English Musicians in the Age of ExplorationEnglish Musicians in the Age of Exploration

4 Music in Society : A Guide to the Sociology of Music revised edition in English by Ivo Supovic ( 1987 ) ISBN 0-918728-35-5 No.5 Excelsior : Journals of the Hutchinson Family Singers , 1842–1846 edited and annotated by Dale Cockrell ...

Author: Ian Woodfield

Publisher: Pendragon Press

ISBN: 0945193599


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When Drake set sail from Plymouth harbour on 15 November 1577 at the start of his epic circumnavigation of the world, he had with him on board the Pelican four professional musicians and at least one trumpeter... from the Introduction.The three epoch-making voyages of Columbus (1492), Vasco da Gama (1497 and Magellan (1519 inaugurated the Age of Exploration, the most intensive era of discovery in the history of the world. This book seeks to ascertain what part musicians played in the patterns of settlement which still determine many of the cultural and linguistic boundaries of the present-day world. The focus is on Englishmen, but account will betaken of musicians representing the other leading colonial nations of Europe-France, Spain, Portugal and Holland. This study deals with the hundreds of musicians who left their native country to serve on long-distance ships in the years between the accession of Elizabeth I and the end of the 17th century. Among the many subjects covered are musical duties at sea, musicians as ambassadors on land, musical trinkets for barter, musicians of the East India Company, musical instruments presented by the trading companies, trumpeters, drum and fife players, amateur musicians, musicians in the colonization of North America, and much m

The John Marsh JournalsThe John Marsh Journals

3 A Music for the Millions : Antibellum Democratic Attitudes and the Birth of American Popular Music by Nicholas Tawa ( 1984 ) ISBN 0-918728-38 - X No. 4 Music in Society : A Guide to the Sociology of Music revised edition in English by ...

Author: John Marsh

Publisher: Pendragon Press

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The extensive journals of the English gentleman composer John Marsh, which cover the period from 1752-1828, represent one the most important musical and social documents of the period to have hitherto remained unpublished. Drawing on the recently discovered original (Now in the Huntington Library, San Marino, California), the selection covers the first fifty years of Marsh's life, a period of intense musical activity in the southern cathedral cities of Salisbury, Canterbury and Chichester. But Marsh was far more than a provincial composer and music director; the journals also cast much valuable light on musical life in London-his account of the great Handel Commemoration of 1784 is without parallel for its colorful evocation of the huge event. A lively interest in a wide range of topics gives the journals a scope rare in the writings of a musician and the volume will be of indispensable value not only to the musical but also thesocial historian. The unfailingly vital and often witty writing also ensures considerable appeal to the more general reader with an interest in an eventful period of English history. The volume has been comprehensively annotated and includes illustrations and contemporary maps in addition to the first complete published listing of Marsh's compositions and writings.

Music in SocietyMusic in Society

A Guide to the Sociology of Music Ivo ... On a strictly socio - historical level , some other more or less important editions concerning a social history of music have appeared more recently , among which should be specially stressed ...

Author: Ivo [email protected]@

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The subject of this study has two distinct but not unrelated aspects: first, an investigation into the sociology of music as an autonomous and specialized discipline; and second, an examination of certain fundamental facts that may be considered within the purview of the sociology of music itself. If an analysis and study even a preliminary one of these facts is to be properly focused and fruitful, we must first try to determine the subject and methods of the sociology of music, its position and boundaries in respect to musicology, and, most especially, its relation to the aesthetics of music and music history. It is equally indispensable to ascertain what the sociology of music as a separate scholarly discipline embraces, where its investigation leads, and, finally, to establish its position vis-a-vis sociology in general. (From the Author's Introduction.)

Excursions in World Music Seventh EditionExcursions in World Music Seventh Edition

Music of Western and Northern Europe C.J. Bearman, “Percy Grainger, the Phonograph, and the Folk Song Society” in Music & Letters Vol. 84, No. 3 (Aug., 2003), pp. 434–45; Frances James Child, The English and Scottish Popular Ballads, ...

Author: Bruno Nettl

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

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Excursions in World Music is a comprehensive introductory textbook to world music, creating a panoramic experience for students by engaging the many cultures around the globe and highlighting the sheer diversity to be experienced in the world of music. At the same time, the text illustrates the often profound ways through which a deeper exploration of these many different communities can reveal overlaps, shared horizons, and common concerns in spite of and, because of, this very diversity. The new seventh edition introduces five brand new chapters, including chapters by three new contributors on the Middle East, South Asia, and Korea, as well as a new chapter on Latin America along with a new introduction written by Timothy Rommen. General updates have been made to other chapters, replacing visuals and updating charts/statistics. Excursions in World Music remains a favorite among ethnomusicologists who want students to explore the in-depth knowledge and scholarship that animates regional studies of world music. A companion website is available at no additional charge. For instructors, there is a new test bank and instructor's manual. Numerous student resources are posted, including streamed audio tracks for most of the listening guides, interactive quizzes, flashcards, and an interactive map with pinpoints of interest and activities. An ancillary package of a 3-CD set of audio tracks is available for separate purchase. PURCHASING OPTIONS Paperback: 9781138101463 Hardback: 9781138688568 eBook and mp3 file: 9781315619378* Print Paperback Pack - Book and CD set: 9781138666443 Print Hardback Pack - Book and CD set: 9781138666436 Audio CD: 9781138688032 *See VitalSource for various eBook options (mp3 audio compilation not available for separate sale)

Sociology in a New KeySociology in a New Key

The more significance is ascribed to music, the more adequate its sociological interpretation.7 (Theodor W. Adorno) ... to one of the fundamental questions in music sociology: determining the relationship between music and society.

Author: Helmut Staubmann

Publisher: Springer Nature

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This book presents essays that address fundamental issues in social and cultural theory by viewing them through the lens of aesthetic theory. Drawing on the aesthetic theories of Theodor W. Adorno, Gregory Bateson, Jean-Marie Guyau, Talcott Parsons and Georg Simmel, it suggests a new take on basic sociological concepts and methodologies. The chapters cover a wide range of topics, including the sensuality of social action, social construction of unreality, and The Rolling Stones' enduring success as a reflection of our society and culture. The book's title Sociology in a New Key refers to a classic work by Susanne K. Langer, whose Philosophy in a New Key argued for a reorientation of modern philosophical thought based on a thorough account of symbolism in general and of the arts in particular. In this way, the basic ideas and assumptions of the philosophical tradition are transposed to new understandings and perspectives. After all, it was Georg Simmel himself who claimed to have gained several of his general theoretical insights "via the detour of reflections on the essence of art." The book will appeal to scholars and students of the sociology of the arts and music, and to anyone interested in the intersection of social theory and aesthetics.

A Reference Guide for English StudiesA Reference Guide for English Studies

This work is extended but not replaced by the more recent International Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences ( A – 66 ) ... new and almost entirely rewritten encyclopedic work is the standard English reference book in all fields of music .

Author: Michael J. Marcuse

Publisher: Univ of California Press

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This ambitious undertaking is designed to acquaint students, teachers, and researchers with reference sources in any branch of English studies, which Marcuse defines as "all those subjects and lines of critical and scholarly inquiry presently pursued by members of university departments of English language and literature.'' Within each of 24 major sections, Marcuse lists and annotates bibliographies, guides, reviews of research, encyclopedias, dictionaries, journals, and reference histories. The annotations and various indexes are models of clarity and usefulness, and cross references are liberally supplied where appropriate. Although cost-conscious librarians will probably consider the several other excellent literary bibliographies in print, such as James L. Harner's Literary Research Guide (Modern Language Assn. of America, 1989), larger academic libraries will want Marcuse's volume.-- Jack Bales, Mary Washington Coll. Lib., Fredericksburg, Va. -Library Journal.