Donald Trump and American PopulismDonald Trump and American Populism

The Hill, January 18, 2018. Price, Greg. “Donald Trump mocked both John ... “Carly Fiorina: Donald Trump should step aside as presidential nominee.

Author: Conley Richard S. Conley

Publisher: Edinburgh University Press

ISBN: 9781474450096


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Dissecting the populist leadership style of President Donald TrumpPlaces Trump's presidential leadership style within a comparatively historical and political development theoretical framework Considers Trump's use of social media as a form of public politics that represents an adaptation of presidential communication style to new technology while rebuffing the traditional bully pulpitAssesses the impact of Trump's negative rhetoric and efforts to challenge if not delegitimize other national institutions (Courts, Congress), question media truthfulness, and his personalization of political opponents Employs case studies to weigh Trump's political strategy, from mobilizing grassroots support to foreign diplomacy This book evaluates the presidency of Donald Trump from a comparative, historical approach to connect his populist style to his predecessors. Trump's method of communication through social media obviously differs from previous candidates and presidents with populist platforms, but his themes - a disdain for elites, grassroots support, majoritarianism, anti-intellectual discourse, and nativism-borrow variably from such figures as Andrew Jackson, Huey Long, Barry Goldwater, and Ross Perot. As such, Trump's approach to governance falls within a long tradition of populism dating to the 19th Century.

Concerning TrumpConcerning Trump

The function of Trump's government is not to promote calm but to excite agitation. Parker, Carl Reagan portrayed a real ... Ex nihilo nihil fit Trump probat: Trump proves that nothing comes from nothing. ... Trump needs to step down.

Author: Peter A. Bakke

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781665509640


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Parody can be defined as: “... a literary work in which the style of an author or work is closely imitated for comic effect or in ridicule.” - Merriam-Webster Dictionary Political parody may help those of us cope who have a liberal or moderate political disposition. It may also help make bearable these turbulent political times under the growing shadow of Trumpism. This frequently somber, sometimes humorous volume reimagines historical quotes with a keen eye focused on Donald J. Trump, Trumpism, and his Republican party. But beware. This book can only be taken in small doses. Like arsenic. If you read it and start feeling ill, that’s a good sign, a sign that you’ve been paying attention to what’s been going on in our country under the Trump regime. Set it aside for a while. But never set aside your vigilance for men like Donald J. Trump.

Regarding Donald Trump Or Bannon Marches On Regarding Donald Trump Or Bannon Marches On

Yet clearly he should step down from that pulpit and never remount it. Moreover, he should have to prove his repentance through many years of faithfulness, purity, and humility. Then, after many seasons of rehabilitation, he may be fit ...

Author: Richie Cooley

Publisher: Richie Cooley

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Donald Trump's popularity and moral indiscretions have redefined conservatism. This essay considers the disturbing trends of the new norm from a Biblical outlook. This is the new, edited version.

God s Man in the White HouseGod s Man in the White House

Kim's assistant, Sunil Isaac, says later that Kim did not know it was Donald Trump. ... I have searched for a man and a woman who would stand in the Oval Office and pray and call for the restoration of the fortunes of Zion.

Author: James A Beverley

Publisher: Castle Quay Books

ISBN: 9781988928319


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Standing in absolute opposition to each other are two distinct groups. One side, who proclaim that he can do nothing right. The other side, who believe he has been particularly selected by God, with a host of unusual skills, for just such a time as this. Both can not be right! And so, a political, moral and spiritual battle is raging in America and around the world about President Donald J. Trump. Quite unknown by most of the general public is the fact that Christian prophets have been claiming for over a decade that Donald Trump is the chosen one, that he is God’s man for the White House for this particular hour. In this book, God’s Man in the White House, Professor James A. Beverley documents the hundreds of prophecies about Donald Trump that started over 10 years ago, and provides the political and religious context for the ongoing prophecies and controversies about the 45th president. Here is the most complete collection of over 500 prophesies and statements made by more than 100 prophets and top Christian leaders, including: Kim Clement, Mark Taylor, Lance Wallnau, Lana Vawser, Lou Engle, Jeremiah Johnson, Michael Brown, Frank Amedia, Franklin Graham, Jerry Falwell, Jr., Paula White, Stephen Strang, Robert Jeffress, Rodney Howard-Browne, Jim Garlow, and James Dobson. Whatever your view- you will benefit greatly from this collection.

Fit for the Presidency Fit for the Presidency

Donald Trump? One of our candidates built the largest real estate complex in the world, covering twentyseven acres of office space. Move aside, Donald. Brilliant lawyer? Samuel Jones Tilden, one of the top lawyers in the country, ...

Author: Seymour Morris

Publisher: U of Nebraska Press

ISBN: 9781612348872


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Every four years Americans embark on the ultimate carnival, the Super Bowl of democracy: a presidential election campaign filled with endless speeches, debates, handshakes, and passion. But what about the candidates themselves? In Fit for the Presidency? Seymour Morris Jr. applies an executive recruiter's approach to fifteen presidential prospects from 1789 to 1980, analyzing their r�sum�s and references to determine their fitness for the job. Were they qualified? How real were their actual accomplishments? Could they be trusted, or were their campaign promises unrealistic? The result is a fresh and original look at a host of contenders from George Washington to William McAdoo, from DeWitt Clinton to Ronald Reagan. Gone is the fluff of presidential campaigns, replaced by broad perspective and new insights on candidates seeking the nation's highest office.

Amateur HourAmateur Hour

The collateral damage from Trump's “fire and fury” in the presidency has been extraordinary.16 Aside from the Republicans ... former Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan of Wisconsin also chose to step down and not seek reelection.17 ...

Author: Lara M. Brown

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781000095722


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This book assesses the impact of presidential character on the popularity, productivity, and ethics of contemporary presidents. Through comparative analyses, author Lara Brown demonstrates that the character of a president’s leadership does not change in office and that the success of future presidents can be evaluated before they step into the White House. She traces the rise of “amateur outsiders,” like Donald Trump, and asserts the need for systemic reform and cultural reassessment of presidential character. Intended for students and scholars of the presidency, this book also holds appeal for general readers who seek understanding of past and future presidential elections.

The Evidence of Things UnseenThe Evidence of Things Unseen

Each step down in church attendance brought a step up in Trump support. ... More importantly Pew's data suggests that more than half the votes for Trump received that year came from voters who fit into one of these two groups.

Author: Jerry Aveta

Publisher: WestBow Press

ISBN: 9781664246973


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This book describes the author’s experiences in the evangelical community of faith over a span of 30 years that have led to his views on faith; how we experience it and the result of faith’s work in our lives. “The Evidence of Things Unseen - Faith Revealed in a Family, a Community and a Nation” describes the evidence of faith first initiated in the family experience, then developed in the faith communities. The text illustrates how faith developed in evangelical communities will result in a certain view of our nation and its governance. This leads to the paradox that these views often conflict with biblical principles taught by those communities. The concluding section of this book suggests a reason for this conflict and a proposed remedy. The urgency of this publication is in its relevance to our current times with regard to how people of faith vote, how they react to political events and ultimately how they view the function of our government including the interpretation of our constitution. This book contains a unique message that is relevant for this unique time in our nation. Filled with touching anecdotes from the ministry, the classroom and the workplace it is a fast read that will move your heart and give you a new perspective on faith.

25 Steps to Learning 2 125 Steps to Learning 2 1

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Author: Paul Thurston

Publisher: Master Point Press

ISBN: 1894154460


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Another title in the best-selling '25' series, using the same popular format. Over the last fifteen or so years, the 2/1 Game Forcing bidding method has gained substantial popularity, but for various reasons it is not taught in beginner classes. This book is therefore designed for players who are familiar with Standard bidding and are interested in switching to the 2/1 method. It covers basic concepts as well as the differences between 2/1 and Standard auctions, and includes a discussion of more advanced ideas and conventions that fit particularly well with 2/1 methods. Existing books on this topic (notably by Max Hardy and Mike Lawrence) are too advanced and/or too technical for this level of player.

Stand DownStand Down

Furthermore, the policy of the Trump administration allows troops who identify as transgender to be open about their gender identity—it simply requires them to meet the physical fitness and appearance standards corresponding to their ...

Author: James Hasson

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781621579199


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"James is a terrific reporter, and this account of the effort to shape our military to reflect left-wing social values rather than the priorities of readiness and capability is vital." —BEN SHAPIRO, bestselling author of The Right Side of History and host of The Ben Shapiro Show "Stand Down is a must-read for anyone who wants to understand how progressives have forced radical changes on our military—no matter how much harm it does to combat readiness." — MOLLIE HEMINGWAY, bestselling coauthor of Justice on Trial "Stand Down exposes one of the greatest but least-discussed scandals of our era. Time and time again, the Obama administration undermined the military to advance left-wing political goals — and Hasson brings the goods to prove it. Every patriotic American who cares about the military needs to read this book." — BUCK SEXTON, Former CIA Counterterrorism Officer, Host of The Buck Sexton Show "James Hasson makes a powerful and convincing case in this exceptionally well-written book. Stand Down is a scathing indictment of the Obama administration’s misuse of the military as a vehicle for progressive social change at the expense of men and women in uniform." —SEAN PARNELL, Army combat veteran and New York Times bestselling author of Outlaw Platoon “Safe space” stickers on office doors at the Naval Academy. Officers apologizing for “microaggressions” against Air Force cadets. An Army “gender integration study” urging an end to “hyper-masculinity” in combat-arms units. Power Point presentations teaching commanders about “male pregnancy.” A cover-up, as senior officials placed their thumbs on the scales to ensure the success of the first female candidates at the Army’s legendary Ranger School. These are just a few of the examples documented in this explosive book, Stand Down: How Social Justice Warriors are Sabotaging the U.S. Military by former Army Captain, Afghanistan veteran, and attorney James Hasson. Hasson exposes the relentless campaign by powerful Obama administration ideologues to remake the culture and policies of the U.S. military, even over the explicit objections of military leaders. He presents evidence—drawn from government documents and exclusive interviews with more than forty sources, including high-ranking officers and Pentagon insiders—that progressive activists in the Obama Administration used the U.S. Military as their preferred vehicle to advance the progressive agenda. The stories paint a troubling picture of what happens when leftwing political operatives impose a political agenda on our nation’s military: they render our forces less effective, place our military men and women in greater danger, and compromise the military’s sole objective: to protect America by winning the nation’s wars. “Military readiness” is a term politicians and pundits often use in the abstract to describe our military’s ability to defeat its adversaries. But it ultimately describes how well we have prepared and equipped a young soldier or sailor to prevail over an enemy determined to do them harm. Hasson makes a compelling case that our nation has a moral obligation to ensure that the sons and daughters it sends to war have the best possible chance of victory—which means we must embrace only the policies that help us win wars and reject those that don’t. Political agendas of any kind invite corruption, jeopardize lives, and undermine the mission. They have no place in military policy—a principle that the Obama administration either disdained or failed to understand.

Merchants of TruthMerchants of Truth

69 70 71 71 72 75 78 82 82 83 83 83 CHAPTER THREE: NEW YORK TIMES I (One outside critic blasted: Michelle Cottle, “The Gray Lady ... fett-buying-newspapers-2013-3; Steven Mutson, “Warren Buffett to Step Down from Washington Post Co.

Author: Jill Abramson

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781501123221


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Former executive editor of The New York Times and one of our most eminent journalists Jill Abramson provides a “valuable and insightful” (The Boston Globe) report on the disruption of the news media over the last decade, as shown via two legacy (The New York Times and The Washington Post) and two upstart (BuzzFeed and VICE) companies as they plow through a revolution that pits old vs. new media. “A marvelous book” (The New York Times Book Review), Merchants of Truth is the groundbreaking and gripping story of the precarious state of the news business. The new digital reality nearly kills two venerable newspapers with an aging readership while creating two media behemoths with a ballooning and fickle audience of millennials. “Abramson provides this deeply reported insider account of an industry fighting for survival. With a keen eye for detail and a willingness to interrogate her own profession, Abramson takes readers into the newsrooms and boardrooms of the legacy newspapers and the digital upstarts that seek to challenge their dominance” (Vanity Fair). We get to know the defenders of the legacy presses as well as the outsized characters who are creating the new speed-driven media competitors. The players include Jeff Bezos and Marty Baron (The Washington Post), Arthur Sulzberger and Dean Baquet (The New York Times), Jonah Peretti (BuzzFeed), and Shane Smith (VICE) as well as their reporters and anxious readers. Merchants of Truth raises crucial questions that concern the well-being of our society. We are facing a crisis in trust that threatens the free press. “One of the best takes yet on journalism’s changing fortunes” (Publishers Weekly, starred review), Abramson’s book points us to the future.