Book of Sides Original One Page Scenes for Actors and DirectorsBook of Sides Original One Page Scenes for Actors and Directors

Five Bucks The Friends Thing Get You A Soda? ... Friends/Family/Acquaintances Potential Lovers Friends/Roommates Lovers Lovers Friends Friends/Potential Lovers Acquaintances Potential Friends/Lovers Friends/Family Lovers ...

Author: Dave Kost

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 9781317692775


Page: 224

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Looking for fresh, original scenes for your fast-paced acting or directing class? Tired of the same old material everyone recognizes? Want the flexibility to play any character in any scene? Book of Sides: Original, Short Scenes for Actors and Directors offers scenes that are considerably shorter than those in similar books but still feature the structure of typical scenes with arcs, clear playable objectives, and stakes for both actors. Here you will find scenes that are: One-page in length and specially designed for new, high-intensity exercises that help students develop quickly Printed in an easily readable, film-script format that provides plenty of room for annotations Completely original, allowing you to produce and distribute reinterpretations without worrying about copyright restrictions Universally castable, with roles that can be assigned to actors regardless of gender, appearance, skill level, or race Simple and conducive to performing in the classroom without props, costumes, or sets Perfect for audition workshops and crowded directing or acting classes where everyone wants an opportunity to perform Written in accessible, contemporary language that keeps student actors engaged Don’t miss out! In Book of Sides, Dave Kost brings two decades of teaching experience to the table to deliver the ideal set of scenes for busy classroom settings, auditions, and general training.

Book of Sides II Original Two Page Scenes for Actors and DirectorsBook of Sides II Original Two Page Scenes for Actors and Directors

... Friends/Family/Roommates Friends/Potential Lovers Friends/Family/Roommates Coworkers Family Friends/Roommates Potential Lovers Potential Lovers Friends/Acquaintances Strangers Coworkers Friends Lovers Friends/Potential Lovers Family ...

Author: Dave Kost

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 9781315412559


Page: 202

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Book of Sides II: Original, Two-Page Scenes for Actors and Directors is the second book in the Book of Sides series by Dave Kost, featuring original, two-page, two-character scenes for use in acting, directing, and auditioning classes. While shorter than the traditional three-to-six-page scenes commonly used in classes, Book of Sides II features longer scenes than the first Book of Sides with greater character development, more reversals, and stronger climaxes. Balanced, structured scenes designed specifically for educational use challenge both actors and directors equally with objectives, obstacles, tactics, and subtext; Two-page length is ideal for high-intensity exercises and faster-paced workshops; Printed in easy-to-read film-script format with plenty of room for notes; Scenes are completely original and unencumbered by copyright, so students may film and post legally on the internet; Universally castable, so all roles can be played by actors of any gender, appearance, skill level, or ethnicity; Accessibly-written for modern students, helping them to focus on the fundamentals of performance and directing; Simple and conducive to performing in a classroom without sets, costumes, or special props. This book was written by an educator for educators and designed for use in the classroom. Never search for scenes again!

Love Won Love Lost Love Longed ForLove Won Love Lost Love Longed For

Lovers. Friends and lovers, lovers and friends. Relationships that start out like this go on and on with no end. Before I was your lover, I was your friend. I took the time to get to know you and find out what you were going through and ...

Author: Verna Buchanan

Publisher: Author House

ISBN: 9781496953933


Page: 100

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Love Won, Love Lost, Love Longed For Love is a roll of the dice. Nobody knows which of us will roll it right. Love is sometimes draw, loose or win. No matter what the odds are we gamble for love again and again. Love is a chance we take, hoping this time it won't end in heartbreak. Oh, but when we find Love, it makes our search worthwhile. For Love, true Love, I would walk a million miles. Love is a roll of the dice. Nobody knows which of us will roll it right. WWW.YOUNEEDWORDS.COM

Blessing Same Sex UnionsBlessing Same Sex Unions

24 You do not sleep with your friends—unless they were once your lovers, tricks, or fuck buddies. Friends last longer than loversiperhaps especially when they began as lovers. According to the stereotypes, holding on to exilovers is ...

Author: Mark D. Jordan

Publisher: University of Chicago Press

ISBN: 9780226410357


Page: 268

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At most church weddings, the person presiding over the ritual is not a priest or a pastor, but the wedding planner, followed by the photographer, the florist, and the caterer. And in this day and age, more wedding theology is supplied by Modern Bride magazine or reality television than by any of the Christian treatises on holy matrimony. Indeed, church weddings have strayed long and far from distinctly Christian aspirations. The costumes and gestures might still be right, but the intentions are hardly religious. Why then, asks noted gay commentator Mark D. Jordan, are so many churches vehemently opposed to blessing same-sex unions? In this incisive work, Jordan shows how carefully selected ideals of Christian marriage have come to dominate recent debates over same-sex unions. Opponents of gay marriage, he reveals, too often confuse simplified ideals of matrimony with historical facts. They suppose, for instance, that there has been a stable Christian tradition of marriage across millennia, when in reality Christians have quarreled among themselves for centuries about even the most basic elements of marital theology, authorizing experiments like polygamy and divorce. Jordan also argues that no matter what the courts do, Christian churches will have to decide for themselves whether to bless same-sex unions. No civil compromise can settle the religious questions surrounding gay marriage. And queer Christians, he contends, will have to discover for themselves what they really want out of marriage. If they are not just after legal recognition as a couple or a place at the social table, do they really seek the blessing of God? Or just the garish melodrama of a white wedding? Posing trenchant questions such as these, Blessing Same-Sex Unions will be a must-read for both sides of the debate over gay marriage in America today.

Lesbian Ex LoversLesbian Ex Lovers

At the same time, Dr. Dyke reflects at the end of her piece upon her own personal development and relational issues that have factored into her lack of sustained connections with ex-lovers. “Not Lovers but Not 'Just Friends': ...

Author: Esther D Rothblum

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317953586


Page: 276

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“We have earned a certain place in each other’s lives, and in the best of times we can rest on what we have made together.” Lesbian Ex-Lovers: The Really Long-Term Relationships examines the need for the development of better understanding and more critical analysis of lesbian ex-lover relationships. This eye-opening look into the minds and hearts of women offers personal insight into the possibilities for and potential pitfalls of lesbian ex-lover relations. This book contains personal stories, fictional accounts, poetry, and theoretical analyses of the frequency and significance of ex-lovers at different stages in a relationship. Topics of interest in Lesbian Ex-Lovers include: the roles ex-lovers play in our lives ex-lovers as contexts for change and development how we continue to be influenced by ex-lovers letting go and moving on ex-lovers as current friends and family themes of betrayal and loss of faith reconstructing friendships and community the mystique of the ex-lover friend/family connections among lesbian ex-lovers “Rather than totally scrap a relationship, we recycle it—from lover to ex-lover to friend in a relatively short half-life.” Lesbian Ex-Lovers is the only book in print that explores how a lesbian’s ex-lovers impact her subsequent romances and lifestyle. This special collection adds a new dynamic to the current literature for and about the lesbian community. Lesbian Ex-Lovers offers advice, anecdotes, and interpretations from such authors, poetesses, and artists as: Michelle Gibson, PhD—educator and editor of Femme/Butch: New Considerations of the Way We Want to Go— who says goodbye to her lover in a sad, passionate elegy Marny Hall—Psychotherapist, editor of the anthology Sexualities, and author of several books, including The Lavender Couch: A Consumer’s Guide to Psychotherapy for Lesbians and Gay Men—who muses on the unique bonding between lesbians and their ex-lovers, lending a mystique that surrounds the lesbian lifestyle Alison Bechdel—creator of the comic strip Dykes to Watch Out For—who presents a humorous comic strip thanking her former lovers for teaching her about herself Jane Futcher—newspaper reporter and author of three novels—who uses a chapter in her novel to illustrate the tensions that can occur when ex-lovers choose to remain friends, especially when those bonds provoke jealousy in both current and ex-lovers Renny Christopher—educator and award-winning poetess—who expresses her love, loss, and regret in three poems about her ex-lover and much more!

Just ThoughtsJust Thoughts

Friends. Can. Be. Lovers. Can friends be lovers and lovers friends? Does that love know you as I do and care? Do they wake up in the night wondering if you're safe? Do they live your pain and share your tear? Are you their sunshine and ...

Author: Kenneth Palmer

Publisher: Dorrance Publishing

ISBN: 9781480905573


Page: 48

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Just Thoughts: Looking at Man's Whole Self by Kenneth Palmer Just Thoughts is about the fears, desires, and joys of humans and their conscience. It shows that the physical attributes of man cannot exist without his spirituality. These verses were written as a representation of Kenneth's feelings, living as "displaced water at the bottom of a waterfall." It brings forth his private perceptions of life, along with those who surround him daily-family, friend, or foe. The perfumed essence of the lines is instructive of how men should behave within God's arm. He is the loving father. The words dig through the inner soul and shows its central message that God is true salvation.

The Sex TextsThe Sex Texts

The author of Psalm 88:18 (19) makes a similar complaint about being deserted by lover ('oheb), friend (rea`), and passive intimate ... where he complains that his lovers, friends, and neighbors are keeping their distance from him.

Author: L Arthur

Publisher: Dorrance Publishing

ISBN: 9781434929464


Page: 183

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For all intent, virtually all accepted mainstream Catholic Christian tenets remain untouched for the past two millennia. It follows then that we take for evident truths¿for example, our views on the Creator and creation¿s sexuality, gender issues, and human relationship concerns¿may in fact be nothing but establishment dogmas gleaned from wrong interpretation or translation of the original text and intent of Jesus Christ and the Bible authors. Now, isn¿t the mere chance of that being true too scary? The Sex Texts: Sexuality, Gender, and Relationships in the Bible by L. Robert Arthur raises just that possibility, despite the strong likelihood of facing stiff criticism from many sectors, mostly of the established Catholic persuasion. Yet those inclined to know the true message of Jesus Christ and his closest disciples may well take heed to scrutinize, at the very least, what Robert is trying to point out in his work. The Sex Texts: Sexuality, Gender, and Relationships in the Bible promises to raise a storm, but the public debate it could engender may yet start a new direction for the rest of humanity.


My friend has told me that, among the attractions she finds in this dear friend is that she has a greater grip on the ... Some men feel a certain jealousy for their wives' or lovers' friends, sensing that the latter are providing them ...

Author: Joseph Epstein

Publisher: HMH

ISBN: 9780547527116


Page: 288

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The amusing and erudite anatomy of modern friendship, from the New York Times–bestselling author of Snobbery. Is it possible to have too many friends? Is your spouse supposed to be your best friend? How far should you go to help a friend in need? And how do you end a friendship that has run its course? In a “smart, delightfully literate, and sophisticated” anatomy of friendship in all its contemporary guises, Joseph Epstein uncovers the rich and surprising truths about our favored companions (Los Angeles Times). Friendship illuminates those complex, wonderful relationships without which we’d all be lost. “Reading [Epstein] is like spending an evening being flatteringly entertained by the most interesting guy at the party.” —The Seattle Times “A brilliant and outspoken commentator . . . Epstein’s graceful style and irrepressible wit provide unalloyed pleasure.” —Chicago Tribune “Brisk and delightful.” —The Wall Street Journal