Poor Little Rag DollPoor Little Rag Doll

The waitress's heart broke when she heard the little girl's story and she exclaimed, “Oh, you poor little rag doll! I'd love to have a little girl like you.” The little girl looked up into the waitress's eyes as she replied, “Thank you, ...

Author: R. Wayne Clark

Publisher: Strategic Book Publishing & Rights Agency

ISBN: 9781628574609


Page: 52

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During the Great Depression, an adorable lost little girl named Samantha is discovered at the Los Angeles Farmer’s Market by a kind-hearted red-haired lady. Rose asks her boyfriend Mike, who is a detective, to help her find Samantha’s father. Samantha was wearing a tattered blue dress, and all that she had with her when she was found was a Poor Little Rag Doll. Their search for the little girl’s father proves tricky. Rose and Mike discover a bigger mystery than they could have possibly imagined trying to track the man down. Why did Samantha’s father disappear and what is the key to finding him?

Sonceria s VoiceSonceria s Voice

Ragdoll. Little girl, little girl Playing with that ragdoll Don't you know when you shake them, the tear? Why do you scream at them? Why do you scream and shout and hit the little ragdoll? What is your wish for your ragdoll?

Author: Sonceria M. Mayes

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 1462073379


Page: 60

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There is great pride and love that a father has for his daughters. You desire to see them growup and become the women you know they can be. You see the talent and skills within them and you wish for them to success as much as they desire too. You encourage them and guide them to the best of your abilities. You tell them they can become whatever their heart desire that the sky is the limit. sometime life doesn’t always go as you or they plan. Sonceria Messiah Mayes my beloved angel now in the arms of God desired to write and publish her poems and prose but was taken away from my reach and for her I attempt to make her dreams come to fold. Sonni was born October 11, 1977 and received into the arms of God on April 9, 1997. For you Sonni I dedicate your voice for others to hear what you saw and what you felt. I love and miss you and Ericka...

Raw GriefRaw Grief

Momma would just shake her redhead. There were times I thought he was going to knock off my head. I wasn't sure how long a ragdoll toy could last. Because he could move so fast, I was just a little ragdoll in his crazy hands.

Author: Colette Kelley

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781496922373


Page: 252

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Raw Grief escaping Fire to Water is about going through the journey of self-awareness overcoming the different stages of grief and getting over the physical and mental images. Taking you through a journey of examples how victims of abuse go through the same stages as the grieving. Explaining through Bible scriptures how victims can become victors through the power of Jesus Christ. John 11:35 Jesus wept Colette wants to draw attention with her book to churches and youth groups to make awareness of childhood pornography and how it can affect others. The warning signs to look for in your children. *Childhood abuse * Domestic Violence * Drug Addiction *The death of a child * Going through the five stages of grief *Overcoming the guilt and Blame * Finding Real Peace through Jesus Christ

Tying The KnotTying The Knot

Inside the small church, set on the mountainside in Barmouth, Adam could feel his knees shaking and his stomach doing somersaults. His best man, Garth Jones, ... Mavis had handmade the little ragdoll as a gift when she'd been born.

Author: Amanda Bateman

Publisher: Troubador Publishing Ltd

ISBN: 9781800468757


Page: 200

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The story picks up with Janie Arnold making a life changing decision to help her cousin Megan and hopefully to leave Janie free to start her own life. Whilst on holiday in Lanzarote she meets Adam, a boat builder from back home in Wales and Alison another holiday maker from Derbyshire. Life is finally starting to look up for Janie.

Seventy Times SevenSeventy Times Seven

I stopped for just a moment when I saw Annie's little patchwork quilt lying on the warm hay . It was still spread out from our last tea party . I placed each little ragdoll on the quilt , side by side , and then I smiled for the first ...

Author: Rita Youngblood Rabalais

Publisher: Christian Faith Publishing, Inc.

ISBN: 9781640791190


Page: 30

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It is spring, 1934, and Pearl has only one wish for her birthday: a real doll. Not a rag doll, but a doll like the one she saw in a store window. But Louisiana, like the rest of the nation, is in the midst of The Great Depression and such a special gift is a rare thing. After weeks of hoping and longing for a doll, Pearl receives one even more beautiful than she had dreamed. She couldn't wait to show her doll to her best friend, Mary Beth. Seventy Times Seven is a story for every child who has ever loved a special toy or pet. It is also for anyone who has ever longed for something and received it, only to lose it too soon. But most of all, Seventy Times Seven is the story of friendship and forgiveness.


Yes,there she stood,this innocent poor little RagDoll. He looked up from his walletand smiled to the assistant. Notjustasmall smile buta smile large enough for all to see,he leaned forward to speak slowly intothe microphone, ...

Author: W. M. Vasquez

Publisher: PublishAmerica

ISBN: 9781629078625


Page: 508

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"W. M. Vasquez, author of Love's Bouquet, now gives us an international Love Story. Richard, an Italian-American Chicagoan, searches for love. A multi-millionaire financial wizard with middle class upbringing; he has power, money and fame in the financial world; but can't find true love or have a family. Love and marriage always fails him. He travels with a friend to the island of Leyte for his first fiesta. His friend's sister, Jheyza (jay sa), a mountain farm girl in the Philippines, develops a crush on Richard. Years later, Richard returns to Leyte to keep his promise of returning to her. She's now a grown woman; they fall in love. Will his dream be shattered with Jheyza or will Richard find his family? Jheyza's sayings for when a man and woman marry then they have a child, that will let their love live forever. She calls it "Eternal Filipina Love"."

Random Tales Of A Daily Life Without LoveRandom Tales Of A Daily Life Without Love

He drank a little more. He went back to the colorless thing and drank some more. Suddenly, he remembered his little rag doll. When he started to walk away, the four legs, which were now just two thin legs, came near him, and two hands, ...

Author: Randhal Wendel Fernando de Souza Santos

Publisher: Babelcube Inc.

ISBN: 9781547565801


Page: 111

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This book is a simple story about love (or its lack). About how love (or its lack) may change a life. It is about random stories that intersect in the middle of the road. About souls who adopt and end up modifying each other with love. “The faded yellow facade of the old building matched the solitary sunflower of the window of some apartment. Their window would also have a yellow sunflower spinning always in search of the sun. Just like them, who, from now on, would always be looking to a bright and radiant sun that would bring them the hope of a happy and joyful future. The next day they would find out where the Tutelary Council or Juvenile Court of that little town was half hidden at the end of the world. For the first time, life made sense to her, and she finally knew what was missing to her life. It was missing love”.

The Working PoorThe Working Poor

There was these little signs, but it was hard to prove anything because she was not old enough to come out and tell me, ... “She was probably like this little ragdoll that just got brought anywhere," said her caseworker, Brenda, ...

Author: David K. Shipler

Publisher: Vintage

ISBN: 9780307493408


Page: 352

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From the author of the Pulitzer Prize–winning Arab and Jew, an intimate portrait unfolds of working American families struggling against insurmountable odds to escape poverty. As David K. Shipler makes clear in this powerful, humane study, the invisible poor are engaged in the activity most respected in American ideology—hard, honest work. But their version of the American Dream is a nightmare: low-paying, dead-end jobs; the profound failure of government to improve upon decaying housing, health care, and education; the failure of families to break the patterns of child abuse and substance abuse. Shipler exposes the interlocking problems by taking us into the sorrowful, infuriating, courageous lives of the poor—white and black, Asian and Latino, citizens and immigrants. We encounter them every day, for they do jobs essential to the American economy. This impassioned book not only dissects the problems, but makes pointed, informed recommendations for change. It is a book that stands to make a difference.

Chicken Soup for the Soul The Gift of ChristmasChicken Soup for the Soul The Gift of Christmas

Beforemy mom could speak, the little girl returned. She held outherown hands andinside was a small ragdoll. She held it outto me and insisted that I take it. ... I looked down at the dirty little rag doll and smiled.

Author: Jack Canfield

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781611592160


Page: 400

View: 977

This extra long collection of 121 Christmas stories will warm readers’ hearts and spread the wonder of the holiday season with its tales of love, joy, and awe. A great holiday gift. Chicken Soup for the Soul: The Gift of Christmas will delight readers with its stories about the joy, wonder, and blessings of the holiday season. This special collection is filled with joyful, heartwarming and merry stories about holiday traditions, family, and goodwill that the whole family will enjoy. Most of these stories originally appeared in a limited edition book called Chicken Soup for the Soul: Tales of Christmas.

The Last Child of GodThe Last Child of God

The little warrior prepared himself for the final blow. Chun reached down and grabbed Phillip in ... He mustered all of his strength and heaved the little ragdoll body across the battlefield of the meadow. The child spun aimlessly and ...

Author: H Edward Newton

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc

ISBN: 9781257663361



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In the time before time, when the forces of evil rebelled against the forces of Heaven. One individual played a vital role in the final outcome. And in doing so, he became a feared avenger. The saga continues as the story unfolds on Earth. In the powerful story of one man caught up in Lucifer's scheme to murder the boy that caused his downfall from Heaven."...Newton's concept has produced a very plausible storyline set against a backdrop of time and the unimaginable vastness of eternity. Readers may even whisper when they finish the last page, 'It could be true.'"Sylvia Nickels, Kingsport, TN writer.

Love s Sure DawnLove s Sure Dawn

Jane rushed into the kitchen and pulled on her mother's skirts, a ragdoll clutched in her arms. “Go outside. Go outside. ... “Gracie's sleeping,” Jane answered solemnly, her hands clutching her little rag doll. “Colin's at his friends.

Author: Naomi Rawlings

Publisher: Naomi Rawlings

ISBN: 9781508060802


Page: 380

View: 122

The bestselling Eagle Harbor Series continues with Book 3, Love’s Sure Dawn. No matter how hard she tries to help, Rebekah Cummings always ends up causing more problems than she solves. This time, though, things will be different. She’ll find a way to pay her family’s debts, even if doing so requires leaving Eagle Harbor. Maybe then they’ll start treating her as a capable woman who makes her own choices. Gilbert Sinclair is going to marry an heiress. With his latest business venture sunk at the bottom of Lake Superior, he needs money to replace the steamship he lost, so he heads to Chicago where his father’s business connections should land him a suitable wife. Like most things in his meticulously planned life, everything goes as expected—until he discovers Rebekah Cummings working as the new cook on his ship. Rebekah well remembers the pain she endured the last time she tried trusting Gilbert, and Gilbert can’t afford to pursue the love of a working class woman. But they can’t stop the forgotten feelings swirling between them—or ignore the sacrifices they’d both have to make for a future together. “More than just a satisfying love story.” Melissa Jagears, award winning Christian author “This is the best book series that I have found in several years.” Amazon Reviewer If you like inspirational stories of love, courage, and drama, then get your copy of the latest book in the memorable Eagle Harbor Series. Eagle Harbor Series—Where Love Finds Its Anchor Book 1: Love’s Unfading Light (Mac and Tressa) Book 2: Love’s Every Whisper (Elijah and Victoria) Short Story: Love’s Beginning (Elijah and Victoria) Book 3: Love’s Sure Dawn (Gilbert and Rebekah) Book 4: Love’s Eternal Breath (Seth and Lindy—winter 2017) Book 5: Love’s Constant Hope (Thomas and Jessalyn—summer 2017) Book 6: Love’s Bright Tomorrow (Isaac and Aileen—winter 2018)

Last of the Spirit Bears the Greatest Hits 2014 2019 Last of the Spirit Bears the Greatest Hits 2014 2019

Little rag doll of steel Lying in a pile of unwrapped sheets, Waiting for cold hands protected by unfriendly gloves to touch a cold, limp body. Curtains drawn, The doll is now alone, All alone washed away By sterilising disinfectant As ...

Author: R. R. Pravin

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781728310862


Page: 644

View: 289

Celebrating two hundred poems over six years (2014 to 2019), Dr. R. R. Pravin returns with the definitive Paediatric Palliative Care & Complex Care Anthology in Last of the Spirit Bears: The Greatest Hits (2014-2019), written in memory of all the children and their families he was fortunate to have met and worked with around the world since he was a medical student and as a paediatric resident. This timeless read showcases all four of his collections with bonus tracks as a personal tribute and a humble thank-you to his faithful fans and followers through the years. “For anyone who has lost a child, a family member, or a loved one, this collection will help you get through life. And to the fans, this is a culmination of all our years together. You will cry, you will laugh, but most of all, you will gain a newfound outlook on life. May this book always serve as your guide and a shoulder to lean on through the most difficult times as it did for many who have read it. Peace and much love always.”

The Virtual Reality RegressionThe Virtual Reality Regression

The little girl looked at Daryn as if she recognized the language but not the words. She held up her rag doll to face him. “She doesn't talk,” the ragdoll answered. “You mean, she's too young to talk,” Daryn responded.

Author: Barry Oliver

Publisher: AB Discovery




View: 818

If you could escape to another world: a world of spectacular beauty, a world without danger or war; would you do it? What if it was as simple as putting on a virtual reality headset? 13-year-old Daryn Dixon finds such a world hidden in a virtual reality game called Aeviternity. Considering his own world is one of gang violence and inner-city poverty, the decision to escape would seem like a no-brainer. There is a catch. In Aeviternity, Daryn doesn’t acquire magical powers or super strength. In Aeviternity, he is a toddler wearing only a diaper. Now would you go? At first his answer is no. Later, as Daryn makes friends and encounters caregivers who love him, his answer turns to yes. Daryn thinks he can be happy in Aeviternity, on a planet called Parvulis, forever. Then something goes terribly wrong. When those intent on its destruction enter Parvulis, Daryn must find a way to defend an essentially defenseless world populated by babies and their gentle caretakers.

Far Far the Mountain PeakFar Far the Mountain Peak

He was a plump little ragdoll of a fellow with a round, rather vacant face, topped with an anarchic mop of red hair. His bits of clothes seemed about to fall off him. 'Oh Michael!' sighed Mrs Watson. 'Just look at you!

Author: Arthur Clifford

Publisher: Book Guild Publishing

ISBN: 9781910878729


Page: 200

View: 401

Rejected by his doctrinaire socialist mother and father while still a baby, John Denby is sent down south to live with his wealthy grandfather and grandmother. Educated at a private school and cosseted at home, all he knows is the leafy London suburb where he lives and his self-created world of steam train models and the Scripture Union. Then a sudden tragedy strikes and he must return to the 'desolate' , 'proletarian' North to live with his deeply unsympathetic parents and to attend an 'experimental' state school that his father has helped set up. A strange fish out of water, he quickly discovers that, to survive, he must live a double life both sensitive 'posh git' and 'daredevil hard lad' . Part Dickensian Bildungsroman, part coruscating satire, Far, Far the Mountain Peak is an always engaging, and sometimes deeply moving, tale of an awkward boy struggling to find his place in the world.

Shadowrun ShakenShadowrun Shaken

He gave me a little ragdoll shake and shook his head, my wingtips dangling centimeters from the ground. “Your gun won't help you, detective.” “My gun isn't what I'm goin' for.” I stuck my little tactical folding knife, a weapon focus if ...

Author: Russell Zimmerman

Publisher: Catalyst Game Labs



Page: 261

View: 746

DOWN THESE DARK STREETS… Most folks see Puyallup as the worst Seattle’s got to offer; a tangled mess of metahumanity and greet, poverty and ghettoes, vice and corruption, where the crime is more organized than the government. They call it a Barrens, an armpit, a cesspool. Jimmy Kincaid, though, calls it home. Walking the line between shadows and the desperate light, semi-legit like only a Puyallup brat and former cop can be, he insists Puyallup has a heart and a soul, that it’s a place of life, magic, and starving hope. A former combat mage, now as burnt out as his neighborhood, he does what he can to police the worst excesses of the crime-riddled city he loves. In the darkness of the Seattle Sprawl, what’s one more murder? To Kincaid, it’s everything. He’s got a dead mentor, a hermetic group in need, and a mysterious file that might have been worth killing for. To unlock the data and get a little justice, he’ll face the worst the Sprawl has to offer, wading through blood, darkness, and a murderous web of lies. It’s a good thing he’s got friends—in high and low places…


I think about my daddy – he likes to tickle my belly and call me his little ragdoll. I feel sad because right now he and my mamma and Lyder are in my house, maybe watching something funny on TV and eating cheese puffs, but I'm here.

Author: Alex Dahl

Publisher: Head of Zeus Ltd

ISBN: 9781789544022


Page: 464

View: 516

It was meant to be your daughter's first sleepover. Now it's an abduction. Lucia Blix went home from school for a playdate with her new friend Josie. Later that evening, her mother Elisa dropped her overnight things round and shared a glass of wine with Josie's mother. Then she kissed her little girl goodnight and drove home. That was the last time she saw her daughter. The next morning, when Lucia's dad arrived to pick her up, the house was empty. No furniture, no family, no Lucia. In Playdate, Alex Dahl puts a microscope on a seemingly average, seemingly happy family plunged into a life-altering situation. Who has taken their daughter, and why? 'Quickly exerts a grip' Financial Times 'A tense thriller that felt utterly real' Jane Shemilt 'Fast-paced and unsettling' Guardian 'I couldn't put it down' Rachael Blok