Make Your Own ZooMake Your Own Zoo

Roll up to the zoo and make a colorful menagerie of charming cardboard animals, a great way to make good use of all the cardboard and egg cartons you have in your recycling!

Author: Tracey Radford

Publisher: Cico Books

ISBN: 1782492569


Page: 128

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Roll up to the zoo and meet a colourful menagerie of charming cardboard animals, a great way to make good use of all the cardboard and egg boxes you have in your recycling! First, take yourself on Safari and make a whole pride of lions from cardboard tubes, a pretty zebra, a giraffe, a rhino, and a delightfully jaunty flamingo. Move on to the Jungle, where there is a grinning crocodile, and a chimpanzee and an orangutan swinging through the trees. In the Arctic there is a delightful family of penguins made of egg cartons, a seal, a walrus, and a smiling polar bear, all enjoying the snow. You can hear the Aviary a long way away, with chattering parrots, lovebirds, and even a bald eagle perching on a rock. Finally, spot the elusive manta and stingrays in the Aquarium, where they are joined by a jolly dolphin, a jellyfish, an octopus, and many other interesting sea creatures. In the last chapter, you will learn how to make all the enclosures and scenery so your cardboard critters have a home. There are also instructions for making trees, rocks, icebergs, grass, and flowers, so you can really set the scene. Using materials that you might otherwise discard, clear step-by-step instructions, and a handy hints and tips section, you will soon have your very own cardboard zoo!

Make a ZooMake a Zoo

... with Labels Let's Eat ! 5 4 City , Farm and Sea 5 Toys and Games 5 | In the
Garden 5 My Toys Factual Recount Clothes 4 Procedure My Family Tree 6 Make
a Zoo 6 4 Drums and Shakers Make your own zoo with lots of amazing animals ,

Author: Katy Pike

Publisher: Blake Education

ISBN: 1865092843


Page: 12

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In the book Make a Zoo, the teaching focus is a procedure (Animals Around Us). Students learn how to make model animals out of a variety of materials. Make your own zoo with lots of amazing animals.

Super Simple Zoo Critter CraftsSuper Simple Zoo Critter Crafts

Critters. Animals from all over the world live in zoos! Many of these animals are
endangered. Zoos can protect these animals. Zoo critters are fun to watch. They
are wild animals that can't live in people's homes. But you can make your own

Author: Sammy Bosch

Publisher: ABDO

ISBN: 9781680776089



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Get creative with Super Simple Zoo Critter Crafts! From a fluffy feathered peacock to a bean sock gorilla, these fun and easy projects will get kids crafting while they learn about different animal habitats. The crafts are super simple and tons of fun. Each project includes colorful photos and easy-to-follow instructions. Aligned to Common Core Standards and correlated to state standards. Super Sandcastle is an imprint of Abdo Publishing, a division of ABDO.

Let s WriteLet s Write

Put the review of Zoo Tycoon 2 (below) on the board and discuss how the writer
explains the main points of the game in the first paragraph, ... Not only do you get
to build your own zoo, but you have to run it and make sure that it is successful.

Author: John Foster

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317817048


Page: 186

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Let’s Write offers a wealth of suggestions for approaches to developing primary school pupils’ writing skills that will capture the children’s interest, while enabling them to improve their ability to express themselves in writing. It aims to meet the requirements of the new national curriculum for English at KS2 in a way that will develop the children’s standard of writing by presenting activities that they will find enjoyable and stimulating. Throughout the book, the emphasis is on providing activities that will engage the pupils in a discussion of how texts are structured, before producing their own writing. John Foster suggests a range of imaginative tasks that both literacy specialists and non-specialists will find useful in developing children’ ability to write coherently and correctly. Let’s Write includes: a clear explanation of the writing process with activities designed to improve pupils’ drafting skills examples of the different types of writing for pupils to analyse, which they can use as models for their own writing a range of imaginative ideas for writing tasks, together with suggestions of curriculum opportunities for practising particular forms writing challenges which can be used to stretch more able writers and thus to introduce differentiation by task, as well as by outcome writing tips, for example, on sentence structure and paragraph structure, appropriate to the different types of writing activities involving pupils in the assessment of their writing a section on writing correctly, focussing on grammar, spelling and punctuation a section containing games and activities designed to extend pupils’ vocabulary. Let’s Write provides teachers with a lively collection of resources that will be welcomed by teachers and that will help to develop children’s writing.

Earth Friendly Animal CraftsEarth Friendly Animal Crafts

Create fun and easy animal crafts and learn about backyard animal habitats!
Radford, Tracey. Make Your Own Zoo: 35 Projects for Kids Using Everyday
Cardboard Packaging. London: CICO Books, 2015. Learn to turn cardboard into
zoo ...

Author: Veronica Thompson

Publisher: Lerner Publications ™

ISBN: 9781541537446


Page: 32

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Animal lovers will adore these hands-on projects, which use recycled materials to make animal-themed crafts. Photos and detailed instructions walk readers through each step. Convert a recycled jar into a retro bird feeder, turn recycled paper into wild lion wall art, and transform old T-shirts into a dog toy. A QR code provides a link to additional how-to photos for each activity.


I can see her food falling through all the empty spaces and right down into her
legs. I'm not sure it's true about the drinking and you might have been trying to get
your own back after she called you a smackhead and a bad mom. I thought it was

Author: Emma L. E. Rees

Publisher: University of Chester

ISBN: 9781905929832


Page: 136

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A penguin sits calmly in a classroom, a past-it actor confronts a spectre, and air raid sirens ring out over the Mersey. Elsewhere, a lonely child prays to a dead pop star, a social misfit learns something important, a misanthrope is reformed by an unlikely companion, and a boy imagines beauty where others see only ugliness. This is Zoo, where the quotidian and the sublime are juxtaposed and where we can imagine ourselves momentarily, at least living the lives of others. As spectators we progress from one cage to another; as readers of the anthology we go from one story to the next, visiting some more than once, and finding meanings and associations which are, ultimately, unique. The Cheshire Prize for Literature was inaugurated in 2003 as the High Sheriff s Cheshire Prize for Literature. It is funded by Bank of America and administered by the University of Chester. The 2009 competition was for Short Stories and this collection contains 23 of the short-listed entries, including those of the eventual winners.

An Internet Adventure with Safari SamAn Internet Adventure with Safari Sam

Take your own Internet adventure to the zoo ......... ( These ... For additional zoos ,
type " zoo " in a search engine . ... St.Louis Zoo Toronto Zoo www Lincoln Park Zoo Switch Zoo - Make Your Own.

Author: Jim Fuzy


ISBN: 0976012979


Page: 24

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Join Safari Sam as he takes you on an Internet Adventure. Visit zoos, meet exciting animals and enjoy the magic ride.

An Introduction to Zoo Biology and ManagementAn Introduction to Zoo Biology and Management

Readers may detect in the text a small bias towards my own areas of interest. I
make no apologies for this and hope that this book will encourage you to develop
your own special interests. I have drawn examples of good practice from zoos ...

Author: Paul A. Rees

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1444397834


Page: 432

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This book is intended as an introductory text for students studying a wide range of courses concerned with animal management, zoo biology and wildlife conservation, and should also be useful to zookeepers and other zoo professionals. It is divided into three parts. Part 1 considers the function of zoos, their history, how zoos are managed, ethics, zoo legislation and wildlife conservation law. Part 2 discusses the design of zoos and zoo exhibits, animal nutrition, reproduction, animal behaviour (including enrichment and training), animal welfare, veterinary care, animal handling and transportation. Finally, Part 3 discusses captive breeding programmes, genetics, population biology, record keeping, and the educational role of zoos, including a consideration of visitor behaviour. It concludes with a discussion of the role of zoos in the conservation of species in the wild and in species reintroductions. This book takes an international perspective and includes a wide range of examples of the operation of zoos and breeding programmes particularly in the UK, Europe, North America and Australasia. Visit to access the artwork from the book.

Dealing with Difficult People It s A Zoo Out ThereDealing with Difficult People It s A Zoo Out There

Instead give information about your own feelings (“When you didn't return my
class notes on time, I got angry because I couldn't study for the test.”) If you must
criticize, attack the problem, procedure, or the result but never the person. Make ...

Author: Cheryl Joseph

Publisher: Worthy Shorts Inc

ISBN: 9781935340553


Page: 56

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Cyanide Happiness Punching ZooCyanide Happiness Punching Zoo

You try to spit wasps at them but realize yov don't have any wasps in your movth.
You'll have to fix that later. Buffor now, yov spifyour feeth at thern instead. Yov
proceed to punch your own eye to make it black and intimidating, much like a ...

Author: Kris Wilson

Publisher: BOOM! Studios

ISBN: 9781613983270


Page: 204

View: 213

PUNCHING ZOO includes a buttload of our favorite comics from the site, 30 brand-new, too-hot-for-the-Internet comics, "The Hot Date" (a choose-your-own-adventure where you decide the story), and a nice forward by Alexis Ohanian, one of the founders of reddit.

An Instructional Guide for Literature Put Me in the ZooAn Instructional Guide for Literature Put Me in the Zoo

The following question stems will help you create your own vocabulary questions
if you'd like to extend the discussion . • How does this word describe _____'s
character? • How does this word connect to the problem in this story? • How does

Author: Tracy Pearce

Publisher: Teacher Created Materials

ISBN: 9781425897123


Page: 72

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See all of the fun and exciting things Spot can do with his spots by completing fun, challenging activities and lessons in this instructional guide for literature. These appealing and rigorous cross-curricular lessons and activities work in conjunction with the text to teach students how to analyze and comprehend rich, complex literature. Everything you need is packed into this guide that is the perfect tool to teach students how to analyze story elements in multiple ways, practice close reading and text-based vocabulary, determine meaning through text-dependent questions, and more. This is the perfect way to add rigor to your students' explorations of rich, complex literature.

Zoo Babies Stencils for a NurseryZoo Babies Stencils for a Nursery

8. Continue in this same manner with each overlay until you have a completed
picture. 9. When the picture is complete, put your own touches to it in order to
make it an original painting. For example, to add some highlights, lighten a paint
color ...

Author: Penny Vedrenne


ISBN: 9781435713130


Page: 42

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Treat your little one to a fun and safe "walk on the wild side." With these stencils you can create a whimsical setting complete with elephant, giraffe, hippo, lion, monkey, tiger & zebra for a fun day at the Zoo. Decorate your entire nursery, from murals to one of a kind painted furniture, pillows to throws and even down to the lampshade. These stencils can complete the setting for your little adventurer. These are cut & paint stencils. Most cut & paint stencils are complete with only one stencil and leave you with a silhouette image. These designs each have more than one stencil (called overlays) and they leave you with a complete picture. My goal was to create a project that would be easy enough to complete in a minimal amount of time and yet leave you with an art piece only lacking of your individual touches. These stencils are designed to inspire your creativity!

Ameliorative Curriculum Directed PlayAmeliorative Curriculum Directed Play

CONSTRUCTION UNIT Activity 5 - Zoo Construction Objective: The children will
experiment and create props of their own choice to use for stage settings in
dramatic play activities. Materials 1. Boxes - all sizes and shapes - (Large ones
for ...

Author: Merle B. Karnes


ISBN: UIUC:30112066674760



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The purpose of directed play is to provide teachers with ideas for planning and preparing stimulating play settings and activities. In addition to the physical setting, methods and techniques occur within the play activity to promote cognitive learning, physical skills, and positive social and emotional development.

San Francisco ZooSan Francisco Zoo

In the years to follow , the zoo ' s animal collection expanded and other features
were added such as Dentzel Carousel ... on a 100 - year - old train , discover
your role in saving native wildlife , and create some special memories of your
own !

Author: Katherine Girlich

Publisher: Arcadia Publishing

ISBN: 0738569151


Page: 127

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In 1922, philanthropist and president of the San Francisco Parks Commission, Herbert Fleishhacker, purchased a 60-acre site in southwestern San Francisco. Fleishhacker Pool was built in 1925 and an adjoining zoo added in 1929. Originally called Fleishhacker Zoo, it featured a variety of exotic wildlife. Major exhibits were built in the 1930s Depression era as part of the Work Progress Administration (WPA). This book celebrates the San Francisco Zoo's 80-year history as it revisits cherished animals and structures like Monkey Island, Storyland, and Dentzel Carousel. The zoo holds a special place in the hearts of many, as it is a great San Francisco treasure along the foggy shores of Ocean Beach.

Saving the Kilda Street ZooSaving the Kilda Street Zoo

Don't be afraid to write and create your own worlds and characters. Draw pictures
and illustrations to please yourself and, maybe, others. Write with a partner or
others because shared ideas are powerful and contagious. If you enjoy it, others

Author: M. W. Neely

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781477101803


Page: 216

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Vagas is a native of Pondera. She was born there and has spent her entire life in the little town. It is a sleepy gathering of several thousand people near the base of the Sierra Nevada Mountains in central California. The residents are very different than in most California towns. They rarely hurry anywhere. They seem to have all the time in the world. Most of the businesses depend on tourists and travelers passing through. There are always new faces, which will probably not be seen again in the stores and restaurants. Oddly dressed outsiders wander up and down the main street stretching their legs after driving all day. The two motels at the north and south ends of town always fill up as the sun begins to set each evening. Weekends and especially holidays are very busy times in Pondera. The Pondera town zoo has always been part of Vagas life too, at least as far back as she can remember. She and Midori have spent many wonderful days there watching the various animals. It isnt a big zoolike in a city. The entrance is on Kilda Street. There is a tall brown adobe type of wall across the front with evenly spaced windows on both sides of the opening where the ticket booth stands. Theres a sign on the front of the booth with the hours of operation and $2.00 general admission in big letters on it. Children under the age of twelve get in for $1.00. Kids under the age of six get in free. The ticket booth is one of those that has a thick pane of glass with a round hole in it to talk through and a square cut-out near the bottom for collecting payment and dispensing tickets. In that booth is usually an elderly lady named Mary who has worked there selling tickets for as long as Vagas can remember.

Leisure and Tourism GCSELeisure and Tourism GCSE

You'll most likely want to develop your own promotion specifically tailored to your
commercial objectives, but built around ... London Zoo offers a unique
environment and audience at which to promote your product or service. ... We
offer access to a distinctive target market: • over 1 million visitors a year; • ABC1
visitors make ...

Author: Diane Canwell

Publisher: Nelson Thornes

ISBN: 9780748771271


Page: 104

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This Edexcel specific teacher support pack contains a range of assistance and advice, providing everything you need to teach GCSE Leisure and Tourism.

My back yard zoo a course of natural historyMy back yard zoo a course of natural history

As it is not a bird it cannot have feathers , and so its wings cannot be made like
those of a bird . ... your elbows would reach to your knees , then your arms would
be about as long as those of a bat of your own size . rms Next , suppose that the ...

Author: John George Wood


ISBN: OXFORD:591068575


Page: 224

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You Can Make an Insect ZooYou Can Make an Insect Zoo

The Insect Zoo Have fun . Make an insect zoo . You don't have to go to a city zoo
to see strange animals . You can make your own animal zoo with insects . You
can make cages for them in your own home , and even carry the cages to school

Author: Hortense Roberta Roberts

Publisher: Children's Press(CT)

ISBN: PSU:000053730039


Page: 64

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Directions for making cages and caring for butterflies, moths, crickets, lady beetles, and ants.