Mediterranean MobilitiesMediterranean Mobilities

2 North–South Migrations to Marrakech Morocco is largely known as a country of
emigration or of transitory migration. ... The vast professional and investment
opportunities combined with the economic and financial crisis in Europe since
2009 ...

Author: Maria Paradiso

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9783319896328


Page: 221

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This book critically assesses mobilities across the Mediterranean Basin and explores the implications of changing European relationships in the light of observations of the intersectional formation and evolution of identities, behavior and ideas. Further, it discusses the timely topic of a new diversity of migration and mobility practices (personal and virtual mobilities in terms of gender, motivations, emotional geographies, impacts, and circulation) from conceptual and empirical perspectives, providing new insights for scholars and policy makers in the context of urgently needed national and European policies. Mediterranean Mobilities is based on fieldwork in European and non-European countries and on mutual learning and transfer of knowledge among scholars from nine universities in Morocco, Algeria, Israel, Ireland, Italy, Portugal and Spain, as well as stakeholders in Europe and North Africa. The results stem from the FP7 Marie Curie IRSES project MEDCHANGe coordinated by the book editor. The project comprises fieldwork conducted by distinguished scholars in Europe, Morocco, Algeria and Israel, generating original data and findings on fast changing realities. This book appeals to researchers but also serves as a basic or complementary text in advanced undergraduate, graduate or master’s courses on mobilities/migration, regionalization, cooperation, international relations and Mediterranean studies as part of teaching programs in geography, sociology, international political sciences, as well as programs focusing on regional studies (e.g., European integration). It is also of interest to the professional and institutional community in the wide area of Mediterranean politics, economy and society as well as a general readership.

Fodor s Florida 2009Fodor s Florida 2009

Dessert salutes to the land up north include 4 a crème brûlée made with maple
sugar ( $ 6 ) and the Canadian Club chocolate cake ( $ 8 ) . ... Chef Abrache
Lahcen of Morocco presents the best cooking of his homeland in this ornate
eatery , which looks like something from ... A good way to try a bit of everything is
the Marrakesh Royal Feast ( $ 42 per person ) , which includes chicken bastilla (
chicken in ...

Author: Fodor's

Publisher: Fodors Travel Publications

ISBN: 1400019494


Page: 688

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Provides complete travel information on the cities, small towns, and resorts of Florida with advice on transportation, dining, sightseeing, accommodations, sports, shopping, and other attractions

The Marrakesh DialoguesThe Marrakesh Dialogues

On August 4, 1578, near the North Moroccan town of El-Ksar el-Kebir, the
Portuguese invasion had ended in disaster. ... d'une grandetuerie chez les
chrétiens,les juifs & les musulmans (Paris: Chandeigne, 2009); see also Fernand
Braudel, ...

Author: Carsten L. Wilke

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9789004274020


Page: 574

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The anonymous Spanish dialogue between a Flemish proselyte to Judaism and his Catholic brother in Marrakesh is a forgotten classic of Jewish clandestine literature. This edition retrieves the 1583 text, identifies its author Estêvão Dias and follows his cross-confessional wanderings.

Grove Encyclopedia of Islamic Art Architecture Three Volume SetGrove Encyclopedia of Islamic Art Architecture Three Volume Set

Marrākush ; Fr . Marrakech ) . Moroccan city in the province of the same name .
Until c . 1890 the town was known as Morocco or Morocco City . Situated in the
arid Haouz plain north of the High Atlas Mountains , it is the southernmost of the ...

Author: Jonathan Bloom

Publisher: OUP USA

ISBN: 019530991X


Page: 1676

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Oxford University Press is proud to present the most up-to-date and comprehensive encyclopedia in this field. In three illustrated volumes with more than 1,500 entries, the Encyclopedia deals with all aspects of this important area of study, ranging from the Middle East to Central Asia to Southeast Asia and Africa as well as Europe and North America. The Grove Encyclopedia of Islamic Art and Architecture covers all subject areas including: artists, ruler, writers, architecture, ceramics, sculpture, painting, calligraphy, coins, textiles, and much more.

Global and Local in Algeria and MoroccoGlobal and Local in Algeria and Morocco

This is not an idle question – in fact, the Marrakesh Biennale structure claims a
locality that is all three. The AiM Festival defines its goals as promoting within a tri
-lingual festival the 'status of the artist and contemporary culture in North Africa' ...

Author: James McDougall

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317411581


Page: 188

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This book brings together contributors across the disciplines to examine the local, national, regional and global processes that have shaped Maghribi societies, economies and politics since the colonial period. Focusing equally on the local shape of global processes and on the broader significance of particular ‘ways of doing things’, these studies move beyond generalisations about globalisation and its impact on local societies, whether developmental or detrimental, of the ‘global in the local’, or of ‘glocalisation’. Cases range from the onset of the ‘first wave’ of globalisation in the colonial era to the most recent developments in identity politics, consumerism, and telecommunications. Contributors show how nationalising and globalising influences are seized, remade, and put to work in very different ways by High Atlas farmers or urban real estate speculators, human rights activists at the edge of the Sahara and amateur theatre actors in Mediterranean towns. Always located somewhere, these social actors nonetheless act in different ways, with different effects, at different levels of engagement, whether with each other, their own governments, or the wider world. This book was published as a special issue of the Journal of North African Studies.

What Moroccan Cinema What Moroccan Cinema

In What Moroccan Cinema?

Author: Sandra Gayle Carter

Publisher: Lexington Books

ISBN: 9780739131879


Page: 392

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From its early focus on documentary film and nation building to its more recent spotlight on contemporary culture and feature filmmaking, Moroccan cinema has undergone tremendous change since the country's independence in 1956. In What Moroccan Cinema? A Historical and Critical Study, 1956-2006, Sandra Gayle Carter chronicles the changes in Moroccan laws, institutions, ancillary influences, individuals active in the field, representative films, and film culture during this fifty-year span. Focusing on Moroccan history and institutions relative to the cinema industry such as television, newspaper criticism, and Berber videomaking, What Moroccan Cinema? is an intriguing study of the ways in which three historical periods shaped the Moroccan cinema industry. Carter provides an insightful and thorough treatment of the cinema institution, discussing exhibition and distribution, censorship, and cinema clubs and caravans. Carter grounds her analysis by exploring representative films of each respective era. The groundbreaking analysis offered in What Moroccan Cinema? will prove especially valuable to those in film and Middle Eastern studies.

Handbook of Organised Crime and PoliticsHandbook of Organised Crime and Politics

On West Africa and Nigeria see Mazzitelli (2007), Ellis (2009), Reno (2009), Antil
(2010), Peduzzi (2010) and Ebbe (2012). ... The ruins of Sijilmāsa are located 40
km north of Merzouga in the region of Tafilalet in modern-day Morocco. ... Lying
12 miles away from Aghmat, the city of Marrakesh was founded by Yusuf ibn
Tashfin in 1077 as the capital city and, notably, 'centre de leur domination et le fil

Author: Felia Allum

Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing

ISBN: 9781786434579


Page: 528

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This multidisciplinary Handbook examines the interactions that develop between organised crime groups and politics across the globe. This exciting original collection highlights the difficulties involved in researching such relationships and shines a new light on how they evolve to become pervasive and destructive. This new Handbook brings together a unique group of international academics from sociology, criminology, political science, anthropology, European and international studies.

IIEPassport 2008 2009IIEPassport 2008 2009

... UNIVERSITY OF DAYTON Interdepartmental Summer Study Abroad ( ISSAP ) -
Morocco Site : Morocco : Casablanca ... UNIVERSITY OF
WISCONSINMILWAUKEE Morocco : Education and Culture Site : Morocco : Fez ,
Marrakesh , Rabat Dates : Jul 2 - 31 Subjects : Arabic language , Arabic studies

Author: Marie O'Sullivan


ISBN: 0872063011


Page: 736

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Allah s GardenAllah s Garden

Allah's Garden is a true story focusing on a Moroccan doctor's 25-year detainment by militants in the Sahara Desert and is interwoven with an American volunteer's own adventures while in Morocco.

Author: Thomas Hollowell

Publisher: Allah's Garden: A True Story

ISBN: 9780964142398


Page: 196

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Allah's Garden is a true story focusing on a Moroccan doctor's 25-year detainment by militants in the Sahara Desert and is interwoven with an American volunteer's own adventures while in Morocco.

Sports Market PlaceSports Market Place




ISBN: PSU:000064855820



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The prmier reference book for everything and everybody related to the sports industry.

Ahmad Al MansurAhmad Al Mansur

It was the virtual capital of northern Morocco and its people mistrusted everything
that came from the south , which they regarded as barbarous and uncivilized .
Marrakesh , the capital of the south , was the city through which caravan traffic
and ...

Author: Mercedes Garcia-Arenal

Publisher: Oneworld Academic

ISBN: UCSC:32106019802815


Page: 156

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Sultan Ahmad al-Mansur (1549-1603) was one of the most important rulers in the history of Morocco, who propelled the country to the forefront of international politics. He introduced Morocco to a process of modernization, which to this day bears the mark of his twenty-five-year rule in the sixteenth century. Although famed for his cunning diplomacy in the power struggle over the Mediterranean, and his allegiance with Britain against Spain in the conquest for the newly discovered Americas, he was more than a political and military tactician. A descendent of the Prophet Muhammad himself, al-Mansur was a charismatic religious authority with ambitions to become Caliph and ruler of all Muslims.

Muslim Spaces of HopeMuslim Spaces of Hope

This chapter is based on our research and our own experiences of using the
hammām in different countries of North Africa and the ... in Cairo ( Egypt ) , Tunis (
Tunisia ) , Tripoli ( Libya ) and Marrakesh ( Morocco ) between 2007 and 2009.

Author: Richard Phillips

Publisher: Zed Books

ISBN: 1848133014


Page: 279

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Debates about contemporary Islam and Muslims in the West have taken some negative turns in the depressing atmosphere of the war on terror and its aftermath. This book argues that we have been too preoccupied with problems, not enough with solutions. The increased mobilisation and scrutiny of Muslim identities has taken place in the context of a more general recasting of racial ideas and racism: a shift from overtly racial to ostensibly ethnic and cultural including religious categories within discourses of social difference. The targeting of Muslims has been associated with new forms of an older phenomenon: imperialism. New divisions between Muslims and others echo colonial binaries of black and white, colonised and coloniser, within practices of divide and rule. This book speaks to others who have been marginalised and colonised, and to wider debates about social difference, oppression and liberation.

The World s HeritageThe World s Heritage

Medina of Marrakesh Morocco Criteria - Human creative genius ; Interchange of
values ; Significance in human history ... economic and cultural centre that was
influential throughout the western Muslim world from North Africa to Andalusia .



ISBN: IND:30000145975169


Page: 832

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All currently inscribed UNESCO World Heritage sites--878 sites in 145 countries--are described.

Sport PsychologySport Psychology

Marrakesh , Morocco , is the site of the 2009 ISSP meeting . The ISSP also
promotes its goals through its scholarly journal , The International Journal of
Sport Psychology . North American Organizations The North American Society for
the ...

Author: Arnold D. LeUnes


ISBN: PSU:000067089055


Page: 660

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Covers the sport psychology with a balance between theory and application. This book features a pedagogical program including the applied vignettes, chapter outlines, key terms with glossary, chapter summaries, student-oriented suggested readings, and several tables and figures to visually summarize the key concepts.

The OECD ObserverThe OECD Observer

Roundtable on the Middle East and North Africa focusing on more traditional
industries , such as farming and fisheries . ... led the agenda as ministers from
MENA and OECD countries gathered at Marrakech in Morocco on 23 November



ISBN: MINN:31951P01090451K



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Algeria and Morocco are the largest countries in North Africa and are neighbors,
but they had different colonial experiences and emerged ... which it closed 15
years ago in retaliation for Moroccan accusations that Algerians were involved in
terror attacks in Marrakesh. ... Military to Keep Border with Morocco Closed,” Al-
Quds al- Arabi website, August 1, 2009, BBC Monitoring Middle East, August 3,

Author: Carol Migdalovitz

Publisher: DIANE Publishing

ISBN: 9781437943863


Page: 14

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The focus of this report is Algeria, a country in North Africa that is increasingly important for U.S. efforts to counter international terrorism as a key partner in the fight against Al Qaeda linked groups. As an energy producer, it also is a significant source of natural gas for the United States and not a major recipient of U.S. aid. Contents of this report: Government and Politics; Terrorism; Counterterrorism; Human Rights; Economy; Foreign Affairs: Morocco; France; European Union; The United States. Map and table. This is a print on demand edition of an important, hard-to-find report.

F s RebornF s Reborn

Employment down to 9 % , but job growth morocco anaemic . Feb 4 , 2011. ... 02/
03/2009 4 Rogerson , Barnarby . Marrakesh , Fez , Rabat . Cadogan ... In North
Africa : politics region and 18 Millennium Challenge Corporation . Fez - Where ...

Author: Florian Schaetz

Publisher: Oro Editions

ISBN: UCBK:C107372536


Page: 287

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Fes is magnificent. Fes is conservation. Fes is reborn. Massive walls shimmer golden in the evening light. We enter a maze of narrow sand-colored alleys with an aura of spices, chorus of prayers and hidden mysteries. Founded in the 9th century, the Medina of Fes was the capital of Morocco and it is still considered by many to be the intellectual and cultural heart of the kingdom. As a car-free living museum with immense architectural and historic treasures, the city is faced with deterioration and abandonment. Will conservation enhance a cultural dialogue and foster socioeconomic cohesion towards a sustainable redevelopment? Fes Reborn is an architectural journey that reflects upon one of the most important UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the Islamic World. Studies, essays and interviews are presented with analytical graphics, data, drawings and photo journals. The complexity of a medieval urban form and its relevance in the modern world is unraveled. This book offers designers, researchers and travelers an insight into conservation, tourism, art and the community of Fes. Selected design proposals create a dialogue between cultural authenticity, craftsmanship and sustainable technologies. Following conservation guidelines, these projects offer provocative new ideas for a careful revitalization and rehabilitation of the Medina.

Public Accounts of Canada 2010Public Accounts of Canada 2010

Minister of Foreign Affairs ( MINA ) to Marrakesh ( Morocco ) - G8 - Broader
Middle East North Africa ( G8 - BMENA ) Initiative's Forum for the ... AT OTHER

Author: Canada. Supply and Services Canada

Publisher: Canadian Government Pub Centre

ISBN: 0660199661



View: 891

The Public Accounts of Canada is the report of the Government of Canada prepared annually by the Receiver General, as required by section 64 of the Financial Administration Act. It covers the fiscal year of the Government, which ends on March 31. Each department and agency is responsible for reconciling its accounts to the control accounts of the Receiver General, and for maintaining detailed records of the transactions in their accounts. The report covers the financial transactions of the Government during the year. In certain cases, parliamentary authority to undertake transactions was provided by legislation approved in earlier years. Volume III presents supplementary information and analyses.--Document.