The Historical Novel Transnationalism and the Postmodern EraThe Historical Novel Transnationalism and the Postmodern Era

Notes 1 The Stockholm Series consists of five novels: Mina drömmars stad: 1860–1880 (1960; City of My Dreams, 2000), Barn av sin stad: 1880–1900 (1962; Children of Their City, 2008), Minns du den stad: 1900–1925 (1964; Remember the City ...

Author: Susan Brantly

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This volume explores the genre of the historical novel and the variety of ways in which writers choose to represent the past. How does an author’s nationality or gender impact their artistic choices? To what extent can historical novels appeal to a transnational audience? This study demonstrates how histories can communicate across national borders, often by invoking or deconstructing the very notion of nationhood. Furthermore, it traces how the concerns of the postmodern era, such as postmodern critiques of historiography, colonialism, identity, and the Enlightenment, have impacted the genre of the historical novel, and shows this impact has not been uniform throughout Western culture. Not all historical novels written during the postmodern era are postmodern. The historical novel as a genre occupies a problematic, yet significant space in Cold War literary currents, torn between claims of authenticity and the impossibility of accessing the past. Historical novels from England, America, Germany, and France are compared and contrasted with historical novels from Sweden, testing a variety of theoretical perspectives in the process. This pitting of a center against a periphery serves to highlight traits that historical novels from the West have in common, but also how they differ. The historical novel is not just a local, regional phenomenon, but has become, during the postmodern era, a transnational tool for exploring how we should think of nations and nationalism and what a society should, or should not, look like.

My Sweet HeartMy Sweet Heart

This is how Per Anders Fogelström describes mid-nineteenth century Stockholm in his novel, City of My Dreams (Mina drömmars stad, translation: Jennifer Brown Baverstam); the worn-out bodies of the poor have no resistance when disease ...

Author: Ann Fernholm

Publisher: Natur & Kultur

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“As gripping as a thriller and accessible for people without any scientific education,” wrote the biggest Swedish broadsheet, Dagens Nyheter, when My Sweet Heart was released in 2012. The book has been fundamental in the rise of the low-carb movement in Sweden, where the debate surrounding low-fat diets has been raging for almost a decade. Inspired by a woman with type 2 diabetes who, using a strict low-carb diet, was able to stop taking insulin injections and lost 42 kilos in weight, science writer Ann Fernholm, PhD in Molecular Biotechnology, started to examine the science behind low-fat dietary advice. Why should people who need injections to reduce blood sugar fill their plates with carbohydrates that raise blood sugar levels? Like a mystery writer she unravels the story of how, in the mid-1900s, research took a wrong turn. Piece by piece, she also puts together the puzzle surrounding ill health. Why are abdominal fat and type 2 diabetes so dangerous? Why do they increase the risk of heart disease, cancer and dementia? What she discovers is that high blood sugar and high insulin levels are real villains in many major public health problems. Readers appreciate Ann Fernholm for her factual depth, at the same time as she has a unique ability to describe science in an understandable, lively manner. My Sweet Heart has received unanimously good reviews in Sweden and has been a turning point in many people’s lives.

The Nordic Civil SphereThe Nordic Civil Sphere

Like American hip-hop, Swedish hip-hop runs from the vulgar – Maskinen's “Everyone Who Doesn't Dance is a Rapist” – to the literary/ intellectual – Fattaru's 2006 album named after novelist Per Anders Fogelström's Mina drömmars stad ...

Author: Jeffrey C. Alexander

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

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The civil sphere is a distinctively democratic field in modern societies, one that sustains universalizing cultural aspirations and organizational structures and that has tense and uncertain boundaries with other spheres of social life, like the economy, religion, family, and state. Unlike the latter, which are more particularistic and hierarchical in character, the civil sphere defines itself in terms of solidarity – the feeling of being connected with every other person in the collectivity. The utopian ideals of democratic solidarity shape every modern society, even if they are often compromised by the messy realities of social life. This volume uses the theory of the civil sphere to shed new light on Nordic societies, while at the same time drawing on the distinctive experiences of the Nordic nations to reflect on and advance the theory of the civil sphere. Nordic societies have long been admired for creating a distinctive form of social democracy, but this admirable achievement has not been well conceptualized theoretically. Most attempts to explain Nordic social democracy focus on material and organizational factors. This volume, by contrast, emphasizes the cultural foundations and characteristics of social democracy, demonstrating how civil sensibilities are necessary for the creation of an egalitarian and democratic state. Nordic civil spheres, however, are not only pro-civil but also white in color, European in ethnicity, secular in character and gender-equal in a subtly restrictive manner. Such primordialization of state civility is vividly on display in the sometime tense relationships that develop among natives and “foreigners” in Nordic countries, relationships that expose the primordial undersides of the social democratic codes and civil values that constitute the Nordic civil sphere. A major contribution to the theory of the civil sphere and to our understanding of the cultural and normative underpinnings of social and political life, this volume will be of particular interest to students and scholars of sociology and politics.

Catalog of Copyright Entries Third SeriesCatalog of Copyright Entries Third Series

Ocala , Williston telephone directory . Mar. 1961. © Florida Telephone Corp. ; 3Apr61 ; A495639 . FOGARTY , JATTRUDE . Tarots of the Orient , © Jattrude Fogarty ; 5Jan6l ; A492586 . FOGELSTROM , PER ANDERS . Mina drömmars stad .

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Includes Part 1, Number 1: Books and Pamphlets, Including Serials and Contributions to Periodicals (January - June)

Svensk bokf rteckningSvensk bokf rteckning

522 : 00 ( tills . med 7 andra böcker i kapsel ) Fogelström , Per Anders , 1917- , Mina drömmars stad : ( 1860-1880 ) : roman / Per Anders Fogelström . - ( Ny utg . ) , 2. uppl . - Stockholm : Bonnier , 1988. - 197 , [ 4 ] s . ; 18 cm .



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The A to Z of Scandinavian Literature and TheaterThe A to Z of Scandinavian Literature and Theater

Fogelström's first Stockholm novels were in a series consisting of five volumes that depict the city's transition from a preindustrial town to a modern metropolis : Mina drömmars stad ( 1960 ; City of My Dreams ) , Barn av sin stad ...

Author: Jan Sjåvik

Publisher: A to Z Guide Series

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The literature of Scandinavia is amazingly rich and varied, consisting of the works produced by the countries of Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Iceland, and stretching from the ancient Norse Sagas to the present day. While much of it is unknown outside of the region, some has gained worldwide popularity, including the fairy tales of Hans Christian Andersen, the stories of Isak Dinesen, and the plays of Henrik Ibsen and August Strindberg. While including the area's most famous works, The A to Z of Scandinavian Literature and Theater also provides information on lesser known authors and currents trends, literary circles and journals, and historical background. This is accomplished through a chronology, an introductory essay, a bibliography, and several hundred cross-referenced dictionary entries, which together make this reference the most comprehensive and up to date work of its kind related to Scandinavian literature and theater available anywhere.

International Directory of Cinematographers Set and Costume Designers in Film Denmark Finland Norway Sweden from the beginnings to 1984 International Directory of Cinematographers Set and Costume Designers in Film Denmark Finland Norway Sweden from the beginnings to 1984

... 228 MINA DRÖMMARS STAD ( 1976 ) 1052 , 1086 , 1093 MINÄ ELÄN ( 1946 ) 552 , 600 MINÄ JA MIEHENI MORSIAN ( 1955 ) 379 , 600 BONÄ JA MINISTERI ( 1934 ) 359 , 485 MINÄ JÄTÄN SINUT ( 1946 ) 370 , 634 MINÄ SOITAN SINULLE ILLALLA ( 1954 ) ...

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