Nature S Colour HealingNature S Colour Healing

Academy of Healing Arts Colour Therapy Training and Qualifications Academy of Healing Arts teaches colour therapy, kinesiology and energy healing from beginner level to fully qualified consultant or teacher. Colour TherapyColour for ...

Author: Catherine North

Publisher: Balboa Press

ISBN: 9781504307543


Page: 54

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Natures Colour Healing outlines the many ways that various colours and colour combinations can help you in your daily lifephysically, emotionally, and spiritually. You are attracted from a very deep inner level to the colours you need. This book has colour photographs to help you choose the colours that will assist you in your life. Select the colours you are drawn to from the book, and read the ways those colours help you.

Nature s Colour HealingNature s Colour Healing

This book has colour photographs to help you choose the colours that will assist you in your life. Select the colours you are drawn to from the book, and read the ways those colours help you.

Author: Catherine North

Publisher: Balboa Press

ISBN: 1504307534


Page: 54

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Nature's Colour Healing outlines the many ways that various colours and colour combinations can help you in your daily life--physically, emotionally, and spiritually. You are attracted from a very deep inner level to the colours you need. This book has colour photographs to help you choose the colours that will assist you in your life. Select the colours you are drawn to from the book, and read the ways those colours help you. An added bonus is the possibility of applying the beautiful Unicorn aromatic colour essences made from essential oils, herbal extracts, gems, and other vibrational energies for your personal wellbeing.

Colour Healing and the Human SoulColour Healing and the Human Soul

Understanding colours and using them for health and therapy Gladys Mayer. To understand colour in a similar ... We can watch the process happening in nature and recreate it in memory, or we may create the process by inner imagination.

Author: Gladys Mayer

Publisher: Rudolf Steiner Press

ISBN: 9781855845657


Page: 68

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In a delightful study – originally comprising two separate booklets – the accomplished artist and teacher Gladys Mayer explains that colour is nothing other than the very substance of the soul. Just as the body is made up of mineral, water, air and warmth, so the soul is made up of colour. This is revealed in the emotions of sadness and joy and the many shades in between, as expressed in human language – for example: ‘seeing red’, ‘rose-coloured spectacles’ and ‘jaundiced view’. Mayer discusses the basis of colour theory and its methodology, and the importance of colour for everyday life and health. It is as fundamental to the soul as air is to the body. By increasing our awareness of the spiritual laws of colour, we can acquire a balanced and enriched life of soul. Thus, colour can become a healing force in life, enabling us to tackle the deadening, grey aspects of our mechanised civilisation. Based on the work of Rudolf Steiner, which she studied intensively for many years, Mayer offers an approach to colour that is of value to painters and artists, as well as to those interested in psychology, health and healing, spirituality and personal development.

The Complete Handbook of Nature Cure 5th Edition The Complete Handbook of Nature Cure 5th Edition

These are natural colours which are highly beneficial tothe maintenance ofhealth and for healing diseases. According to Dr. Babbit, a wellknown authority on chromotherapy, “sunlight is the principal curative agentin nature's laboratory ...

Author: H. K. Bakhru

Publisher: Jaico Publishing House

ISBN: 9788172242299


Page: 475

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This book explains what Nature Cure is all about. The author H.K. Bakhru explains in simple language 95 common disorders, including 13 concerning women, ranging from acne to veneral diseases and prescribes time tested treatment and means of maintaining go

Colour TherapyColour Therapy

I always teach my students to learn to feel colour through nature. The abundance and richness of nature's colours present a living energy, unlike the synthetic dyes used to colour manmade fibres. Next time you are in the country, ...


Publisher: Collins & Brown

ISBN: 9781911163190


Page: 128

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We all know what a strong effect colour has on us. In fact, colour healing has been used by mankind throughout history. The ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans all used colour in a variety ways to treat different ailments. This accessible introduction gives practical advice on how to make the most creative use of colour in what we wear, our surroundings and how certain colours can be effective in treating particular health conditions.

Colour Healing ManualColour Healing Manual

The Complete Colour Therapy Programme Revised Edition Pauline Wills. Chapter. 1. tHe. nature. of. ligHt. From the earliest times man has been fascinated by the nature of light and colour. For centuries the appearance of the rainbow in ...

Author: Pauline Wills

Publisher: Singing Dragon

ISBN: 9780857011312


Page: 216

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The healing properties of colour and light have been recognised since ancient times; today colour therapy techniques are used to great effect in a range of complementary therapies and for personal wellbeing. This book provides a comprehensive introduction to colour healing and offers step-by-step instructions for treatment. The opening chapters provide an overview of the science behind light and colour, and a brief history of colour healing from Ancient Greece to modern day. The characteristics of different colours are then given, as well as an explanation of how each colour relates to particular body parts and the major and minor chakras. The core of the book offers a complete treatment programme, teaching diagnostic techniques and a variety of approaches including healing with prana energy, healing with touch, healing with a colour therapy instrument, and absent healing. With useful illustrations and diagrams throughout, this book will be an essential guide for colour therapists, colourpuncture practitioners, kinesiologists, reflexologists and energy healers, as well as anyone with an interest in the restorative power of colour.

Nature CureNature Cure

The body comes into existence from colours, is stimulated by colours and colours are responsible for the correct working of the various body systems. ... The Egyptians utilised sunlight as well as colour for healing.


Publisher: V&S Publishers

ISBN: 9789350574447


Page: 208

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This book will help understand the methods used by Naturopathy which was given a new definition in India by Dr. Jussawalla several decades ago. There are valuable tips on how to lead a healthy life. You can see why Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru, Morarji Desai, Meena Kumari and several other well-known personalities resorted to Nature Cure. The book may help you decide whether you need allopathy for immediate relief or if it is a better bet to change your lifestyle completely and remove the cause of the disease from the root. You will get to know the therapeutic uses of water, sunlight, air, massage, other Naturopathic methods, the right diet, the benefits of fasting, the virtues of vegetarianism, the importance of regular exercise, the value of sleep, the need for fellowship and a mind at peace with itself, the effects of colours, herbs, minerals, vitamins, even the zodiac, the harm from Genetically Modified foods, and so on. You can also decide if you need to be vaccinated as the dangers of vaccination are being hotly discussed all over the world now. This book will open a window to the latest research on health, nutrition and fitness sourced from the most authentic and - sometimes -- even irreverent health gurus who oppose mainstream beliefs with sound empirical knowledge.

Secrets of Colour HealingSecrets of Colour Healing

We have only to think of how we intuitively respond to colour – such as with awe at the splendour of a sunrise, or with hope at the magic of a rainbow – to realize its power to heal. certain properties to certain colours and these ...

Author: Stephanie Norris

Publisher: Ivy Press

ISBN: 9781782406877


Page: 224

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The power of colour to energise, soothe, and heal has been recognised for thousands of years; this accessible and highly visual introduction will be your guide as you embark on your own colour-healing journey. Secrets of Colour Healing provides a comprehensive explanation of the theories behind the effects of colour on the human body, discussing each colour in detail and exploring how the therapy works in practice. From advice on practicing colour healing at home, including visualisation, to light therapy and nutritional colour therapy, this accessible guide will teach you all about the power of colour and how it can be harnessed to balance your environment, body, and spirit.

Colour Psychology TodayColour Psychology Today

The mandala is a circular colour-healing tool used for divining, healing and meditation dating back to ancient times. ... Mandalas exist naturally within nature where they can be seen in the natural world in corals, labyrinths, ...

Author: June McLeod

Publisher: John Hunt Publishing

ISBN: 9781785353055


Page: 296

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Colour Psychology Today reveals new colour psychology information that comes from the author's pioneering research and studies on colour. The book discloses unique knowledge on how colour psychology impacts on the business world and the individual, borne out of the author's extensive work as a colour consultant and trainer that spans more than thirty years. Colour Psychology Today is unlike any other colour psychology book available. It is a 'must have' for colour enthusiasts, branding experts, marketeers, advertising execs, graphic designers, and anyone who would like to expand and develop the application of colour in their field of work.