Eat Your Heart OutEat Your Heart Out

“Where would you like me to take you? Somewhere nice to eat?” “Of course,” popped out. “Afterward I'll eat you.” Honey's attempt at talking dirty worked, and Alex got an immediate semi-erection. “Oh, you do go on, don't you?

Author: Shirley Goldberg

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press Inc

ISBN: 9781509235407


Page: 394

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When a tyrant in stilettos replaces her beloved boss, and her ex snags her coveted job, teacher Dana Narvana discovers there are worse things than getting dumped on Facebook. Time for the BFF advice squad, starting with Dana's staunchest ally, Alex—hunky colleague, quipster, and cooking pal extraordinaire. But when the after hours smooching goes nowhere, she wonders why this grown man won't make up his mind. Alex Bethany's new lifestyle gives him the confidence to try online dating. What he craves is a family of his own until a life-altering surprise rocks his world. He knows he's sending Dana mixed messages. Alex panics when he thinks he's blown his chance with his special person. From appetizers to the main course will these two cooking buddies make it to dessert? Funny and bittersweet, Dana and Alex's story will have you rooting for them.

Using Trauma Focused Therapy StoriesUsing Trauma Focused Therapy Stories

It's not nice to eat your neighbors.” “Oh, we're not going to eat you. We want to be friends. What would it hurt to hang out on this sunny afternoon? We promise to be nice. We promise not to hurt you.” Kanga didn't believe the alligator ...

Author: Pat Pernicano

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781000423723


Page: 280

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Using Trauma-Focused Therapy Stories is a groundbreaking treatment resource for trauma-informed therapists who work with abused and neglected children ages nine years and older as well as their caregivers. The classic edition includes a new preface from the author reflecting on changes in the field since the book’s initial publication. The therapy stories are perfect accompaniments to evidence-based treatment approaches and provide the foundation for psychoeducation and intervention with the older elementary-aged child or early pre-teen. Therapists will also benefit from the inclusion of thorough guides for children and caregivers, which illustrate trauma and developmental concepts in easy-to-understand terms. The psychoeducational material in the guides, written at a third- to fourth-grade reading level, may be used within any trauma-informed therapy model in the therapy office or sent-home for follow-up. Each therapy story illustrates trauma concepts, guides trauma narrative and cognitive restructuring work, and illuminates caregiver blind spots; the caregiver stories target issues that often become barriers to family trauma recovery. No therapist who works with young trauma survivors will want to be without this book, and school-based professionals, social workers, psychologists and others committed to working with traumatized children will find the book chock-full of game-changing ideas for their practice.

Gladyss of the HuntGladyss of the Hunt

nice to eat you,” he said, grabbing a handful of inside-out rolls. “i've seen all of your films,” she replied eagerly. “Well i hope you'll check out Fashion Dogs, which is opening very soon,” he said, rubbing a roll into a bulge of ...

Author: Arthur Nersesian

Publisher: Verse Chorus Press

ISBN: 9781891241994


Page: 288

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Grizzled homicide detective Bernie “Burnout” Farrell heads the hunt for a serial killer who is murdering call girls around Times Square. Hoping to set up a stakeout, Farrell recruits tall, blonde, ambitious rookie cop Gladyss Chronou for the investigation. But Gladyss believes her mystical yoga practice can give her an intuitive edge in solving the crimes and sees mythological patterns in the suspects and events they’re investigating. Bernie thinks she’s nuts, but then, he's a little too grounded. In fact, he's on a steady downward spiral: his wife is divorcing him, his longtime partner just died of AIDS, and he's developed a nagging cough since working down at Ground Zero. Gladyss of the Hunt oscillates between chilly street realism and new age mysticism. As their investigation takes Bernie and Gladyss from arty society gatherings to shabby hotels and SROs, the narrative offers a suspenseful, often wittily satirical account of a city that is flashy and glamorous one moment, dark and violent the next.

Cute Wife CEO s 36 StratagemsCute Wife CEO s 36 Stratagems

You take a good bath, I'll ask Nanny Wu to make you something nice to eat, you're not allowed to refuse." Su Xiaowan seemed to have suddenly grown up as she made her decision. Mo Lee merely nodded her head in agreement and did not open ...

Author: Ye LingLong

Publisher: Funstory

ISBN: 9781648976414



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you big pig's hoof get out of my way su wan looked at the good-looking man in front of her and couldn't help roaring furiously yo your mouth is vicious and your body is very honest the corner of mo ziran's mouth curved into a strange smile f*ck off su wan was furious again i'm telling you take my money whatever i tell you to do you have to do for me su wan looked at the devilish man in front of her and suddenly felt scared are you tearing down the house you didn't say su wan still felt wronged she cooked and washed her clothes where's my armani suit mo ziran felt like his head was going to explode what was in the brain of this creature that could be considered a woman when she found out that everything was a scam she smiled and left with the things she originally left with it was because she knew that some things can be lost just like that

House of TribesHouse of Tribes

'Slovenly and shabby, grimy and unkempt — nasty little creatures you are, but with candied flesh — oh, yes — honeyed meat. I love your loins, ... I'll think of something nice to eat and you have to guess what it is. All right?

Author: Garry Kilworth

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9780575114333


Page: 320

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In every mouse's long life, there comes a time when ancestral voices tell him to move on. Pedlar, a yellow-necked mouse, has reached that point. Told to leave the Hedgerow and go on a long journey, the adventurous mouse says his farewells and sets out for a far-distant country knows as The House. Reaching his destination, Pedlar enters a strange new world inhabited by many warring tribes: the Stinkhorns of the cellar, the great Savage Tribe in the kitchen, the library Bookeaters, the Invisibles, the Deathshead and the rebellious 13-K Gang. During his stay, Pedlar witnesses a momentous truce, in which the tribes come together at an Allthing meeting and decide to rid themselves of the greatest pests in The House, the greedy, stupid nudniks - the humans. And so the Great Nudnik Drive is set in motion, a time of considerable anxiety for the nudniks, when clocks strike twenty and inanimate objects seem to have a life of their own. Ranged against the mouse tribes are the nudniks' allies: the two cats, Eyeball the Burmese blue and Spitz the ginger tom; the Headhunter, a barbarian human child; and Little Prince, the Headhunter's cannibalistic pet white mouse. The House becomes a hotbed of riot and discord, until Pedlar finally comes up with a solution. The outcome of this heroic struggle has gone down in the annals of mouse history, a history tens of thousands of days long, and the whole remarkable tale is recorded here, between these pages.

My Best Friend is the Little MermaidMy Best Friend is the Little Mermaid

Nice. To. Eat. You. My brain kicked in pretty fast when I spotted the great white heading towards us; my first instinct was to swim as fast as I could, but then I remembered two things . . . (1) Running would only make it chase me ...

Author: Hannah Sue Wellman

Publisher: Author House

ISBN: 9781467041867


Page: 316

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My Best Friend is the Little Mermaid Sixteen year old Calandine Undercurrent thinks she has her life figured out. With her supportive family and her bright future she’s one lucky mermaid. Calandine thinks she has it all under control, that is until her reckless best friend, Abatina Jetstream gets them both into trouble when she convinces Calandine to help her save a shipwrecked young human who just happens to be a prince! It’s love at first sight for Abatina and nothing but trouble for Calandine, especially once Abatina decides to become human and go in search of her prince, thus triggering the eMERgency of the century! Now it’s up to Calandine and Abatina’s charming twin brother, Cereus Jetstream to set things right again, even if it means becoming humans themselves. But can Calandine operate with her world turned upside down and her plans in shambles? Can she function with everything out of control, even her own feelings?...

The Chocolate SetThe Chocolate Set

"They look nice just the way you're doing them. The frosting hair is a nice ... Almost too nice to eat. You have Grandfather's ... Though her words gave no hint, anyone could have seen that Stina was pleased to be thought artistic.

Author: Fredda J. Burton

Publisher: Trafford Publishing

ISBN: 9781412050302


Page: 401

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The book describes the forces, history, and events that drive Klara to find the strength to leave family, comfortable traditions, homeland, and even her own language to emigrate to a new land.

Raggedy Ann s Magical Wishes Written and Illustrated by Johnny GruelleRaggedy Ann s Magical Wishes Written and Illustrated by Johnny Gruelle

“If I had not tried to improve on my whiskers, they would have been all right, for green is a nice color and it isn't eveyone who can have ... appeared a table-cloth and upon the table-cloth was everything nice to eat you could imagine.

Author: Johnny Gruelle

Publisher: Read Books Ltd

ISBN: 9781528782524


Page: 98

View: 779

'Raggedy Ann's Magical Wishes' is written and illustrated by Johnny Gruelle. Gruelle (1880 - 1930), was an American artist and political cartoonist, as well as a children's book illustrator and author. The books of 'The Raggedy Ann Series' all feature their central protagonist, with red yarn for hair and a triangle nose - charting her considerable adventures. Gruelle created Raggedy Ann for his daughter, Marcella, when she brought him an old hand-made rag doll. He drew a face on it, and from his bookshelf, pulled a book of poems by James Whitcomb Riley, combining the names of two poems, 'The Raggedy Man' and 'Little Orphant Annie.' From this moment on, the much-loved children's series went from strength to strength. Sought after by collectors, this re-printed edition showcases Gruelle's original text, further enhanced by his wonderful colour drawings, in order that the two may be fully appreciated by young and old alike.

The Complete Polly and the WolfThe Complete Polly and the Wolf

You might have got tired of trying to catch little girls to eat and want to be fed for a change. They do feed you properly here, I suppose? ... “Perhaps I could bring you something nice to eat. What would you like best in the world?

Author: Catherine Storr

Publisher: New York Review of Books

ISBN: 9781681370040


Page: 304

View: 154

When Catherine Storr’s daughter was very small, she was afraid of the wolf under her bed, so every night her mother would tell her a story in which Polly outwitted the wolf. These bedtime stories eventually became the collection Clever Polly and the Stupid Wolf, a wonderfully thrilling and reassuring series of adventures in which the clever, independent, and unstoppable Polly fools the persistent, hungry young wolf time and again. In a match much like Bugs Bunny and the Road Runner but more polite and quick-witted, Polly and the wolf develop ever-more complicated ways of turning the tables on each other as they grow older and, in Polly’s case at least, wiser. Three more collections of stories followed the original Clever Polly, all hilariously inventive variations on a much loved theme, and all of the stories are collected here for the first time.