First MemoryFirst Memory

Third memory: The green carpet. The living room in the brown house was carpeted in a funny, bumpy, textured olivegreen carpet. That in and of itself not important but the fact that it generated an enormous amount of static electricity ...

Author: Sophie Miller

Publisher: Balboa Press

ISBN: 9781982220365


Page: 164

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First Memory: Multiple Me is a chronological journey of memories leading Sophie through a near-death experience, a kidnapping, an angelic intervention, numerous abuses, UFO encounters, and the struggle to accept her choices for this lifetime and ultimately becoming able to offer forgiveness to her abuser.

From My Earliest MemoryFrom My Earliest Memory

There were large yellow flowers with large dark green leaves called skunk cabbage that grew everywhere on this plush green carpet. In areas where there was not a carpet but only water, rich-looking cattails grew.

Author: Paul Schwertmann

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781456855703


Page: 483

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When looking back over my eighty-six years, it is hard to imagine that those years are behind me. I thank God for every one. Many told stories that only I can tell. I wish there were more years spent with my two daughters, for they grew up so fast. In writing my autobiography, God has given me remembrance of the past. I pray that this true story will hold dear to my daughters’ (Christy and Lori’s) hearts, giving them a little map of their heritage. There were many bumps in the road, but God had straightened them all out.

Memories of WarMemories of War

Summing up her experience, North wrote, “The evening was delightful, the air just cool enough, & the rich green carpet of Nature's handiwork softer than any velvet. It is a walk & afternoon to be remembered!

Author: Thomas A. Chambers

Publisher: Cornell University Press

ISBN: 9780801465239


Page: 252

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Even in the midst of the Civil War, its battlefields were being dedicated as hallowed ground. Today, those sites are among the most visited places in the United States. In contrast, the battlegrounds of the Revolutionary War had seemingly been forgotten in the aftermath of the conflict in which the nation forged its independence. Decades after the signing of the Constitution, the battlefields of Yorktown, Saratoga, Fort Moultrie, Ticonderoga, Guilford Courthouse, Kings Mountain, and Cowpens, among others, were unmarked except for crumbling forts and overgrown ramparts. Not until the late 1820s did Americans begin to recognize the importance of these places. In Memories of War, Thomas A. Chambers recounts America’s rediscovery of its early national history through the rise of battlefield tourism in the first half of the nineteenth century. Travelers in this period, Chambers finds, wanted more than recitations of regimental movements when they visited battlefields; they desired experiences that evoked strong emotions and leant meaning to the bleached bones and decaying fortifications of a past age. Chambers traces this impulse through efforts to commemorate Braddock’s Field and Ticonderoga, the cultivated landscapes masking the violent past of the Hudson River valley, the overgrown ramparts of Southern war sites, and the scenic vistas at War of 1812 battlefields along the Niagara River. Describing a progression from neglect to the Romantic embrace of the landscape and then to ritualized remembrance, Chambers brings his narrative up to the beginning of the Civil War, during and after which the memorialization of such sites became routine, assuming significant political and cultural power in the American imagination.

Memories of TiananmenMemories of Tiananmen

Lam mentioned the placement of a green carpet at the center of the museum as an example: We hope we can recall the situation of the students sitting down at Tiananmen Square [...]. Although we didn't participate in the protest [in 1989] ...

Author: Joseph Man Chan

Publisher: Amsterdam University Press

ISBN: 9789048553044


Page: 360

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This book analyzes how collective memory regarding the 1989 Beijing student movement and the Tiananmen crackdown was produced, contested, sustained, and transformed in Hong Kong between 1989 and 2019. Drawing on data gathered through multiple sources such as news reports, digital media content, vigil onsite surveys, population surveys, and in-depth interviews with activists, rally participants, and other stakeholders, it identifies six key processes in the dynamics of social remembering: memory formation, memory mobilization, memory institutionalization, intergenerational transfer, memory repair, and memory balkanization. Memories of Tiananmen demonstrates how a socially dominant collective memory, even one the state finds politically irritable, can be generated and maintained through constant negotiation and efforts by a wide range of actors. While the book mainly focuses on the interplay between political changes and Tiananmen commemoration in the historical period within which the society enjoyed a significant degree of civil liberties, it also discusses how the trajectory of the collective memory may take a drastic turn as Hong Kong's autonomy is abridged. The book promises to be a key reference for anyone interested in collective memory studies, social movement research, political communication, and China and Hong Kong studies.

Living MemoryLiving Memory

The land, for kilometres, was like a beautiful green carpet.Then more rain came, and it grew like a genie. People were flocking to see the miracle. “What did the Jew do? He must have magical powers”. By the end of October, ...

Author: Andor Schwartz

Publisher: Black Inc.

ISBN: 9781921866524


Page: 340

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They have no graves, no markers of ever having existed. The millions of people who were murdered by the Nazis live on only in the memories of the survivors – those that had survivors. In his seventy-ninth year, Andor Schwartz was driven to record the lives of his family and friends who perished. Writing with the instincts of a born storyteller, Andor takes us back to the world of his childhood in rural Hungary in the years leading up to the Second World War. His love of nature and country life, his friendships, the harvests, the Jewish festivals, the age-old customs, now lost, are all evoked with an intense vitality, before the dark clouds of evil obliterated the sunshine of this Arcadian childhood. We live with him through the horrors of the Holocaust, on the run in Budapest, evading death time and time again under the protection of his Malach (angel), whose name had been given to him by his father on their separation. Andor survived, but his entire family perished. He takes us to Israel and then to Australia, where he prospered, his children had children, and the cycle of life returned to its natural and proper order. “Possessing a memory of extraordinary fidelity and vividness, Andor Schwartz has succeeded, almost miraculously, in bringing back to life the fascinating world of his family and of pre-war Orthodox Hungarian Jewry. I could not put it down.”—Robert Manne Andor Schwartz was born in Hungary in 1924. He survived the Second World War in Budapest, although his whole family was killed, before marrying Margaret (Baba) Keimovits, one of the few survivors from their area. They fled to Israel when the communists came to power in 1949. After ten years of working the land, they migrated to Melbourne, where he became a dairy farmer and a successful property developer.

Memories from the HeartMemories from the Heart

I vacuumed the beautiful green carpet and single-handedly dusted each pew. The altar's stone floor was carefully buffed each Saturday, as I cautiously maneuvered the big machine. With confidence and ultimate respect and honor, ...

Author: Francie Rossi

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9781491711897


Page: 242

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Memories from the Heart: Family, Love, and Survival presents an inspiring collection of memories recalling author Francie Rossi’s life from birth to age seventeen. She describes her medical challenges in “Helen Keller and I,” considering her role as the eleventh of twelve children in her large, loving family. “Sent Away to Las Vegas” shares unique personal stories in which faith, family, and love always prevail. “My Last Clothing Embarrassment” and “Fifteen/40” explores financial struggles, yet inspire humor and tenacity. “Dinner at My Friend’s House” and “Family Night” compare the calamity of a smaller family living in a larger house to Francie’s situation—a large family’s love and laughter contained in a small house. Rossi alludes to an athletic adolescent with an eating disorder, and provides personal tips in a trio of stories, while “A Whole New World” expresses the strong connection between her and her mother. Finally, “My Diagnosis” reverberates like a sentence after a guilty verdict. Rossi’s memories in this collection are vibrant; sprinkled with a dash of humor as she displays persistence and continues to live a life most people can only imagine in a large, boisterous family.

Memories of the Great and the GoodMemories of the Great and the Good

Deceptively beautiful, for just beneath its rolling green carpet is very rocky terrain, which—combined with great extremes of temperature— restricts its farming to dairying (lots of cows) and fruitgrowing. Indeed, the value of its farm ...

Author: Alistair Cooke

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781611459852


Page: 296

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Over the course of his distinguished career as a foreign correspondent, which spanned more than sixty years, Alistair Cooke had known, interviewed, or reported on literally hundreds of the most influential men and women of the twentieth century. Here he has collected his memories of more than a score of them: they include actors and generals, statesmen and eccentrics, a poet, a jazzman, an intensely scholarly woman and a casually funny one, an architect, a publisher, and several politicians—all of whom, in Cooke's view, have left the world a better or more interesting place. Here, then, are scintillating portraits of characters as far apart as George Bernard Shaw and Duke Ellington, as different as the humorist Erma Bombeck and the Nobel Prize winner Barbara McClintock. Recounting the trials of Sir Francis Chichester, the lonely global yachtsman, or analyzing the very different but equally indomitable spirit of First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt, Alistair Cooke allows us to understand a little better the nature of courage. His fond and sensitive recollections of P. G. Wodehouse and Gary Cooper salute two unpretentious geniuses in the ostentatious world of entertainment. His account of his long and relaxed weekend with President Dwight Eisenhower is sensitive and revealing, as is his candid but compassionate portrait of an earlier president, Franklin D. Roosevelt. His meeting with Ronald Reagan during the future president's early years as governor of California is as insightful as it is prescient. The book ends with moving and memorable portraits of two men Cooke especially admires, for different reasons: one, Winston Churchill, who for all his human flaws was "most certainly great," and the other, Bobby Jones, whom Cooke regards as "one of the three or four finest human beings I've ever known."

Hand Made TelevisionHand Made Television

I recall as a child lying in front of the television on a deep-pile green carpet watching music videos ... These are not memories of the detail of the programmes ... neither are they purely memories of the context, but they are an ...

Author: R. Moseley

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9781137551634


Page: 132

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Hand-Made Television explores the ongoing enchantment of many of the much-loved stop-frame children's television programmes of 1960s and 1970s Britain. The first academic work to analyse programmes such as Pogles' Wood (1966), Clangers (1969), Bagpuss (1974) (Smallfilms) and Gordon Murray's Camberwick Green (1966), Trumpton (1967) and Chigley (1969), the book connects these series to their social and historical contexts while providing in-depth analyses of their themes and hand-made aesthetics. Hand-Made Television shows that the appeal of these programmes is rooted not only in their participatory address and evocation of a pastoral English past, but also in the connection of their stop-frame aesthetics to the actions of childhood play. This book makes a significant contribution to both Animation Studies and Television Studies; combining scholarly rigour with an accessible style, it is suitable for scholars as well as fans of these iconic British children's programmes.

Down Memory LaneDown Memory Lane

... pleasure to walk through the green woods and on the green carpet of land surrounding it. At the foot of that hillock, a natural stream of fresh water flowed year-round. It was later made into a pond by building an embankment around ...

Author: Nalini Limaye

Publisher: Archway Publishing

ISBN: 9781480892415


Page: 246

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Nalini Limaye grew up in Korle, a village located in the coastal Konkan region of India. There was no electricity, tap water, paved roads, or means of transportation. She attended school only through the seventh grade. Most girls in the region were married off at a very young age of early teens. But Limaye’s brothers wanted more out of life for their beautiful sister. In Down Memory Lane, Limaye narrates her varied experiences, telling stories of everything from her family, to village life and its people, to day-to-day chores, social customs, her move to a larger city, her marriage, her immigration to the United States, and how she adapted to a new country and new culture. Originally written and published in her mother tongue of Marathi, this English-translated memoir shares the transformation of one Indian village girl, who did not wear shoes until age eighteen, and how she became an American citizen in her seventies.

Television Memory and NostalgiaTelevision Memory and Nostalgia

I recall as a child lying in front of the television on a deeppile green carpet watching music videos. I remember the warmth I felt from a patch of sunshine falling through the patio windows correlating with the song I was seeing and ...

Author: A. Holdsworth

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9780230347977


Page: 173

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An innovative and original new study, Television, Memory and Nostalgia re-imagines the relationship between the medium and its forms of memory and remembrance through a series of case studies of British and North American programmes and practices. These include ER , Grey's Anatomy , The Wire , Who Do You Think You Are? , and Life on Mars .

Memories from the Green CarpetMemories from the Green Carpet

This book comprises of previous horse racing blogs, written by Chris Luke and much of the research by Tom Wright.

Author: Christopher Luke

Publisher: CreateSpace

ISBN: 1511446641


Page: 44

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This book comprises of previous horse racing blogs, written by Chris Luke and much of the research by Tom Wright. There are fourteen separate articles in all, ranging from Fred Winter's career as a jockey, excerpts from two other books that we have in working progress, relating to The 1960s Grand Nationals, that Chris looks upon as being the golden era for him as far the great race is concerned. In addition there will also be the early scripts from another book he is now working on covering the history of the National Hunt Jockeys Championship, A History, from Sidney to McCoy.

False MemoryFalse Memory

A single bed with a yellow-and-green-checked spread. One blond, woodgrain Formica nightstand, a small matching dresser. Off-white walls, burnt-orange drapes, bile-green carpet. When they went to Hell, sinful interior designers were ...

Author: Dean Koontz

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9781472202765


Page: 608

View: 559

Imagine being scared of your own shadow... False Memory is a chilling thriller of shadows, darkness and the mind. Perfect for fans of Stephen King and Richard Laymon. 'Koontz redefines suspense' - The Times Martie Rhodes, a happily married, successful video games designer, takes an agoraphobic friend to therapy sessions twice a week. Each trip is a grim ordeal, but the experience has brought the two friends even closer together. Then, one morning, Martie experiences a brief, irrational but disquieting fear of... her shadow. When autophobia - one of the rarest and most intriguing phobias known to psychology - is diagnosed, suddenly, radically, her life changes, and her future looks dark. Martie's husband, Dusty, loves her profoundly, and is desperate to understand the cause of her autophobia. But as he comes closer to the terrible truth, Dusty himself starts showing signs of a psychological disorder even more frightening than that afflicting Martie... What readers are saying about False Memory: 'False Memory is an intense plot painted with achingly real characters' 'With this book the 'master of our darkest dreams' takes a fuller, more (in)human dimension. False Memory is a literary jewel' 'The best book I've ever read'

Memory WhispersMemory Whispers

A few wispy bits of cloud settled on the horizon of a gold and green carpet. She snapped off a few shots as the mournful sound of a train's whistle echoed across the valley. Heaviness settled in her chest, and with it, an emotion she ...

Author: Angel Smits

Publisher: ImaJinn Books

ISBN: 9781610260381


Page: 203

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The past returns to haunt them . . . Recurring, sensual dreams haunt Faith McCoy. The daughter of a minister, she's uncomfortable with the sexy images. While on a trip to the colorful gambling town of Cripple Creek, Colorado, she is shocked and frightened to find not only the room in her dreams, but the man whose touch haunts and excites her. She might consider a modern-day relationship if it weren't for the fact that the room--and her dream--are set in a former brothel. Casino owner Cord Burke has his own dreams of the beautiful woman who seduces him. He never expected her to be real, but when he meets Faith, he's drawn to her and the past that seems to threaten her. He refuses; however, to be drawn to the forevers and promises she represents. He's been burned too many times in life to consider settling down. Suspecting that they may have lived and loved in a prior life, they face the ghost of an old enemy. But how can they beat a ghost who has no fear--not even of death . . . Angel Smits's background as a geriatric social worker has given her a glimpse into many varied lives and generations. She finds her characters and stories in the people she's met. Angel has received the Romance Writers of America Golden Heart award and is a multi-published romance author. Angel lives in Colorado with her husband, daughter, and an overly-energetic border collie.

Memory s DoorMemory s Door

It was the early days of their marriage when they lived in a one-bedroom apartment with an ugly, swirling, pea green and dark green carpet, and a man downstairs who loved to play Frank Sinatra records at three in the morning with all ...

Author: James L. Rubart

Publisher: Thomas Nelson

ISBN: 9781401686086


Page: 368

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The prophecy brought them together. But the Wolf has risen, and now their greatest battle begins. The four members of Warriors Riding have learned to wage war in the supernatural, to send their spirits inside people’s souls, to battle demonic forces, and to bring deep healing to those around them. But their leader Reece is struggling with the loss of his sight. Brandon is being stalked at his concerts by a man in the shadows. Dana’s career is threatening to bury her. And Marcus questions his sanity as he seems to be slipping in and out of alternate realities. And now the second part of the prophecy has come true. The Wolf is hunting them and has set his trap. He circles, feeding on his supernatural hate of all they stand for. And he won’t stop until he brings utter destruction to their bodies . . . and their souls. “. . .this is a seriously heart-thumping and satisfying read that goes to the edge, jumps off, and ‘builds wings on the way down.’”—Publishers Weekly review of Soul’s Gate

In the Memory of the MapIn the Memory of the Map

Spring's sparse green carpet of annuals, which graced favored sites where moisture might collect, quickly faded into a lifeless brown shadow on the desert pavement. Perennial grasses and wildflowers, many of which blossomed in April and ...

Author: Christopher Norment

Publisher: University of Iowa Press

ISBN: 9781609380779


Page: 253

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Explores the relationship between maps, memory, and experience through personal stories.

of Sterling Qualityof Sterling Quality

Pale, pukish colored yellow walls and an ugly green carpet seemed to whisper memories to her. They were not only memories of her last weeks and days with Paris, her husband, ...

Author: Barbara L. Wyckoff

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781499037500


Page: 358

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Elegance is a state of mind which cannot be changed..... Merely enhanced by the nature of its circumstance. When prohibition closed Denver City's Sterling House, Lillian Anne Sterling found a circumstance which was true. Her elegance went with her to be forever changed in the shadow of a great mountain where she was surrounded by peach trees, adobe walls and a family that became hers.

Blood MemoryBlood Memory

The room looks just as I imagined it: ratty green carpet, two double beds, a TV on a stand, a lavatory beneath a mirror on the far wall. No Malik. I cross the room and kick open the bathroom door, the Walther extended in front of me.

Author: Greg Iles

Publisher: Scribner

ISBN: 9781982120672


Page: 656

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From the author of the New York Times bestselling Natchez Burning trilogy and the Penn Cage series, and hailed by Dan Brown (The Da Vinci Code) for his “utterly consuming” suspense fiction, Greg Iles melds forensic detail with penetrating insight in this novel that delves in the heart of a killer in a Mississippi town. Some memories live deep in the soul, indelible and dangerous, waiting to be resurrected… Forensic dentist “Cat” Ferry is suspended from an FBI task force when the world-class expert is inexplicably stricken with panic attacks and blackouts while investigating a chain of brutal murders. Returning to her Mississippi hometown, Cat finds herself battling with alcohol, plagued by nightmares, and entangled with a married detective. Then, in her childhood bedroom, some spilled chemicals reveal two bloody footprints…and the trauma of her father’s murder years earlier comes flooding back. Facing the secrets of her past, Cat races to connect them to a killer’s present-day violence. But what emerges is the frightening possibility that Cat herself might have blood on her hands… “As Southern Gothic as it gets” (Kirkus Reviews), Greg Iles’s Blood Memory “will have readers turning pages at a breakneck pace” (New Orleans Times-Picayune).

Memory ClosetMemory Closet

For months, during our twice-a-week long-distance phone conversations—Sundays and Wednesdays, lunchtime in Texas, early evening in my stable cottage just outside Oxford—Mama bemoaned the demise of the back yard's thick, green carpet.

Author: Ninie Hammon

Publisher: Kingstone Media

ISBN: 9780979903533


Page: 337

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In a rare lucid moment, Anne Mitchell's eighty-four-year-old grandmother warns her to give up her quest to find her missing childhood. Something happened to Anne when she was eleven years old that was so horrible that her mind erased the whole first decade of her life. Twenty years later she has come home to a dried-up Texas prairie town to find her past and to live with her crazy grandmother in the rambling old house where she grew up in a final desperate effort to remember.

Memory LapseMemory Lapse

She watched her feet on the pale green carpet taking the curving steps one after another. Her legs felt strange, oddly trembling, as if something had weakened her thigh muscles and messed up the locking mechanism for her knees.

Author: Kathleen O'Brien

Publisher: Harlequin

ISBN: 9781459286160



View: 958

Do You Have a Secret Fantasy? Drew Townsend does. And in his secret fantasy Laura Nolan returns. Three years ago, she ran away, leaving her engagement ring and a useless little note. Laura had told him to get on with his life, meet other women and forget her. And he had…except for the last part. Then one day Laura does come back, but not to him. She comes back to find out what secrets lay buried in her past—a past she can't really remember. Maybe once she remembers, she can get on with her life. And maybe, just maybe, that life can include Drew.

Goldfish MemoryGoldfish Memory

He stands beside the bed and stares at the dark green carpet. Another knock. The door opens. I'm naked, he says without looking up. He hears the surprise in his voice. The door closes again. Silence. Mr Roeder, your order.

Author: Monique Schwitter

Publisher: Parthian Books

ISBN: 9781910409763


Page: 300

View: 580

What does it mean to have a connection with someone? Everyday you see tens and hundreds of faces and overhear countless conversations. Everyday you pass people by - on the street. In the office. In the car. In cafes and bars. Down the corridors of department stores and hotel rooms. But what makes one person a stranger, and another a friend, an accomplice, even a lover? A traveler shuts himself up in his hotel room, with no-one but room service to talk to; a teenager stalks her long-lost father; a journalist interviews a great poet with a dark past; a woman pursues a doomed liaison with an anonymous man she meets once a month at the casino; a bar lady locked in with the regulars at night...These are just some of the tales exploring the mysterious and random side of human relationships. From the winner of the prestigious Robert Walser First Novel Award and Switzerland's Schiller Foundation Writers Prize, Goldfish Memory is the first translation of Monique Schwitter's form-breaking work. With a contemporary style that's cool, quick and funny, this collection is a refreshing new voice, not to be missed.