Hook the Book The Emergence of Crochet Knitting in American Popular Culture 1840 1876 Exhibition CatalogueHook the Book The Emergence of Crochet Knitting in American Popular Culture 1840 1876 Exhibition Catalogue

Pattern from manuscript . periodicals between 1840 and 1875 frequently featured patterns for brioches . ... She also wrote The Ladies ' Complete Guide to Needlework and Embroidery , My Crochet Sampler , My Knitting Book , Instructions ...


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Knitting CounterpanesKnitting Counterpanes

Traditional Coverlet Patterns for Contemporary Knitters Mary Walker Phillips, Meg Swansen Patricia Abrahamian. Entries marked by an asterisk l") were not used in my research for this book, but they are NEEDLEWORK/KNITTING ...

Author: Mary Walker Phillips

Publisher: Courier Corporation

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Mary Walker Phillips nearly single-handedly brought 19th-century American counterpanes — bed coverings — to the attention of modern knitters. Expanded with dozens of brand-new charts, this revised edition features 46 counterpane patterns as well as 32 lace edgings and borders that Phillips discovered in museums, private collections, and magazines. "A terrific book." — Knitter's Magazine. Revised and expanded reprint of the Taunton Press, Newtown, Connecticut, 1989 edition.

The Knitting Answer Book 2nd EditionThe Knitting Answer Book 2nd Edition

On the initial publication of this book, my acknowledgments read like any new author's — I thanked as many people as I could think of who contributed to making me the knitter, teacher, and writer I was 10 years ago, ...

Author: Margaret Radcliffe

Publisher: Storey Publishing

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With expert answers to scores of new knitting questions, Margaret Radcliffe’s classic guide is better than ever. You’ll find a wide assortment of cast ons and bind offs, techniques for beading and knitting backwards, tips for knitting in the round, and strategies for measuring tricky fabrics. Whether you’re a beginner venturing out into the wide world of yarn crafts or a more experienced knitter struggling through complex needlework challenges, The Knitting Answer Book has a solution for every knitting problem you’ll encounter.
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