New England DessertsNew England Desserts

New England Desserts celebrates my beloved New England and all the sweetness it has to offer, from the rocky fields and alpine mountains of Maine, Vermont, and New Hampshire, to the fertile river plains and coastal communities of ...

Author: Tammy Donroe Inman

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 9781493063758


Page: 256

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Homemade cakes, cookies, candies, pies, crisps, cobblers, crumbles, and ice cream—year round! Since the very first taste of maple syrup, New Englanders have pined for something sweet. The region’s native plants (corn, squash, pumpkins), orchard fruits, fresh dairy products, even the early ice industry, have all been used over the past four centuries to create culinary inspirations for our developing nation. From the mountains of Maine to the farms of Vermont to the beachside villages of Cape Cod, New England has earned a reputation for fantastic desserts. What started out as necessary, high-calorie sustenance has become an exercise in pleasure and a celebration of the seasons. Indeed, it’s not officially summer in New England until shortcake is soaked in sweet strawberries and cream. Soon blueberries, cherries, peaches, blackberries, and plums make an appearance, begging for crisp, nutty toppings, buttery crusts, and a melting pool of vanilla ice cream. New Englanders know how to sweeten the pot by bringing out the best in local ingredients. The result of this vibrant seasonal calendar is a rich repertoire of flavors ripe for celebration and reinvention.

The New England Diner Cookbook Classic and Creative Recipes from the Finest Roadside EateriesThe New England Diner Cookbook Classic and Creative Recipes from the Finest Roadside Eateries

The three bread pudding recipes represent widely varying takes on this thick, gooey, and sweet dessert. One calls for melted toffee on ... Indian pudding is a classic New England dessert, and there are two recipes to choose from here.

Author: Mike Urban

Publisher: The Countryman Press

ISBN: 9781581577143


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New England is the birthplace of the American diner, and this book brings together the best of them and shares with you their best recipes for comfort food, New England style. Celebrate the food, culture, and funky architecture of these scrappy culinary icons with recipes, color photos, interviews with owners, and heartwarming stories from a broad array of customers. Diners were born in New England (Rhode Island, to be exact), and they have a long and colorful history as local eateries of distinction because of both their menus and their buildings. Though many diners have gone by the wayside in the past half century, there are still plenty around, and each has at least a dish or two for which they’re best known and that keep customers coming back year after year. The New England Diner Cookbook celebrates every facet of these diamonds in the rough. Along with diners that have perfected the tried-and-true items like corned beef hash, clam chowder, and malted milkshakes, many have developed relatively sophisticated menus that include distinctly New England delicacies like Lobster Chow Mein, Butterscotch Indian Pudding, and Portobello Mushroom Fries.

New England Open House CookbookNew England Open House Cookbook

300 Recipes Inspired by the Bounty of New England Sarah Leah Chase. Cream that can immediately elevate a pie and many another New England dessert to the “to die for” category. New Englanders are also quite fond of cookies and bars as ...

Author: Sarah Leah Chase

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9780761184249


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“I’ve adored Sarah Chase’s cookbooks for decades! This is exactly what you want to cook at home—delicious, satisfying, earthy food your friends and family will love.” —Ina Garten, Barefoot Contessa Cookbooks and Television From a born-and-bred New Englander comes a book that sings with all the flavors and textures of the beloved region. Sarah Leah Chase is a caterer, cooking teacher, and prolific writer whose books—including The Silver Palate Good Times Cookbook (as coauthor) and Nantucket Open-House Cookbook—have over 3.4 million copies in print. For New England Open-House Cookbook, she draws from her memories of growing up in Connecticut and Maine; her experience living and cooking on Cape Cod; and her extensive travels meeting farmers, fishermen, and chefs. The result is a wide-ranging cookbook for everyone who has skied the mountains of Vermont, sailed off the coast of Maine, dug for clams on Cape Cod, or just wishes they had. It reflects the bountiful ingredients and recipes of New England, served up in evocative prose, gorgeous full-color photographs, and 300 delicious recipes. All of New England’s classic dishes are represented, including a wealth of shellfish soups and stews and a full chapter celebrating lobster. From breakfast (Debbie’s Blue Ribbon Maine Muffins) to delightful appetizers and nibbles (Tiny Tumbled Tomatoes, Oysters “Clark Rockefeller”) to mains for every season and occasion: Baked Bluefish with New Potatoes and Summer Rib Eyes with Rosemary, Lemon, and Garlic. Plus: perfect picnic recipes, farmstand sides, and luscious desserts.

New England Home CookingNew England Home Cooking

makes 6 servings This is an old-fashioned New England dessert over which there seems to be absolutely no agreement—whether on the spelling and origin of its name (pandowdy or pan dowdy, “dowdy” for homely, or “dowdy” meaning to slash ...

Author: Brooke Dojny

Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

ISBN: 9781558327573


Page: 648

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350 Recipes from Town and Country, Land and Sea, Hearth and Home of New England.

The Book of New New England CookeryThe Book of New New England Cookery

If you are lucky enough to have a quince bush in your backyard , as many New Englanders have had for generations ... SERVES 4 Quince Scallop Ga " Serve with a Pitcher of Heavy Cream " ood old - fashioned New England desserts end with ...

Author: Judith Jones

Publisher: UPNE

ISBN: 1584651318


Page: 692

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Two noted experts bring a light, contemporary touch to the traditions of New England cookery including cobblers, chowders and Rhode Island johnnycakes. This is the most complete book written about the food and recipes of six northeastern states and also includes many non-Yankee cuisines that have expanded the traditional repertoire. 917 recipes. 109 illustrations.

Chef Daniel Bruce Simply New EnglandChef Daniel Bruce Simply New England

Pumpkin Indian Pudding Is there any more quintessentially New England dessert than Indian pudding? Personally, I like it straight from the oven, in a bowl with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. I added the pumpkin because it contributes ...

Author: Daniel Bruce

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 9781493003242


Page: 304

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DIVTop chef Daniel Bruce presents delicious, fresh, contemporary New England cuisine through 125 delectable go-to recipes for the home cook. /div

New England RecipesNew England Recipes

Banana bread and bread pudding have been popular New England desserts for centuries. Banana bread goes great with tea, another New England favorite. Bread pudding originated in England as a way to make use of stale bread.

Author: Tammy Gagne

Publisher: Mitchell Lane Publishers, Inc.

ISBN: 9781612281612


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People who grow up in New England know from an early age that the northeastern United States offers some of the best seafood, fruits, and vegetables in the world. Every season seems to have its unique ingredients and historic ways of preparing them. In this book, a native New Englander shares some of her treasured family recipes and some modern variations. Find out what makes a Maine Italian sandwich different from other Italian sandwiches, and how to make Boston Baked Beans, Yankee Pot Roast, Lobster Rolls, and more in this tasty travel guide to New England.

Yankee s New England AdventuresYankee s New England Adventures

Few New England desserts can compete with the historical pedigree of a bowl of warm, spicy Indian pudding. ... by using native cornmeal, known as “Indian flour,” and changed the name of the dish to reflect its new main ingredient.

Author: Editors of Yankee Magazine

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 9781493034147


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The experts at New England’s iconic Yankee magazine have distilled nearly a century of experience and knowledge into the guide you have been waiting for. Yankee’s New England Adventures is the go-to source for in-depth travel information, with the same stunning photography and practical know-how they bring to you every month. Whether you are interested in exploring the vibrant culture of tiny villages or big cities, eating outstanding meals in colonial inns or vintage diners, rambling through art museums or up steep wooded hills, this is the guide for you. An island stuck in the 19th century? A walk-in, stained-glass globe? A place where you can eat Thanksgiving dinner every day of the year? From the golden dunes of Nantucket to the alpine tundra of the White Mountains, from the blue waters of Lake Champlain to the green grass of Boston Common, travelers and residents alike will find over 400 local secrets, out-of-the-way places, and unique experiences in all six states of this remarkable region of America. Live the Yankee lifestyle and get on the road with Yankee’s New England Adventures.

All American DessertsAll American Desserts

Pears, skillfully grown and nurtured by the French on their own soil, were among the first fruits cultivated by New England colonists. In 1634, John Winthrop, Jr., learned that Joseph Downing was sending 100 apple and pear trees to ...

Author: Judith M. Fertig


ISBN: 9781458752925


Page: 470

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All-American Desserts is a treasure-trove of 400 desserts that tantalize Americans across this great country, whether traditional sweets, back-of-the-box classics, or newly inspired creations. Intrepid dessert hunter Judith Fertig has ventured far and wide to gather these scrumptious treats together for others to discover and enjoy. Every type of sweet satisfaction is here: cookies, cakes, pies, puddings, cobblers, slumps, turnovers, cupcakes - even candy. A true American dessert is one that either was adapted from another culinary tradition to suit American tastes (Greek Deep Dish Custard Tart, Germantown Lebkuchen) or was created by an American cook using American ingredients (Vermont maple syrup in Maple and Hickory Nut Apple Crisp, New Mexican pine nuts in Ole Mole Cookies). All-American Desserts has all the classics plus lesser-known regional favorites, and each dessert has its own story, which Fertig puts into historical context along with the recipe.