The Nurse Apprentice 1860 1977The Nurse Apprentice 1860 1977

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Author: Ann Bradshaw

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 9781351884754



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The British apprenticeship model of nurse training, developed under Florence Nightingale's influence from 1860 at St Thomas's Hospital, gained national and world-wide recognition. Its end was heralded with the publication of the last national syllabus from the General Nursing Council for England and Wales in 1977. This apprenticeship model, a crucial part of the history of British health care for over a century, is the subject of this book. Primary evidence, much of it original, is gained from Parliamentary debates and reports, syllabuses, long neglected nursing textbooks, major governmental and professional reports, and the voices of nurses themselves expressed through their professional journals. Primary sources are systematically re-examined and contextually interpreted in the light of new evidence. The study in particular interprets the contemporary attitudes and moral values underpinning the apprenticeship system, especially the place of vocation. The reasons for the ending of this system, arising in part from the cultural shifts of the 1960s, are explained in relation to this historical moral context. The reader sees how the self-understanding of the profession shifts, with much tension and disagreement, as mores change. The book fills a major gap in the history of nurse training, by giving a sustained account of the apprenticeship model of nursing in context, and charting changing values away from the historic vocational tradition. Its copious use of primary sources will make this a key text for nurses, historians and policy makers.

Nursing TimesNursing Times

NURSING TIMES NT T COMMENT 1 NURSING TIMES and Nursing Mirror , HOW MANY PATIENTS REALLY FEEL IN SUFFICIENT incorporating Midwives ' Journal and Queen's Nursing Journal , 4 Little Essex CONTROL OF AN ENCOUNTER WITH A PROFESSIONAL Street ...



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Principles and Practice of NursingPrinciples and Practice of Nursing

Intensive care of the heart and lungs, 3rd edn, Blackwell Scientific Publications, Oxford, London, Edinburgh, Boston, Melbourne. Newbold David. The physiology of cardiac massage, Nursing Times/Nursing Mirror, 1987;38—40.

Author: Shakuntla Sharma Birpuri

Publisher: JP Medical Ltd

ISBN: 9789350253762


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Psychiatric NursingPsychiatric Nursing

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Author: Peggy Martin

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9781349094080


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In line with the recommendations of Project 2000 and the 1982 RMN syllabus this is an important new book which takes a fresh look at the requirements of trainee psychiatric nurses and their teachers. The book is divided into two parts. Part One - Concepts, establishes the nurses approach to psychiatric care as an individual and as a member of a team. Part Two - Care, explores the application of concepts through numerous patient profiles and care plans based on conceptual models. The text is well illustrated and attractively designed throughout. The author, Peggy Martin, is closely involved in nurse training and, as well as being aware of the needs of the practising nurse, has a strong commitment to Peplau's developmental model which she has used in this book.

Transnational OutrageTransnational Outrage

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Author: K. Pickles

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9780230286085


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The execution of British matron Edith Cavell by occupying German forces was portrayed by the allies as one of the key atrocities of the Great War. This book recovers and interprets the worldwide reaction to Cavell's death, exploring its contextual relationship within imperial and international history, as well women's history and gender history.

The Story of Nursing in British Mental HospitalsThe Story of Nursing in British Mental Hospitals

Nursing Mirror and Midwives' Journal (15 March 1930): Occupational therapy in a mental hospital. 520. Nursing Mirror and Midwives' ... Nursing Times (4 September 1937): Long Grove Hospital, Epsom: the work of the male nurse. 538–540.

Author: Niall McCrae

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317812388


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From their beginnings as the asylum attendants of the 19th century, mental health nurses have come a long way. This comprehensive volume is the first book in over twenty years to explore the history of mental health nursing, and during this period the landscape has transformed as the large institutions have been replaced by services in the community. McCrae and Nolan examine how the role of mental health nursing has evolved in a social and professional context, brought to life by an abundance of anecdotal accounts. Moving from the early nineteenth to the end of the twentieth century, the book’s nine chronologically-ordered chapters follow the development from untrained attendants in the pauper lunatic asylums to the professionally-qualified nurses of the twentieth century, and, finally, consider the rundown and closure of the mental hospitals from nurses’ perspectives. Throughout, the argument is made that whilst the training, organisation and environment of mental health nursing has changed, the aim has remained essentially the same: to develop a therapeutic relationship with people in distress. McCrae and Nolan look forward as well as back, and highlight significant messages for the future of mental health care. For mental health nursing to be meaningfully directed, we must first understand the place from which this field has developed. This scholarly but accessible book is aimed at anyone with an interest in mental health or social history, and will also act as a useful resource for policy-makers, managers and mental health workers.

Nursing MirrorNursing Mirror

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First World War NursingFirst World War Nursing

Anonymous, “The Nursing Outlook: WarFeverand theWar Spirit,” Nursing Mirror and Midwives Journal 19 (22 August 1914): ... Mirror and Midwives Journal 20(10 October1914): 29;Anonymous, “The Wrong Spirit; Nursing Notes,” NursingTimes 12 ...

Author: Alison S. Fell

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781134626991


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This book brings together a collection of works by scholars who have produced some of the most innovative and influential work on the topic of First World War nursing in the last ten years. The contributors employ an interdisciplinary collaborative approach that takes into account multiple facets of Allied wartime nursing: historical contexts (history of the profession, recruitment, teaching, different national socio-political contexts), popular cultural stereotypes (in propaganda, popular culture) and longstanding gender norms (woman-as-nurturer). They draw on a wide range of hitherto neglected historical sources, including diaries, novels, letters and material culture. The result is a fully-rounded new study of nurses’ unique and compelling perspectives on the unprecedented experiences of the First World War.