Nonemissive Electrooptic DisplaysNonemissive Electrooptic Displays

... Boveri Symposium on Nonemissive Electrooptic Displays, Baden, Switzerland,
1975. Nonemissive electrooptic displays. Includes indexes. 1. Information display
systems—Congresses. 2. Electrooptical devices–Congresses. I. Kmetz, A. R. II.

Author: A. Kmetz

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9781461342892


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Shortly after the inception of the Brown Boveri Research Center in 1966, plans were made to organize a series of biennial scientific symposia. A dif ferent subject was to be chosen for each symposium with the following re quirements in mind: It should characterize a part of a scientific discipline; in other words, it should describe an area of scholarly study and research. It should be of current interest in the sense that important results have recently been obtained and considerable research effort is under way in the world's scientific community. In other words, there must be a good reason why the symposium should be held now, rather than five years earlier or five years later. It should bear some relation to the scientific and technological activity of Brown Boveri. These symposia are intimately related to one of the basic concepts which govern the work of our Research Center: Close coupling between science and engineering. It is to this coupling that we owe the technical standard of our products and it is this coupling which we hope will be furthered by our sym posia.

Electro Optical DisplaysElectro Optical Displays

Electroluminescent displays , in Display Engineering ( D. Bosman , Ed . ) , North -
Holland , Amsterdam , pp . ... Matrix addressing of non - emissive displays , in
Nonemissive Electrooptic Displays ( A. R. Kmetz and F. K. von Willisen , Eds . ) ...

Author: Mohammad A. Karim

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 9781000104820


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Covers principles, applications, and issues pertaining to all major elecro-optical displays presently in use, with discussion of display evaluation characteristics and human factor topics. Coverage includes: liquid crystal (LC) display properties, matrix addressing, and photoaddressing issues; time-

Proceedings of the Symposium on Electrochemically Deposited Thin FilmsProceedings of the Symposium on Electrochemically Deposited Thin Films

L . E . Tannas Jr . , Flat Panel Displays and CRT ' s , ( Van Nostrand Reinhold ,
New York , 1985 ) . J . Bruinink , in Nonemissive Electrooptic Displays , edited by
A . R . Kmetz and F . K . von Willisen ( Plenum Press , New York , 1976 ) pp .

Author: Milan Paunovic


ISBN: STANFORD:36105016225372


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Engineered Materials Handbook Ceramics and glassesEngineered Materials Handbook Ceramics and glasses

K. Hardtl, Ferroelectric Displays, Nonemissive Electrooptic Displays, A. Kmetz
and F. von Willisen, Ed., Plenum Publishing, 1976, p 241-259 5. A. Kumada, K.
Suzuki, and G. Toda, Display Applications of Field-Enforced Phase Transitions in

Author: ASM International. Handbook Committee

Publisher: CRC

ISBN: UOM:49015003041432


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CERAMIC & GLASSES is the work of more than 400 contributing authors & reviewers from 12 countries. This volume provides comprehensive information on processing, properties, testing & characterization, design, failure analysis & applications of various types of ceramics & glasses. The emphasis is on practical information that will be helpful for working engineers, technicians, researchers, educators, & students. Coverage ranges from bricks to superconductors, windows to data transmission lines. Contents include 170 articles divided into 15 major sections: Introduction *Ceramic Powders & Processing; *Forming & Predensification, & Nontraditional Densification Processes; Firing/Sintering: Densification, *Final Shaping & Surface Finishing; Glass Processing; Joining; Testing; Characterization; & NDE; *Failure Analysis; Design Considerations; Properties; Application for Traditional Ceramics; Structural Applications for Technical, Engineering, & Advanced Ceramics. Published by ASM International, Materials Park, OH 44073.

Handbook of Laser Science and TechnologyHandbook of Laser Science and Technology

Schadt , M . and Gerber , P . R . , Physical properties , multiplexability , blending
and electrooptical performance in TN - LCD ... Raynes , E . P . , Cholesteric
texture and phase change effects , in Nonemissive Electrooptic Displays , Kmetz ,
A . R ...

Author: Marvin J. Weber

Publisher: CRC-Press

ISBN: 0849335043


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Concise Encyclopedia of Semiconducting Materials Related TechnologiesConcise Encyclopedia of Semiconducting Materials Related Technologies

Colors displayed Blue on white Blue - black on pale blue - gray Magenta on
white ; green on white for related material Violet , blue , green , red , others Green
on yellow ; other color combinations a ... 1976 Nonemissive Electrooptic Displays

Author: S. Mahajan

Publisher: Pergamon

ISBN: UOM:39015025249957


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The development of electronic materials and particularly advances in semiconductor technology have played a central role in the electronics revolution by allowing the production of increasingly cheap and powerful computing equipment and advanced telecommunications devices. This Concise Encyclopedia, which incorporates relevant articles from the acclaimed Encyclopedia of Materials Science and Engineering as well as newly commissioned articles, emphasizes the materials aspects of semiconductors and the technologies important in solid-state electronics. Growth of bulk crystals and epitaxial layers are discussed in the volume and coverage is included of defects and their effects on device behavior. Metallization and passivation issues are also covered. Over 100 alphabetically arranged articles, written by world experts in the field, are each intended to serve as the first source of information on a particular aspect of electronic materials. The volume is extensively illustrated with photographs, diagrams and tables. A bibliography is provided at the end of each article to guide the reader to recent literature. A comprehensive system of cross-references, a three-level subject index and an alphabetical list of articles are included to aid readers in the abstraction of information.

Conference RecordConference Record

Urbach in Nonemissive Electrooptic Displays , A. R. Kmetz and F. K. von Willisen
, ed . , Plenum ( 1976 ) 121 . 19. f . Gharadjedaghi et al . , TEDM ( 1979 ) 536 ;
T. J. Scheffer and J. Nehring in Physics and Chemistry of Liquid Crystal Devices ...



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Proceedings of the Society for Information DisplayProceedings of the Society for Information Display

In 1973 he transferred to the Displays and Device Concepts Research Group to
work on large - screen flat - panel TV displays . He developed ... In 1976 , he was
co - editor of the book Nonemissive Electrooptic Displays . He joined the staff of ...

Author: Society for Information Display


ISBN: UCSD:31822017674763



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Electronic Display DevicesElectronic Display Devices

Kmetz , A . , and F . K . von Willisen : Nonemissive Electrooptic Displays , Plenum
Press , New York and London ( 1975 ) . Kobayashi , T . : ABC of Electronic
Displays , Nihon Hoso Shuppan Kyokai , Tokyo ( 1971 ) . Luxemberg , H . , and R

Author: Shoichi Matsumoto

Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell

ISBN: UOM:39015017893135


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This comprehensive introduction to the development of flat panel electronic displays covers basic principles and phenomena, materials and processing, device structures and fabrication, driving systems, and practical applications. Provides detailed descriptions of the state of the art in emissive and non-emissive display devices and their various uses. Some of the types included are LCD, ECD, PDP, ELD, VFD, LED and flat-CRT displays. Contains many tables, figures, illustrations and photographs.

Conference Record of 1980 Biennial Display Research ConferenceConference Record of 1980 Biennial Display Research Conference

45 4718 ( 1974 ) ( 2 ) E . P . Raynes " Nonemissive Electrooptic Displays " edited
by A . R . Kmetz and F . K . von Willisen ( Plenum , New York 1976 ) 10 20 30 40 (
C ) ( 3 ) T . J . Scheffer , loc . cit . Temperature ( 4 ) R . Kano Bull . Soc . Franc .

Author: IEEE Group on Electron Devices


ISBN: UCSD:31822010499580


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Projection DisplaysProjection Displays

T . J . Scheffer , " Liquid Crystal Color Display " , Brown Boveri Symposium on
Nonemissive Electrooptic Display , Phenum Press - New York and London 1975 ,
pp . 45 - 70 . 6 . M . Schadt , K . Schmitt , V . Kozenkov , v . Chigrinov , " Surface ...



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