Collecting Historical AutographsCollecting Historical Autographs

President Garfield's only appointment was fellow Ohioan Stanley Matthews.
Matthews wrote the majority opinion in Yick Wo v. Hopkins. Otherwise, Matthews
had an unassuming tenure on the court. Matthews signed in a flowing hand.

Author: Ron Keurajian

Publisher: McFarland

ISBN: 9781476664156


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"Illustrations are outstanding. Ron Keurajian has amassed a huge amount of data over the decades and combined it with his observations, personal comments and recommendations. Anyone serious about collecting or selling autographs will find this new book indispensable"--International Autograph Collectors Club "Once you pick this book up you will find it very hard to put it down...highly recommended...will undoubtedly create many new informed collectors"--Autograph Planet "Keurajian has created a richly illustrated reference guide that can assist even the most novice collectors in separating the true from the fake…[will be] looked upon as a trusted guide for decades to come"--Civil War News Collecting autographs is a time-honored avocation that has exploded in popularity in recent years, creating a new industry with millions of autographed items for sale online. Coveted signatures include those of United States presidents, Civil War officers, World War II heroes, classical music composers and baseball stars. It has been estimated that 90 percent of historical autographs on the market today are forgeries. This book is a definitive guide to signature authentication for experts and beginners alike. Numerous illustrations of both genuine and forged signatures are included, from Ty Cobb to Abraham Lincoln to Isaac Newton to Neil Armstrong. Detailed descriptions of common forgeries are given, enabling collectors to make direct comparisons.

HMM Dallas Music and Entertainment Memorabilia Auction Catalog 688HMM Dallas Music and Entertainment Memorabilia Auction Catalog 688

Estimate: $500-up DAVE MATTHEWS iiifliiliisiiiiiiiw 30017 Jonny Lang Signed
Guitar. A six-string Autograph Pros electric guitar with vintage sunburst color
scheme, signed on the pick- guard by the Blues guitarist in black felt tip on July
16th, ...


Publisher: Heritage Capital Corporation

ISBN: 1599672294



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The Sevenpenny GateThe Sevenpenny Gate

... of the carriages before the train had stopped on the Cartsdyke platform, such
was their eagerness to get to the ground and see their team play. Oddly enough,
it was at Cappielow during the war that I had got Stanley Matthews' autograph.

Author: John Cairney

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 9781780571607


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'Clutching in my hand my seven copper pennies, I ran down the two flights of stone stairs from our tenement flat and through the East End to Kinloch Street, where, puffing a bit, I joined the queue of other wee boys lining up to place their coins on the brass plate above the iron turnstile, push hard against it, then climb up onto the dirt terracing and into Paradise. The rest of the world called it Celtic Park.' This is a story seen through green-and-white spectacles. It begins when nine-year-old Glaswegian John Cairney walks through the boys' gate at Celtic Park and embarks on a series of adventures that, over the years, take him all over Scotland and beyond. The Sevenpenny Gate is about a search for heroes, Celtic heroes. It is also the tale of an East End club of humble Irish origins that has developed into a worldwide brand and continues to command the devotion of its fans, even with the Celtic diaspora now spread across the globe.

Unholy Hands on the BibleUnholy Hands on the Bible

... really WEIGH the evidence against Codex B? Are we to believe that Codex B (
a manuscript well-known for its blunders, and for its omissions and occasional
additions to the true text) suddenly here presents us with St. Matthew's autograph

Author: Jay P. Green

Publisher: Sovereign Grace Publishers,

ISBN: 9781878442659


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This is an examination of six major new versions, the New International Version, (NIV); New American Standard Bible, (NASB); New Revised Standard Version, (NRSV); Revised English Bible, (REB); Good News Bible, (GNB); and the New American Bible, (NAB). It includes: 1) The textual basis of the above new versions; 2) 379 New Testament verses in which the above new versions are compared with the Greek of the Received Text, and the weak evidence that is back of their adulterations; 3) a 200-page examination of the New International Version (NIV) shows that they have added over 100,000 of their own words, and have failed to translate over 20,000 of the original words; 4) a separate examination of the New American Standard Bible (NASB). There are 8 appendices, including a thorough critique of Kurt Aland's Text of the New Testament. Get acquainted with the facts, for God is going to look to you to warn his people that these new versions are adulterated with many of the heresies of the Gnostics and others. Also, since they all contain contradictions within themselves, and also contradict one another, love for your fellow saints should require you to let them know that the words they are reading are not all God's words. Jay P. Green, Sr. (1918-2008) is Translator and Editor of The Interlinear Hebrew-Greek-English Bible and the translator of the Modern King James Version of the Holy Bible, The Teenage Version of the Holy Bible, and the Literal translation of the Holy Bible. He has written numerous books on textual criticism.

Book HistoryBook History

Late Victorian Confession Albums Samantha Matthews The " Secret Treasury " of
Autograph When I began considering nineteenth - and early twentieth - century
British autograph books , I was surprised to find that a genre with such piquant ...

Author: Ezra Greenspan

Publisher: Penn State Press

ISBN: 0271020504


Page: 328

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Book History is the annual journal of the Society for the History of Authorship, Reading and Publishing, Inc. (SHARP). Book History is devoted to every aspect of the history of the book, broadly defined as the history of the creation, dissemination, and the reception of script and print. Book History publishes research on the social, economic, and cultural history of authorship, editing, printing, the book arts, publishing, the book trade, periodicals, newspapers, ephemera, copyright, censorship, literary agents, libraries, literary criticism, canon formation, literacy, literacy education, reading habits, and reader response.

Faulkner s Artistic VisionFaulkner s Artistic Vision

Gray, Life of William Faulkner, 150-63, discusses As I Lay Dying as
carnivalesque; see Timms, "Carnival Yoknapatawpha, " 128-46, on Light in
August; and see Matthews, "Autograph," 247-69, on Pylon. All three draw on
Bakhtin, Rabelais and ...

Author: Ryūichi Yamaguchi

Publisher: Fairleigh Dickinson Univ Press

ISBN: 0838640141


Page: 317

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Although William Faulkner's imagination is often considered solely tragic, it actually blended what Faulkner himself called the bizarre and the terrible. Not only did Faulkner's vision encompass both comedy and tragedy; it perceived a latent humor in tragedy and vice versa. As a result, Faulkner's fiction is seldom simply comic or simply tragic. Faulkner's comedy incorporates tragedy and despair, and the humor in his novels may serve as well to intensify as to relieve a tragic or horrific effect. This study examines Faulkner's first nine novels, from Soldiers' Pay to Absalom, Absalom!, showing how humor is used to express theme: how it appears in the action, characters, and discourse of each novel; and how it contributes to the overall effect of each novel. In each case, even in the most pained and angry novels, Faulkner's practice of humor expresses his view that humor is an inseparable element of human experience. Ryuichi Yamaguchi is Professor of English and American literature at the Aichi University in Japan.

Location Register of English Literary Manuscripts and Letters Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries A JLocation Register of English Literary Manuscripts and Letters Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries A J

11848 & undated ] Autograph . - Owned . — With 2 letters from Arnold to his sister
Jane Oxford . Balliol College . Library . In Woodhouse Collection Access : by
appointment . — ( Jul 1988 ) Letter from Matthew Arnold to George Cubitt .

Author: David C. Sutton


ISBN: 0712303960


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The Sibyl and Her ScribesThe Sibyl and Her Scribes

Chapter 8 Matthew Paris , Augustine and the Tiburtina The pervasive impact of
the christological tradition of Sibylline ... under the supervision of Matthew Paris ,
and MS B and MS R are almost entirely autograph.2 Matthew constructed the ...

Author: Anke Holdenried

Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.

ISBN: 0754633756


Page: 254

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The Sibylla Tiburtina is a Latin prophecy attributed to a prophetess from classical antiquity. It concludes with an account of the End of History, involving the coming of Antichrist and his battle with a Last World Emperor. Approximately 100 manuscripts written between the mid-11th and the 16th centuries survive which testify to the Tiburtina's immense popularity in the medieval West; as such it is a key text for understanding medieval apocalypticism and occupies an important place in the intellectual history of the Middle Ages. This book not only re-examines the Tiburtina as a vehicle for expressing contemporary political concerns triggered by crises thought to herald the End of the World, but offers a new approach by placing it, for the first time, in the context of medieval traditions which saw Sibylline prophecy as independent, non-Christian evidence of Christ's life and as confirmation of His divinity. As is shown, these traditions had a major impact on the reception of the Tiburtina. The book concludes with a repertory of the manuscripts, together with brief outlines of individual textual traditions as represented in groups of manuscripts, which will constitute a valuable reference source for other scholars.

The Ultimate Celebrity Address Phone Book autograph collecting and media guideThe Ultimate Celebrity Address Phone Book autograph collecting and media guide

... VA 24450 Phone: Fax #: e-mail: Web: Info: Lisa Matthews -x PO Box 8066
Longboat Key, FL 34228 7KH 8OWLPDWH &HOHEULW\ $GGUHVV 3KRQH %

Author: Cord G. Coslor


ISBN: 9781411617537


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Now 400 pages! Over 14,000 listings in 43 celebrity categories! The Ultimate Celebrity Address & Phone Book is now available! Quit wasting time and money on downloading and buying endless celebrity lists and books that are full of outdated and incorrect addresses. Because... there's only one directory you need! This book is years of research into previously unknown addresses and other contact information, for every celebrity catagory, compiled into one book! In every category, there are only home, office, and management addresses, phone numbers, and other contact information given... including fax #s and e-mail addresses. This guide is GUARANTEED to bring you success!To show our confidence in our data, we are willing to pay you $.50 (fifty cents) for each address that you find in our book to be incorrect. We are making it our job to provide you with current and successful addresses. Chapters with autograph collecting tips and resources.... PERFECT FOR AUTOGRAPH COLLECTORS, FUND RAISERS, ORTHE MEDIA!

The Dave Matthews BandThe Dave Matthews Band

Also, Sabec alleged, Matthews had said that Hoffman had always been, and
always would be, in charge of and a participant in Matthews' publishing
endeavors. At a dinner at Mcllwaine's house in late January 199 5, Matthews
signed a ...

Author: Morgan Delancey

Publisher: ECW Press

ISBN: 9781550224436


Page: 321

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Featuring new photos and additional text, this revised chronology of the DaveMatthews Band (DMB) includes exclusive interviews, a firsthand account of DMBon the road, and updates on the personal lives of band members. 71 photos, 28in color.

Matthew ParisMatthew Paris

Since this paper was published , I have come across a further piece of evidence
which I had previously overlooked , that the Corpus Christi College , Cambridge ,
manuscript of the Chronica Majora ( B ) is Matthew ' s autograph . In one place ...


Publisher: CUP Archive




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A Yorkshire Family GenealogyA Yorkshire Family Genealogy

... Clothier BRIDE: Mary Hardcastle (signed) - of age - Spinster - of Kirkburton
Father: Joseph Hardcastle - Blacksmith Witness: Jon Fitton (signed) & Matthew
Rollinson (signed) Date: 30 December 1840 GROOM: Joseph Fitton Bower (
signed) ...



ISBN: 9781447775379



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Family Trees from Yorkshire. Some years ago I decided to find out who my ancestors were. How they lived and see what made me. Me Back in the 1980's long before computers made genealogy what it is today. I spent more hours in various Records Offices, Libraries looking through census returns and parish records, climbed over more gravestones in more cemeteries than I care to remember, resulting in this book. I hit a brick wall with my Knowles ancestors when I got back to the 1770's. Not being able to go back, I decided to branch off sideways, and look into some of the families connected to my family through marriage. This book contains 13 Family Trees with hundreds of names, dates, births, marriages and deaths of families from the Huddersfield/Barnsley and other areas of Yorkshire, England. Including some families who emigrated to the USA and Australia. All the families are connected to each other and together they make up a Yorkshire Family Genealogy.