No Longer Business as Usual Fighting Bribery and CorruptionNo Longer Business as Usual Fighting Bribery and Corruption

At that time, some countries (Denmark, Iceland, Norway and Sweden) allowed the deductibility of bribes if they were documented business expenses, but only if they were customary in the recipient countries. In Australia, Austria, Belgium ...

Author: OECD

Publisher: OECD Publishing

ISBN: 9789264187788


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This collection of papers provides the key elements needed to build and preserve corruption-free institutions, systems, and private enterprises.

A Player s Guide to the Post Truth ConditionA Player s Guide to the Post Truth Condition

No more business as usual! Unfortunately, the Charter's details reveal that the UN's powers are no more than what its constituent nation-states are willing to delegate to it. The UN has no independent authority to be a proper rival to ...

Author: Steve Fuller

Publisher: Anthem Press

ISBN: 9781785276064


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A Player’s Guide to the Post-Truth Condition: The Name of the Game presents sixteen short, readable chapters designed to leverage our post-truth condition’s deep historical and philosophical roots into opportunities for unprecedented innovation and change. Fuller offers a bracing, proactive and hopeful vision against the tendency to demonize post-truth as the realm of ‘fake news’ and ‘bullshit’. Where others see threats to the established order, Fuller sees opportunities to overturn it. This theme is pursued across many domains, including politics, religion, the economy, the law, public relations, journalism, the performing arts and academia, not least academic science. The red thread running through Fuller’s treatment is that these domains are games that cannot be easily won unless one can determine the terms of engagement, which is to say, the ‘name of the game’. This involves the exercise of ‘modal power’, which is the capacity to manipulate what people think is possible. Once the ‘necessarily’ true appears to be only ‘contingently’ so, then the future suddenly becomes a more open space for action. This was what frightened Plato about the alternative realities persuasively portrayed by playwrights in ancient Athens. Nevertheless, Fuller believes that it should be embraced by denizens of today’s post-truth condition.

Biblical Perspectives on EvangelismBiblical Perspectives on Evangelism

No more business as usual for insiders who are freshly reincorporated into the scroll-oriented, boothing process of faith. Insiders are reinvited into the passions of covenant and become children of a command that touches all parts of ...

Author: Walter Brueggemann

Publisher: Abingdon Press

ISBN: 9781426722141


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In this timely and provocative work, Walter Brueggemann applies his experience and skills in the area of biblical interpretation to the theme of evangelism. He argues for the importance of considering afresh how the Bible itself thinks and speaks about evangelism, how it enacts the dramatic claims of the "good news." Brueggemann here describes evangelism as a drama in three scenes, concerning (1) God's victory over the forces of chaos and death, (2) the announcement of that victory, and (3) its appropriation by those who hear the announcement. This same dramatic sequence, as he shows, is many time re-enacted in the Bible; the times and circumstances of the re-enactment may differ, but the essential message, as well as the structure of its presentation, remains the same.

The War on TerrorismThe War on Terrorism

Even more critically, the leadership of Al Qaeda now knows that the United States has not yet understood the real message of 9/11—that there can be no more business as usual until we achieve a clear measure of operational security—and ...

Author: Stephen Gale

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781351301589


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On September 11, 2001, a small number of desperate men hoping to earn paradise attacked New York and Washington, D.C. Their spectacular acts of destruction concluded America's nearly decade-long vacation from insecurity, known as the "post-Cold War era." As eras go, this one was short and it certainly ended with a bang, not a whimper. The United States, still sole superpower, was now challenged by a bleak new world. Americans do not care for the bleak and do not tolerate it for long. Predictably, national shock soon became righteous anger, coupled to international campaigns against groups and states held responsible for the scourge of terrorism. These were short-term measures that hurt our enemies but did not "fix" the problem.Not long after these events, the Foreign Policy Research Institute organized a new Center on Terrorism, Counterterrorism, and Homeland Security. Its purpose was to take a longer term view of the terrorism problem and what might be done about it--not only academic research but also policy suggestions. This book contains a broad selection of the Center's output, including essays on American strategy, homeland security, knowing the enemy, and the military dimension. A notable feature is the discussion of the educational issue: what and how to teach our children about terrorism.

Up Up and AwayUp Up and Away

No more business as usual getting by with a season-ticket base so tiny you'd think it was for a series of elementary school plays. No more business as usual broadcasting games for next to nothing. In return for his investment, ...

Author: Jonah Keri

Publisher: Random House Canada

ISBN: 9780307361370


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The definitive history of the Montreal Expos by the definitive Expos fan, the New York Times bestselling sportswriter and Grantland columnist Jonah Keri. 2014 is the 20th anniversary of the strike that killed baseball in Montreal, and the 10th anniversary of the team's move to Washington, DC. But the memories aren't dead--not by a long shot. The Expos pinwheel cap is still sported by Montrealers, former fans, and by many more in the US and Canada as a fashion item. Expos loyalists are still spotted at Blue Jays games and wherever the Washington Nationals play (often cheering against them). Every year there are rumours that Montreal--as North America's largest market without a baseball team--could host Major League Baseball again. There has never been a major English-language book on the entire franchise history. There also hasn't been a sportswriter as uniquely qualified to tell the whole story, and to make it appeal to baseball fans across Canada AND south of the border. Jonah Keri writes the chief baseball column for Grantland, and routinely makes appearances in Canadian media such as The Jeff Blair Show, Prime Time Sports and Off the Record. The author of the New York Times baseball bestseller The Extra 2% (Ballantine/ESPN Books), Keri is one of the new generation of high-profile sports writers equally facile with sabermetrics and traditional baseball reporting. He has interviewed everyone for this book (EVERYONE: including the ownership that allowed the team to be moved), and fans can expect to hear from just about every player and personality from the Expos' unforgettable 35 years in baseball. Up, Up, and Away is already one of the most anticipated sports books of next year.

Revolution at the RootsRevolution at the Roots

1994, p. 1. 14. Apogee Research, Inc., Bethesda, MD. Survey sponsored by the National Association of Comptrollers, 1992. 15. Michael White, speech at the Reason Foundation's "No More Business as Usual conference," Chicago, May 9, 1994.

Author: William D. Eggers

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9780028740270


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Identifying a current revolution in small government, a study examines the emergence of new, localized approaches to governance that include community policing, parental intervention, and creative neighborhood design. Tour.

Project Delivery in Business as Usual OrganizationsProject Delivery in Business as Usual Organizations

Who should sponsor the improvement of project delivery in a BAU organization? ... too much as an enabling skill, then the specialists will lose the power to influence events on projects, being classified as technical advisors, no more.

Author: Tim Carroll

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 9781317075226


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Business organizations are highly successful at delivering 'business as usual'; the day-to-day tasks of managing customer transactions, marketing and production activities, and motivating employees. But there is a growing requirement for such organizations also to deliver business change projects successfully. 'Business as usual organizations' represent a particularly challenging environment for achieving this because of the fundamentally different mindset and culture required to deliver projects in this context. Tim Carroll's book provides an authoritative guide to improving project delivery in such organizations by: ¢ building a project management capability and culture that is appropriate to BAU organizations; ¢ aligning projects more closely with the strategic agenda of the organization, through the use of programmes; ¢ using portfolio management to improve this alignment and ensure the effectiveness of project investments; ¢ demonstrating the business context for projects and their contribution to the organization's agenda of strategic change. The author argues convincingly that project management hasn't travelled well from its traditional roots in construction and engineering to business-as-usual organizations. New approaches are called for, in particular to embed project delivery capabilities more deeply within the organization rather than treat it as a specialist discipline. This is a 'must-read' book to help managers responsible for strategy and change in all business-as-usual organizations (such as banks, insurance, business and consumer service companies, hospitals, local and national government) to realize the value that project management can bring to the long-term development of their organization.

The Myth of Too Big To FailThe Myth of Too Big To Fail

saying that “reform of the global financial system should not be driven by what each country sees fit for itself”. ... 10.4 No more business as usual It is imperative that we kill nostalgia for the good old days and the desire to return ...

Author: I. Moosa

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9780230295056


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The book presents arguments against the taxpayers'-funded bailing out of failed financial institutions, and puts forward suggestions to circumvent the TBTF problem, including some preventive measures. It ultimately argues that a failing financial institution should be allowed to fail without fearing an apocalyptic outcome.

The SopranosThe Sopranos

This cart, or business as usual, is no longer possible. Everything has been torn asunder and is broken. In the movie, the cart (business) has been broken because the Caruso character has preferred singing instead of attending to family ...

Author: Franco Ricci

Publisher: University of Toronto Press

ISBN: 9781442615717


Page: 324

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In The Sopranos: Born under a Bad Sign, Franco Ricci presents an insightful analysis of the groundbreaking HBO series and its complex psychological themes.