Managing Innovation in a Global and Digital WorldManaging Innovation in a Global and Digital World

The contributed volume is a Festschrift for Prof. Dr. Cornelius Herstatt to mark his 60th birthday. The twin impact of globalization and digitization is deeply affecting how technology and innovation are managed in firms.

Author: Rajnish Tiwari

Publisher: Springer Gabler

ISBN: 3658272406


Page: 411

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The twin impact of globalization and digitization is deeply affecting how technology and innovation are managed in firms. This contributed volume analyzes the changing dynamics in the interplay of technology, business and society and the resultant implications for innovation management at firm and policy levels. Leading experts connect global megatrends with open & user innovation, globalization of R&D, frugal innovation, sustainability and innovation ecosystems. The contributed volume is a Festschrift for Prof. Dr. Cornelius Herstatt to mark his 60th birthday.

BPM Driving Innovation in a Digital WorldBPM Driving Innovation in a Digital World

This book shows how business process management (BPM), as a management discipline at the intersection of IT and Business, can help organizations to master digital innovations and transformations.

Author: Jan vom Brocke

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9783319144306


Page: 308

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This book shows how business process management (BPM), as a management discipline at the intersection of IT and Business, can help organizations to master digital innovations and transformations. At the same time, it discusses how BPM needs to be further developed to successfully act as a driver for innovation in a digital world. In recent decades, BPM has proven extremely successful in managing both continuous and radical improvements in many sectors and business areas. While the digital age brings tremendous new opportunities, it also brings the specific challenge of correctly positioning and scoping BPM in organizations. This book shows how to leverage BPM to drive business innovation in the digital age. It brings together the views of the world’s leading experts on BPM and also presents a number of practical cases. It addresses mangers as well as academics who share an interest in digital innovation and business process management. The book covers topics such as BPM and big data, BPM and the Internet of Things, and BPM and social media. While these technological and methodological aspects are key to BPM, process experts are also aware that further nontechnical organizational capabilities are required for successful innovation. The ideas presented in this book have helped us a lot while implementing process innovations in our global Logistics Service Center. Joachim Gantner, Director IT Services, Swarovski AG Managing Processes – everyone talks about it, very few really know how to make it work in today’s agile and competitive world. It is good to see so many leading experts taking on the challenge in this book. Cornelius Clauser, Chief Process Officer, SAP SE This book provides worthwhile readings on new developments in advanced process analytics and process modelling including practical applications – food for thought how to succeed in the digital age. Ralf Diekmann, Head of Business Excellence, Hilti AG This book is as an important step towards process innovation systems. I very much like to congratulate the editors and authors for presenting such an impressive scope of ideas for how to address the challenging, but very rewarding marriage of BPM and innovation. Professor Michael Rosemann, Queensland University of Technology

Managing Knowledge for Global and Collaborative InnovationsManaging Knowledge for Global and Collaborative Innovations

Key words: Grassroots Innovations, community development, Digital Divide ... of the knowledge diffusion and technology innovations in the world.

Author: Samuel Kai Wah Chu

Publisher: World Scientific

ISBN: 9789814299855


Page: 420

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Networked and interconnected world, improving communication, collaboration and knowledge sharing between people and organization is very important. This book provides an insight into knowledge management practices and their applications to a wide range of complex issues.

Technology Diffusion and Adoption Global Complexity Global InnovationTechnology Diffusion and Adoption Global Complexity Global Innovation

Global Complexity, Global Innovation Zolait, Ali Hussein Saleh ... Information systems today: Managing in the digital world.

Author: Zolait, Ali Hussein Saleh

Publisher: IGI Global

ISBN: 9781466627925


Page: 366

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Technology Diffusion and Adoption: Global Complexity, Global Innovation discusses the emerging topics of information technology and the IT based solutions in global and multi-cultural environments. This comprehensive collection addresses the aspects of innovation diffusion in the field of business computing technologies and is essential for researchers, practitioners, academicians and educators all over the world.

Managing Innovation and Cultural Management in the Digital EraManaging Innovation and Cultural Management in the Digital Era

... the digital world, and so create a modern, vibrant image both in Taiwan and abroad and concurrently enhance its global exposure (National Palace Museum, ...

Author: Rua-Huan Tsaih

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317504627


Page: 230

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The world-class National Palace Museum (NPM) in Taiwan possesses a repository of the largest collection of Chinese cultural treasures of outstanding quality. Through implementing a two-organizational restructuring, and shifting its operational focus from being object-oriented to public-centered, it aims to capture the attention of people and promote awareness of the culture and traditions of China. In this vein, the NPM combines its expertise in museum service with the possibilities afforded by Information Technology (IT). This book analyses the research results of a team sponsored by the National Science Council in Taiwan to observe the development processes and accomplishments, and to conduct scientific researches covering not only the technology and management disciplines, but also the humanities and social science disciplines. The development process of new digital content and IT-enabled services of NPM would be a useful benchmark for museums, cultural and creative organizations and traditional organizations in Taiwan and around the world.

Leadership Innovation and Entrepreneurship as Driving Forces of the Global EconomyLeadership Innovation and Entrepreneurship as Driving Forces of the Global Economy

In 2nd Annual International Conference on Human Resource Management and Professional Development for the Digital Age (pp. 142–143). Singapore: Global ...

Author: Rachid Benlamri

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9783319434346


Page: 815

View: 436

This volume aims to outline the fundamental principles behind leadership, innovation and entrepreneurship and show how the interrelations between them promote business and trade practices in the global economy. Derived from the 2016 International Conference on Leadership, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship (ICLIE), this volume showcases original papers presenting current research, discoveries and innovations across disciplines such as business, social sciences, engineering, health sciences and medicine. The pace of globalization is increasing at a rapid rate and is primarily driven by increasing volume of trade, accelerating pace of competition among nations, freer flows of capital and increased level of cooperation among trading partners. Leadership, innovation, and entrepreneurship are key driving forces in enhancing this phenomenon and are among the major catalysts for contemporary businesses trading in the global economy. This conference and the enclosed papers provides a platform in which to disseminate and exchange ideas to promote a better understanding of current issues and solutions to challenges in the globalized economy in relation to the fields of entrepreneurship, business and economics, technology management, and Islamic finance and management. Thus, the theories, research, innovations, methods and practices presented in this book will be of use to researchers, practitioners, student and policy makers across the globe.

Handbook of Digital InnovationHandbook of Digital Innovation

Accessed December 1, 2016 at http:// www .hyperloop .global/ press. ... management: Reinventing innovation management research in a digital world.

Author: Satish Nambisan

Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing

ISBN: 9781788119986


Page: 320

View: 949

Digital innovations influence every aspect of life in an increasingly digitalized world. Firms pursuing digital innovations must consider how digital technologies shape the nature, process and outcomes of innovation as well as long- and short-term social, economic and cultural consequences of their offerings. This Handbook contributes to a transdisciplinary understanding of digital innovation with a diverse set of leading scholars and their distinct perspectives. The ideas and principles advanced herein set the agenda for future transdisciplinary research on digital innovation in ways that inform not only firm-level strategies and practices but also policy decisions and science-focused investments.

Disruptive Innovation in Business and Finance in the Digital WorldDisruptive Innovation in Business and Finance in the Digital World

INNOVATION. 3.1 Artificial Intelligence The term AI is said to come from a 1956 Dartmouth College summer workshop where researchers from various fields ...

Author: J. Jay Choi

Publisher: Emerald Group Publishing

ISBN: 9781789733815


Page: 256

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This volume contains fourteen articles split across four parts, exploring the debate around the topics of fintech, AI, blockchain, and cryptocurrency. Featuring a cast of global contributors, this is an unmissable volume exploring the most current research on digital innovation in the financial and business worlds.

Managing Change Creativity and InnovationManaging Change Creativity and Innovation

prospective scenarios in a global digital world where jobs are becoming increasingly precarious and the disparities in income and wealth are widening.

Author: Patrick Dawson

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 9781529764994


Page: 608

View: 621

This bestselling text brings a fresh and unique approach to managing organizational change, taking the view that change, creativity and innovation are interconnected. It offers a strong theoretical understanding of change, creativity and innovation along with practical guidance and ideas for organizational change and development. The fourth edition comes with: lots of brand-new case studies and examples from around the world extra content on innovation and technology extended discussion and an additional chapter on the people aspects of change that includes culture, sensemaking and temporality Written in an engaging and accessible style, this books is essential for those studying organizational change management or creativity and innovation.

Shaping the Digital EnterpriseShaping the Digital Enterprise

Trends and Use Cases in Digital Innovation and Transformation Gerhard Oswald, ... Business Process Management—Driving Innovation in a Digital World.

Author: Gerhard Oswald

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9783319409672


Page: 335

View: 985

This book sheds light on cross-industry and industry-specific trends in today’s digital economy. Prepared by a group of international researchers, experts and practitioners under the auspices of SAP’s Digital Thought Leadership & Enablement team within SAP’s Business Transformation Services (BTS) unit, the book furthermore presents relevant use cases in digital transformation and innovation. The book argues that breakthrough technologies have matured and hit scale together, enabling five defining trends: hyper-connectivity, supercomputing, cloud computing, a smarter world, and cyber security. It presents in detail how companies are now reimagining their products and services, business models and processes, showcasing how every business today is a digital business. Digitalization, defined as the process of moving to a digital business, is no longer a choice but an imperative for all businesses across all industries and regions. Taking a step toward becoming a digital enterprise is demanding and challenging. The dimensions of customer centricity, leadership and strategy, business models, including offerings (products and services), processes, structure and governance, people and skills, culture, and technology foundation can serve as orientation for digitalization. The articles in this book touch on all dimensions of this digital innovation and transformation framework and offer possible answers to some of the pressing questions that arise when practitioners seek to digitalize their business.

Insights Innovation and Analytics for Optimal Customer EngagementInsights Innovation and Analytics for Optimal Customer Engagement

... to manage innovation and digital business model. In Managing Diversity, innovation and infrastructure in business world (pp. 41–63). IGI Global.

Author: Nagaraj, Samala

Publisher: IGI Global

ISBN: 9781799839200


Page: 334

View: 364

Engaging customers has become an effective strategy of marketers for improving customer-brand relationships as customer engagement is a perfect predictor of organic growth. Aggressive sales promotions, advertising campaigns, rewards, discounts, and more may attract a customer, but customer engagement creates an emotional connection with the brands/firms/services, which drives customer loyalty and long-term profitability. This has become much more applicable and effective with the use of social media platforms and the increased access of internet. Moreover, the implementation of customer analytics to measure engagement activities has provided marketers with more insights for improving services. Insights, Innovation, and Analytics for Optimal Customer Engagement is an advanced reference book that covers the latest emerging research in customer engagement and includes underlying theories, innovative methods, a review of existing literature, engagement analytics, and insights for marketers with reference to customer engagement. The book covers various product categories, industries, and sectors that are working to engage customers in inventive and creative ways. This book is a comprehensive reference tool for marketers, brand managers, social media specialists, advertisers, managers, executives, academicians, researchers, practitioners, and students interested in gaining comprehensive knowledge about customer engagement and the latest advancements in the field.

International Business in the Information and Digital AgeInternational Business in the Information and Digital Age

(2009) reported a significant increase in the global sourcing of innovation activities to offshore locations in response to the failure by the us Congress ...

Author: Rob van Tulder

Publisher: Emerald Group Publishing

ISBN: 9781787563261


Page: 448

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The information and digital age is shaped by a small number of multinational enterprises from a limited number of countries. This volume covers the latest insight from the International Business discipline on prevailing trends in business model evolution. It also discusses critical issues of regulation in the new information and digital space.

Frugal InnovationFrugal Innovation

Digital innovation management: Reinventing innovation management research in a digital world. MIS Quarterly, 41(1). Nambisan, S., Siegel, D., & Kenney, ...

Author: Adela J. McMurray

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9780429655272


Page: 344

View: 880

Customers are increasingly seeking "low-cost, high-quality" or what is known as frugal products that meet the buyer’s needs while reducing the associated cost of ownership. This book examines the developing principles and theories of frugal innovations across the globe. The authors identify frugal innovation (FI) using a multi-method approach to data analysis. They argue that the concept of frugality as a societal/ethical value has undergone several changes and propose a differentiated model of frugal innovations. They address frugal innovations that have never been accessible to the public. Hands-on case studies across multiple industry sectors and countries, supported by theory, provide multiple learning opportunities. The authors explore the relationship between FI and digitalization and technology, and discuss how FI can be applied in the context of contemporary issues such as food security. Further, they articulate the mechanisms by which FI beliefs and values can be incorporated into organizational culture. The final chapters address both ethical and controversial views of frugal innovation. The book is a valuable resource for students in business courses, for industry professionals wanting to improve their triple bottom line, and for educators wanting to influence and change the mind-sets of the younger generations to effectively deal with today’s and tomorrow’s challenges.

Organizational Transformation and Managing Innovation in the Fourth Industrial RevolutionOrganizational Transformation and Managing Innovation in the Fourth Industrial Revolution

THE DIGITAL ENVIRONMENT Electronic Commerce and Digital Marketing The EC and the DM ... or typology of traditional Marketing adapted to the new Digital Era, ...

Author: Guerra Guerra, Alicia

Publisher: IGI Global

ISBN: 9781522570752


Page: 374

View: 409

With the growth and advancement of business and industry, there is a growing need for the advancement of the strategies that manage these modernizations. Adaptation to advancement is essential for the success of these organizations and using the proper methods to accomplish this essential adaptation is paramount. Organizational Transformation and Managing Innovation in the Fourth Industrial Revolution provides innovative insights into the management of advancements and the implementation of strategies to accommodate these changes. The content within this publication examines social engagement, cyber-journalism, and educational innovation. It is designed for managers, consultants, academicians, researchers, and professionals, and covers topics centered on the growth of businesses and how they change alongside the economy and infrastructure.

Information and Communication Overload in the Digital AgeInformation and Communication Overload in the Digital Age

Handbook of Research on Effective Project Management through the Integration of Knowledge and Innovation. Hershey: IGI Global. doi:10.4018/978-1-4666-7536-0 ...

Author: Marques, Rui Pedro Figueiredo

Publisher: IGI Global

ISBN: 9781522520627


Page: 380

View: 978

Advances in communication technologies have created an overabundance of available information and knowledge to people in contemporary society. Consequently, it has become pivotal to develop new approaches for information processing and understanding. Information and Communication Overload in the Digital Age is a comprehensive reference source for the latest scholarly material on the increased amount of information created by evolving technologies, examining creative methods for improved control of information overload. Focusing on theoretical and experimental topics, such as media consumption, media literacy, and business applications, this book is ideally designed for researchers, practitioners, academics, graduate students, and professionals seeking emerging perspectives on information and communication management.

Managing Digital Open InnovationManaging Digital Open Innovation

Digital innovation management: Reinventing innovation management research in a digital world. MIS Quarterly, 41(1), 223–238. Narsalay, R., Brunswicker, S., ...

Author: Pierre-jean Barlatier

Publisher: World Scientific

ISBN: 9789811219245


Page: 608

View: 892

Recent developments of Internet-based digital technologies have revealed a huge potential of developing open, collaborative and network-centred innovation. However, firms face major challenges in using new technologies for rapid prototyping, data-mining, simulation, visualization, etc. to support their Open Innovation strategies.Responding to the need for further conceptual and empirical research on technology-enhanced open innovation, this book provides fresh and topical insights on how firms from different sectors have successfully implemented digital technologies for Open Innovation. Based on rich empirical data, this book discusses the benefits and drawbacks, the processes, the characteristics and the management practices of ICT-driven Open Innovation in private as well as public organizations.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Sport ManagementInnovation and Entrepreneurship in Sport Management

Driving Innovation and Business Success in the Digital Economy (pp. 42–56). Hershey, PA: IGI Global. Beliaeva, T., Ferasso, M., Kraus, S., & Damke, ...

Author: Vanessa Ratten

Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing

ISBN: 9781783473960


Page: 192

View: 588

This timely book takes both a practical and academic perspective of innovation in sport management, exploring the role of entrepreneurship in sport. With its interdisciplinary approach, it provides a holistic overview of the ways in which sport is both innovative and entrepreneurial.

Perspectives for Digital Social Innovation to Reshape the European Welfare SystemsPerspectives for Digital Social Innovation to Reshape the European Welfare Systems

Handbook of Research on Individualism and Identity in the Globalized Digital Age, IGI Global, 2016. [36] Ragnedda, M., Muschert, G.W. (Eds.). The digital ...

Author: F. Davide

Publisher: IOS Press

ISBN: 9781643681573


Page: 356

View: 236

Social welfare is riddled with ingrained problems that have already defeated all standard approaches, and reform calls for counterintuitive action. Digital Social Innovation (DSI) is primarily about promoting grassroots initiatives to address localized societal problems, and is not normally talked about in relation to welfare reform, but perhaps social innovation initiatives, with their localized and case-based approach, could help to solve the enormous structural problems faced by our welfare democracies today. This book addresses the potential and implications of DSI for the reform of the European welfare state. The 14 papers collected here focus on key issues, such as the nature of social innovation and its effects; scaling up to address structural problems and make systemic change; new social risks and challenges; the role of digital thinking and emerging technologies; public governance approaches; tolerance of institutions; integrating innovation in the welfare system; and the empowerment of marginalized citizens. These topics are examined from an integrated and multi-disciplinary perspective, taking into consideration not only current EU debate on policy trends for social protection, but also the nature of digital transformation and its effects on social change. The book also highlights barriers to adoption, as well as the potential limitations and failures of this emerging approach. Digital social innovation is an emerging discipline that deserves more attention from policy makers and more resources from government. Drawing on welfare studies, political science, sociology, psychology, law and computer science, this book will be of interest to researchers, practitioners and policy makers alike.