Lockheed T 33Lockheed T 33

The T-33 jet trainer was derived from the Lockheed F-80C Shooting Star, the USAF's first operational jet fighter, in 1948.

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The T-33 jet trainer was derived from the Lockheed F-80C Shooting Star, the USAF's first operational jet fighter, in 1948. In the fifty years since its introduction the T-33 has trained more jet pilots than any other training type. In addition to this role, it has served, and continues to serve, as an attack fighter the AT-33 and as a reconnaissance aircraft the RT-33 in several foreign air forces. It was also a testbed in many development programs including tests on ejection seats and missile guidance systems, and continues yet today in various military and civilian roles.

American Aircraft Development Second World War LegacyAmerican Aircraft Development Second World War Legacy

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This volume focuses on the influence of America’s Second World War aviation development and experience, subsequent aviation technological advances, and world events, in shaping American choices in military aircraft and associated weapons’ development during the few years following the war. It shows how air warfare weapons from the last conflict were carried forward and altered, how new systems evolved from these, and how the choices fared in the next war―Korea. The period was one of remarkable progress in a short span of time via a great many aircraft and weapons programs, and associated technological progress. These systems were of immense importance influencing and growing the engineering, production, and operational capabilities to be exploited for the next generation of weapons that soon followed. Emphasized is the innovative features or new technology and how these contributed to advancing American military aviation, influencing the evolution of follow-on models or types. Included are military prototype, experimental, and research aircraft that are equally important in understanding the history of American aircraft development. Combat employment, progress, and equipment adaptation during the Korean Conflict is then highlighted. Tabulated characteristics are provided of those aircraft that entered production or represented significant technological advances influencing others that follow.

Unmanned Systems of World Wars I and IIUnmanned Systems of World Wars I and II

Lockheed T-33: A Photo Chronicle. Atglen, PA: Schiffer Publishing. McLean, W. B. 1955. “Progress Report on the Technical Program.” Senior Personnel Conference, Naval Ordnance Test Station, Inyokern, China Lake, CA, 29 June.

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The first comprehensive technical history of air, land, sea, and underwater unmanned systems, by a distinguished U.S. Navy roboticist. Military drones have recently been hailed as a revolutionary new technology that will forever change the conduct of war. And yet the United States and other countries have been deploying such unmanned military systems for more than a century. Written by a renowned authority in the field, this book documents the forgotten legacy of these pioneering efforts, offering the first comprehensive historical and technical accounting of unmanned air, land, sea, and underwater systems. Focusing on examples introduced during the two world wars, H. R. Everett meticulously traces their development from the mid-nineteenth century to the early Cold War. A pioneering Navy roboticist, Everett not only describes these systems in detail but also reverse-engineers the designs in order to explain how they operated in real-world conditions of the time. More than 500 illustrations—photographs, drawings, and plans, many of them never before published—accompany the text. Everett covers the evolution of early wire-guided submersibles, tracing the development of power, propulsion, communication, and control; radio-controlled surface craft, deployed by both Germany and Great Britain in World War I; radio-controlled submersibles; radio-controlled aircraft, including the TDR-1 assault drone project in World War II—which laid the groundwork for subsequent highly classified drone programs; and remote-controlled ground vehicles, including the Wehrmacht's Goliath and Borgward demolition carriers.


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Warbirds pays special attention to the aircraft of America's Golden Age, 1919-1939, and the breakthrough technological developments of that era. Warbirds offers more than 300 A-Z entries of the aircraft of America's Golden Age. Each entry includes a photograph of the warplane, service dates, manufacturer, records set, engineering and performance history, technical innovations, and even operational problems. To help enthusiasts and researchers, the guide cites the very latest books and periodical literature in its two extensive bibliographies. It also lists aviation museums, airplane magazines, and sources of photographs. Each entry includes a photograph of the warplane, service dates, manufacturer, records set, engineering and performance history, technical innovations, and even operational problems

Air Force MagazineAir Force Magazine

Including photos , appendices , and notes , 86 pages . $ 8.50 McLaren , David R. Lockheed T - 33 : A Photo Chronicle . Schiffer Publishing Ltd. , 4880 Lower Valley Rd . , Atglen , PA 19310-9717 ( 610-593-1777 ) . 1998. Including photos ...



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From mechanical automata to modern-day androids, explore more than 100 robots and discover how they work, who made them, and how they affect the lives of humans around the world. From drones used in battle to robot helpers taking care of hospital patients, Robot shows how robotics and artificial intelligence (AI) are becoming part of everyday life. Each robot, including service robots packing food and rescue robots finding people after a disaster, has its own profile to explain its features and uses. The ebook is divided into clear sections by the jobs a robot might do, so it's easy to compare and find out about robots from different areas of science and life. There are also focused articles on specific features of robotics, such as the ability to learn, which will help you learn more about the technology behind these fascinating machines. Includes vibrant graphics, punchy colours, and a mind-bending array of information, this ebook makes one thing clear: the robot revolution is here to stay

Know It AllKnow It All

Lockheed-Martin (b). Science Photo Library; (c), 17 NASA (ft) (str) (to) (t) (tr), Science Photo Library. NASA (co); Friedrich Saurer (clb). ... Aaron Horowitz (c) 33 Alamy Images: Interfoto (cr/Donati). The Print Collector (cra).

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Taking you on the ultimate trivia-fest, in e-book format Lists of the weirdest beetles, the fastest jet aircraft, the scariest sharks, the least intelligent dinosaurs and much more, Know It All is the ultimate trivia-fest for curious minds. Pictorial galleries, timelines and 'how to' boxes with unusual step-by-steps so you can discover how to land on a comet, drink from a cactus or dance the tango. Fascinating, factual, fun and frighteningly addictive - Know It All is jam packed with everything you ever wanted to know.