Skid Marks a Play about Driving a Play in One ActSkid Marks a Play about Driving a Play in One Act

We're going for a drive and you're not going to give me any grief. You're going to start properly. You're not going to stall. You're not going to make those knock, knock, cha-ping noises like last time. I know you were just doing it to ...

Author: Lindsay Price

Publisher: Theatrefolk

ISBN: 9781894870498


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Truck Accident LitigationTruck Accident Litigation

One basic premise of tire marks is worth stating here : the presence of skid marks positively indicates the presence of braking force , but the absence of skid marks does not indicate the absence of braking force .

Author: Laura Ruhl Genson

Publisher: American Bar Association

ISBN: 1590317602


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Written by industry professionals, engineers, reconstructionists, and litigators experienced in the trucking field, this comprehensive guidebook provides a strong knowledge base of the trucking industry and serves as a how to for handling a commercial motor vehicle case from intake to trial. The book covers: the lawyer's role in a truck accident investigation; data collection, site, vehicle, and electronic evidence; spoliation of evidence; driving situations (weather conditions, hazardous materials, human factors); on-board electronics; tires, wheels and brakes; technology (what exists, how to use it, and admissibility in court); the plaintiff and defense perspectives; changes from the engineering perspective with respect to engine configuration, speed, and more; and the trial.

Engineering Analysis of Vehicular AccidentsEngineering Analysis of Vehicular Accidents

In some cases , once it was learned that a car involved in the accident had ABS brakes , it was automatically assumed that there were no skid marks ; and therefore no search for marks was conducted ! In general , a full skid with locked ...

Author: Randall K. Noon

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 0849381045


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Accident analysis is not like a classroom problem where the equations are selected and solved, and the matter is considered closed. In this line of forensics, engineering skill must be combined with skillful practice for the successful presentation of evidence to a jury. In this book, the author demonstrates the application of engineering skills, methods, and judgment for analyzing vehicular accidents. A definition of vehicular accident reconstruction and its role in the legal system is provided. General accident statistics are cited, and some general strategies for accident reconstruction are given, along with many examples and case studies. The author includes novel and unusual treatment of the momentum method and coefficient of restitution (which is not yet widespread in accident analysis) and shows how to select the best methods of analysis in a given accident reconstruction.

Vehicular Accident Investigation and ReconstructionVehicular Accident Investigation and Reconstruction

The investigator must be careful to check that the yaw marks have not turned into a sideways skid of the entire vehicle. This can be observed by measuring the width of the mark. Tire patch size almost doubles as the tire slides sideways ...

Author: Donald J Van Kirk

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 9781420039450


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Accident investigation/reconstruction is more than just a job or even a profession; it is more art than science and requires a dedication greater than a commitment of time. It takes constant reading, study, and analysis of accident information and case reconstructions to keep improving your performance, both in the field and in the courtroom.

Tire Imprint EvidenceTire Imprint Evidence

Skid and Scuff Marks If properly recorded , skid marks can sort out basically different tread designs - for example ... No scale was shown in the photograph , and the extreme angle of obliquity distorted the width of the skid mark .

Author: Peter McDonald

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 0849395151


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Improve your use of tire imprint evidence with the work of an expert. McDonald discusses methods for examining, capturing, and recording imprints, outlines standard procedures for identification, shows how to prepare expert testimony, and provides detailed technical information helpful in identifying imprints.

Forensic ScienceForensic Science

Two years later at a trial , the lawyer for the driver argues that the officer did not measure the skid marks correctly . He asserts , based on photographs , that the skid marks were no more than 92 feet long .

Author: Stuart H. James

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 0849327474


Page: 778

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Written by highly respected forensic scientists and legal practitioners, Forensic Science: An Introduction to Scientific and Investigative Techniques, Second Edition covers the latest theories and practices in areas such as DNA testing, toxicology, chemistry of explosives and arson, and vehicle accident reconstruction. This second edition offers a cutting-edge presentation of criminalistics and related laboratory subjects, including many exciting new features. What's New in the Second Edition New chapter on forensic entomology New chapter on forensic nursing Simplified DNA chapter More coverage of the chemistry of explosives and ignitable liquids Additional information on crime reconstruction Revised to include more investigation in computer forensics Complete revisions of engineering chapters New appendices showing basic principles of physics, math, and chemistry in forensic science More questions and answers in the Instructor's Guide Updated references and cases throughout An extensive glossary of terms

Judgement at Stoney CreekJudgement at Stoney Creek

“ And you stated that you have no idea what the maximum was ; it could have been considerably more ? ... Why , asked the juror , were there four skid marks and not the conventional two which would be expected from a car that was under ...

Author: Bridget Moran

Publisher: arsenal pulp press

ISBN: 1551520532


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Judgement at Stoney Creek has been released in a new edition of an aboriginal studies classic: an engrossing look at the investigation into the hit-and-run death of Coreen Thomas, a young Native woman in her ninth month of pregnancy, at the wheels of a car driven by a young white man in central BC. The resulting inquest into what might have been just another small-town tragedy turned into an inquiry of racial tensions, both implicit and explicit, that surfaced not only on country backroads but in the courtroom as well, revealing a dual system of justice that treated whites and aboriginals differently. First published in 1990, Judgement at Stoney Creek has been hailed for its moving and deeply personal depiction of a controversial subject that continues to make news today--how the justice system has failed Canada's aboriginal people. This new edition includes a new preface by the author, who returns to the area to discover how much racial relations, and the relationship between Natives and the justice system, have changed.