its contents illuminate two important kinds of reflective practice: (a) Reflection-ON-action (b) Reflection-FOR-action. The style of presentation includes narratives, reflective conversations, ethnographic work, interview analysis and video-clips available on-line. This book was published as a special issue of Reflective Practice.

My Olympic DreamMy Olympic Dream

As far back as I can remember, I dreamed of becoming an Olympic champion and I imagined standing on the podium and having the gold medal placed around my neck. Most kids have big dreams like that, every child wants to be a professional ...

Author: Katie Taylor

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781471127571


Page: 224

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When Katie Taylor was chosen to bear the Irish flag at the opening ceremony of the London Olympics, the pressure was on for her to deliver gold for Ireland when she stepped into the boxing ring. It was the first time that the Olympics had included women's boxing as one of its events, and she knew she had to deliver - especially as she had campaigned for this chance. She had won four World Amateur Championship titles since 2006, but this was the biggest tournament of he career. Taylor reveals how she trained and prepared for the Olympics, and explains what got her into boxing in the first place. A committed Christian,she trusted in her faith to see her through the toughest challenges. With the whole nation willing her on, and her home town of Bray having ground to a halt, on 9 August she fulfilled her Olympic dream, winning gold in a close-fought contest. And Ireland celebrated with her. Taylor relives these glorious moments, and looks back on the triumph that changed her life forever. It is a special story from a truly remarkable woman.

Olympic DreamOlympic Dream

So here's to making dreams come true!” The cheers echoed loud and long as Doug handed the microphone back to Jimmy. Billy clapped him on the shoulder and said quietly, “That dream you were talking about, it wasn't just the bike path, ...

Author: Matt Christopher

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9780316095013


Page: 176

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Anticipating a boring summer before meeting energetic cycling enthusiast Red Roberts, Dough Cannon helps out with the construction of a new bike path and overcomes his personal demons in order to become a young athlete.

Olympic DreamsOlympic Dreams

Recounts the highlights of the modern summer Olympics, profiles events and athletes, and reproduces notable photographs, in a book sponsored by the United States Olympic Committee

Author: Douglas Collins

Publisher: Rizzoli International Publications

ISBN: PSU:000025939965


Page: 285

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Recounts the highlights of the modern summer Olympics, profiles events and athletes, and reproduces notable photographs, in a book sponsored by the United States Olympic Committee

Olympic DreamOlympic Dream

Olympic golds." The Olympics were about to start, and my mind was focused and my body perfectly tuned. ... that I had a dream to become a great runner in the Olympics, and now, eight years later, strenuous training and strict mental ...

Author: Henry Rono

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781434391704


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ABOUT THE BOOK The story of Svea Jansson unfolds over the course of many years. It is the story of a child growing into womanhood who finds that there is a great family secret. Throughout her life Svea reflects upon her earlier years. To her it is as if there is a mystery that encompasses her very being .secrecy, abandonment, secrecy, abuse, secrecy, hidden stories, secrecy, a heritage. This is the story of seeking answers and of discovery. Throughout the story Svea Jansson reflects upon earlier incidents in her life. She is a child of a mother who is elsewhere. She is a child that is moved from place to place, from home to home until she cannot recall where she lived or why. One place however, stands out in her mind. That is the house on Maple Street with its very large front porch where she lived with her Swedish grandmother and grandfather sometimes. That is the place where she remembers that the woman named Ellen, reportedly her mother, came to visit. Svea remembers the wonderfully exciting times she had whenever Ellen visited. She remembers the unrelenting arguments that her mother and grandmother had during every one of those visits. She remembers seeking escape and comfort on the front porch where she could not hear those arguments. However, there is much that Svea does not remember. When her grandmother dies, Svea is cast about again and lives with an aunt and uncle for a short time and then is moved into a home in another town with her mother, Ellen and step-father,Gordon Knox. Struggling with her frailty and overcoming the illnesses she encounters, she grows into her teen years. It is then that she finds the piece of paper that she has never seen before. That paper, divorce papers of her mother's, discloses that the father that she has always been told is hers is not. When she uncovers her birth certificate hidden away she realizes that there is more to this cover up of her birth records than she had imagined. Grandmother Knox tells her, "Your mother was in a terrible scandal." What is the scandal? What is the story behind this wom