Murder in LancashireMurder in Lancashire

Murder in Lancashire provides a fascinating insight into policing in the north of England in the 1970s

Author: Ian Hunter

Publisher: Carnegie Pub.

ISBN: 1874181918


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Detective Chief Superintendent Ian Hunter of the CID, retired, is a good old fashioned copper. He has been at the heart of the investigations into some of Lancashire's most notorious murders, including the 'Handless Corpse' Case, the 'Black Panther', and the 'Mad Dog of Pudsey'. In this revealing book, Detective Hunter tells us how, in these and other hideous murders across the county, the perpetrators were finally brought to justice. Modern science can certainly help to convict a criminal, but as these accounts show all too clearly, without instinct, observation and sheer bloody hard work at the start, no case would ever be solved.

Lancashire MurdersLancashire Murders

Hodge 1922 Bolitho, William, Murder for Profit, Jonathan Cape 1926 Browne,
Douglas G., Sir Travers Humphries – A Biography, Harrap 1960 —— and Tullett,
Tom, Bernard Spilsbury: His Life and Cases, Harrap 1951 La Bern, Arthur, Life
and ...

Author: Alan Hayhurst

Publisher: The History Press

ISBN: 9780752484211


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Contained within the pages of this book are the stories behind some of the most notorious murders in Lancashire's history. The cases covered here record the county's most fascinating but least known crimes, as well as famous murders that gripped not just Lancashire but the whole nation. From Liverpool's Florence Maybrick (was she really guilty of poisoning her hypochondriac husband with arsenic and was he indeed Jack the Ripper?) to late Victorian Bury's disturbing 'Body in the Wardrobe' case; from the infamous Drs Ruxton and Clements, who saw off five wives between them, to Blackpool's Louisa Merrifield, whose loose tongue was undoubtedly her downfall, this is a collection of the county's most dramatic and interesting criminal cases Alan Hayhurst has been uncovering evidence about the county's historic murders for more than fourty years. In writing this book he has visited all of the murder sites, consulted original documents and contemporary reports, and spoken to those who has personal memories of the cases concerned. Lancashire Murders is a unique re-examination of the darker side of the county's past.


The crimes are as diverse as the locations in which they were committed, and include mass murder and suicide in Salford, infanticide in Manchester, robbery and murder in Oldham, a vicious assault over a wager in Liverpool, rape and murder ...

Author: Martin Baggoley

Publisher: History Press (SC)

ISBN: 0752443585


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True crime writer Martin Baggoley has selected a fascinating collection of tales of murder and manslaughter from across Lancashire spanning the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. The crimes are as diverse as the locations in which they were committed, and include mass murder and suicide in Salford, infanticide in Manchester, robbery and murder in Oldham, a vicious assault over a wager in Liverpool, rape and murder in Darwen and Bolton and a sweetheart shot to death in Southport.The perpetrators faced public execution outside the walls of Lancashire Castle or hanging within the walls of the gaols of Manchester and Liverpool; others faced imprisonment, and some were never caught.Contemporary illustrations complement the text to provide a shocking and compelling account of the Red Rose county's dark side.

The Lancashire WitchesThe Lancashire Witches

Bierley, Ellen, of Samlesbury, tried for murder and found innocent Bierley, Jennet,
of Samlesbury, tried for murder and found ... Bulcock Dodgson, Thomas,
murdered by Jennet Preston Duckworth, John, murdered by xx The Lancashire

Author: Philip C. Almond

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9781786739704


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In the febrile religious and political climate of late sixteenth-century England, when the grip of the Reformation was as yet fragile and insecure, and underground papism still perceived to be rife, Lancashire was felt by the Protestant authorities to be a sinister corner of superstition, lawlessness and popery. And it was around Pendle Hill, a sombre ridge that looms over the intersecting pastures, meadows and moorland of the Ribble Valley, that their suspicions took infamous shape. The arraignment of the Lancashire witches in the assizes of Lancaster during 1612 is England's most notorious witch-trial. The women who lived in the vicinity of Pendle, who were accused, convicted and hanged alongside the so-called 'Salmesbury Witches', were more than just wicked sorcerers whose malign incantations caused others harm. They were reputed to be part of a dense network of devilry and mischief that revealed itself as much in hidden celebration of the Mass as in malevolent magic. They had to be eliminated to set an example to others. In this remarkable and authoritative treatment, published to coincide with the 400th anniversary of the case of the Lancashire witches, Philip C Almond evokes all the fear, drama and paranoia of those volatile times: the bleak story of the storm over Pendle.

More Lancashire MurdersMore Lancashire Murders

In this follow-up to Lancashire Murders, Alan Hayhurst brings together more murderous tales that shocked not only the county but made headline news throughout the nation.

Author: Alan Hayhurst

Publisher: History PressLtd

ISBN: 0752456458


Page: 160

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Shootings, poisonings, strangulations and hangings - a further collection of historic murder cases from around the county of Lancashire

Hanged in LancashireHanged in Lancashire

Of significance in the trial of Owen and Evans, was the abolition of constructive
malice. Prior to the Act anyone convicted of killing a victim as another felony was
being committed, was guilty of murder, even if the death was caused accidentally.

Author: Martin Baggoley

Publisher: Grub Street Publishers

ISBN: 9781781598788


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“A detailed account of crime and capital punishment . . . from the days of the 1700s when felons were publically hanged outside the walls of Lancaster Castle.” —Friends of Real Lancashire This account of executions in Lancashire spans two centuries and begins in the era of the Bloody Code. In the closing years of the eighteenth century, there were over 200 capital crimes and the early chapters discuss those condemned to death for highway robbery, croft breaking, riot, and sodomy. As the nineteenth century progressed, crimes for which the death penalty could be imposed decreased, until—with the exception of treason and piracy—only murderers faced the noose. The author has selected chapters that discuss botched hangings and possible miscarriages of justice, and ends with a chapter devoted to the last two men to be executed in this country, in 1964. A compelling read for anyone interested in local and social history, written by an experienced criminal historian. “Using a wealth of research, illustrations from local papers, original photographs, letters and even a route plan from one of the crimes, Baggoley has unearthed some fascinating and gruesome cases.” —Lancashire Evening Post

Transactions of the Historic Society of Lancashire and CheshireTransactions of the Historic Society of Lancashire and Cheshire

Historic Society of Lancashire and Cheshire. were killed in the battle , Providence
was deemed to have decided in favour of the truth , and the appellee's blood is ,
ipso facto , attainted . But if he kill the appellant , or can maintain the fight from ...

Author: Historic Society of Lancashire and Cheshire


ISBN: CORNELL:31924112385285



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Lancashire and Chesire historical genealogical notes ed by J Rose scrap book Lancashire and Chesire historical genealogical notes ed by J Rose scrap book

Lancashire historical notes Josiah Rose ... LANCASHIRE PARLIAMENTARY the
prisoner at the bar . ... whole of the representative history of Lancashire , And
MURDER , tho ' it have no tongue , will speak alike of the county and its boroughs

Author: Lancashire historical notes


ISBN: OXFORD:555054568



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The Lancashire WitchesThe Lancashire Witches

... these allegations about Thomas Lister's death , and further evidence sent by
Roger Nowell from Lancashire . ... She had also been arraigned at the Lent
Assize of 1612 on a different charge of witchcraft or murder , but had then been ...

Author: Robert Poole

Publisher: Manchester University Press

ISBN: 0719062047


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A study of England's biggest and best-known witch trial, which took place in 1612 when ten witches from the forest of Pendle were hanged at Lancaster. A little-known second trial occured in 1633-4, when up to nineteen witches were sentenced to death.

Harold Shipman Prescription For MurderHarold Shipman Prescription For Murder

The River Calder, which runs beneath the impressive town hall, used to form the
boundary of Yorkshire and Lancashire, leaving the town split between the two
counties, but since the latter years of the nineteenth century it has been wholly in

Author: Brian Whittle

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9780748113248


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He was a pillar of the community, serving on local committees, donating prizes to the rugby club, organising charity collections. His patients thought the world of him: he was attentive, kind, never too busy to chat. Yet Dr Harold Frederick Shipman was also the most prolific serial killer the world has ever known, with between 200 and 300 victims. Quietly, for many years, the small, bespectacled GP was making unexpected house calls - and walking out leaving a dead body behind. The murderous career of Dr Shipman only came to an end when police in Hyde, Greater Manchester, were called to investigate a forged will. Overnight, they found themselves embroiled in the biggest murder case in British history. Substantially revised and updated since Shipman's suicide in prison, this is a compelling account of these monstrous crimes and of the man who committed them. The authors have had unparalleled access to friends, colleagues and patients. Their in-depth and authoritative investigation looks at how he killed, how he was able to get away with it for so long, and - most important of all - why.

Lancashire legends traditions pageants sports c with an appendix containing a rare tract on the Lancashire witches by J Harland and T T WilkinsonLancashire legends traditions pageants sports c with an appendix containing a rare tract on the Lancashire witches by J Harland and T T Wilkinson

In such cases the right of beheading the offenders belonged to the Earls of
Chester , and was probably imported into Lancashire by the Halton branch of the
Lacies , on their succeeding to the fee of Clitheroe . THE OLD APPEAL OF

Author: John Harland


ISBN: OXFORD:590462476



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Transactions of the Historic Society of Lancashire and Cheshire for the Year Transactions of the Historic Society of Lancashire and Cheshire for the Year

Historic Society of Lancashire and Cheshire. alone , anxiously seeking to relieve
himself , by prayer and repentance , from the foul murder he had committed . But
Hamlet hesitates again . Subtle reflection tells him that to murder him now , in ...

Author: Historic Society of Lancashire and Cheshire


ISBN: MINN:31951001949236G



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Murder Gender and the MediaMurder Gender and the Media

(Thisis Lancashire 2005) This killer put in a guilty plea to murder so had to
receive the mandatorylifesentence which came with a tariff of12years and 6
months. Lyon claimed loss of memory for the cause of his violence. In CS64
again there ...

Author: Jane Monckton-Smith

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9781137007735


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A shocking look at how the idea of romantic love can justify and excuse the killing of women by their partners, and lead to sympathy and reduced sentences for the killers. The author explores how stories of domestic homicide are told in the news, by the police, and in the courts, drawing from 72 cases which took place over a twelve month period.