Making God PossibleMaking God Possible

Part 1 of Making God Possible looks at recent cultural shifts and the challenges they present to Christianity in the twenty-first century.

Author: Alan Billings

Publisher: SPCK

ISBN: 9780281065462


Page: 208

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What are clergy for? In this lively and provocative volume, Alan Billings argues that they serve the mission and ministry of the Church, which is to make God possible. In each new era, how to carry out this mission effectively will vary, as the Church seeks to respond to changes in society and culture, but it is likely to involve clergy in a refocusing of their ministry. Part 1 of Making God Possible looks at recent cultural shifts and the challenges they present to Christianity in the twenty-first century. Part 2 explores some of the models of ministry which have been found in the Church in the past and which continue to exercise an influence: classical (the parson); evangelical (the minister); catholic (the priest), and utility (the social activist and personal therapist). The author skilfully draws out those things of lasting importance and value in each model that might contribute towards the renewal of the ordained ministry today.

Is a Good God Logically Possible Is a Good God Logically Possible

This natural opportunity for soul-making is something to which we have a right, a
right that can be pressed against our ... virtually without limit, so that God would
permit their consequences and thereby make possible our receiving a Godly ...

Author: James P. Sterba

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9783030054694


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Using yet untapped resources from moral and political philosophy, this book seeks to answer the question of whether an all good God who is presumed to be all powerful is logically compatible with the degree and amount of moral and natural evil that exists in our world. It is widely held by theists and atheists alike that it may be logically impossible for an all good, all powerful God to create a world with moral agents like ourselves that does not also have at least some moral evil in it. James P. Sterba focuses on the further question of whether God is logically compatible with the degree and amount of moral and natural evil that exists in our world. The negative answer he provides marks a new stage in the age-old debate about God's existence.

Making Sense of Faith in GodMaking Sense of Faith in God

How belief makes science possible Jonathan Clatworthy. it. Hence the famous
comment the French scientist Laplace is reputed to have made, when Napoleon
asked why he had not mentioned God in his theory: 'No, Sire, I had no need of
that ...

Author: Jonathan Clatworthy

Publisher: SPCK

ISBN: 9780281068548


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Many people's understanding of the world does not include God. A number of 'new atheist' authors - such as Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens, Sam Harris and Daniel Dennett - claim that science can explain how the universe works without any need for the divine, and this seems to have become the default position in modern Western culture. But a great number of people are prepared to spend time and effort trying to establish some sort of spiritual dimension to their lives. Faced with the choice between rejecting modern scientific knowledge or all awareness of the divine, they choose from a range of vaguely 'spiritual' practices and ideas, which can be picked up and dropped with minimal commitment. Making Sense of Faith in God , as the title indicates, offers a different alternative: to reject neither reason nor God, because believing in God makes sense.


From trusted author Don Cousins comes Unexplainable, a dynamic book designed to help people find true fulfillment by shifting their life view from outside-in to inside-out.

Author: Don Cousins

Publisher: David C Cook

ISBN: 9780781403535


Page: 272

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From trusted author Don Cousins comes Unexplainable, a dynamic book designed to help people find true fulfillment by shifting their life view from outside-in to inside-out. Most of us live our lives from the “outside-in.” This means we try to order our external circumstances (family, finances, career, friends, leisure, etc.) in such a way that we feel happy, secure, and content within. But this approach simply doesn’t work. Few of us are ever able to get our life circumstances just as we want, and even when we feel we do, it doesn’t last. More importantly, the Bible makes it clear that God intended life to be experienced “inside-out.” Unexplainable will inspire you to pursue a life for which there’s no logical explanation apart from God.

God of the PossibleGod of the Possible

100 Creating Damned Individuals The problem the classical view of
foreknowledge faces regarding evil is particularly intense when we consider hell.
If it is difficult to suppose that God allows all temporal suffering because he
foresees a ...

Author: Gregory A. Boyd

Publisher: Baker Books

ISBN: 158558150X


Page: 176

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Through an examination of relevant biblical passages, this theologian-pastor presents an alternative "open view" to the classical doctrine on God's foreknowledge of the future.

Making Your Calling and Election SureMaking Your Calling and Election Sure

Being Fully Prepaid for the Return of Jesus Christ Godsword Godswill Onu.
PERFECTING. HOLINESS. The Word of God speaks of perfecting holiness.The
Word says ... To be perfect is to be ofthe very best possible kind or standard.It is
to be ...

Author: Godsword Godswill Onu

Publisher: Osmora Incorporated

ISBN: 9782765909064


Page: 180

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God has called us to Himself, and He has elected us to spend eternity with Him. There are things that battle against our calling and election. The Christian has three main enemies, which are: the flesh, the world, and the devil. In fact, the strongest and greatest enemy of a Believer is the flesh. Though his spirit is willing to please God, yet his flesh is weak. And if you want to succeed in the race you are running, then you must bring your flesh under subject to your spirit and obey God’s Word and His Spirit.

Making Wise the SimpleMaking Wise the Simple

As "priests" they will also make access to God possible for others, for the rest of
the world that belongs to God, for people ... God's "holiness" can be understood,
of course, as God's otherness, a contemplation of which causes human awe and

Author: Johanna W. H. van Wijk-Bos

Publisher: Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing

ISBN: 0802809901


Page: 329

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Too long restricted to children's storybooks and cinematic extravaganzas, the Torah -- comprising the first five books of the Bible -- is an underappreciated mother lode of divine instruction, vitally important for Christians and the church. Convinced that both those who take the Torah too literally and those who neglect it are guilty of a naïve simplicity, Johanna van Wijk-Bos presents guidelines to help ordinary Christians recover this treasure in their faith and practice. Having lived in the Netherlands during the Nazi occupation, van Wijk-Bos recognizes that after the attempted annihilation of the Jews from Christian Europe, it cannot be business as usual for Christianity. In light of the Holocaust, Christians must commit themselves to the restoration of just relations between Christians and Jews. This commitment to address all that fractures human relations undergirds van Wijk-Bos's call for Christians to reengage the Torah. Making Wise the Simple points out how God's care for and engagement with the whole world in the Torah set the tone for the entire biblical story. The book pays special attention to how our treatment of strangers lies at the heart of the Torah's teaching. Without attempting a purely Jewish reading of the Torah, van Wijk-Bos reclaims the Torah as a vibrant word for the Christian community in covenant with God. Written in a personal style conversant with current scholarship but sprinkled with anecdotes, this book is for everyone who has a hunger and enthusiasm for what the biblical text may convey, the courage to ask disturbing questions of the text, and an openness to old words that may bring forth new things, perhaps even making one wise.

The Non Existence of GodThe Non Existence of God

For the argument would then be that although God could not make the stone, this
does not show that he is not omnipotent, since making such a stone is not
logically possible. It is not logically possible to make something which is too
heavy to ...

Author: Nicholas Everitt

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781134418985


Page: 352

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Is it possible to prove or disprove God's existence? Arguments for the existence of God have taken many different forms over the centuries: in The Non-Existence of God, Nicholas Everitt considers all of the arguments and examines the role that reason and knowledge play in the debate over God's existence. He draws on recent scientific disputes over neo-Darwinism, the implication of 'big bang' cosmology, and the temporal and spatial size of the universe; and discusses some of the most recent work on the subject, leading to a controversial conclusion.

Comfortable WordsComfortable Words

Jüngel's discussion about the possible and impossible is a discussion about
what is properly God's activity toward us; with God, anything is possible. In the
event of justification and the event of creating out of nothing, God makes himself
known ...

Author: John D. Koch

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 9781630870744


Page: 294

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What is grace? And more important, what difference do the comfortable words of grace make in the lives of everyday people? These are the questions to which Paul F. M. Zahl has devoted his life, and this book is a collection of essays written in honor of him that seeks to answer these great questions. From literary theory to exegesis to systematic theology, these essays are representative of the breadth and depth of the influence Dr. Zahl has had on a variety of scholars, and reflect his emphasis on the relationship between theology as an academic discipline and the pastoral impact of one-way love on everyday people. Contributors include: C. FitzSimons Allison, Todd Brewer, George Carey, James D. G. Dunn, Susan G. Eastman, Mark Mattes, Geiko Muller-Farenholz, Justin S. Holcomb, John D. Koch Jr., Lauren Larkin, Jonathan A. Linebaugh, Jurgen Moltmann, Heinz-Dieter Neef, J. Ashley Null, Raymond C. Ortlund Jr., Dylan D. Potter, Justyn Terry, Tullian Tchividjian, Jonathan K. M. Wong, Paul F. M. Zahl, and Simeon Zahl.

God Suffers for UsGod Suffers for Us

The unity of experience between God and man is, then, possible through the
empathy of God. God and man are united and become one in experience. Thus,
the empathy of God makes Him Possible to be united with man in experience.

Author: J.Y. Lee

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9789401020480


Page: 128

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Dietrich Bonhoeffer, writing in his cell in a Nazi prison, expressed a most remarkable idea. "Men go to God in His need. " This is the insight, he observed, which distinguishes the Christian faith from all other religions. It is a universal belief that God, or the gods, should come to help man in his mortal, human need. But this is not the God and Father of Jesus Christ. Even as Jesus in Gethsemane chided his disciples for their sloth in not keeping watch with him during his agony, so God the Father must look to His creatures for their faith and sympathy. Therein lies the basis for the Christian answer to man kind's perennial complaint: Why do men suffer? Not all theologians, believing Christians, or believers in a personal God can share this idea. Traditionally the Eastern Orthodox thinkers have adhered to the rule of apophatic theology: that is, there are boundaries of knowledge about God which the human mind, even when enlightened by revelation, cannot cross. So who can say that God the Eternal One is susceptible to what we call suffering? It is better to hold one's silence on so deep a mystery. Still others are loathe to acknowledge God's passibility for varying reasons. God is ultimate and perfect; therefore he cannot know suffering or other emotions. God is impersonal; therefore it is meaningless to ascribe personal, anthro popathic feelings to Him. Many angels may fear to tread on the ground of this most difficult question.

Studies in the Meaning of Judaism JPS Scholar of Distinction Series Studies in the Meaning of Judaism JPS Scholar of Distinction Series

some kind of Covenant between that God and Israel possible; it must make
Israel's continuing dedication to Him reasonably significant; it must explain
Israel's suffering and make it possible for the individual Jew to intertwine his
destiny with ...

Author: Eugene B. Borowitz

Publisher: Jewish Publication Society

ISBN: 9780827609983


Page: 400

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Noted educator, author, and speaker Eugene Borowitz delivers the fruits of his scholarship with grace in this new addition to the JPS Scholar of Distinction series. Gathered in this single volume are 33 essays covering the themes of modern Jewish theology, education, the history of Reform Judaism in America, Jewish law, ethics, and religious dialogue. This collection will appeal to a wide audience, including rabbis; scholars; and readers of religion, modern Jewish thought, and liturgy.

Making Good Preaching BetterMaking Good Preaching Better

God is truth . Responsiveness to the Holy Spirit increases our understanding of
God . He leads us into God as the very atmosphere , or force field , or home
within which we live and move and have our being . God makes life possible ;
God ...

Author: Alvin C. Rueter

Publisher: Liturgical Press

ISBN: 0814622151


Page: 264

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This step-by-step guide to Scripture-based, people-centered preaching is good news for preacher and parishioner. It is written by a seasoned pastor and professor of homiletics and is accessible to all.

Making Sense of Christ and the SpiritMaking Sense of Christ and the Spirit

read that Joseph “did as the angel of the Lord commanded him; he took his wife,
but knew her not until she had borne a son; ... It probably would have been
possible for God to create Jesus as a complete human being in heaven and send
him to.

Author: Wayne A. Grudem

Publisher: Zondervan

ISBN: 9780310493815


Page: 160

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With clear writing—technical terms kept to a minimum—and a contemporary approach, emphasizing how each doctrine should be understood and applied by present-day Christians, Making Sense of Christ and the Spirit explores Jesus Christ as fully God and fully man in one person.Topics include The Person of Christ: including the virgin birth—uniting full deity and humanity in one person while enabling Christ’s humanity to be without inherited sin—and the incarnation—the act of God the Son whereby he took himself a human nature; The Doctrine of the Atonement: the work Christ did in his life and death to earn our salvation; and Jesus’ Resurrection and Ascension: affirming the goodness of God’s original creation of man as a creature with a physical body that was “very good”, and his rightful place in glory and honor that had not been his before as the God-man. Written in a friendly tone, appealing to the emotions and the spirit as well as the intellect, Making Sense of Christ and the Spirit helps readers overcome wrong ideas, make better decisions on new questions, and grow as Christians.

Religions in the MakingReligions in the Making

But i am son to my father, and father to my son, and i can, in fact, be both. in fact,
the fullest possible understanding of me ... For god made them in his wisdom, to
make known that every thing has its partner and its reflection, and were it not for ...

Author: John B. Cobb

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 9781621894841


Page: 250

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Whitehead had a place for God in his comprehensive cosmological vision, and his theism has long attracted interest from some Christian theologians. But Whitehead's ideas have much wider use. Some Buddhists have found help in articulating their nontheistic vision and relating it to the current world of thought and action. In this book religious writers in seven different traditions articulate how they can benefit from Whitehead's work. So this volume demonstrates that various features of his thought can contribute to many communities. According to his followers, Whitehead shows that the deepest convictions and commitments of the major religious communities can be complementary rather than in conflict. Readers of this book will see how that plays out in some detail. A Whiteheadian Hindu can recognize the truth in a Whiteheadian Judaism, and both can appreciate the insights of Chinese Whiteheadians committed to their classical thinking. Perhaps a new day in interreligious understanding has come.

With God All Things Are PossibleWith God All Things Are Possible

GOD has SHED his GRACE on YOU, NOW what will you do with it?! Please
make GOD proud! GOD LOVES YOU and GOD'S LOVE is INFINITE!! GOD wants

Author: Stephanie Puttbrese

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781796033267


Page: 386

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THEE UNFOLDING- THIS BOOK "WITH GOD ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE"~~FROM THE BIBLE SCRIPTURE MATTHEW 19:26! CONSIST OF MY 1ST 2 STORIES TO THE WORLD (FOLLOWING MY DREAMS- THE STORY & CHANGING THE WORLD..... ALONG WITH ALL THE OTHER WRITINGS THAT WERE BIRTHED INTO EXISTENCE BETWEEN MY 1ST STORY IN 2013, A SECOND STORY IN 2016, AND THE MAKING OF THIS BOOK IN THE SUMMER OF 2019. ALL THESE STORIES AND WRITINGS HAVE BEEN PIECES OF MY SOUL BIRTHED ONTO PAPER TO UNDERSTAND ALL THAT I AM HERE TO TEACH, INSPIRE, AND WITNESS THE SOUL OF A BOOK IN THE MAKING OF- ****My 1st Story (Following My Dreams-The story) took 3 months to complete! I started that story during one of LIFES Greatest Turning Moments for me; As I went through those moments I wrote this story! This STORY I poured my HEART into! I poured my LIFE into this STORY, and I BELIEVE it was THIS STORY that took the burden, and all the weight off me! I seriously couldn't stop WRITING, and 3 months later my 1ST STORY was BIRTHED into EXISITENCE! Whats even more crazy is there was no plan for this story to happen! it happened as life was unfolding in the most peculiar way, during one of life Biggest turning points- after i had already been pursing an aspect of my Dream with my 1st website, and after my 1st orginal Dream veture- of going through a company to patent my Invention/Idea! In the midst of ALL that my 1st story was Birthed into Existence! It was A moment I Truly SEEN ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE WITH GOD- and though that became the title of my book and I wrote that verse in my 1st story( different ways-- many times) more than enough times; I did not know that would eventually be the TITLE to My Book!**** ****MY SECOND STORY 'CHANGING THE WORLD' I WROTE THE 1ST HALF OF MY STORY BY PEN AND PAPER IN MY SPIRAL NOTEBOOK AFTER ONE MORNING I SAT DOWN WITH A DIVINE FLAME OF INSPIRATION THAT SAID THE TIME IS NOW. I SAT DOWN AND STARTED WRITING MY SECOND STORY TO THE WORLD AND 2 WEEKS LATER MY SECOND STORY WAS BIRTHED INTO EXISTENCE! WHATS EVEN MORE SPECIAL IS AFTER I WROTE THE 1ST HALF OF THIS BOOK WHICH WAS 18 PAGES FRONT AND BACK- TOOK 3 DAYS WHILE I WORKED, MANAGED LIFE AND KIDS; I STOPPED WRITING TO TYPE UP WHAT I HAD! AGAIN I HAD A DIVINE INSPIRATION AND I WROTE 2 PARAGRAPHS THAT I KNEW WERE THE START TO MY SECOND HALF, AND THE ENDING PARAGRAPH TO MY BOOK- AND GUESS WHAT -THEY WERE! !!WHATS EVEN MORE SPECTACULAR IS THIS BOOK WAS CREATED AFTER ITS VERY FABRICS IN MOTION WERE PUT ON MY 1ST VISION BOARD IT WAS CREATED FROM! FROM THE MAKINGS OF MY 1ST BOOK AND THE FABRICS IT WAS PULLED FROM! WHO WOULD OF THOUGHT! WHO WOULD OF THOUGHT! :) :) :)**** ABOUT THE BOOK- ****MY 1st story is all about my Dedication to the “Dream Process,” each step I took to get there-- along with my Dedication to GOD & GODS Dedication to me through my soul process; the world that was revealed to me, and My life that revealed God/The Universe are always working through YOU, and for YOU, to have the very Best Life, Contribute to the World, Find your Creativity and Passions- --and Follows Your Dreams until thee very End of Time*** ****This 2nd story was my story to the World felt through my pain, and seen through my eyes! Its about how each ONE of us has something in us that has the Power to INSPIRE--and that just 'ONE’ person CAN Change the World! Just ONE! Or, if nothing else 'JUST ONE' can make the world "THINK"- and sometimes that's enough to Change it! Read my story to see America is still the land we are looking for and each one of us has the Power to lay witness to this COUNTRY & WORLD Being more than GREAT!!!**** ****my other stories are writings that go with my 1st 2 stories and what it means to see and feel, and write in witness to LIFE’S UNFOLDINGS AND the many WONDERS and AWE of our GOD ABOVE**** More than anything this Book is to ‘Truly Witness’ with ALL THE POSSIBILITY OF--- “WITH GOD ALL THINGS ARE TRULY POSSIBLE”

Making God VisibleMaking God Visible

Carnal people do nothear whatthe TrueGod says, fortheyare listening to their
father, thegod of this worldly system. They are from the world; ... It may seem
impossible with man, but with God,all things are possible(see Matt. 19:26; Luke
18:27, ...

Author: Betty Alexander

Publisher: Redemption Press

ISBN: 9781632325129


Page: 163

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Each chapter of Making God Visible brings the reader relevant information of maturing in the Kingdom of God. Tired of the nominal Christian life, Betty Alexander decided that change had to occur. God can work through us, and He will do so for everyone who desires more in the Christian walk. Betty found that those who pattern their life after Jesus have a new identity. They go wherever courage takes them. They are roused to dig deeper, love harder and live stronger. Sometimes it only takes small beginnings to start changing our life and affecting others for Jesus Christ. • What does it take to be recognized in the supernatural? • What is the business we are to be doing on earth? • How do I start to break loose from old boundaries? • Why do I need eyes to see a better country? • What is relevant for my life to change and affect others? • What comes with citizenship in the Kingdom of Heaven? Ordinary people become extraordinary when they know these truths. With truth, the Valiant wrestle though the events in life, pay the cost, and mature in boldness, becoming the Heroes of God doing exploits. "If you are looking for incredible Biblical applications of understanding God...God working with people, how and why. With great insight into...Life of the Word, how it speaks and reveals God to us, Making God Visible is fantastic." -Reverend Larry Hrovat, Speaker, Evangelist & Founder, Faith of The Nations, Parker, Colorado If we are not recognized as followers of Jesus, then what is our identity? Why not learn from others who have signs and wonders following them? Reverend Betty Alexander spent years in Hebrew, Chaldee, and Greek study of Scriptures. Transformed by experiences with God and insight of the Word, she has traveled to other countries, absorbing their cultures, praying on international prayer lines, and leading a worship conference. She has also done radio prayer teams and declared Jesus over California and Oregon while working with Revival Wells for seven years, and is reader at the yearly 24-hour Bible reading in Salem, Oregon.

Strange Concepts and the Stories They Make PossibleStrange Concepts and the Stories They Make Possible

Milton's Paradise Lost (1667) comes to mind, with its humans and angels defying
their “Glorious Maker.”2 And then we are back to the Book of Genesis, in which it
is God who has the Frankenstein complex. Upon learning that Adam and Eve ...

Author: Lisa Zunshine

Publisher: JHU Press

ISBN: 9781421406701


Page: 232

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Discussing motifs of confused identity and of twins in drama, science fiction’s use of robots, cyborgs, and androids, and nonsense poetry and surrealist art, she reveals the range and power of key concepts from science in literary interpretation and provides insight into how cognitive-evolutionary research on essentialism can be used to study fiction as well as everyday strange concepts.

Serving God Your MakerServing God Your Maker

Faith makes it possible for someone to please God. Why? Because whoever
comesto God must believe thatHe isand that He rewards those who diligently
seek Him (Heb. 11:6). Faith comes by hearing,and hearing by theWord of God (

Author: Godsword Godswill Onu

Publisher: Osmora Incorporated

ISBN: 9782765910114


Page: 258

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God made all men, and He deserves our service. The Word of God says that the whole duty of man is to fear God and keep His Commandments. The keeping of the Word of God is a major way to serve to God. Submitting your body and mind to God is a great service to Him. You also serve God by working in His Vineyard. There are different gifts, ministries, operations, and callings in the Church − the Body of Christ. You serve God by worshipping Him in Spirit and Truth.

The Greatness of God s Mercy in Christ Or Salvation Possible to the Vilest SinnersThe Greatness of God s Mercy in Christ Or Salvation Possible to the Vilest Sinners

Man is himself a more wonderful machine than any that he can make . God is
better than the best of his works . Our highest conceptions of his goodness ,
depend on it , must , in the nature of things , fall infinitely below the reality . The
riches of ...

Author: Joseph Herrick


ISBN: CHI:51779049


Page: 96

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