The Coffee Mom s DevotionalThe Coffee Mom s Devotional

Consider a morning coffee date with God, before the day's distractions disrupt your intentions for quiet time. 3. Go for a walk by yourself. (Don't bring your iPod.) Just relax and revel in this time alone with God.

Author: Celeste Palermo

Publisher: Gospel Light Publications

ISBN: 9780830746460


Page: 192

View: 236

What do moms thirst for even more than coffee? Moms want to know they matter, that they make a difference. They want to know they are not alone in their parenting experience and that their lives have purpose. They want to see their children prosper. They want a full cup. Celeste Palermo gives moms more than a jolt of caffeine with these humorous, yet poignant, brief devotions easily read while on the run. Moms juggling cups of coffee will relate to her coffee related stories and insights on such basic needs as affirmation, purpose, good health and eternal life. “Coffee Talk,” “Common Grounds” and “A Perfect Cup” sections provide quotes, Scripture references and interviews with coffee-drinking moms offering insight and inspiration. “Soul Sip Solutions” offer questions to encourage reflection and response. After reading The Coffee Mom’s Devotional, moms will be reminded that caffeine can never sustain us, only Jesus can.

Mom s Coffee DateMom s Coffee Date

Have you been wanting to personally keep track of your finances?

Author: Greenyx Publishing


ISBN: 1679468545


Page: 102

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Have you been wanting to personally keep track of your finances? Our ledger perfect for you! It is designed to work well with different kinds of needs, whether you are home bookkeeping, an accounting student or a business owner. It is a three column ledger which will help you work more efficiently, smarter and better at the office, home or school since it is ideal for summarized record of transactions relating to a particular item or person. Whether for accounting, record keeping, and setting up computer spreadsheets, this simple tool will keep accurate, permanent bookkeeping records. Grab your copy now!

Junior Year is HellJunior Year is Hell

Between classes in the morning, I filled Ember in on the coffee date and dinner with Jamie, and Mom's coffee date with Bellamy. We didn't have time to dwell on the kissing part of my coffee date, so I just said it had been spectacular.

Author: Claire Corvey

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press Inc

ISBN: 9781509221561


Page: 232

View: 779

Seventeen-year-old Lauren Baker is in a bind. In addition to trying out her cleavage-enhancing bra for the first time, she has to figure out how to expose the new high school principal as evil incarnate. Lauren has enough on her hands. Her best friend is being bullied, she's the newly installed editor of the school newspaper, and to top it all off, she has a secret, massive crush on an older boy. Yet all of this seems like small potatoes when mutilated animals, vandalism, and Lauren's bizarrely realistic dreams indicate something—or someone—is rotten in Rushton. When Lauren connects the dots between the new principal and the freakish occurrences, she has to act...before she and everyone she loves fall victim to a centuries-old evil.

Mom s Coffee DateMom s Coffee Date

Have you been looking for a simple financial planning tool to help you keep track of your finances?

Author: Greenyx Publishing


ISBN: 9798605136712


Page: 102

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Have you been looking for a simple financial planning tool to help you keep track of your finances? Our four column ledger is a simple tool to keep accurate, permanent bookkeeping records, designed to work well with different kinds of needs and it will help you work more efficiently, smarter and better whether at the office, home or school. This ledger is ideal for budgeting, record keeping, setting up computer spreadsheets and as a check book register, whether you own a small home-based businesses, a professional, busy traveler, student, or a homeowner. Get your copy now and start tracking down!

The Blind Date DiariesThe Blind Date Diaries

empty coffee his chair. “Can I get you one on the house?” “No thank you. I have a lunch meeting, but Phil was asking.” Mom gives a vague wave of her hand. “I'll text him and let him know.” She makes no move toward her phone, ...

Author: Brenda St John Brown

Publisher: Brenda St John Brown



Page: 244

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A standalone enemies to lovers romantic comedy Dating? Lower than a bikini wax on my list of priorities. Blind dating? Let’s just say I’d rather have a Brazilian - and not the hot soccer-player variety. So the fact I’ve agreed to do a blind-date feature for Pink, the magazine I work for, and write it all up Bridget Jones style means one thing - Pink is in dire straits and this is my best shot at saving my job. Make that my only shot because date number one is with Jack Reese – the son of the publisher of Pink – and he dislikes me as much as I dislike him. Or at least I thought he did. KEYWORDS: Enemies to lovers romance, office romance, standalone novel, contemporary romance, blind date, romantic comedy

Mom s Coffee DateMom s Coffee Date

A system of note taking is widely recognized and known since it is commonly taught to university students and it is called the Cornell Note Taking Method.

Author: Greenyx Publishing


ISBN: 1699016461


Page: 202

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A system of note taking is widely recognized and known since it is commonly taught to university students and it is called the Cornell Note Taking Method. It is divided into two columns: the right column is for the note-taking, while the left one is for the questions and keywords. It's a perfect book for categorizing and putting your notes in order to make it more organized so it's easier to scan and review. With its note-organization feature, it is very popular to a lot of students and it can also be used for meetings and lectures. Grab yours now!

NORMAL Doesn t Live Here AnymoreNORMAL Doesn t Live Here Anymore

The first day that I actually stepped in front of a class, I stopped waiting. ... Mom understood that our coffee date kept us connected to each other and insisted that my husband and I keep our commitment to our mini-respite from the ...

Author: Barb Owen


ISBN: 9781456600662


Page: 442

View: 708

What would happen if the Unthinkable blindsided you, requiring everything be put on hold to become a full time caregiver for a loved one? at the very least, it would reshape your life. Without a survival guide, it could even destroy it. Barb Owen delivers precisely that survival guide in NORMAL Doesn't Live Here Anymore: An Inspiring Story of Hope for Caregivers. She weaves a story, through the first two parts of the book, based on her life-changing experience as primary caregiver for her elderly parents. Following each chapter a bit of wisdom gained from Barb's experience is summarized as a Reflection. The third part of NORMAL Doesn't Live Here Anymore addresses the critical need for self-care for the new and seasoned caregiver alike. Specific suggestions abound for Me Time—how to find it—what to do with it—and how very important it is for sustaining oneself throughout the often arduous caregiving-marathon. This truly inspiring book is one part parable, one part autobiography and all survival guide, illuminating a path for the more than 65 million caregiving Americans. "Everything hinges on your ability to care for both yourself and your loved one," says Owen. "This maxim is of great consequence—heed it, and you will endure. Dismiss it, and you will have trouble surviving. Take care of yourself, your loved one and keep the faith, because you're not alone." ––- REFLECTION; Difficult subjects sometimes need to be discussed. You might be asked by others to deliver bad news—news of someone's death, a life-altering diagnosis, or even the necessity for a change in residence. Each conversation carries the potential for unleashed emotions. My advice? No matter how difficult or emotional, don't leave words left unsaid. People, if capable of understanding, deserve information. Often, they are much stronger than we realize. Words are powerful. They carry courage, condemnation, reassurance or permission. Choose them wisely as your words may be the ones that bring freedom from pain or suffering. It's tough, but I know you can do it and if you listen to that voice inside, you will know exactly the right time and the right words. Be Strong!

Teen MomTeen Mom

For some it may be a coffee date with a friend, but for another mom it might be a bath and a book. Remember, when you meet your needs, you're better able to meet the needs of others, especially the needs of your kids.

Author: Tricia Goyer

Publisher: Zondervan

ISBN: 9780310339069


Page: 224

View: 849

Everything changes the day you discover you're going to be a mom. It's not just yourself that you think about—you have a child to care for, too. While you wouldn't trade your child for the world, some days are just hard. Baby-daddy drama, dealing with your parents, and worries about school, work, and your future slam you. Your friends can't relate to your little family, and you wonder if God has turned His back on you, too. Tricia Goyer understands. A mom at age 17, Tricia remembers what it felt like to carry the weight of the world on your shoulders. She's also been the coordinator of a teen mom support group for over twelve years, and she's cheered on many young moms—from all walks of life—through their journey. In Teen Mom, Tricia pours out her heart and shares advice for the hard things you face. She also longs to provide encouragement, reminding you that you can be the mom your child deserves—not in your own strength, but in the strength God provides.

Mom s Coffee DateMom s Coffee Date

A graph notebook that features pages covered with continuous square grids that are of different sizes to your fit your preferences, while the lines can serve as guides for plotting mathematical functions and experimental data.

Author: Greenyx Publishing


ISBN: 1671303210


Page: 104

View: 827

A graph notebook that features pages covered with continuous square grids that are of different sizes to your fit your preferences, while the lines can serve as guides for plotting mathematical functions and experimental data. It is preferred for art projects and note-taking. People with small hand writings are going to love this notebook since they can maximize the usage of each pages and even those with messy hand writings because they can control the size and spacing. Ticking out To Do Lists and forming letters and numbers are easier to do with this notebook. Grab your own copy now!

What Every Mom NeedsWhat Every Mom Needs

Seek out other newcomers through moms' groups, book clubs, or newcomers' clubs. Treat making friends like having a job. Be intentional in calling to make coffee or play dates with potential friends. Don't take it personally when some ...

Author: Elisa Morgan

Publisher: Zondervan

ISBN: 9780310543251


Page: 240

View: 628

When do you get time for you? Remember when you had a life of your own? The hectic job of being a mom is fraught with sacrifices, fears, and uncertainties. But nothing offers greater rewards or more opportunities to enrich yourself than raising your kids. What Every Mom Needs shows you how being a great mom and a person in your own right go hand-in-hand. Extensively revised and updated based on current research and the latest survey of moms by MOPS® International (Mothers of Preschoolers), this bestselling book helps you deal with the realities you face today as a young mother. If you’ve wondered how to find time for friendships, how to lighten your workload, or how to go about rediscovering and developing yourself as an individual, What Every Mom Needs is for you. Filled with personal stories and helpful features, including a list of resource websites, this book will help you understand the importance of meeting your six basic needs as a mom—and how to actually get them met. Fulfilling your needs for identity, growth, relationships, help, perspective, and hope will make you a happier, more centered person and a better mom.

Mom There s a Man in the Kitchen and He s Wearing Your RobeMom There s a Man in the Kitchen and He s Wearing Your Robe

The Single Mom's Guide to Dating Well Without Parenting Poorly Ellie Slott Fisher ... Once you line up that first date, you'll be faced with several decisions: Will he pick you up at home or will you meet him somewhere?

Author: Ellie Slott Fisher

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9780786739776


Page: 208

View: 218

Embarking on the dating scene can be a fun though sometimes daunting prospect for any single woman. But for the more than 10 million single women in the U.S. with children at home, dating is a much more complicated matter. Whether uncoupled through divorce or death, single moms face a wide range of questions: When will I be ready to date and how do I start? When-and what-should I tell the kids? What happens if I love the guy and the kids hate him? In Mom, There's a Man in the Kitchen and He's Wearing Your Robe, Ellie Slott Fisher, a once-widowed, once-divorced single mother of two, speaks with refreshing candor about balancing dating and parenting. Drawing upon her own experience, the stories of many other women, and the advice of family psychologists, Fisher offers encouragement, strategies, and a healthy dose of humor for the single-but-looking mom-from how to meet men in the first place to when to introduce your date to the kids, from when and where to work sex into the equation to how to talk to your dating teenagers without looking like a hypocrite. Practical, funny, and hopeful, this is the one guide single moms need before jumping into the murky waters of the dating pool.


Mom laughed. “You're not old enough to have a midlife crisis.” She patted Anna's hand. She debated if she should tell Mom about her coffee date. Maybe it would help her relax and stop worrying. “Now, I don't want you to make more of ...

Author: Lucinda Race

Publisher: MC Two Press

ISBN: 9781954520011


Page: 283

View: 121

He’s just the spark she needs... Anna Price is an enologist, a world-renowned expert in anything having to do with wine. Her work at her family’s Crescent Lake Winery in the Finger Lakes region of New York has her feeling as if she’s treading water. There has to be more to life than just wine. Has she lost her spark? She’s jolted when her father suffers a heart attack, then gets a jolt of a different kind from the man taking care of him. Colin Grant is a nurse practitioner specializing in the care of cardiac patients. He’d met Anna once before, but had just ended a long-distance relationship and wasn’t ready for someone new. But this time, it’s different. There’s no denying his attraction to the curvy girl who has no idea how beautiful she is. When Anna is offered a job in France, they may find their growing relationship crushed. How can she say no to the offer of a lifetime? Colin’s job is caring for other people’s hearts; he’s determined not to have his own broken again. Absence doesn’t always make the heart grow fonder. But is it worth the risk for a lifetime of love?

The Rebel Mama s Handbook for Cool MomsThe Rebel Mama s Handbook for Cool Moms

A Pair of Cool Shades Sunglasses are a mom's best friend. They cover tired eyes better than ... Let's say you decide to wear your favourite jeans and a tee with your leather jacket on top to your coffee date. All you need to do to bring ...

Author: Nikita Stanley

Publisher: FriesenPress

ISBN: 9781525524967


Page: 216

View: 501

If you’re a mom (or mom-to-be) who wants to raise decent human beings, maintain your pre-baby identity, and not lose your sh*t along the way, congrats: you’ve just found the parenting book of your dreams. The Rebel Mama’s Handbook for (Cool) Moms is a girlfriend’s guide to early motherhood. It’s the Coles Notes for all those boring baby books you never read. It’s the instruction manual you wish your kid(s) came with - complete with cocktail list. Welcome to motherhood. Let’s do this.

Mom s Coffee DateMom s Coffee Date

It is simple, durable, versatile and free of lines. Whether you need a composition book for journaling or drawing, this is the perfect tool for you to express yourself without the limitations and boundaries of lines.

Author: Greenyx Publishing


ISBN: 1708559191


Page: 102

View: 262

What has blank pages but is very useful? An unruled composition book! It is simple, durable, versatile and free of lines. Whether you need a composition book for journaling or drawing, this is the perfect tool for you to express yourself without the limitations and boundaries of lines. It offers a good opportunity for children to write without relying on the lines. It teaches them to become more conscious of placing the print on the page rather than just filling up the lines. It is also ideal for sketching, note taking, drawing, doodling, brainstorming, outlining, doing math and many more.

A Book of Saints for Catholic MomsA Book of Saints for Catholic Moms

Martha and I may never get our dreamed-of coffee date, but the good news is that Mary is fully present to me at every moment of every day, waiting to take my hand and carry me to her son. From those painful mothering moments with sick ...

Author: Lisa M. Hendey

Publisher: Ave Maria Press

ISBN: 9781594713378


Page: 352

View: 685

Lisa M. Hendey, founder of the award-winning and bestselling author of The Handbook for Catholic Moms and The Grace of Yes shares her passion for the saints by introducing fifty-two holy companions as guides for the amazing vocation of Catholic motherhood. Guided by the example of the saints, Hendey eloquently links personal stories, scripture, prayer, and soul-strengthening exercises into a spiritually rich and deeply practical resource for Catholic women. This edition includes a new preface and cover and is updated with information about saints canonized since the first edition. Allow The Book of Saints for Catholic Moms to help you grow in your faith and enrich your heart, mind, body, and soul by spending each week of the year with Lisa M. Hendey and a different saint. This award-winning spiritual guidebook introduces you to popular saints such as Thérèse of Lisieux, Teresa of Calcutta, John Paul II, and Patrick, as well as lesser known but equally inspiring saints such as Gianna Beretta Molla and Damien of Molokai. Each week Hendey offers: a thematic prayer intention; biographical and devotional information about the saint; lessons she learned from each saint; daily scripture meditations; prayers; activities for moms and children; and practical, spiritually rich steps that help moms incorporate the wisdom and exemplary faith of each figure into their own lives.

Mom BossMom Boss

Let me walk you through a coffee date timeline: ◊ 5 minutes greeting: This is where you compliment her. ◊ 1-2 minute elevator pitch of your business: This is where you SUCCINCTLY explain where you are in the process, and the specific ...

Author: Nicole Feliciano

Publisher: Mango Media Inc.

ISBN: 9781633533936


Page: 170

View: 720

Mom Boss — Super Mom, Great Business Woman ---------- Entrepreneurial Mom: Learn how to be a super mom and a great business woman in a step-by-step guide to developing, incubating, and marketing your business without taking the joy out of family life with kids—being an active parent while succeeding as a woman business entrepreneur. Badass Business Woman: Where Sophia Amoruso’s #GirlBoss left off for young millennials breaking into the business world, Mom Boss picks up and continues the mission for all the entrepreneurial moms out there. Mom Boss proves that being successful isn’t about degrees or sacrifices, it’s about balance and power. It’s where instinct meets intelligence. Every mom has it in her to be a badass business woman. Nicole Feliciano charts the course for building a successful career without sacrificing being a great mom. Mom Boss: The first book by Nicole Feliciano the Founder & CEO of Momtrends Media. Momtrends Media provides busy women with a daily dose of style. Each day Nicole and her team of editors, interpret trends for moms, keeping in mind that modern women want to look and feel great, but they are working with less time and less energy than they had before the kids came along. Nicole and her team are there to help and inspire women to look and feel their best. Social media is her playground, and she's built a loyal following by making fashion fun and accessible. Successful Business Woman: Before launching Momtrends Media, Nicole graduated from Vanderbilt University with a degree in English Literature, and spent a decade working in fashion -- most notably as an executive with Polo Ralph Lauren. When she became a mom in 2005, the business woman and fashion maven embarked on her social media career and began contributing to, Time Out New York Kids, and many more online publications. Seeing a void in the blogosphere, she launched in 2007. Momtrends continues to be the cornerstone of her media empire. Mom Boss includes: • tips on how to develop, incubate, and market your business without taking the joy out of family life • valuable self assessment exercises • step by step advise, inspiration, and tried and true business and personal tips • insights into how to be a successful and happy business woman and mom

The Mean Mom s Guide to Raising Great KidsThe Mean Mom s Guide to Raising Great Kids

For fun I take him out for a coffee date, or walk into his office to give him a kiss and a cuddle. I've been known to leave a loving message on a sticky note somewhere on his office desk. I've even surprised him with ice cream and a ...

Author: Joanne Kraft

Publisher: ACU Press

ISBN: 9780891126959


Page: 256

View: 211

"Mom, you're so mean!" Do you struggle to instill loving boundaries and become discouraged when your child doesn't like you for them? Let The Mean Mom's Guide inspire you to dig in and stand your ground when parenting gets tough-because a mean mom isn't always the mean you think it means. The Mean Mom's Guide to Raising Great Kids encourages overly nice "marshmallow" moms to instill a few much-needed boundaries. It motivates parents to stand their ground when childrearing is tough, most especially when a child doesn't like them for it. Covering parenting from preschool to high school, each of the four sections highlights topics specific to each age. Scripture is weaved throughout as a continual reminder of God's truth, and "Mom 2 Mom" quotes at the end of each chapter are filled with heartfelt transparency from dozens of moms who lent their own experiences to encourage the reader. Mean moms encourage openly, love passionately, and know full well being called mean by her child is oftentimes a compliment.

Single Mom StyleSingle Mom Style

Because of when I have my daughter, our next date wasn't until two weeks later. We set a date, ... Everything was going so well for the first month. ... On a coffee date I confirmed a day for his surprise, and the appointment was made.

Author: Eva Dowdell


ISBN: 9781619849419


Page: 130

View: 297

Single Mom Style, the blog, began as a way to reach out to others who were looking to understand the wreckage of divorce. It evolved into a collection of witty stories, heartbreaking tears, and lessons learned. The author takes you on her personal journey of being a single mom and shows you the light at the end of the tunnel. From playdates and parenting to divorce and dating, this single mom’s journey will inspire you along yours. "It wasn't until my daughter was born when I woke up. I reevaluated my life as an example to my daughter. Is the kind of life I'm living now the kind of life I wanted for my daughter? The answer was no. And if I thought she deserves better, so did I. She was my game-changer, and I changed the game… You know how people say 'things have to get worse before they get better,’ well they were absolutely right… I hit rock bottom. I was everything I never wanted to be... The good thing about hitting rock bottom was there was only one way to go… up."

Confident Moms Confident DaughtersConfident Moms Confident Daughters

... in your back pocket for an impromptu kitchen chat or print them out and take them with you on a coffee date. You can pray over them first and then share them with your girl when you are ready, or you can use them in a small group ...

Author: Maria Furlough

Publisher: Revell

ISBN: 9781493417834


Page: 208

View: 593

Every mother wants her daughter to love the skin she's in, to be free of insecurity and poor body image. But no matter how much we try to tell our daughters that they are beautiful and lovable as they are, words are not enough. And if we're honest, we don't always set the best example of being body confident. Until we truly see ourselves as good enough, our girls will struggle. With deep compassion, Maria Furlough delves into the root causes of our insecurity, offers biblical guidance for seeing ourselves as God sees us, and shows how to model our newfound confidence to our impressionable daughters. Speaking as a daughter, a youth leader, and a mother, Furlough shares her own struggles and triumphs, as well as expert advice from a pediatrician, a nutritionist, a Christian counselor, and more. What we say to our daughters might last a moment. What we show our daughters lasts a lifetime. With God's help, we can put aside our obsession with bodily perfection and refocus on becoming and raising godly women.

The Love Letters of Abelard and LilyThe Love Letters of Abelard and Lily

Off they went on some sort of time-warp coffee date. Mom and Dad used to have late-afternoon cups of coffee on the patio on Saturdays, back when we had a patio and not just a tiny slab of concrete like we do now.

Author: Laura Creedle

Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

ISBN: 9780544932050


Page: 352

View: 591

Lily, who has attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, and Abelard, who has Asperger's, meet in detention and discover a mutual affinity for love letters--and, despite their differences, each other.