Lucifer Eve and AdamLucifer Eve and Adam

When Eve and Adam refuse to mate, thereby threatening human existence, The Creator orders #1 angel Lucifer to solve the problem.

Author: Peter Wilkes


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When Eve and Adam refuse to mate, thereby threatening human existence, The Creator orders #1 angel Lucifer to solve the problem. But, with Lucifer's own fear of intimacy impeding any progress whatsoever, it's going to take far more than a miracle for the inept, bumbling angel to unite the seemingly incompatible and far-too-human couple.

The Apocryphal Adam and Eve in Medieval EuropeThe Apocryphal Adam and Eve in Medieval Europe

actually is recognizable—Adam knows at once who he is—but Eve, who is referred to with sympathy by the poet, is at least in doubt, so that Lucifer has to reassure her as he leads her to Adam that he actually has come from God.

Author: Brian Murdoch

Publisher: OUP Oxford

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What happened to Adam and Eve after their expulsion from paradise? Where the biblical narrative fell silent apocryphal writings took up this intriguing question, notably including the Early Christian Latin text, the Life of Adam and Eve. This account describes the (failed) attempt of the couple to return to paradise by fasting whilst immersed in a river, and explores how they coped with new experiences such as childbirth and death. Brian Murdoch guides the reader through the many variant versions of the Life, demonstrating how it was also adapted into most western and some eastern European languages in the Middle Ages and beyond, constantly developing and changing along the way. The study considers this development of the apocryphal texts whilst presenting a fascinating insight into the flourishing medieval tradition of Adam and Eve. A tradition that the Reformation would largely curtail, stories from the Life were celebrated in European prose, verse and drama in many different languages from Irish to Russian.

Lucifer Father of CainLucifer Father of Cain

The esoteric knowledge presented here, represents what are in my belief, some of the most carefully guarded, heavily veiled, and least understood secrets of biblical wisdom traditions.

Author: Zen Garcia


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The esoteric knowledge presented here, represents what are in my belief, some of the most carefully guarded, heavily veiled, and least understood secrets of biblical wisdom traditions. Many have stumbled upon this knowledge without necessarily grasping just what the full implications this knowledge means for unlocking and deciphering the riddles of our Holy Bible as bestowed upon us by our Father Yahweh through the line of prophets and even His only begotten Son Yahushuah Savior Messiah. The secret that unlocks all things biblical is knowledge that Cain was a child of Eve and Lucifer and not the first born son of Adam. Understanding that there are two blood lines upon the planet and that these two bloodlines have been warring with one another since the inception and dawning of humanity upon this world will help one to decipher this critical theme as it plays out through the totality of all available scripture, from the fall to soon coming judgment.

The Creation of the World and Other BusinessThe Creation of the World and Other Business

Once Adam eats, he'll multiply, and Lucifer completes the lovely world of God! Oh, praise the Lord who gave me all this insight! My fight with Him is over! Now evil be my good, and Eve and Adam multiply in blessed sin!

Author: Arthur Miller

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9781101991985


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A master dramatist’s humorous retelling of the biblical creation story as a parable for our time Breathing new life into timeless biblical tales, Arthur Miller charmingly reimagines the Book of Genesis from the temptation of Adam and Eve to the fraternal tragedy of Cain and Abel. In the beginning, God, generally satisfied with his creation, is nonetheless perplexed by Adam and Eve—why won’t they multiply? It takes wily Lucifer to interest them in anything more than playing handball in the Garden of Eden, but their new knowledge comes at a price. The first family is exiled from paradise—just as Lucifer is banned from heaven—and a fallen, morally ambiguous state becomes the destiny of humankind. Though The Creation of the World and Other Business was Arthur Miller’s first Broadway comedy, it is full of the searching insight and sparkling dialogue that distinguish his best dramas.

Methuselah s Hidden Antediluvian AbridgementMethuselah s Hidden Antediluvian Abridgement

Lucifer confessed that he hated his enemy Adam, yet could not hate Lilith, who was the mother of his children and Eve, who was her sister. Lucifer clarified that the Ancient~One's first law was in the eating of this fruit given solely ...

Author: James Hendershot

Publisher: Trafford Publishing

ISBN: 9781490748979


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Too much of humanity's history might have been lost through the great flood, which mercifully rendered humankind another chance to dwell on the Earth. This fictional account through Methuselah begins with the creation of the two Earths and follows Adam through his multiple wives torn by sons who murder each other. His remaining sons divide into tribes separated by their relationship with the creator. Nonetheless, wickedness rose in Seth's tribe, while righteousness comes forth from Cain's seed. Eve rewards Irad after he avenges the murder of his mother who was a favored stepdaughter of Eve. Eve rewards Irad with three of her cherished daughters. They launch a new homeland beyond the two established borders, and through their faith in the God of Adam find favor with the Ancient One, who reestablishes his covenant with a descendant of Habil (Cain). Lilith and several of her daughter's bond with Duci, one of Irad's wives, exploring the wild unsettled bulk of Pangaea lands beyond the invisible border, which protects humanity from the hungry dinosaurs living in the open wilderness. Duci, with help from the Nephilim build the foundations for their two new cities and multiple temples. Irad's tribe sails on secret ships to the southern hemisphere and build a Holy nation serving the Ancient One. Enoch settles his small family on a mountaintop protected by angels as humanity falls into the final stage of wickedness. Irad and his wives end their long fruitful lives, nevertheless; they watch from heaven as the vast majority of their family chose to follow their own gods and disown the Ancient One. Just three young men, who must sail to a distant island with their wives, remain servants of the Ancient One. Noah builds a giant rectangle ship boarding his sons and many wild animals saving them through a large flood. Avram sails through the flood with his small group while watching death consume the lands.

Unification Medical ScienceUnification Medical Science

Lucifer, who left his position due to excessive desire, and Eve, who desired to have her eyes opened like God's ... Physical Fall Adam and Eve should have become husband and wife, eternally centered on God, after their perfection.

Author: Dr. Shigehiro Suzuki


ISBN: 9781300731474


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This book combines insights from the Unification Thought of Reverend Moon with those of modern medical science

The ExistenceThe Existence

Adam and Eve did not know that God covered God and did not let Adam and Eve to know that God was Lucifer that tested Adam and Eve. Adam and Eve did not open their eyes and did not recognize God as Lucifer, because Lucifer got Adam and ...

Author: Theodore Ihejieto

Publisher: Dorrance Publishing

ISBN: 9781480954670


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The Existence By: Theodore Ihejieto The Existence is a book of love and life that talks about the world as the existence of human beings, and tells human beings to understand that the world is the love and the life. It is a book of Planet Earth, which the Planet Earth gave to the author, because the author asked the Planet Earth for the book of the world. The author is a human being who lost faith in God and called on Planet Earth to do work and save human beings from evil and death in the world. This is a book of a human being who was challenged by evil and death in the world, and the human being called on his existence for help and protection. The author did not like to die in the world and told his existence that he did not want to die, because the author believed that Planet Earth has the power to save human beings in the world. The Existence is the faith, the hope, and the charity that God challenged human beings to find and tell the mountain of evil and death to move away from human beings.

The Complete Poetical Works of Elizabeth Barrett BrowningThe Complete Poetical Works of Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Eve . Adam ! hold My right hand strongly ! It is Lucifer - And we have love to lose . Adam . I'the name of God , Go apart from us , O thou Lucifer ! And leave us to the desert thou hast made Out of thy treason .

Author: Elizabeth Barrett Browning


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