My Father My MonsterMy Father My Monster

The story of Polela’s journey to uncover the truth, this candid autobiography shares the journalist’s turmoil as he confronts his father about his mother’s brutal death and faces the worst dilemma a son can ever confront: How can he ...

Author: McIntosh Polela

Publisher: Jacana Media

ISBN: 9781431401604


Page: 256

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Bright, articulate, and charismatic, former journalist and police spokesman McIntosh Polela has been on African television screens for many years. But behind a dazzling career, Polela’s troubled past haunts him. When he was a child, both his parents disappeared, leaving him and his sister Zinhle to suffer years of abuse. The story of Polela’s journey to uncover the truth, this candid autobiography shares the journalist’s turmoil as he confronts his father about his mother’s brutal death and faces the worst dilemma a son can ever confront: How can he possibly forgive when his father remains a remorseless, cruel, and heartless murderer?

Walk with the DevilWalk with the Devil

The smoke belching monster was the vehicle that took me to my father. The monster was the first time I ever set eyes on any kind of automobile and I did not know what it was. THE ROAD TO MY FATHER Little did I know when I was gripped ...

Author: Zakariah Ali

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781465388377


Page: 390

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I was profoundly touched by evil at the dawn of my life and have been haunted by the experience throughout most of my life. My mother was poisoned before my eyes at about age four; I grew up on that that fateful day and became aware of myself. I was touched by evil and the wickedness of man against man at the dawn of my life. She died an agonizing and horrible death. The room I shared with her smelled like rotten fl esh or putrefi ed meat before her death. But the last time I saw her on earth she looked radiant and was miraculously transformed when I saw her seated in the village square for public viewing. She was at peace, the lines and marks of pain and anguish etched on her face as she lay dying were smoothed out. Her countenance was peaceful devoid of the expressions of agony and pains the hallmark of the last three to four months of her life. She was beautiful in death than during the last months of her life; death gave her peace. I did not know it but I was affected or infl uenced by the events of my mother s last days on earth. I do not fear death and whenever I came close to death I was more concerned about the inconvenience my death would have imposed on others than fear for my life. Death is not a bogey man. About a year after her death I encountered malicious spirits in the bush. I did not know the spirits were not human but I was apprehensive and fearful at the sight of little people under the fruit tree on which I sat. The spirits chased me from the bush to the village; during the chase the earth opened up and swallowed me for my protection. And not to be outdone the spirits followed me into the bowels of the earth. That was the second time in my young life that I was touched by evil of a different kind; I nearly died from the encounter with the malicious spirits. I was reunited with a father I did not know I had before my mother s death. But about three years after I was reunited with him he walked out on my new family; my stepmother and her children. Thus by age seven or eight I had gone through two broken homes. First, my mother walked out on my father when I was a baby and second my father walked out on my new mother and half siblings. For most of my life I was haunted by forces of darkness, malevolent spirits and scary nightmares from time to time. Scary and haunting nightmares led me to discover the power of prayer very early in life. I started praying before going to bed when I was in class three and the nightly nightmares ceased until I was a young adult and went to St. John Bosco s College. I discovered alcohol and began ignoring and skipping my nightly prayers or prayed haphazardly without heart and the nightmares came back. I was hospitalized about fi ve times in one year from the effects of a nightmare and vision when I was a student at the University of Science & Technology, Kumasi... Divided by Faith United by Love My father was a tolerant Muslim; he did not foist his faith on the rest of the family. My stepmother followed no particular faith or organized religion until the last days of her life. She was animist; she worshipped our ancestral spirits and deities. I became a Catholic or Christian by virtue of education, my father made no attempt to convert me to Islam. The family while together was united by love not by faith; each member followed his/her own faith. I could not reconcile my new faith with my parents and realized that but for love we would not have known peace in our family. We are divided by faith but united by love that was the experience from my upbringing. My lack of blind faith is infl uenced by my upbringing. Man as God and Satan. I understand the meaning of some popular bible passages different from most because of my experience of the forces of darkness, my struggle in life against evil, witchcraft and malicious spirits. I understand the true meaning of the passage in Luke 17-20-21 ------For indeed the kingdom of God is within you . And the adm

My Father s DaughterMy Father s Daughter

I was the monster child, the outspoken one, just as immovable as Dad. If my obstinacy vexed him at times, it also saved us. Had I rolled over and allowed him to negate us, it would have been catastrophic on every level.

Author: Tina Sinatra

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781439142172


Page: 320

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A startling, compelling, yet affectionate portrait of an American entertainment legend by his youngest daughter, who for the first time writes about the man, his life, the accusations, and about the many people who surrounded him -- wives, friends, lovers, users, and sycophants -- from his Hoboken childhood through the notorious "Rat Pack," and beyond. Complete with many never before seen photographs taken directly from family albums, and placing special emphasis on his later years and his marriage to Barbara Marx Sinatra, Tina's personal exploration of this difficult final period in her father's career will solidify our image of Sinatra as a great performer and reinforce him as something even greater: as a father, and as man.

Asian Highlands Perspectives 2BAsian Highlands Perspectives 2B

The father said, "You go back and get it." The son was very lazy and refused so the father started back to get the knife. When he got to the place where they had butchered the deer, a monster family that collected the souls of dead ...

Author: Libu Lakhi





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This remarkable book is the product of a fruitful collaboration among a native speaker of the Namuyi language, Tibetan and Chinese consultants, and a dedicated group of Westerners resident in China. It affords the reader an intimate glimpse into traditional Namuyi, now well on its way to disappearing along with hundreds of similar minority cultures in the world. The authors of this book are to be congratulated for putting Namuyi language and culture 'on the map' in such a clear and respectful fashion. James A Matisoff CONTENTS Acknowledgements <6> Language Consultants <7-8> Preface (James A Matisoff) <9-11> Maternal Grandfather <12> Libu Lakhi's Family <12> Education <12-18> Part One: Libu Lakhi <12-18> o Village Primary School <12-13> o Township Primary School <13> o Middle School <13-14> o Sichuan Tibetan Language School <14-15> o Caring for Uncle Denzin <15-17> o Success at School <17-18> Part Two: Introduction <19-66> The na53 mʑi53 People <19-21> Ethnonyms <21> na53 mʑi53 Origins <21-22> The na53 mʑi53 Language <22-24> dʐə11 qu11 Village na53 mʑi53 Clans <24-25> Clothing <25> na53 mʑi53 Religion <25-31> o ɕi53 vi53 <25> o pʰa53 tsə53 <26> o An Exorcism Ritual <27-31> Funerals <31-34> The New Year in dʐə11 qu11 Village <34-46> o New Year Rules <34> o kʰv44 ʂə55 a11 pʰu44 a44 v55 (New Year Ancestors) <34-35> o Shopping <35-36> o The Twenty-sixth Day of the Twelfth Lunar Month: qʰo44 ʂa55 nga53 <36-38> o The Twenty-seventh Day of the Twelfth Lunar Month: Slaughtering Pigs <38-40> o The Twenty-eighth day of the Twelfth Lunar Month: Making the sa44 nda55 <40> o The Twenty-ninth Day of the Twelfth Lunar Month: Making Sausages <40> o The Thirtieth Day of the Twelfth Lunar Month: kʰv44 ʂə55 (New Year) <40-42> o The First Day of the First Lunar Month: Eating ȵo53 bo11 ly44 ly11 <43-44> o The Second Day of the First Lunar Month: ȵo53 ʐo11 <44> o The Third Day of the First Lunar Month: Eating ȵo44 fu53 <44-45> o The Third to the Fifteenth Days of the First Lunar Month: Visiting <45-46> na53 mʑi53 Engagement and Marriage <47-61> o Libu Lakhi's Engagement <47-51> o Sanjin's Arranged Marriage <51-61> Monster tsʰo11 ro44 mi11 <62> Research in Xichang and Mianning <62-66> Myths <67-165> Part Three: Texts <67-310> o Sky-ȵa11 gu44 mi11 and Human-Son lɛ11 ʁu44 ru11 (lu11 tʙu53 a53 zo44) <67-152> o Family Clan (mbʐə44 m55) <153-165> People of Power <166-219> o The Hero a53 pʰi53 ræ53 ɴɢæ53 (li44 ʙu55 ʂə11 pə53) <166-194> o Religious Specialist li44 ʙu55 ta11 ndi11 (li44 ʙu55 ʂə11 pə53) <195-219> Monsters and Human Relationships <220-310> o The Seven Daughters (a44 ma55 do53 dʐə53) <220-276> o The Puppy (li44 ʙu55 ʂə11 pə53) <277-310>

My Father s GirlfriendMy Father s Girlfriend

I remember my mother's warnings to me about loving men old enough to be my father, worse even, in Nelson's case, he was old enough to be my grandfather. ... South Africa and Apartheid; saved from the monster racial segregation.

Author: Mac-Jane Chukwu

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781496966865


Page: 136

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My Father’s Girlfriend is a fantastic resource that comes with the full package; intrigue, suspense, love, and family bonding. It tells the tale of how a young Nigerian woman who found herself in the United States survives being raped, and overcomes the challenges society throws on her. ‘Surprise’ Somkenechi struggles with her faith and doubts the teachings of her late mother about chastity and God. At the end, will she renege on her belief that God has a plan for her life? What is her next move in her constantly changing life? Find out more as real life experiences on love, sex, family, and God is explored.

John McGahern and the Art of MemoryJohn McGahern and the Art of Memory

The figure of his father pointedly enters McGahern's text as a voice of contradiction , a pole of negative energy in ... The goal of this quest is to free the ' Image ' from the monster - miser that has stolen it and thereby free the ...

Author: Dermot McCarthy

Publisher: Peter Lang

ISBN: 3034301006


Page: 332

View: 384

In 2005, when John McGahern published his Memoir, he revealed for the first time in explicit detail the specific nature of the autobiographical dimension of his fiction, a dimension he had hitherto either denied or mystified. Taking Memoir as a paradigmatic work of memory, confession, and imaginative recovery, this book is a close reading of McGahern's novels that discovers his narrative poiēsis in both the fiction and the memoir to be a single, continuous, and coherent mythopoeic project concealed within the career of a novelist writing ostensibly in the realist tradition of modern Irish fiction. McGahern's total body of work centres around the experiences of loss, memory, and imaginative recovery. To read his fiction as an art of memory is to recognize how he used story-telling to confront the extended grief and anger that blighted his early life and that shaped his sense of self and world. It is also to understand how he gradually, painfully and honestly wrote his way out of the darkness and despair of the early work into the luminous celebration of life and the world in his great last novel That They May Face the Rising Sun.

All in the Family Doctor IncludedAll in the Family Doctor Included

“ Father , Father , careful ! ” I shouted . “ Don't shoot at us , please , you might hit me instead of him ! ” With my right hand I waved at the opposite side of the street , as if to my father . My trick worked . When the monster ...

Author: Vladimir Tsesis

Publisher: Vladimir Tsesis

ISBN: 158151008X


Page: 278

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This book presents a pediatrician's spiritual odyssey into the heart of the family and is a remarkable work of love and dedication that honors the human spirit at all ages. This kindly physician - whose earlier work, Who's Yelling in My Stethoscope?, earned many devoted readers - brings us poignant moments, cozy chuckles and sage advice gleaned from his busy pediatrics practice.

Predator WithinPredator Within

“So, Mom, ifI pray to the Heavenly Father, this will keep the monsters away.” “Baby, begin to say, 'Our Father ... I even pray to the Father in my new secret place, but the monster found my secret place. Baby, just pray, 'Give us our ...

Author: Ophelia Lucas

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781425736910


Page: 63

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This book, the Predator Within, reflects many people who have experienced the similar abuse. Growing up in today's society is a real challenge for any child as well as an adult. My life is based on my own personal struggles within. The obstacle sometimes is not what you try to avoid but what you try to forget. We all have something that we are ashamed of or want to forget; but our minds are a light to our soul and a hard drive of information that no matter how hard we try to delete the information, the shame or fear is still in memory. This book is a light of my soul and a memory of my hard drive to move forward. This is about my life's journey to continue to pursue my destiny, even when the odds are tacked against you. My life is only a testimony to all not to give up on their dreams even if life takes an ugly turn; never give up on your destiny to be all that God wants you to be. I have learned to be an over comer instead of the victim. For every book purchase a part of it proceeds will be donated to develop awareness and encourage others who have lost their way. Thank you for all of your supports.

The Memory KeeperThe Memory Keeper

If Gram wasn't talking about Yakov's father in her stories, then who was she talking about? “Why would she lie about your father being a monster?” “Because the monster wasn't my father,” he says slowly. “It was hers.” ...

Author: Jennifer Camiccia

Publisher: Aladdin

ISBN: 9781534439559


Page: 352

View: 395

Fish in a Tree meets The Thing About Jellyfish in this heartfelt middle grade debut about long-buried secrets, the power of memory, and the bond between a girl and her gram. All Lulu Carter wants is to be seen. But her parents are lost in their own worlds, and Lulu has learned the hard way that having something as rare as HSAM—the ability to remember almost every single moment in her life—won’t make you popular in school. At least Lulu has Gram, who knows the truth about Lulu’s memory and loves her all the more for it. But Gram has started becoming absentminded, and the more lost she gets, the more she depends on Lulu…until Lulu realizes her memory holds the very key to fixing Gram’s forgetfulness. Once Lulu learns that trauma can cause amnesia, all she needs to do to cure Gram is hunt down that one painful moment in Gram’s life. With her friends Olivia and Max, Lulu digs into Gram’s mysterious past. But they soon realize some secrets should stay buried, and Lulu wonders if she ever knew Gram at all. It’s up to Lulu to uncover the truth before the only person who truly sees her slips away.

The Father s TreeThe Father s Tree

An ally,” the dragon answered. His father. The beast sounded just like his father. “Your name?” Jubair asked. “Aren't you full of questions? Quite forward for being the one cowering with a metal spindle behind his back.” The monster ...

Author: Crystal Jencks

Publisher: Crystal Jencks

ISBN: 9781736092514


Page: 432

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The tale of the Garden of Eden is one of the most well-known and universally loved stories of all time, and Dr. Elise Harper and her team believe there’s more than a little truth to it. To prove the science books wrong and religious lore right, they trek into the Caucasus mountain ranges, amidst a world ravaged with war and apocalyptic tragedy. But shortly into the expedition, events pivot dangerously. Nature and hidden supernatural forces interrupt their mission, and the team’s motivation transforms from finding the Tree of Life to simply maintaining life itself. Complicating things, the group is infused with wild cards, which drive tensions even higher, keeping them guessing if the future brings a chance for new beginning, or a path leading to death.

When Shadows FadeWhen Shadows Fade

I escaped, giggling into the kitchen. My father had just come in from the farm. I ran to him, and hooked my arms around his right leg. “Daddy, save me. Tickle monster coming.” “Really, I'll protect you, Rose. Stand behind me.” My father ...

Author: Margie Vieira

Publisher: Strategic Book Publishing & Rights Agency

ISBN: 9781952269073


Page: 378

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Hounded by insecurity and self-doubt, eighteen-year-old Mary Standford learns she is a clairvoyant, but a medical condition impairs her auditory memory. Facing her ill mother’s upcoming death, Mary must trust in her introvert father’s advice. As she struggles to find the missing pieces to the puzzles of her life, Mary hopes to slow down the ticking clock of fate, but her gaps of memory loss leads her on a path of uncertainty. Even though Mary’s family surrounds her with love and support, her boyfriend makes her question if she will ever remember her whole life, as it literally passes her by. When Shadows Fade begins with Mary’s early memories, then plunges into a journey of finding what is true and what lies behind life’s shadows.

Am an OwlAm an Owl

and Brook's deserted cowshed, where my father was waiting to take over in that deadly relay race. As Hunter approached, leading the monster on, Steeple saw that his son would be overhauled and killed before he reached the established ...

Author: Martin Hocke

Publisher: hockebooks

ISBN: 9783957513083


Page: 435

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The rule of law for Tawny owl forbids crossing the borders to no man's land. The young Tawny owl Olmo decides to resist this ancient rule, too much fascinated by the dark secrets of ancient times. Unafraid, he leaves his desolate homeland and embarks on a life-threatening journey. But his decision has serious consequences that will dramatically change the lives of the owl population. ‘A moving story that can hardly be thought more exemplary as a fable of the entanglement of people of our time. I hope this book is widely read.’ (Hans Bemmann, author of ‘The Stone and the Flute’ ) ‘Am an Owl’ is published for the first time in the original language. A relentless system regulates the coexistence of Barn owls, Tawny owls and Little owls. In the land of the owls, violations of these ancient rules are punished with death. But a new era has begun: former enemies inevitably become allies in the fight against a common, old enemy. With poetic wit and captivating powers of observation, Martin Hocke has woven this fantastic trilogy of novels, which revolves around owls and other nocturnal birds, into a parable that stands in the tradition of ‘Watership Down’ and ‘Wind in the Willows’ . Individual volumes: ‘Ancient Solitary Reign’ , ‘The Lost Domain’, ‘Am an Owl’

Marginal VoicesMarginal Voices

The supposed defense of the father, then, reveals the anxiety and confusion felt by the son about his paternal origins. ... Guzmán sketches the monster directly after the passive-aggressive defense of his father: “Pero si en lo malo hay ...

Author: Amy I. Aronson-Friedman

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9789004222588


Page: 264

View: 709

This collection of essays reveals the diversity of the impact on late medieval and Golden Age Spanish literature of the socio-religious dichotomy that came to exist between conversos (New Christians), who were perceived as inferior because of their Jewish descent, and Old Christians, who asserted the superiority of their pure Christian lineage.

My Father s Day GiftMy Father s Day Gift

quick to tell us, with intense pride, about the nearly seven foot long water snake he had purposefully put into the fishing pond next to ... The monster snake in ourpond has to go, butwe haven't been able tocraft an elimination plan.

Author: David Andrews

Publisher: Bancroft Press

ISBN: 9781610881166


Page: 258

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Inspirational Fiction When given full freedom, many men will piddle. So it is for middle-aged college professor Adam Cherry on Father’s Day. Alone for the day on his newly purchased horse farm in the Midwest, his two daughters and wife away or abroad, Adam finds excitement in an entire day to piddle away—his Father’s Day gift to himself. But this day is one of challenges and interruptions. And each one helps him understand what Father’s Day is truly about. As Adam navigates his Father’s Day, the fatherly influences of seven male role models reveal themselves in the choices he makes, or avoids, and in the behavior he reveals. As the day winds down, he finds himself recalling his own father, and one particularly memorable Father’s Day many years ago. Through it all, the love Adam has found in his newfound rugged farm lifestyle shines through. He shares his passion and struggles as he learns to train horses, fish in his own pond, fix farm equipment, abate snakes, and wield a chainsaw. Though once resistant to his wife’s push to buy the farm, Adam comes to realize that he wanted it, or even needed it, as much as she did. It’s the simple joy he finds in rural life which reveals the man that his role models have made him. Adam’s voice is warm and likeable, and remarkably honest. This is a man seeing himself with clear eyes, with crudeness, impatience, recklessness, and anger intact. The edges are rough and the man is naked. It may not be pretty, but in a very real way, it is beautiful. My Father’s Day Gift is a tribute to the importance of male role models―fatherly influences―in the demonstrable character of a man. The influence comes not from lengthy conversations or direct instruction, but the distinct and impressionable moments in everyday interactions. Author David Andrews includes a preface that explains his reasons for writing such a story. His two appendices include a short list of the top ten ways to acknowledge the meaningful mentors in your life, including your father. The second appendix is a vital list of fathering and mentoring resources. My Father’s Day Gift is a salute not only to fathers everywhere, but to Father’s Day itself. But Andrews wrote this novel fundamentally for his own father, who passed away only five weeks after reading it. This book is published in his memory. In Praise of My Father’s Day Gift "My Father's Day Gift is magic. Incredibly well written and compelling, it will have you remembering those in your life who saw something in you before you saw it in yourself. That's what it did for me. Read it. Relish it. Share it." ―Wes Moore, bestselling author of The Other Wes Moore “In this thoughtful and compelling story, you’ll be reminded of your father and of your fatherly influences. You’ll also find yourself wanting, more than ever, to be the best father you can be.” ―Christopher Brown, President, National Fatherhood Initiative "In this inspiring book, Andrews reminds us that it is the accumulation of seemingly small events that shape our deepest affections and values. For anyone who ever spent precious time with a young person and wondered if it made a difference, this book provides a compelling answer. Given its timeless life lessons, this is a book for the ages, not just for all ages!" ―Brit Kirwan, Chancellor of the University System of Maryland; Former President, University of Maryland, College Park; and Former President, Ohio State University “As the mother of boys, I’ve had the privilege of watching them think and feel their way through so many situations from a unique boy’s perspective. The societal landscape for boys and girls is different, and their differing perceptions of themselves is also gender influenced. In these stories, I could see many threads from childhood to manhood. I laughed, cried, smiled, and sighed all the way to the end of this book. It is quietly very powerful. Thank you, Dr. Andrews, for sharing it with me―it’s a true gift.” ―Susan Magsamen, Award winning Writer, and Founder of Curiosityville “Over the decades we’ve known each other, I’ve read many things that the author wrote. I read his prospectuses, his drafts of articles, and many of his publications. I’ve read proposals, reports, and summaries of our work together. Over those decades, I’ve been continually impressed by the improvements in his writing, but he obviously had one major surprise waiting for me with My Father's Day Gift. I had no idea that he had the ability to communicate so much emotion and meaning in so many wonderful, artfully chosen words and phrases. I’ve never read a book twice in my entire lifetime, but this is going to be a first.” ― Dr. Murray Krantz, Professor, Family & Child Sciences, Florida State University

Fall Back SkywardFall Back Skyward

My father?” I ask, trying to wrap my mind around the stranger's words. Then a chill runs down my spine and I tense. ... My father. The monster. He destroyed me and my family without even a second thought. Cole pries the phone from my ...

Author: Autumn Grey

Publisher: Autumn Grey



Page: 438

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Eleven years ago, I saved her. I loved her. But they took me away from her and locked me up. For two years, all I could think about was her. She consumed me. Took up every room in my head and gave me something to focus on, knowing I would see her soon. Nine years ago, I watched her as she walked down the aisle and into the arms of a man who wasn't me. My brother. I left my home and never looked back. Now, I'm staring at seven letters, each envelope stamped with one word in bold, red ink: URGENT. I have no choice but to go back home. Seeing her will be the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do. But in order to reconcile with my past, I have to face my present. Even if the thought of seeing her, knowing that she is out of my reach, kills me. I have no idea what awaits me, but I can only hope that the demons of my past will finally be buried and put to rest. **Due to possible triggering descriptions of self-harm, and some sexual situations this book is not recommended for anyone under the age of 17 years old**

Rescuing HayaRescuing Haya

He's given up on you, she'd conclude, the monster. Until I started therapy, I regarded my father as a cardboard figure, painted black. Black for the ultra-Orthodox dos, black for his garb, black as night for his heart.

Author: Shelly Spilka

Publisher: SUNY Press

ISBN: 0791448703


Page: 295

View: 766

The story of an Israeli woman's struggle to forge her personal and professional identity.

The Collected Sicilian Folk and Fairy Tales of Giuseppe Pitr The Collected Sicilian Folk and Fairy Tales of Giuseppe Pitr

One evening the monster sighed. “Why are you sighing?” “Why should I tell you? You would feel as if you had been stabbed.” “No, if that's the reason, I want to know.” The monster turned to her and said, “Your father is sick.

Author: Giuseppe Pitrè

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 9780415980302


Page: 1003

View: 153

"Giuseppe Pitrè, a nineteenth-century Sicilian physician, gathered an enormous wealth of folk and fairy tales as he traveled and treated the poor throughout Palermo. He also received tales from friends and scholars throughout the island of Sicily. A dedicated folklorist, whose significance ranks alongside the Brothers Grimm, he published a 25-volume collection of Sicilian folk tales, legends, songs, and customs between 1871 and 1914. Though first published in their original Sicilian dialect, these tales have never before been translated, collected, and published in English until now. This historic two-volume set collects 300 and 100 variants of his most entertaining and most important folk and fairy tales, along with lively, vivid illustrations by Carmelo Lettere. In stark contrast to the more literary ambitions of the Grimms' tales, Pitré's possess a charming, earthy quality that reflect the customs, beliefs, and superstitions of the common people more clearly than any other European folklore collection of the nineteenth century. Edited, translated, and with a critical introduction by world-renowned folk and fairy tale experts Jack Zipes and Joseph Russo, this collection will firmly establish Pitrè's importance as a folklorist."--Publisher's website.