Letters of Sarah Orne JewettLetters of Sarah Orne Jewett

This volume, edited and published by Fields after Jewett's death, contains correspondence between Jewett and authors such as Willa Cather, John Greenleaf Whittier and others.

Author: Sarah Orne Jewett


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Jewett spent much of her later life in Boston, and after her friend James Thomas Fields died she shared a house with his widow Annie Fields. The two women's home was a social center of the New England literary scene, with both Fields and Jewett holding court as a variety of friends and fellow writers came and went. This volume, edited and published by Fields after Jewett's death, contains correspondence between Jewett and authors such as Willa Cather, John Greenleaf Whittier and others. Fields and Jewett also traveled abroad together, and the book contains letters to distant friends in Europe.

A Sarah Orne Jewett CompanionA Sarah Orne Jewett Companion

After Jewett's death, Annie Fields edited Letters of Sarah Orne Jewett (1911), a
work weakened by me deletion — at the urging of their mutual friend, Mark
Anthony DeWolfe Howe — of highly personal passages. Annie Fields's writings
include ...

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For too long Sarah Orne Jewett (1849-1909) was dismissed as a timid New England local colorist, known principally for her novels and short stories based in her native state of Maine. But in the last few decades her work has attracted growing attention, and she is now highly respected for her portrayal of women and their lives in 19th-century New England. This reference book provides alphabetically arranged entries for Jewett's writings, characters, family members, friends, acquaintances, and professional associates and admirers. Entries on the most important works and persons include brief bibliographies, and the volume concludes with a list of works for further reading.

Hidden PlacesHidden Places

Blanchard, Sarah Orne Jewett, 153. Two collections of letters document the
women's emotional bonds. See Annie Fields, ed., Letters of Sarah Orne Jewett (
Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 1911), and Richard Cary, ed., Sarah Orne Jewett
Letters, ...

Author: Joseph A. Conforti

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Across decades, Maine has produced nationally-recognized novelists of place-based fiction. From the late nineteenth century to the present, writers have explored the experiences of living in far-flung settings: island and coastal villages; northwoods lumbering communities; unincorporated townships; backcountry hamlets; and mill cities and towns. Taken together their body of work composes a remarkable literary map of a diverse and changing Maine. Hidden Places explores the identity of Maine through its writers and the people and places they captured at moments in time. Hidden Places traces the work of these writers to provoke readers into seeing and understanding Maine places with new awareness. These Maine writers construe place as both a territory on the ground and a country of the imagination. They help insiders see more clearly what is distinctive about their communities and encourage outsiders to better understand what might seem quaint or odd about the state. Like a well-drawn atlas, Hidden Places seeks to capture a diverse state at the granular level one representation at a time. It explores the identity of Maine through its writers and the people and places they wrote of.

Modern American Women WritersModern American Women Writers

and the two exchanged correspondence that was later included in Letters of
Sarah Orne Jewett (1911), edited by Annie Fields. One exchange in particular
was to have a profound influence on Gather's career. Writing to Jewett in 1908,
the year ...

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Offers essays on forty-one women authors

Cather Studies Volume 10Cather Studies Volume 10

After 1911 Cather was asked more than once to grant access to additional Jewett
letters in her possession. ... and the transaction could have easily taken place in
person.7 After The Letters of Sarah Orne Jewett appeared, Annie Fields seems ...

Author: Cather Cather Studies

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Willa Cather and the Nineteenth Century explores, with textual specificity and historical alertness, the question of how the cultures of the nineteenth century--the cultures that shaped Willa Cather's childhood, animated her education, supplied her artistic models, generated her inordinate ambitions, and gave embodiment to many of her deeply held values--are addressed in her fiction. In two related sets of essays, seven contributors track within Cather's life or writing the particular cultural formations, emotions, and conflicts of value she absorbed from the atmosphere of her distinct historical moment; their ten colleagues offer a compelling set of case studies that articulate the manifold ways that Cather learned from, built upon, or resisted models provided by particular nineteenth-century writers, works, or artistic genres. Taken together with its Cather Studies predecessor, Willa Cather and Modern Cultures, this volume reveals Cather as explorer and interpreter, sufferer and master of the transition from a Victorian to a Modernist America.

Henry James s Feminist AfterlivesHenry James s Feminist Afterlives

As it turns out, he needn't have worried: Fields's Letters of Sarah Orne Jewett (
1911) offers a heavily-redacted version of Jewett's relationships with other
women, including Fields herself. The final extant letter from James to the then 80-
year-old ...

Author: Kathryn Wichelns

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This book explores Henry James’s negotiations with nineteenth-century ideas about gender, sexuality, class, and literary style through the responses of three women who have never before been substantively examined in light of their relationships to his work. Writing in different times and places, Annie Fields, Emily Dickinson, and Marguerite Duras nevertheless share complex navigations of womanhood and authorship, as well as a history of feminist scholarly responses to their work. Kathryn Wichelns draws upon James’ correspondence with Fields, as well as Dickinson’s and Duras’s revisions of his fiction, to offer a new understanding of gender-transgressive elements of his project. By contextualizing his writing within a diverse set of feminist perspectives, each grounded in a specific time and place, as well as nineteenth-century views of queer male sexuality, Wichelns demonstrates the centrality of Henry James’s ambivalent identifications with women to his work.

American Literature Survey Nation and regions 1860 1900American Literature Survey Nation and regions 1860 1900

Editions and accounts of the woman and her work are to be found in C. M.
Thompson , " The Art of Miss Jewett , “ Atlantic Monthly , XCIV ( 1904 ) ; Stories
and Tales , 7 vols . ( 1910 ) ; A. Fields , ed . , The Letters of Sarah Orne Jewett (
1911 ) ...

Author: Milton R. Stern

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Monthly Bulletin of the Free Public Library New Bedford MassMonthly Bulletin of the Free Public Library New Bedford Mass

B - D24HA Jewett , Sarah Orne . Letters of Sarah Orne Jewett , edited by Annie
Fields . 1911 . B - J555L Kelvin , William Thomson , first baron , 1824-1907 . Life
of William Thomson , Baron Kelvin of Largs . by Silvanus P. Thompson . 2 vs.
1910 ...

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Sarah Orne Jewett an American PersephoneSarah Orne Jewett an American Persephone

Jewett to Annie Fields , 5 July ( 1889 ) , in The Letters of Sarah Orne Jewett , ed .
Annie Fields ( Boston : Houghton Mifflin , 1911 ) , pp . 46 – 47 . 95 . Jewett to
Annie Fields , Saturday morning , n . d . , n . p . [ folder 117 ( 2 ) ] , Jewett
Collection ...

Author: Sarah Way Sherman

Publisher: University Press of New England

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The tale of Demeter and Persephone, a central myth of Victorian women's culture, is used to interpret the life and work of a 19th-century Maine writer.

Critical Essays on Sarah Orne JewettCritical Essays on Sarah Orne Jewett

the Jewett letters published in 1911 . The decision to edit out intimate material
was made , however , only at the urging of Mark Anthony DeWolfe Howe , an
eminent but genteel Boston scholar , who later put forth a heavily edited version
of ...

Author: Gwen L. Nagel

Publisher: Boston, Mass. : G.K. Hall

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News Notes of California LibrariesNews Notes of California Libraries

1910. 2 v .---- LB C891g ily of actors . 1894 ----- B J45wi Cullom . Cullom , Shelby
Moore . Jewett . Jewett , Sarah Orne . Fifty years of public service ; per Letters of
Sarah Orne Jewett , ed . by sonal recollections of Shelby M. Annie Fields . 1911 .

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Vols. for 1971- include annual reports and statistical summaries.

Critical Survey of Short Fiction Hug MisCritical Survey of Short Fiction Hug Mis

NONFICTION : Letters of Sarah Orne Jewett , 1911 ( Annie Fields , editor ) ;
Sarah Orne Jewett Letters , 1956 ( Richard Cary , editor ) . CHILDREN ' S
LITERATURE : Play Days : A Book of Stories for Children , 1878 ; The Story of the
Normans ...

Author: Frank Northen Magill

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V. 1. A-Car.-- v. 2. Car-Dub.-- v. 3. Dun-Hom.-- v. 4. Hug-Mis.-- v. 5. Mor-Sha -- v. 6. Sil-Wol. -- v. 7. Woo-Z.