Logical Analysis of Metaphysics of RealitiesLogical Analysis of Metaphysics of Realities

The inability to solve this is having an adverse effect on different sectors of human life. In this book, the nature is explored and the first cause is revealed as the Causal being.

Author: Adebolu Samson Eluwade

Publisher: Independently Published

ISBN: 1090351534


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The issue of the first cause has been a huge subject of debate among philosophers over the ages. The inability to solve this is having an adverse effect on different sectors of human life. In this book, the nature is explored and the first cause is revealed as the Causal being. This discovery thus has effect on different sectors of human life as explained in the book. Through the study in this book, the positions of the cosmos, God's, humans, animals, plants, and other natural creations are revealed.

Logic and the Nature of RealityLogic and the Nature of Reality

This book is not merely about metaphysics; it is an essay in metaphysics.

Author: Louis O. Kattsoff

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9789401192828


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This book is not merely about metaphysics; it is an essay in metaphysics. Furthermore, it is written in the firm conviction that metaphysics is possible and meaningful metaphysical statements can and should be made. However, I felt it necessary to approach the perennial problems of metaphysics through the avenues of linguistic analysis. I have tried not only to infiltrate the position of the linguists but to show that a fifth column already existed there. Yet the objections to metaphysics needed to be met or at least some indication of how they could be met had to be shown. It is never enough to demonstrate that objections are un founded - some positive indications of a possible metaphysics had to be offered. This book, as a consequence, tries also to draw at least in broad outline, a metaphysical position that seems to me to be well-founded. In the present state of philoso phy in the United States especially, this is sufficient reason for publishing another book in philosophy. I want to express my appreciation to a number of people. To my colleagues at North Carolina I am grateful for stimulating criticisms that often helped me see my way through to solutions. To Professors B. Blanshard (Yale University), and Ledger Wood (Princeton University), I am grateful for reading the manuscript.

Science and Apocalypse in Bertrand RussellScience and Apocalypse in Bertrand Russell

Russell's emphasis on language and logical analysis does not mean that his logical atomism does not have a strong metaphysical side: Russell emphasized radical ontological plurality and contingency as a true feature of reality.

Author: Javier Pérez-Jara

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 9781793618481


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This book weaves together apparently disconnected elements of Bertrand Russell’s philosophy and social activism into a coherent narrative about the acclaimed twentieth-century intellectual’s evolving stances concerning science and technology and their role in bringing either a future Golden Age or a secular Doomsday.

Logic and Reality in the Philosophy of John Stuart MillLogic and Reality in the Philosophy of John Stuart Mill

Tarski, Alfred: 1949, 'The Semantic Conception of Truth, in Readings in Philosophical Analysis, ed. by H. Feigl and W. ... Manley: 1947, J.S. Mill's Theory of Truth: A Study in Metaphysics and Logic, The Philosophical Review, 56.

Author: G. Scarre

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9789400925793


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'Nobody reads Mill today,' wrote a reviewer in Time magazine a few years ago. ! One could scarcely praise Mr Melvin Maddocks, who penned that remark, for his awareness of the present state of Mill studies, for of all nineteenth century philosophers who wrote in English, it is 1. S. Mill who remains the most read today. Yet it would not be so far from the truth to say that very few people pay much serious attention nowadays to Mill's writings about logic and metaphysics (as distinct from those on ethical and social issues), despite the fact that Mill put enormous effort into their composition and through them exerted a considerable influen ce on the course of European philosophy for the rest of his century. But the only sections of A System of Logic (1843) and An Examination of Sir William Hamilton's Philosophy (1865) to which much reference is now made comprise only a small proportion of those very large books, and the prevailing assumption is that Mill's theories about logical and meta physical questions are, with few exceptions, of merely antiquarian in terest. Bertrand Russell once said that Mill's misfortune was to be born at the wrong time (Russell (1951), p. 2). It can certainly appear that Mill chose an inauspicious time to attempt a major work on logic.


I want to say that ethics, like metaphysics, is logical analysis in its own way. But whereas metaphysics is logical analysis of the structure of ultimate reality in itself, ethics is logical analysis of the meaning of ultimate reality ...

Author: Schubert M. Ogden

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 9781532657108


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As artists not uncommonly keep sketchbooks, so thinkers often write notebooks. Schubert Ogden is a thinker for whom writing notebooks has been an essential discipline throughout his long career of trying to think as a Christian systematic theologian. By his own confession, constantly writing down his thoughts so he could discover what he wanted to think has always been as necessary to learning how to think theologically as constantly reading in order to think fruitfully with the minds of others. This volume is a selection from the indefinitely larger corpus of Ogden’s notebooks now archived in the Drew University Library. All arising from his thinking as a theologian, the entries selected are addressed to some of the more fundamental, and therefore mainly philosophical, issues now facing anyone who would do Christian theology systematically. While each entry stands on its own and may well be read discretely, they together make up a single many-sided argument for a distinctive way of doing theology today by resolutely pursuing a comparably distinctive way of doing metaphysics and ethics.

Language and RealityLanguage and Reality

The Philosophy of Language and the Principles of Symbolism Wilbur Marshall Urban. with such a philosophy. ... On this view, a proposal to overcome metaphysics by a logical analysis of language would be a contradiction in terms.

Author: Wilbur Marshall Urban

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317851967


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First published in 2002. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

A Companion to WittgensteinA Companion to Wittgenstein

Logical atomism – a term first coined by Bertrand Russell in 1911 (see Russell, [1911] 2003, p.94) – in general consists of a ... In the metaphysical part, there is the view that logical analysis reveals the metaphysics of reality.

Author: Hans-Johann Glock

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781118641477


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A COMPANION TO WITTGENSTEIN The most comprehensive survey of Wittgenstein’s thought yet compiled, this volume of fifty newly commissioned essays by leading interpreters of his philosophy is a keynote addition to the Blackwell Companions to Philosophy series. Full of penetrating insights into the life and work of the most important philosopher of the twentieth century, the collection explores the full range of Wittgenstein’s contribution to philosophy. It includes essays on his intellectual development, his work in logic and mathematics, philosophy of language, philosophy of mind and action, epistemology, ethics, philosophy of religion, and much else. As well as examining Wittgenstein’s contribution to human understanding in detail, the Companion features vital contextual analysis that traces the relationship between his ideas and those of other philosophers and schools of thought, including the Aristotelian and continental philosophical traditions. Authors also address prominent themes that remain current in today’s philosophical debates, explaining Wittgenstein’s continuing legacy alongside his historical significance. Essential reading for scholars of philosophy at all levels, A Companion to Wittgenstein combines engaging commentary with unrivaled academic authority.

Science Reality and LanguageScience Reality and Language

In Carnapian terms , the sentences of the metaphysical / ontological object - language must be translated into sentences belonging to the metalanguage of a phi- losophy conceived of as mere linguistic analysis .

Author: Michele Marsonet

Publisher: SUNY Press

ISBN: 0791424766


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This book explains why anti-realism is so popular with philosophers of science by showing that many contemporary philosophers of science and language, who define themselves as empiricists, in fact have evolved into linguistic idealists.

Critical Theory and the Crisis of Contemporary CapitalismCritical Theory and the Crisis of Contemporary Capitalism

... logic (the study of notions as means to ontological analysis) and metaphysics (the study of the ontological structure of reality) is internal to the latter: 'Logic already is Metaphysics: what appears as an introductory analysis of ...

Author: Heiko Feldner

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing USA

ISBN: 9781441169631


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This volume reassesses the nature of the current global economic crisis and its implication for the 21st century, through the unique lens of Marx's theory of the value-form as the unconscious matrix of modern society. Going beyond orthodox Marxist and postmodernist accounts, the author offers fresh new readings of Marx, Benjamin, Foucault, and Žižek. Here he argues that capitalism has not only entered its greatest crisis since WWII, but has in fact reached its historical limit and is in terminal decline. In this light, the book seeks to answer how a rerun of Keynesian regulations could possibly resolve the crisis. It also inquires as to whether a Green New Deal might succeed when the gap between work to be had and work to be done widens, and what alternatives neo-Marxian approaches offer considering the failure of Marxism in the 20th century. This far-reaching, critical examination of the crisis not only builds on critical theory, but also offers new readings of key theorists that will appeal to anyone interested in political theory, critical theory, and political economy.

Mindfulness Now and Zen The sceptics guide to Ultimate RealityMindfulness Now and Zen The sceptics guide to Ultimate Reality

We cannot therefore assume a priori that Ultimate Reality will be founded on logical reasoning or based on cause and ... of the use of logical analysis in philosophy: ... many questions, formerly obscured by the fog of metaphysics, 281.

Author: Wally Barr

Publisher: Lulu.com

ISBN: 9781326946760


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This book explores how each of us knows what we know. It considers claims that we see only illusions and that behind it all there is an indescribably beautiful reality - both a God and a Nirvana. The book goes on to explain in simple terms how these two ideas, so different on the surface, may not be so different at all. Ranging across the centuries the book draws on the teachings of a wide variety of thinkers from vastly different cultural, philosophical and religious backgrounds. The message they each bring is distilled into one consistent story in which our everyday sense of reality can be thought of as a deceptive and rather pale reflection of what's really going on. And although our thinking processes are seriously limited, the book describes how we can all transcend these limitations and experience Ultimate Reality through the simple practice of mindfulness - for mindfulness meditation offers freedom from thinking.