A Grain Of TruthA Grain Of Truth

I don't mean she's lacking in courage, but she has less stamina, a lower threshold
than most people, more sensitive, you could ... But in this case I think one can
fairly use it: Emma minded all that filthy nonsense more than a great many
women ...

Author: Nina Bawden

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9780748127597


Page: 208

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Emma's anxious and manipulative plea, 'Someone listen to me', opens- and closes- this deliciously uncomfortable novel in which Nina Bawden explores myriad emotional disguises with her characteristic acuity. When Emma's father-in-law falls down the stairs to his death, she is convinced she pushed him in an act of wish-fulfilment. To her husband Henry and her close friend Holly, this is unthinkable. Guilt is simply Emma's obsession in a humdrum domestic existence enlivened by romantic fantasy. For Holly, who successfully fields a string of love affairs, sexual pleasures are more easily attainable, whereas Henry, a Divorce lawyer, prides himself on being a realist. Each tells their story in turn, illuminating and distorting their separate versions of the truth. As they do so, an intricate jigsaw of the private deceits with which they shore up everyday life emerges . . .

A Grain of TruthA Grain of Truth

sent something more than a question of accurate versus inaccurate
understanding of data. We do not need to see the higher levels of perceived
technological risk that are characteristic of women as being a function of those
women being less ...

Author: Susanna Hornig Priest

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

ISBN: 9780585379630


Page: 160

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A Grain of Truth debunks the myth that growing public distrust of genetically modified organisms can be attributed to scientific illiteracy or sensationalistic news stories. Arguing neither for nor against genetic engineering and other forms of biotechnology, this book charges both media and industry with ignoring the concerns of the general public and encourages greater public debate over biotech and other such complex issues.

A Grain of Truth a Pinch of SaltA Grain of Truth a Pinch of Salt

This collection of short stories throws up questions we might all share in some way. C V Williams has previously published life story, including biographies of the philosopher, Jiddu Krishnamurti, and the novelist, Christina Stead.

Author: C V Williams

Publisher: Sydney School of Arts and Humanities

ISBN: 0995421943


Page: 126

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This collection of short stories throws up questions we might all share in some way. C V Williams has previously published life story, including biographies of the philosopher, Jiddu Krishnamurti, and the novelist, Christina Stead.

Iron CurtainIron Curtain

See Margaret Siriol Colley, More than a Grain of Truth: the Biography of Gareth
Richard Vaughan Jones (Newark (Notts): Nigel Linsan Colley & Margaret Colley,
2005). Letter to parents, 26 August 1930, quoted in Colley, More than a Grain of ...

Author: Patrick Wright

Publisher: OUP Oxford

ISBN: 9780191622847


Page: 540

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'From Stettin in the Baltic to Trieste in the Adriatic an iron curtain has descended across the Continent. . .' With these words Winston Churchill famously warned the world in a now legendary speech given in Fulton, Missouri, on March 5, 1946. Launched as an evocative metaphor, the 'Iron Curtain' quickly became a brutal reality in the Cold War between Capitalist West and Communist East. Not surprisingly, for many years, people on both sides of the division have assumed that the story of the Iron Curtain began with Churchill's 1946 speech. In this fascinating investigation, Patrick Wright shows that this was decidedly not the case. Starting with its original use to describe an anti-fire device fitted into theatres, Iron Curtain tells the story of how the term evolved into such a powerful metaphor and the myriad ways in which it shaped the world for decades before the onset of the Cold War. Along the way, it offers fascinating perspectives on a rich array of historical characters and developments, from the lofty aspirations and disappointed fate of early twentieth century internationalists, through the topsy-turvy experiences of the first travellers to Soviet Russia, to the theatricalization of modern politics and international relations. And, as Wright poignantly suggests, the term captures a particular way of thinking about the world that long pre-dates the Cold War - and did not disappear with the fall of the Berlin Wall.

On the Way to a Coup D EtatOn the Way to a Coup D Etat

In translation: “Nothing is more characteristic of the contemporary American than
to be a decent fellow, to exude empathy and understanding, to be ... “This
hyperbolic statement contains a grain of unpleasant truth, even more than a grain

Author: Ron Means

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781477178850


Page: 302

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On the Way to a Coup d'Etat is a dramatic story, a searing scrutiny of our politics and government. Though set in the near future, it is an entirely credible development of the forces that are now in play. President Millwright, elevated to office by an unusual event, is short, balding, he limps and has a high squeaky voice (as did Abraham Lincoln). But he possesses something more essential: character. He is opposed in every conceivable way, some of which are horrific, by nefarious politicians, truth-distorting think-tanks and media, and by many members of Congress too greedy or too fearful to align with their consciences-and even by a bizarre cultural hero. This opposition proves to be successful. But how things turn is truly convincing as America, while on the surface continues to lie to itself, continues to decline. Yet On the Way to a Coup d'Etat is a surprisingly uplifting story, due in part to the believable characters of both President Millwright and his wife, Ann. These folks are more human and more alive than many of our current politicians. One of the underlying themes in this remarkably astute book is an in-depth examination of what it means to lead a country, especially a country in trouble. Bob Scher, author of Lightning, The Nature of Leadership

Militarism Sport EuropeMilitarism Sport Europe

Certainly the first statement contains more than a grain of truth . Similarly the
statement that sport and war have been tightly linked in European history also
contains more than the proverbial grain of truth . This close and continuing
relationship ...

Author: J. A. Mangan

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 0714653608


Page: 316

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This collection explores the relationship between sport and war.

The Man Who SmiledThe Man Who Smiled

The dead lawyers, a mine in a garden, and some Far Eastern explosive mixture
in his gas tank—that was just what he needed to bring him back into the fold.”
The others agreed that there was more than a grain of truth in what Martinsson

Author: Henning Mankell

Publisher: New Press/ORIM

ISBN: 9781595585806


Page: 336

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The #1 international-bestselling tale of greed, violence, and corporate power from the master of Scandinavian noir: “One of his best” (The Times, London). After killing a man in the line of duty, Inspector Kurt Wallander finds himself deep in a personal and professional crisis; during more than a year of sick leave, he turns to drink and vice to quiet his lingering demons. Once he pulls himself together, he vows to quit the Ystad police force for good—just before a friend who had asked Wallander to look into the death of his father winds up dead himself, shot three times. Far from leaving police work behind, Wallander instead must investigate a formidable suspect: a powerful business tycoon at the helm of a multinational company engaged in extralegal activities. Ann-Britt Höglund, the department’s first female detective, proves to be Wallander’s best ally as he tries to pierce the smiling façade of the suspicious mogul. But just as he comes close to uncovering the truth, Wallander finds his own life being threatened. In this “exquisitely plotted” thriller, Henning Mankell’s mastery of the modern police procedural—which has earned him legions of fans worldwide and inspired the BBC show Wallander starring Kenneth Branagh—is on vivid display (Publishers Weekly). “This is crime fiction of the highest order.” —Publishers Weekly, starred review “Compelling . . . Skillfully plotted and suspenseful. . . . A thriller for the thinking reader.” —The Dallas Morning News “Mankell’s novels are a joy.” —USA Today “Absorbing. . . . In the masterly manner of P.D. James, Mankell projects his hero’s brooding thoughts onto nature itself.” —The New York Times “Wallander is a loveable gumshoe. . . . He is one of the most credible creations in contemporary crime fiction.” —The Guardian

Issues for Libraries and Information Science in the Internet AgeIssues for Libraries and Information Science in the Internet Age

By 1994 , there was at least one computer in more than one - third of American
homes . ... It might seem a gross exaggeration to declare that " the Internet has
changed everything , " yet there is more than a grain of truth in such a statement .

Author: Bruce A. Shuman

Publisher: Libraries Unlimited

ISBN: 1563088053


Page: 228

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This work is an introduction to the Internet for students and practitioners of library and information science. It discusses the impact of the Internet on libraries, from the legal and ethical challenges to the subject content of the Web from a librarian's point of view.

A Little More LuckA Little More Luck

The apartment seemed very quiet and empty after Caroline left but the truth was
that by now, after a solid two months of house guests, we were ready for some
time on our own. ... We came to believe there was more than a grain of truth in

Author: Frank Nelson

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9780595754250


Page: 222

View: 590

A Little More Luck-and a lot more laughs-continues the wonderful globetrotting lifestyle of Frank and Maria Nelson. Three years after leaving their adopted home in New Zealand, and armed now with freshly-minted American green cards, the pair settle down for a year in Colorado. In the city of Boulder, the newly arrived journalists and nurses find themselves grappling with such slippery customers as political correctness, prairie dogs, the tax man, the effects of altitude and more trashy television channels than can possibly be good for you. Next the nomadic Nelsons return to England for 10 more months of hilarious house and pet-sitting with Animal Aunts-plenty long enough to appreciate that when it comes to the British and their animals, it's not just the dogs that are barking. Frank and Maria also find time to explore France and Spain besides taking trips to New Zealand, Australia, South Africa and Mexico. Finally it's back to the States, this time to check out those crazy Californians in sunny San Diego. World travel as a way of life is a hell of a job, but somebody's got to do it "This very funny sequel to All You Need is Luck crackles with dry British humour and will delight travellers the world over." (Visit the Web site www.allyouneedisluck.com)

God Is LoveGod Is Love

Christians are called to speak the truth in love, and there is no truth greater than
the truth about God.5 The fall of the human race began with a lie—cleverly
disguised and containing more than a grain of truth, to be sure, but a lie

Author: Gerald Bray

Publisher: Crossway

ISBN: 9781433522727


Page: 768

View: 940

While there is no substitute for personal, faithful, and careful Bible reading and prayer, the Bible’s vast size and diversity can make distilling its truth a daunting task. Thus most Christians benefit from supplemental resources to help learn and apply what Scripture teaches. Renowned theologian, Gerald Bray has produced just such a resource in his new systematic theology. Though packed with robust content, he writes about this volume: “the aim . . . is to reach those who would not normally find systematic theology appealing or even comprehensible.” This volume is unique from others in that Bray traces the common theme of God’s love through the Bible categorically—from God’s love for himself and his creation to the cross as the ultimate expression of God’s love, among other categories. The centrality of God’s love in Bray’s theology reflects a deep conviction that the Bible shows us God for who he really is. This volume will be of interest to Christians seeking to grow in their faith.

Globaloney 2 0Globaloney 2 0

For the most part, it relies upon metaphors (French globalization is Aida, the
French reaction to globalization is ... The rhetoric is persuasive, I think, and it
contains more than a grain of truth, but let's look at it more closely to see just how

Author: Michael Veseth

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 9780742567474


Page: 238

View: 911

Globalization is in retreat, but history tells us that this is but a temporary reversal. Globalization will return, but in what form? More cycles of boom and bust? Or can globalization be rebuilt on a more feasible and sustainable platform? These are the compelling questions that Michael Veseth tackles in this thoroughly revised and updated edition of his award-winning book. Veseth shows how pre-crash visions of globalization were based on three powerful myths: that global finance was a stable foundation for a global economy, that global markets homogenized and Americanized the world, and that globalization itself was irresistible—impossible to shape or oppose at any level from the grassroots on up. The world economic crisis has revealed globalization's Achilles heel: the fundamental instability of global financial markets and the unsettled foundation of economic globalization generally. This realization is a necessary first step, but it alone is not enough. We must rethink the rest of globalization's myths, Veseth persuasively argues, if we want to move beyond boom and bust to a sustainable global future.

Don t Sweat The Small Stuff in LoveDon t Sweat The Small Stuff in Love

More than his words, his ability to see a grain of truth in his wife's statement, to
remain humble, and to be willing to chuckle at his own tendency resolved the
situation before it had a chance to gain any momentum. Often, when you keep
your ...

Author: Richard Carlson

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9781444727203


Page: 272

View: 676

Richard Carlson has helped millions of readers to reduce the stress in their everyday lives, with their families and in their jobs. Now he shows readers how to apply his immensely popular and helpful philosophy to one of the most difficult aspects of life - the romantic relationship. While depression, heartache, anger, and insecurity are widely associated with romantic love, the concept of stress is rarely identified as a problem. In one hundred brief, beautifully written essays, Richard Carlson shows readers how not to overreact to a loved one's criticism, how to appreciate your spouse in new ways, how to get past old angers, and many other ways to improve and increase the joy and pleasure that can and should be a part of any partnership.

Subsea International 93Subsea International 93

Since the saving of one hour's fuel will more than pay the cost of a shiprouting
service, there is a valid economic ... Perhaps Mason's comment that the customer
may be reluctant to divulge the economic value has more than a grain of truth.

Author: Society for Underwater Technology (SUT)

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9789401117173


Page: 171

View: 901

The three parts of this volume - Technical Refinement; Technical Innovation; and Project Management and Risk Minimisation - reflect the areas of opportunity for improved cost effective techniques for exploration and production of oil and gas in the North Sea and worldwide. The book is indispensable for engineers and scientists interested in the latest advances in technology and resource management that will reduce costs and continue to enhance the safe exploration of oil and gas resources. This volume comprises a selection of contributions presented at the International Conference Subsea International '93, held 28--29 April 1993 in Aberdeen, U.K.

The Unicyclist the Vicar and the PaediatricianThe Unicyclist the Vicar and the Paediatrician

... of grease off all the kitchen surfaces, we were more than convinced that there
might be more than a grain of truth to it. ... (no dog then) sitting in a cold, dirty,
rented house in a strange city, knowing no-one; tired and dejected, and once
more ...

Author: Peter Sidebotham

Publisher: Troubador Publishing Ltd

ISBN: 9781780885155


Page: 152

View: 205

Hi, I’m Joe. In the summer of 2011 I turned 16, and decided to mark this by cycling from Land’s End to John O’ Groats – on a unicycle. This book is the story of that journey and all that led up to it. The Unicyclist, the Vicar and the Paediatrician is the unique, heartwarming and true story of Joe, a teenage unicyclist, who sets out on his ultimate challenge: to travel the length of Britain on one wheel. He is accompanied on this incredible journey by his paediatrician father, Peter, desperate for a bit of father-son bonding; and by David, the sexagenarian vicar, complete with a broom strapped to his recumbent tricycle, transforming the endeavour into a pilgrimage on wheels. But almost from the beginning, the three are beset by problems: mechanical failures, broken handlebars, an unexpected ambulance ride. Can Joe and his companions overcome the crises that come their way, and make it to the finish line? This moving account, written jointly by Peter and Joe, follows this remarkable team as they battle against adversity and press on to reach their goal. From Joe’s earliest ventures into long-distance unicycling and months of training amidst the realities of family life and father-son communication, through to their enthusiastic start from Land’s End and the fateful day that followed, their journeys will delight, amuse, challenge and inspire you. Donations from sales will be made to the Lullaby Trust (Formerly the Foundation for the Study of Infant Deaths). This was one of the charities supported by the sponsored unicycle ride

Professional CapitalProfessional Capital

Recruiting dedicated teachers with the right dispositions, then reminding or even
haranguing them about their duty and loyalty, also ensures they do good work.
Poor results ... Yet there was also more than a grain of truth in it, he said. Indeed ...

Author: Andy Hargreaves

Publisher: Teachers College Press

ISBN: 9780807771709


Page: 220

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The future of learning depends absolutely on the future of teaching. In this latest and most important collaboration, Andy Hargreaves and Michael Fullan show how the quality of teaching is captured in a compelling new idea: the professional capital of every teacher working together in every school. Speaking out against policies that result in a teaching force that is inexperienced, inexpensive, and exhausted in short order, these two world authorities--who know teaching and leadership inside out--set out a groundbreaking new agenda to transform the future of teaching and public education. Ideas-driven, evidence-based, and strategically powerful, Professional Capital combats the tired arguments and stereotypes of teachers and teaching and shows us how to change them by demanding more of the teaching profession and more from the systems that support it. This is a book that no one connected with schools can afford to ignore. This book features: (1) a powerful and practical solution to what ails American schools; (2) Action guidelines for all groups--individual teachers, administrators, schools and districts, state and federal leaders; (3) a next-generation update of core themes from the authors' bestselling book, "What's Worth Fighting for in Your School?" [This book was co-published with the Ontario Principals' Council.].

Her Outback CommanderHer Outback Commander

“Mum doesn't need me,” she had lamented, and for a moment Blaine hadn't
known what to say—because there was more than a grain of truth in that. “I could
see it in her eyes. She wants to mourn Mark on her own. She has never faced the

Author: Margaret Way

Publisher: Harlequin

ISBN: 9781459208070


Page: 192

View: 110

Stepping off the plane into the outback, Sienna Fleury feels like she's come home. The dramatic and vibrant landscape tantalizes her artistic senses, but the most potent pull is the man who commands it all, Blaine Kilcullen. A wealthy cattle baron, Blaine has plenty of eligible women clamoring for his attention, but none have ever held his interest like Sienna. With amber eyes and auburn hair, she's the most striking woman he's ever seen! Still, he cannot forget why she's here: to represent his late brother's wife and lay claim to the Kilcullen fortune.…

Fatal PausesFatal Pauses

In far too many circumstances there was and remains today much more than a
grain of truth to this accusation. People with alcohol and other substance use
disorders have and continue to be misprescribed medications in the sedative/
hypnotic ...

Author: Stuart C. Yudofsky, M.D.

Publisher: American Psychiatric Pub

ISBN: 9781585625000


Page: 553

View: 562

This is a fresh and fascinating take on what it means to be "stuck" and how to get "unstuck." Part textbook for mental health professionals and part self-help manual, this book guides readers through the various manifestations of this condition by presenting and analyzing the case studies of patients.


office, the more senior WDGS officers merely buttressed Smith's points. Through
his control of the daily ... own position in Marshall's eyes. All these charges
contained more than a grain of truth and would have had more merit if not for the
fact ...

Author: D.K.R. Crosswell

Publisher: University Press of Kentucky

ISBN: 9780813126500


Page: 1088

View: 890

A valued adviser and trusted insider in the highest echelon of U.S. military and political leaders, General Walter Bedell Smith began his public service career of more than forty years at age sixteen, when he joined the Indiana National Guard. His bulldog tenacity earned him an opportunity to work with General George C. Marshall in 1941, playing an essential role in forming the offices of the Combined and Joint Chiefs of Staff; and after his appointment as chief of staff to Dwight D. Eisenhower in 1942, Smith took a central part in planning and orchestrating the major Allied operations of World War II in Europe. Among his many duties, Smith negotiated and signed the surrenders of the Italian and German armed forces on May 7, 1945. Smith's postwar career included service as the U.S. ambassador to the Soviet Union, director of the Central Intelligence Agency, and undersecretary of state. Despite his contributions to twentieth-century American military and diplomatic history, the life and work of Smith have largely gone unappreciated. In Beetle: The Life of General Walter Bedell Smith, D. K. R. Crosswell offers the first full-length biography of the general, including insights into his close relationships with Marshall and Eisenhower. Meticulously researched and long overdue, Beetle sheds new light on Eisenhower as supreme commander and the campaigns in North Africa, Italy, and Europe . Beetle is the fascinating history of a soldier, diplomat, and intelligence chief who played a central role in many decisions that altered mid-twentieth-century American history.