Modern Style for GirlsModern Style for Girls

Sew a Boutique Wardrobe Mary Abreu. for Girls modernSTYLE Sew a Boutique Wardrobe 12 Garments Sizes 7–12 Mary Abreu Get the Look Modified Lace-Trimmed Shorts (page 38) and Layers. Front Cover.

Author: Mary Abreu

Publisher: C&T Publishing Inc

ISBN: 9781617450822


Page: 128

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“Designed [for] the tastes of the tween . . . from a simple and stylish vintage-inspired A-line collared dress to a gorgeous paneled skirt.” —Love Sewing Bestselling author Mary Abreu is back with a book that will shut down the dreaded words, “I have nothing to wear!” from young girls. Starting with three basic pieces—a top/dress, skirt, and pants—you’ll learn how to modify simple patterns and rectangles to make twelve classic garments: four tops/dresses, four shorts/pants, and four skirts. Technique instructions teach you how to gather, create waistband casings, and insert zippers. Advice on choosing fabrics and adding embellishments is also included. With this handy guide, you can help your girls develop a style all their own. Add collars, change armholes, and add ruffles to basic garments to create updated takes on existing pieces Clear techniques will guide you on how to finish seam allowances, insert zippers, hem, and add unique embellishments Help your girls create an entirely new wardrobe of classic pieces to mix and match in any way they want “The focus here is on sizes seven to 12—an age in which girls want clothes that don’t look babyish but are still appropriate for play. Designs include tops, dresses, pants, shorts, and skirts, and the style is charmingly retro—think pedal pushers and Peter Pan collars but in contemporary fabrics . . . Most pattern books for children’s clothing concentrate on smaller-sized clothing for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers, so the focus on school-aged children’s clothing makes this a nice addition for sewing collections.” —Library Journal

Modern Girls on the GoModern Girls on the Go

The Modern Girl and the Dancehall Girl The dancehall girl may be seen as one manifestation of the figure known as the “modern girl.” The rise of the modern girl roughly coincides with the rise of the art deco and modernist styles in the ...

Author: Alisa Freedman

Publisher: Stanford University Press

ISBN: 9780804785549


Page: 296

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This spirited and engaging multidisciplinary volume pins its focus on the lived experiences and cultural depictions of women's mobility and labor in Japan. The theme of "modern girls" continues to offer a captivating window into the changes that women's roles have undergone during the course of the last century. Here we encounter Japanese women inhabiting the most modern of spaces, in newly created professions, moving upward and outward, claiming the public life as their own: shop girls, elevator girls, dance hall dancers, tour bus guides, airline stewardesses, international beauty queens, overseas teachers, corporate soccer players, and even female members of the Self-Defense Forces. Directly linking gender, mobility, and labor in 20th and 21st century Japan, this collection brings to life the ways in which these modern girls—historically and contemporaneously—have influenced social roles, patterns of daily life, and Japan's global image. It is an ideal guidebook for students, scholars, and general readers alike.

The Masculine Modern WomanThe Masculine Modern Woman

96 Certain modern styles were, in other words, not merely about “fashion and looks” but also about new kinds of female ... but in modernity itself—girls holding off on marriage, girls dancing with each other, girls dressing in suits, ...

Author: Jenny Ingemarsdotter

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9780429656538


Page: 304

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This book takes a fresh approach to one of the most popular cultural symbols of modernity in the 1920s—the "masculine" modern woman. Uncovering discourses on female masculinity in interwar Sweden, a nation that struggled to become modern but not decadent, this study examines cultural representations and debates across several arenas including fashion, film, sports, automobility, medicine and literature. Drawing on rich empirical material, this book traces not only how the masculine modern woman reshaped the imaginary space of what women could be, do and desire, but also how this space was eventually shrunk in order to fit into an emerging vision of a family-oriented "people’s home."

Fashion Identity and Power in Modern AsiaFashion Identity and Power in Modern Asia

Figure 5.2 shows a student of the Girls' High School affiliated with the Tokyo Women's Higher Normal School wearing a belt with a school emblem on her hakama. Although this school symbol was designed for a belt, the most popular school ...

Author: Kyunghee Pyun

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9783319971995


Page: 414

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This edited volume on radical dress reforms in East Asia takes a fresh look at the symbols and languages of modernity in dress and body. Dress reform movements around the turn of the twentieth century in the region have received little critical attention as a multicultural discourse of labor, body, gender identity, colonialism, and government authority. With contributions by leading experts of costume/textile history of China, Korea, and Japan, this book presents up-to-date scholarship using diverse methodologies in costume history, history of consumption, and international trade. Thematically organized into sections exploring the garments and uniforms, accessories, fabrics, and fashion styles of Asia, this edited volume offers case studies for students and scholars in an ever-expanding field of material culture including, but not limited to, economic history, visual culture, art history, history of journalism, and popular culture. Fashion, Identity, and Power in Modern Asia stimulates further research on the impact of modernity and imperialism in neglected areas such as military uniform, school uniform, women’s accessories, hairstyles, and textile trade.

Fashion Coloring Book for GirlsFashion Coloring Book for Girls

♥ Fashion Coloring book for a girls-The coloring book that every girl wants! Coloring this book will create its style in clothing. ♥ Because girls love fashion this coloring book will pleasantly surprise them!

Author: Allana Hope


ISBN: 9798736310630


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♥ Fashion Coloring book for a girls-The coloring book that every girl wants! Coloring this book will create its style in clothing. ♥ Because girls love fashion this coloring book will pleasantly surprise them! The coloring pages are not repetitive and have a unique design. About this FASHION Coloring Book for girls: -contains 50 different coloring pages - the pages are single-sided to prevent bleed-through - has a large format (8,5x11 inches) - can be colored with any type of colors

HBO s GirlsHBO s Girls

Nowadays, fans of Girls participate in creating the show's reception. ... When these hallmarks are taken together, they reconfigure the classic auteur model à la mode, i.e. in bold new ways of the most modern style and fashion, ...

Author: Despoina-Betty Kaklamanidou

Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing

ISBN: 9781443858601


Page: 230

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Young women today have achieved as much as, and in many cases far exceeded, males in both educational and occupational terms. While this presents many opportunities, it also creates confusion in terms of re-negotiating traditional gender roles. The fictional representation of young women in recent film and television shows demonstrates how these tensions, created by the specific sociopolitical climate of the post-recession era, are being worked out. One specific television show focused on intelligent young women caught up in these contradictions is Girls. The show explores the lives of four female friends living in Brooklyn, two years after their college graduation, as they try to support themselves with low-paying jobs, and deal with various struggles around relationships, careers, and friendships. The HBO half-hour sitcom, created, written by and starring Lena Dunham, premiered on April 15th 2012 after receiving a flood of initial buzz and criticism, both positive and negative. This collection is the first to discuss the cultural, political and social implications of this innovative series. The contributors examine Girls through a variety of lenses: sexual, racial, gender, relationships between the male and female characters, as well as friendships between the young women. This variety of perspectives explains why Girls has had the profound cultural impact it has made, in the short time it has been on the air.

Women as Sites of CultureWomen as Sites of Culture

We hear a lot about the modern girl's cigarettes and cocktails; but it is merely a perverse desire to be ultramodern ... carried advertisements for fashion, films, dances and cigarettes that can be read as selling the modern life style.

Author: Susan Shifrin

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781351872058


Page: 288

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Exploring the ways in which women have formed and defined expressions of culture in a range of geographical, political, and historical settings, this collection of essays examines women's figurative and literal roles as "sites" of culture from the 16th century to the present day. The diversity of chronological, geographical and cultural subjects investigated by the contributors-from the 16th century to the 20th, from Renaissance Italy to Puritan Boston to the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth to post-war Japan, from parliamentary politics to the politics of representation-provides a range of historical outlooks. The collection brings an unusual variety of methodological approaches to the project of discovering intersections among women's studies, literary studies, cultural studies, history, and art history, and expands beyond the Anglo- and Eurocentric focus often found in other works in the field. The volume presents an in-depth, investigative study of a tightly-constructed set of crucial themes, including that of the female body as a governing trope in political and cultural discourses; the roles played by women and notions of womanhood in redefining traditions of ceremony, theatricality and spectacle; women's iconographies and personal spaces as resources that have shaped cultural transactions and evolutions; and finally, women's voices-speaking and writing, both-as authors of cultural record and destiny. Throughout the volume the themes are refracted chronologically, geographically, and disciplinarily as a means to deeper understanding of their content and contexts. Women as Sites of Culture represents a productive collaboration of historians from various disciplines in coherently addressing issues revolving around the roles of gender, text, and image in a range of cultures and periods.

Eclipsed CinemaEclipsed Cinema

The majority of MODERN GIRLS are harlots and prostitutes, and MODERN BOYS are sons of capitalists and bourgeois.8 This emphasis on fashion and vogue in relation to the figures of the modern girl and boy was closely related to society's ...

Author: Dong Hoon Kim

Publisher: Edinburgh University Press

ISBN: 9781474421812


Page: 304

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In this ground-breaking investigation into the seldom-studied film culture of colonial Korea (1910-1945), Dong Hoon Kim brings new perspectives to the associations between colonialism, modernity, film historiography and national cinema. By reconstructing the lost intricacies of colonial film history, Eclipsed Cinema explores under-investigated aspects of colonial film culture, such as the representational politics of colonial cinema, the film unit of the colonial government, the social reception of Hollywood cinema, and Japanese settlers' film culture. Filling a significant void in Asian film history, Eclipsed Cinema greatly expands the critical and historical scopes of early cinema and Korean and Japanese film histories, as well as modern Asian culture, and colonial and postcolonial studies.

Post office directory of Sheffield with the neighbouring towns and villages afterw Kelly s directory of Sheffield Rotherham and neighbourhoodPost office directory of Sheffield with the neighbouring towns and villages afterw Kelly s directory of Sheffield Rotherham and neighbourhood

The St. Mary's Church , situated in the Moor , is a very Ragged School contained 176 scholars ( 77 boys and 98 handsome modern building in the Gothic style of archi- girls ) . tecture . It stands in a fine open part , and has a large ...

Author: Kelly's directories, ltd


ISBN: OXFORD:590557734



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International Perspectives on Shojo and Shojo MangaInternational Perspectives on Shojo and Shojo Manga

Taiwanese youngsters are very good at mixing different styles of figure drawings to create new hybrids featuring Taiwan's anime/manga fan ... The modern style of bishonen emerging from girls' manga is especially targeted to the female.

Author: Masami Toku

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317610762


Page: 250

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This collaborative book explores the artistic and aesthetic development of shojo, or girl, manga and discusses the significance of both shojo manga and the concept of shojo, or girl culture. It features contributions from manga critics, educators, and researchers from both manga’s home country of Japan and abroad, looking at shojo and shojo manga’s influence both locally and globally. Finally, it presents original interviews of shojo manga-ka, or artists, who discuss their work and their views on this distinct type of popular visual culture.


I only half remember in Sian watching a Pekin opera modern style where girls sold refreshments during the performance like the orange girls in Stuart London, ...

Author: Graham Greene

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 9781448162093


Page: 448

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UPDATED AND EDITED WITH A NEW INTRODUCTION BY JUDITH ADAMSON Whether reporting from the London cinema, Cotswolds villages, second-hand bookshops, war zones or political trouble spots, Graham Greene's novelistic gifts for detail, drama and compassionate curiosity provide unique and resonant insights into his life and times. To know war on any continent, read ‘A Memory of Indo-China’; to glimpse high political chicanery, read ‘The Great Spectacular’; to feel the flush and aftermath of revolutionary change, take up his pieces about Cuba. Reflections provides an extraordinary mirror on the twentienth century from one of its greatest observers.

Street Style in America An ExplorationStreet Style in America An Exploration

Additionally, modern b-boys and b-girls, who typically dance either singly or in pairs, may wear apparel derived from ... break-dancing style pertaining to both dance and dress are retained among modern African-inspired step dancers.

Author: Jennifer Grayer Moore

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

ISBN: 9781440844621


Page: 381

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A comprehensive resource that will prove invaluable to fashion historians, this book presents a detailed exploration of the breadth of visually arresting, consumer-driven styles that have emerged in America since the 20th century. • Offers thorough investigations of American street styles from the early 20th century to the present day • Provides theoretical perspectives on the shifts in American culture that created the social context in which American street styles emerged • Enables readers to perceive the connections between consumer-driven street styles to the fashion industry and to American culture at large

A Little Girls in Old WashingtonA Little Girls in Old Washington

“They have looked up Marian, I dare say; and she has Sukey Martin and two of the maids taking apart gowns and fashioning them over in modern style. A friend sent Jane some patterns from Philadelphia, and she passed them on.

Author: Amanda M. Douglas

Publisher: BoD – Books on Demand

ISBN: 9783752394122


Page: 240

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Reproduction of the original: A Little Girls in Old Washington by Amanda M. Douglas

The Australian Country Girl History Image ExperienceThe Australian Country Girl History Image Experience

The modern idea of girlhood is set about by discipline, training, and improvement; by culture. This girl is not merely monitored and trained, she is styled; and she styles herself in order to become herself. This is her urbanity, ...

Author: Catherine Driscoll

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317040903


Page: 212

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The Australian Country Girl: History, Image, Experience offers a detailed analysis of the experience and the image of Australian country girlhood. In Australia, 'country girl' names a field of experiences and life-stories by girls and women who have grown up outside of the demographically dominant urban centres. But it also names a set of ideas about Australia that is surprisingly consistent across the long twentieth century despite also working as an index of changing times. For a long period in Australian history, well before Federation and long after it, public and popular culture openly equated 'Australian character' with rural life. This image of Australian-ness sometimes went by the name of the 'bush man', now a staple of Australian history. This has been counterbalanced post World War II and increased immigration, by an image of sophisticated Australian modernity located in multicultural cities. These images of Australia balance rather than contradict one another in many ways and the more cosmopolitan image of Australia is often in dialogue with that preceding image of 'the bush'. This book does not offer a corrective to the story of Australian national identity but rather a fresh perspective on this history and a new focus on the ever-changing experience of Australian rural life. It argues that the country girl has not only been a long-standing counterpart to the Australian bush man she has, more importantly, figured as a point of dialogue between the country and the city for popular culture and for public sphere narratives about Australian society and identity.

The Girls From Mersey ViewThe Girls From Mersey View

Oh, there had been a few, for Joan was a very attractive girl, but she knew her friend was wary. ... It was furnished in a far grander and more modern style than her own home and had all the most up-to-date appliances.

Author: Lyn Andrews

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9781472269652


Page: 320

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In her nostalgic and heart-warming saga, Sunday Times bestselling author Lyn Andrews evokes the ups and downs of life in the back streets of 1930s Liverpool 'An outstanding storyteller' Woman's Weekly Liverpool, 1935. Monica and Joan Copperfield are firm friends. Monica dreams of a better life as a hairdresser - though her parents are suspicious of such a glamorous profession. Joan has her eye on a job at Crawford's biscuit factory, with cheap chocolate biscuits as an irresistible perk. When Monica catches the eye of her boss's son, she's flattered. But could he ever be serious about a back-street girl? Meanwhile Glaswegian Jim is keen on Joan - but she's grown up around a bad marriage, and is suspicious of romance. Yet Jim's kindness and sense of humour are hard to resist . . . Shocking secrets, lifelong friendships and the unbreakable spirit of a working-class community facing war are woven irresistibly together in Lyn Andrews' evocative novel. Readers are loving The Girls From Mersey View 'What a delightful story' ***** 'I loved the characters and the setting. This is a story of hope and friendship and I highly recommend' ***** 'What a delight this book was to read ... an inspirational story' ***** 'I loved this book and would recommend it to anyone' *****

Maiko MasqueradeMaiko Masquerade

Crafting Geisha Girlhood in Japan Jan Bardsley ... girl's roles in forming the cultures of empire and traced her association with modern girls around the world.16 The modern girl's classic look, ... Tenugui design. hit a hoMer, Maiko!

Author: Jan Bardsley


ISBN: 9780520296442


Page: 299

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Maiko Masquerade explores Japanese representations of the maiko, or apprentice geisha, in films, manga, and other popular media as an icon of exemplary girlhood. Jan Bardsley traces how the maiko, long stigmatized as a victim of sexual exploitation, emerges in the 2000s as the chaste keeper of Kyoto's classical artistic traditions. Insider accounts by maiko and geisha, their leaders and fans, show pride in the training, challenges, and rewards maiko face. No longer viewed as a toy for men's amusement, she serves as catalyst for women's consumer fun. This change inspires stories of ordinary girls--and even one boy--striving to embody the maiko ideal, engaging in masquerades that highlight questions of personal choice, gender performance, and national identity.

The American Diary of a Japanese GirlThe American Diary of a Japanese Girl

(The Japanese edition renders the line as ࢲͷྲྀ͸ԕभྲྀͳͷΑ [watashi no ryū wa enshū-ryū nanoyo]: “my style is the ... His floral arrangement style was “the most elaborate and the most popular of the more modern styles,” according to ...

Author: Yone Noguchi

Publisher: Temple University Press

ISBN: 9781592135561


Page: 224

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A ground-breaking work of Asian American fiction in a brand new edition.

Report of the Commissioner of Education Made to the Secretary of the Interior for the Year with Accompanying PapersReport of the Commissioner of Education Made to the Secretary of the Interior for the Year with Accompanying Papers

The work needs to be systematized , the girls instructed with reference to modern style and trained to use suitable materials . Indeed , much has already been accomplished in this direction in the schools of Manila , Albay , and one or ...

Author: United States. Bureau of Education


ISBN: MSU:31293008001293



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