Libraries and UniversitiesLibraries and Universities

On October 26 , 1957 , in Columbus , his native town , Professor Buck received
the Ohioana Career Medal , which is awarded annually by the Martha Kinney
Cooper Ohioana Library Association to an Ohioan who has made outstanding ...

Author: Paul Buck

Publisher: Harvard University Press

ISBN: 0674530500


Page: 192

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Perhaps the most exciting aspect of the Harvard University Library today is that in this largest university library in the world primary emphasis is placed upon a regard for the individual which extends alike to staff, faculty, students, and general users. As director of the Library, Paul Buck was responsible for this attitude. This book reflects his view that as the center of university education and research a library owes a responsibility both to the people who use libraries and to those who operate them. Personal consideration must be united with the mechanization and automation that is essential in developing a modern library's collections, circulation, and special services. Here are addresses, articles, and reports in which Mr. Buck interprets the Harvard Library to its own staff, to the academic community, and to the general public. For the general reader who wants to know something of the nature and significance of university libraries, the author presents a historical view as well as an interesting picture of what the largest library of its kind is doing today. The collection begins with a talk given at Monticello in 1954 in which Mr. Buck announced his university library credo, emphasizing the importance of the university library, its personnel, and its services to the community. This credo he restates at the end of this volume. Throughout the book are speeches bearing on the author's conception of libraries for teaching and research as well as a description of the administrative program at Harvard that he based on this conception. He analyzes problems involved in recruiting, training, and retaining a quality staff of professional librarians. In one article he deals with the new personnel program adopted by the Harvard Library in 1958. In another he is concerned with the remarkably successful plan for recruiting "library interns" that is now in operation at Harvard. Still another paper discusses a landmark of his administration, the installation of a mechanized circulation system. Included here also are addresses reflecting Mr. Buck's broad historical perspective. He deals with the long-range future of libraries generally and with the prospects of American universities. He is concerned with relations between historians, librarians, and businessmen. In a short paper he touches on another landmark of his administration--the first steps taken in planning the John F. Kennedy library.

University Libraries and Space in the Digital WorldUniversity Libraries and Space in the Digital World

The university library has been describedas being 'atthe heartof the university' (
Urquhart 1977: 2). In recentyears, however, thepurpose andvery existence ofthe
building itself hasbeen questioned (Campbell2006). Anumber of trends have ...

Author: Dr Graham Walton

Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.

ISBN: 9781409472001


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This timely book addresses physical space in university libraries in the digital age. It considers the history of the use of space, integrates case studies from around the world with theoretical perspectives, explores recent developments including new build and refurbishment. With users at the forefront, chapters cover different aspects of learning and research support provision, shared services, and evaluation of space initiatives. Library staff requirements and green issues are outlined. The book also looks to the future, identifying the key strategic issues and trends that will influence and shape future library spaces. The authors are international, senior university library managers and academics who provide a range of views and approaches and experience of individual projects and initiatives.

University Libraries and Digital Learning EnvironmentsUniversity Libraries and Digital Learning Environments

FrankTrew When I embarkedonthis projectI hadthought to write aboutallof
theeffortsbeing madeby university libraries to reach out tointernational students
through their virtual learning environments (VLEs).My research did not uncover
either ...

Author: Mr Matt Holland

Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.

ISBN: 9781409486565


Page: 304

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University libraries around the world have embraced the possibilities of the digital learning environment, facilitating its use and proactively seeking to develop the provision of electronic resources and services. The digital environment offers opportunities and challenges for librarians in all aspects of their work - in information literacy, virtual reference, institutional repositories, e-learning, managing digital resources and social media. The authors in this timely book are leading experts in the field of library and information management, and are at the forefront of change in their respective institutions. University Libraries and Digital Learning Environments will be invaluable for all those involved in managing libraries or learning services, whether acquiring electronic resources or developing and delivering services in digital environments.

E Services in Danish Research Libraries Issues and Challenges at Roskilde University LibraryE Services in Danish Research Libraries Issues and Challenges at Roskilde University Library

Danish research libraries are government institutions and serve mainly higher
education and research, but most of them are also open to the public at large. In
Denmark there are 20 major research libraries connected to universities and
other ...

Author: Ada Scupola

Publisher: IGI Global

ISBN: 9781605666440



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Handbook of Research on Digital Libraries Design Development and ImpactHandbook of Research on Digital Libraries Design Development and Impact

In addition, the purpose is to provide the publications of the universities of
applied sciences using the Web. The facilities, software and other tools are
necessary to support the efficient Web service. The libraries provide portals to
acquire ...

Author: Theng, Yin-Leng

Publisher: IGI Global

ISBN: 9781599048802


Page: 690

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"This book is an in-depth collection aimed at developers and scholars of research articles from the expanding field of digital libraries"--Provided by publisher.

British University LibrariesBritish University Libraries

This book, first published in 1989, provides a thorough understanding of the major trends that have emerged during the past decade and projects them into the future to assess their likely effect over the next few years.

Author: Toby Burrows

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781000757569


Page: 186

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British university libraries face major financial, technological, and organizational challenges. Cuts in funding, the spread of new technology, and changes to the provision of university education as a whole are combining to fundamentally alter the circumstances in which university libraries operate. This book, first published in 1989, provides a thorough understanding of the major trends that have emerged during the past decade and projects them into the future to assess their likely effect over the next few years. By focusing on the most important developments in the areas of finance, staffing, collections, services, automation, and relations with other libraries, author Toby Burrows exposes the forces that threaten the very nature of the British university library. The changes affecting British universities as a whole are also analysed since these broad influences have been a major cause of change in libraries and are essential to an understanding of that change. The future of the British university library depends on its ability to clearly articulate a coherent vision of its own future; this book takes a crucial step toward this goal.

University Libraries in Developing CountriesUniversity Libraries in Developing Countries

Discussed are four case studies of systems which were developed at the
National Autonomous University of Mexico and which determine the
infrastructure of the automation processes as applied in university libraries
throughout the country.

Author: Anthony J. Loveday

Publisher: Walter de Gruyter

ISBN: 9783110970968


Page: 183

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The International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA) is the leading international body representing the interests of library and information services and their users. It is the global voice of the information profession. The series IFLA Publications deals with many of the means through which libraries, information centres, and information professionals worldwide can formulate their goals, exert their influence as a group, protect their interests, and find solutions to global problems.

University and Research Library StudiesUniversity and Research Library Studies

University of Sussex Library ABSTRACT British university librarians, until well
into the twentieth century, were more concerned with improving their collections
and ...

Author: W. L. Saunders

Publisher: Elsevier

ISBN: 9781483158310


Page: 234

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University and Research Library Studies, Volume 8 presents the growing awareness of the international character of library studies. This book discusses the highly organized approach to library science research in Eastern Europe. Comprised of six chapters, this volume begins with an overview of the advantages of the comparative study of the libraries of various countries, including the possibilities of development and solutions to familiar difficulties. This text then examines the role of the library as a teaching instrument whereby instructions and library assignments are included as an integral part of the normal courses in the curriculum. Other chapters consider the background to the foundation of the Library of the School of Oriental and African Studies. This book discusses as well the function of the university library to bring together information and human beings. The final chapter deals with the types of activities that constitute library science research. Librarians will find this book useful.

The University of Michigan an Encyclopedic Survey The Libraries The Press The Museums and Collections The School of Public Health The Institutes Television and Broadcasting The Buildings and LandsThe University of Michigan an Encyclopedic Survey The Libraries The Press The Museums and Collections The School of Public Health The Institutes Television and Broadcasting The Buildings and Lands

One result of this growing General Library and private donors have world
consciousness has been an impor- assisted in building up a library of Japtant
new development in American anese materials . higher education : the
appearance of The ...

Author: University of Michigan

Publisher: UM Libraries

ISBN: UOM:39015053128438



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Ultimate Digital LibraryUltimate Digital Library

BUILDING THE BED Concerted efforts to automate library functions got off to a
cautious start in the early 1960s, but had their roots in the efforts of a small
handful of individuals as early as the late 1930s. The University of Texas was one
of the ...

Author: Andrew K. Pace

Publisher: American Library Association

ISBN: 0838908446


Page: 168

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Pace presents some unique views and provides practical changes on how libraries can stay competitive in the new digital arena and starts the dialogue that can lead to lasting change.

Empowering People Collaboration between Finnish and Namibian University LibrariesEmpowering People Collaboration between Finnish and Namibian University Libraries

Maria Forsman, joseph Ndinoshiho & Eija Poteri RESEARCH SUPPORT
SERVICES OF UNIVERSITY LIBRARIES: ... and compare research sup— port
services in the Helsinki University Library Tampere University Library in Finland
and in the ...


Publisher: University of Tampere

ISBN: 9789514489785



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The Value of Academic LibrariesThe Value of Academic Libraries

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Academic libraries have long enjoyed their status as the
“heart of the university.” However, in recent decades, higher education
environments have changed. Government officials see higher education as a
national ...

Author: Megan Oakleaf

Publisher: Assoc of Cllge & Rsrch Libr

ISBN: 9780838985687


Page: 184

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This report provides Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL) leaders and the academic community with a clear view of the current state of the literature on value of libraries within an institutional context, suggestions for immediate "Next Steps" in the demonstration of academic library value, and a "Research Agenda" for articulating academic library value. Its focus is to help librarians understand, based on professional literature, the current answer to the question, "How does the library advance the missions of the institution?" This report is also of interest to higher educational professionals external to libraries, including senior leaders, administrators, faculty, and student affairs professionals.

Global Library and Information ScienceGlobal Library and Information Science

ACADEMIC LIBRARIES Anne Horn, Philip Calvert and Stuart Ferguson
Academic libraries are taken to refer here to two particular types of library:
university libraries and those libraries which serve the vocational education and
training (VET) ...

Author: Ismael Abdullahi

Publisher: Walter de Gruyter

ISBN: 9783598220425


Page: 592

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This book presents international librarianship and library science through insightful and well written chapters contributed by experts and scholars from six regions of the world. The role of public, academic, special, school libraries, as well as library and information science education are presented from the early development to the present time. Its lively, readable approach will help the reader to understand librarianship in Africa, Asia, Australia and New Zealand, Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean, the Middle East, and North America. Edited by Ismail Abdullahi, Professor of Global Library and Information Science, this book is a must-read by library science students and teachers, librarians, and anyone interested in Global Librarianship.

Enquiries and Observations Respecting the University Library Enquiries and Observations Respecting the University Library

... bishop of London , two chief justices , chief baron , vice chancellors of the two
universities , in that part of Great Britain ... before such publication made , for the
use of the royal library , the libraries of the universities of Oxford and Cambridge ...

Author: Basil Montagu


ISBN: NWU:35556005423520


Page: 28

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Fuzzy Systems Knowledge Discovery and Natural Computation SymposiumFuzzy Systems Knowledge Discovery and Natural Computation Symposium

With cloud storage devices emerging and upgrading servers, the construction of
cloud federal library have a solid foundation ... But only five universities' resource
utilization is limited, the majority libraries of universities cannot share the digital ...

Author: Liangshan Shao

Publisher: DEStech Publications, Inc

ISBN: 9781605951317


Page: 0

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The Fuzzy Systems, Knowledge Discovery, and Natural Computation Symposium (FSKDNC 2013) was successfully held from 24 to 25 July 2013, in Shenyang, China. The Symposium was a platform for authors to present their recent development on fuzzy systems, knowledge discovery, and natural computation (i.e., intelligent techniques inspired from nature, such as neural networks, genetic algorithms, and particle swarm optimization). The Symposium attracted numerous submissions from around the globe. Each submitted paper was rigorously reviewed by the program committee and additional reviewers based on originality, significance and quality of the research, clarity of the presentation, and relevance to the Symposium theme. 60 papers are included in the Symposium proceedings after the review process. The great efforts of the authors, the Organizing Committee members, the Program Committee members, and the additional reviewers are acknowledged here. The Symposium would not have been possible without the support from Liaoning Technical University. The professional and courteous staff from DEStech Publications, Inc also deserves special credits.