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As an adult he became renowned for his wit and wisdom, and was invited to join the court of the Emperor Akbar, who gave him a new name, Birbal ('Bir' meaning 'brain' and 'bal' meaning 'strong'). Not surprisingly, a number of tales have ...

Author: Margaret Parkin

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In More Tales for Trainers, Margaret Parkin presents a further 50 stories, anecdotes, metaphors and poetry, which any trainer or manager can readily use to encourage and engage learners. Beginning by setting the use of stories in learning on a sound theoretical footing, the book goes on to include sample stories that trainers can use to address a number of learning and development needs. The stories cover all the key areas in organizational training, including: leadership, communication and change.


Akbar was elated to hear this positive answer from Birbal. He said, “If you can do this I will ... Birbal said, “Okay Jahanpanah, now let's begin our journey and please listen carefully to my story. ... I want to hear some more.” Birbal ...

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Akbar Birbal Combined B WAkbar Birbal Combined B W

As the years pass, more and more stories have been told about Akbar and Birbal. These stories may or may not really be true. Some might have been built around folk stories. These are stories that people have been telling each other for ...


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Akbar and Birbal stories have been popular throughout the ages for their entertainment value. Who doesn't like Birbal? His awesome yet light-hearted funny tales related with Emperor Akbar are famous throughout the Indian subcontinent. This compilation presents absorbing fun and frolic happenings between the two legendary figures. Each story depicts ready-wittedness of Birbal in outwitting Akbar's intelligence the humorous way. The author has presented the short stories in a very precise and age-specific manner; using plain and clear language for children to understand even without parents' involvement. The book with all its specialties and necessary colour pictures is worth absolute read. This book is strongly recommended for all school going children.

The Story of RamayanThe Story of Ramayan

... the Arabian Nights Sindbad the Sailor Tales from Arabian Nights Fairy Tales from India Folk Tales from India More Folk Tales from India South Indian Folk Tales Tales from Eastern India Stories of Birbal and Akbar Tales of Birbal and ...


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