Cuentos from Long AgoCuentos from Long Ago

hermanos además de él . Ellos siempre andaban metiéndose en pleitos . Los siete hermanos eran considerados como simplones . En muchos casos , no podían comprender ni las cosas más simples de la vida . Don Simón y sus hermanos tenían un ...

Author: Paulette Atencio

Publisher: UNM Press

ISBN: 0826320643


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Set in New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, and northern Mexico, this timeless material offers lessons about life and how to triumph over its hardships: from making a bargain with the devil to gaining peace through true love; from dealing with inexplicable, even supernatural events to accepting special gifts that transform pain into joy; and from overcoming jealousy, anger, or stinginess to accepting others just as they are."--BOOK JACKET.

Grimms Tales around the GlobeGrimms Tales around the Globe

Cuentos de Grimm. Barcelona: Lumen, 1976. ———. Cuentos de los hermanos Grimm. Barcelona:Sopena, 1918. ———. Cuentos de los hermanos Grimm. Barcelona: Noguer, 1962. ———. Cuentos de los hermanos Grimm. Madrid: Everest, 1975. ———.

Author: Vanessa Joosen

Publisher: Wayne State University Press

ISBN: 9780814339213


Page: 320

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Grimms’ fairy tales are among the best-known stories in the world, but the way they have been introduced into and interpreted by cultures across the globe has varied enormously. In Grimms’ Tales around the Globe, editors Vanessa Joosen and Gillian Lathey bring together scholars from Asia, Europe, and North and Latin America to investigate the international reception of the Grimms’ tales. The essays in this volume offer insights into the social and literary role of the tales in a number of countries and languages, finding aspects that are internationally constant as well as locally particular. In the first section, Cultural Resistance and Assimilation, contributors consider the global history of the reception of the Grimms’ tales in a range of cultures. In these eight chapters, scholars explore how cunning translators and daring publishers around the world reshaped and rewrote the tales, incorporating them into existing fairy-tale traditions, inspiring new writings, and often introducing new uncertainties of meaning into the already ambiguous stories. Contributors in the second part, Reframings, Paratexts, and Multimedia Translations, shed light on how the Grimms’ tales were affected by intermedial adaptation when traveling abroad. These six chapters focus on illustrations, manga, and film and television adaptations. In all, contributors take a wide view of the tales’ history in a range of locales—including Poland, China, Croatia, India, Japan, and France. Grimms’ Tales around the Globe shows that the tales, with their paradox between the universal and the local and their long and world-spanning translation history, form a unique and exciting corpus for the study of reception. Fairy-tale and folklore scholars as well as readers interested in literary history and translation will appreciate this enlightening volume.


Había hace muchos años en un pueblito en las montañas dos grandes amigos que se veían como hermanos: Eduardo y Alejandro, eran dos pequeños niños de ocho años más o menos que vivían en un orfanato, un lugar en donde cuidan a los niños ...

Author: Dr. Noé Cárdenas Rojo

Publisher: Palibrio

ISBN: 9781463387860


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In "The Doc's Tales", you will find ten interesting stories that, with a little help from your imagination, will make you live incredible adventures in different parts of the world: from mountains, oceans, caves, forests, cities, small towns, even the characters' homes. You will fight dragons, know Indian tribes in the old west, live the thrill of contact with beings from other planets, the mystery of magic, the great pirate battles and their quest for the lost treasure, foolproof friendship and you will see the first human beings trying to survive among the huge mammoths. Besides having fun reading, you will learn some advice that you are sure to find useful for the rest of your life and you will practice reading a second language in a simple and fun way, comparing those words you don't know with the story in your own language to better understand their meaning. Well then: jump in! A whole new world of adventures await to be discovered in these pages.

Los Hermanos Que Cosechaban Cuentos de Hadas The Brothers Who Harvested Fairy Tales Serie Naranja Spanish EditionLos Hermanos Que Cosechaban Cuentos de Hadas The Brothers Who Harvested Fairy Tales Serie Naranja Spanish Edition

Los gemelos Luis y José viajan por el mundo de fantasía de los hermanos Grimm y conocen a personajes como Blancanieves, Rapunzel, Cenicienta y más.

Author: Edna Iturralde

Publisher: Loqueleo

ISBN: 6070129571


Page: 150

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Twins Luis and José travel around the fantasy world of the brothers Grimm. There, they meet characters like Snow White, Rapunzel, Cinderella, the Valiant Little Tailor, and Hansel and Gretel. The boys investigate the reason that stepmothers are personified as evil, but they must do it before the sand in the hourglass runs out.

The Jonas Brothers Los hermanos JonasThe Jonas Brothers Los hermanos Jonas

What it's like to be the Jonas Brothers = Quese siente al ser los Hermanos Jonas / by Amie Jane Leavitt; ... es autora de más de treinta libros para niños, así como de numerosos acertijos, actividades, cuentos y artículos para revistas.

Author: Amie Jane Leavitt

Publisher: Mitchell Lane Publishers, Inc.

ISBN: 9781612282145


Page: 32

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It was six-year-old Nick's role in a Broadway show that got the Jonas Brothers to start thinking about performing together. By 2005, the three brothers began to travel the world, performing their music for their fans. They have become so well known that fans come screaming out of buildings when they catch a glimpse of them! Join Kevin, Joe, and Nick on a typical day's journey and find out just what it's like to be the Jonas Brothers. Luego de que Nick actuara en una obra de Broadway a los seis años, a los hermanos Jonas se les ocurrió la idea de presentarse juntos. En 2005, los tres hermanos empezaron a viajar por el mundo tocando su música. Se volvieron tan conocidos que los admiradores salen gritando cuando los ven. Acompaña a Kevin, Joe y Nick en una jornada típica y entérate de qué se siente al ser Los Hermanos Jonas.

Las Principales Leyendas Mitos Historias y Cuentos de ChileLas Principales Leyendas Mitos Historias y Cuentos de Chile

Los hermanos regresaron al ayllu a tiempo para la fiesta de la limpieza de los canales, mientras hombres afanaban en las zanjas, las mujeres preparaban la comida y Chuku se pudo incorporar rapidamente a la fiesta y tocar.

Author: Dean Amory


ISBN: 9781291411102


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Esta antología no pretende ser una recopilación científica o exhaustiva. Ha sido redactado con la aspiración de divulgar la riqueza de las esenciales leyendas, mitos, historias y cuentos de Chile. El libro recoge más de 125 de las más conocidas narraciones, mitos y leyendas que se han pasado oralmente de generación en generación y forman parte de la memoria popular chilena. Refleja así las creencias, costumbres y experiencias del pueblo chileno antes y después de la conquista española.

De Centring Cultural StudiesDe Centring Cultural Studies

Tratamos de publicar una colección de cuentos, leyendas y tradiciones populares de España por el estilo de la que publicaron en Alemania, de cuentos alemanes, los hermanos Grimm. Después de enumerar estos, en un erudito prólogo, ...

Author: Patricia Bastida-Rodríguez

Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing

ISBN: 9781443867078


Page: 370

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The academic resistance that cultural studies has encountered remains especially visible in Eastern and Southern European countries. One such example is Spain, where cultural studies is seen at best as an emergent research field. Hence the interest of this volume, conceived in Spain by an all-Spanish editorial team and written by a diverse range of authors who prove that, in spite of all difficulties, cultural studies continues to bloom – even in Southern and Eastern Europe. The different chapters offer interdisciplinary insights into a wide selection of cultural materials whose relevance goes well beyond purely aesthetic issues. Altogether, the volume (1) provides interesting theoretical reflections on the subtle (yet arbitrary) borders between popular and canonical culture; (2) explores how the popular culture of yesteryear has influenced and inspired later “canonical” cultural materials; and (3) studies how the reception of, and representation in, popular culture can be accounted for from the crucially relevant perspectives of gender and age. This collection of essays studies and explores the connections between a wide range of materials, including relevant examples of classic and contemporary literature, Arthuriana, pop music and videos, political and mainstream film, newspaper advertising, television, and the phenomenon of the (trans)media star.