Zeppelin OnslaughtZeppelin Onslaught

Hall, Ian: Zeppelins Over the North East (Alnwick 2014). Hammerton, Sir John (Ed.): The Great War. ... Marks, David: Let The Zeppelins Come (Stroud 2017).

Author: Ian Castle

Publisher: Casemate Publishers

ISBN: 9781848324350


Page: 384

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At the outbreak of the First World War, the United Kingdom had no aerial defense capability worthy of the name. Britain had just thirty guns to defend the entire country, with all but five of these considered of dubious value. So when raiding German aircraft finally appeared over Britain the response was negligible and ineffective. Of Britains fledgling air forces, the Royal Flying Corps had accompanied the British Expeditionary Force into Europe leaving the Royal Naval Air Service to defend the country as best it could. That task was not an easy one.From the first raid in December 1914, aerial attacks gradually increased through 1915, culminating in highly damaging assaults on London in September and October. London, however, was not the only recipient of German bombs, with counties from Northumberland to Kent also experiencing the indiscriminate death and destruction found in this new theater of war the Home Front. And when the previously unimagined horror of bombs falling from the sky began, the British population was initially left exposed and largely undefended as civilians were killed in the streets or lying asleep in their beds. The face of war had changed forever and those raids on London in the autumn of 1915 finally forced the government to pursue a more effective defense against air attack.This German air campaign against the United Kingdom was the first sustained strategic aerial bombing campaign in history. Yet it has become the forgotten Blitz.In Zeppelin Onslaught Ian Castle tells the complete story of the 1915 raids in unprecedented detail in what is the first in a planned series of three books that will eventually provide a complete history of Britains Forgotten Blitz of 1914–18.

The Zeppelin OffensiveThe Zeppelin Offensive

... Howard, The Zeppelins (J. & H. Sears & Company, New York 1927) Marks, David, Let The Zeppelins Come (Amberley Publishing, Stroud 2017) Morison, Frank, ...

Author: David Marks

Publisher: Pen and Sword

ISBN: 9781526737205


Page: 112

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‘Fly, Zeppelin! Help us in the war. Fly to England, England shall be destroyed by fire. Zeppelin, fly!’ Such was the hymn which the children sang; such the refrain which greeted the aged inventor, Count Ferdinand von Zeppelin, wherever he went. Why was there this reaction across Germany? How did a handful of aircraft giving pleasure cruises become a fearsome fleet of rapacious giants encouraged to punish Germany’s enemies? What were the images that became part of the public’s wartime consciousness? Books on the Zeppelin raids during the First World War have, traditionally, focused on the direct impact of Britain, from the devastating effects on undefended towns and cities, the psychological impact of this first weapon of total war to the technological and strategic advances that eventually defeated the ‘Baby Killers’. Now, drawing on the largest postcard collection of its kind and other period memorabilia, David Marks tells the story of the Zeppelin during the First World War from a viewpoint that has rarely been considered: Germany itself. From its maiden flight in July 1900, the Zeppelin evolved into a symbol of technology and national pride that, once war was declared, was at the forefront of German’s propaganda campaign. The Zeppelin links the rampant xenophobia at the outbreak of the conflict against England (it almost never called Britain), France, Russia and their allies to the political doctrines of the day. The postcards that profusely illustrate this book show the wide-ranging types of propaganda from strident Teutonic imagery, myths and legends, biting satire and a surprising amount of humour. This book is a unique contribution to our understanding of the place of the Zeppelin in Germany’s culture and society during the First World War.

Forever FallsForever Falls

Let the zeppelins come to you.” “But that hasn't happened,” I said. “Not for, oh, must be two years now,” MacConnor's mustache grinned.

Author: Michael Warren Lucas

Publisher: Tilted Windmill Press



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There’s no grounds for murder. There’s no ground at all. The people exploring and exploiting alien universes risk everything, including their lives. But Devin Gupper’s death makes no sense. And the more questions security officer Aidan Redding asks, the less rational it seems. But in a bottomless universe full of impossibilities, one impossible murder begins everything...

Aidan Redding Against the UniversesAidan Redding Against the Universes

Let the zeppelins come to you.” “But that hasn't happened,” I said. “Not for, oh, must be two years now,” MacConnor's mustache grinned.

Author: Michael Warren Lucas

Publisher: Tilted Windmill Press



Page: 353

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Physics inconvenient? Change it. Then watch it try to kill you. Solve a murder in a universe without ground to stand on. Investigate inexplicable deaths a few million years after the Big Bang. Take too many breaths and never go home again. Let the antimatter trickle between your fingers, and visit five alien universes in this first Montague Portal omnibus. Contains: Forever Falls Hydrogen Sleets Drinking Heavy Water Sticky Supersaturation No More Lonesome Blue Rings

Led Zeppelin and PhilosophyLed Zeppelin and Philosophy

If drugs can get Session Jimmy to take a hiatus and let Zeppelin Jimmy come out and play, then maybe the drugs do the trick. I'm not defending it; ...

Author: Scott Calef

Publisher: Open Court

ISBN: 9780812697766


Page: 288

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Led Zeppelin, who bestrode the world of rock like a colossus, have continually grown in popularity and influence since their official winding up in 1980. They exasperated critics and eluded classification, synthesizing blues, rock, folk, rockabilly, funk, classical, country, Indian, and Arabic techniques. They performed the alchemical trick of transmuting base led into gold—and platinum—and diamond. They did what they would, finding wisdom through personal excess and artistic self-discipline. “Not a coda to Zeppelin’s legacy, but a blast of metaphysical graffiti as relevant today as the first time we heard the opening chords of ‘Stairway to Heaven’. From Kant to ‘Kashmir’, from Freud to ‘Fool in the Rain’, Calef and company explore Zeppelin’s music in an introspective, suggestive manner worthy of both a blistering Page solo and a bawdy Bonham stomp.” —BRANDON W. FORBES, co-editor of Radiohead and Philosophy “Led Zeppelin’s albums, personalities, live performances, art work, myths, influences, and more, all come under the microscope. Compelling insights and observations add more depth to a subject that continues to thrill and inspire. Each chapter is driven by an unquenchable thirst for Zeppelin knowledge and pulls the reader deeper into the world of Led Zeppelin . . .” —DAVE LEWIS, editor, Tight But Loose

Carrie of Culver RoadCarrie of Culver Road

'Don't let's quarrel over it. ... 'Come back 'ere yersilly cow. D'yer wonner cuppa tea? ... 'It's a sort of warning to let us know the Zeppelins are coming.

Author: Dee Williams

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9780755373000


Page: 322

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When tragedy strikes, a young mother sets out to find a place she can call home... Carrie of Culver Road by Dee Williams is a touching story of a young woman's struggle to create a home for her young family in the heart of the East End. Perfect for fans of Nadine Dorries and Pam Evans. As a little girl, brought up in an orphanage, Caroline Parker had always been told that 'Dept Ford' was the place her disgraced mother had come from. So when years later her husband dies, leaving her penniless and with three young children to support, Caroline's first thought is to head for the place she has envisaged as home: Dept Ford. But to her horror, she finds that Deptford is not the country village she'd imagined, but in the middle of London, a huge, teeming city the likes of which she's never seen. Luckily a kindly passer-by takes pity on her weary children and puts them on the tram to a place where she might find lodgings which, as it turns out, is in Rotherhithe, not Deptford. And so it is Culver Road that becomes her true home, where Carrie - as her neighbours call her - and her family, helped out by the irrepressible Flo and her soft-hearted docker husband Alf, find themselves battling through times both good and bad. And it is in Culver Road that Carrie meets Jim, the enigmatic sailor who is to change her life... What readers are saying about Carrie of Culver Road: 'Really enjoyed this book. Moves very quickly and keeps the reader wanting to know what is going to occur next' 'Brilliant read, was sad when it finished' 'I am running out of praise for Dee Williams books because I enjoy them so much'

Led Zeppelin Mothership Guitar TAB Led Zeppelin Mothership Guitar TAB

Ah, yeah *-* * Gtr. 3 tacet (D5) _- let me get it back, let me get (it) back, let me get back. ba - by, where I come from. Car-ry me back, car-ry me back, ...

Author: Wise Publications

Publisher: Wise Publications

ISBN: 9781783233328


Page: 232

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The definitive Led Zeppelin collection featuring 24 of the legendary rock group’s greatest songs representing all eight of their classic studio albums. This volume contains all new guitar transcriptions in tablature and standard notation with complete lyrics, melody line, chord symbols and chord diagrams. Song List: Achilles Last Stand All My Love Babe I'm Gonna Leave You Black Dog Communication Breakdown Dazed And Confused D'Yer Maker Good Times Bad Times Heartbreaker Houses Of The Holy Immigrant Song In The Evening Kashmir No Quarter Nobody's Fault But Mine Over The Hills And Far Away Ramble On Rock And Roll Since I've Been Loving You Stairway To Heaven The Song Remains The Same Trampled Under Foot When The Levee Breaks Whole Lotta Love

The Zeppelin DestroyerThe Zeppelin Destroyer

We want a real good man at the head of affairs and we should allow him a free ... at the idea of Zeppelins coming over to drop bombs on undefended towns, ...

Author: William Le Queux

Publisher: Good Press

ISBN: EAN:4064066204846


Page: 217

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"The Zeppelin Destroyer" by William Le Queux. Published by Good Press. Good Press publishes a wide range of titles that encompasses every genre. From well-known classics & literary fiction and non-fiction to forgotten−or yet undiscovered gems−of world literature, we issue the books that need to be read. Each Good Press edition has been meticulously edited and formatted to boost readability for all e-readers and devices. Our goal is to produce eBooks that are user-friendly and accessible to everyone in a high-quality digital format.

Experiencing Led ZeppelinExperiencing Led Zeppelin

This would be an acceptable moment for Zeppelin to let us catch our breath but it's ... And in a move typical of Zeppelin, they come up with one more way to ...

Author: Gregg Akkerman

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 9780810889163


Page: 200

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In 1980, Led Zeppelin formally disbanded following the death of drummer John Bonham. Yet over three decade, the music, the mystique, and the legacy of this legendary rock act lives on. Reissues of their music sell in the millions, while rumors of reunion tours continue to electrify fans across the globe. The various solo projects pursued by the three surviving members—Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, and John Paul Jones—will forever live the shadow of the blinding light they generated as Led Zeppelin. In Experiencing Led Zeppelin: A Listener’s Companion, musician and writer Gregg Akkerman looks behind the curtain of “rock gods” sensationalism at this performing act's musical legacy through their studio and live recordings. Drawing on his many years as a rock musician and music scholar, Akkerman peeks under the hood to explain not just the when and the where of Led Zeppelin's music, but the why. Putting readers right there, in the times and places where the band was recording and performing its iconic numbers, Akkerman is the voice whispering in the ear of anyone interested in understanding how Led Zeppelin's music works. Experiencing Led Zeppelin: A Listener’s Companion is for the die-hard Led Zeppelin fan and the first-timer just discovering the brilliance of this super band.

Led Zeppelin on Led ZeppelinLed Zeppelin on Led Zeppelin

I mean, to have people coming along and saying Grand Funk [Railroad] are the ... and let audiences pay their money and just come out saying something and ...

Author: Hank Bordowitz

Publisher: Chicago Review Press

ISBN: 9781613747544


Page: 480

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There are lots of stories about Led Zeppelin—some true, some false. Led Zeppelin on Led Zeppelin dishes up the facts as the band saw them, in their own words. It shoots down the folklore and assumptions about Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, John Paul Jones, and John Bonham, and presents the band's full history, from when Jimmy Page was playing skiffle to the day the band was honored by the Kennedy Center for their contribution to American and global culture. Any band is an amalgam of the players, but in very special cases, those players form an entity unto itself. Led Zeppelin on Led Zeppelin captures the ideas of all of the band's members at the time they created classics like "Whole Lotta Love," "Stairway to Heaven," and "Kashmir," but also captures the idea of the band itself as it created the music that changed popular culture. In the process, it offers insight into what made Led Zeppelin tick—and what made it the most popular band in the world. In a series of over fifty interviews spanning seven decades, many never before seen in print, this is the story of Led Zeppelin, as it happened, told by the people who knew it best—the members of the band. Hank Bordowitz's books include Bad Moon Rising, Billy Joel, Every Little Thing Gonna Be Alright, and The U2 Reader. He has written for Spin, Playboy, Jazziz, and other publications.

All Quiet on the Home FrontAll Quiet on the Home Front

One poor man was in his nightshirt and when the Zeppelin was coming down he threw his arms up and said, “Let them burn in hell.

Author: Richard Van Emden

Publisher: Pen and Sword

ISBN: 9781473891968


Page: 224

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The truth about the sacrifice and suffering on the home front during World War I is rarely discussed. In this book, some of the oldest men and women in the country speak about experiences and events that have remained buried for 85 years. Their testimony shows the same candor and courage we have become accustomed to hearing from veterans of the western front. Those interviewed include a survivor of a Zeppelin raid on Hull in 1915, a Welsh munitions worker recruited as a girl, and a woman rescued from a bombed school after five days. There are also accounts of rural famine, bereavement and the effects on families back home, and even the story of a woman who planned to kill her family to save them further suffering.

Led Zeppelin s Led Zeppelin IVLed Zeppelin s Led Zeppelin IV

... as yet another “Let me get back,” he pleads, “whereI come from.” Interms ofmusical influences, Led Zeppelin certainly “come from” 1950s rockandroll, ...

Author: Erik Davis

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing USA

ISBN: 9781441114228


Page: 184

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In this wickedly entertaining and thoroughly informed homage to one of rock music's towering pinnacles, Erik Davis investigates the magic-black or otherwise-that surrounds this album. Carefully peeling the layers from each song, Davis reveals their dark and often mystical roots-and leaves the reader to decide whether [FOUR SYMBOLS] is some form of occult induction or just an inspired, brilliantly played rock album. Excerpt: Stripping Led Zeppelin's famous name off the fourth record was an almost petulant attempt to let their Great Work symbolically stand on its own two feet. But the wordless jacket also lent the album charisma. Fans hunted for hidden meanings, or, in failing to find them, sensed a strange reflection of their own mute refusal to communicate with the outside world. This helped to create one of the supreme paradoxes of rock history: an esoteric megahit, a blockbuster arcanum. Stripped of words and numbers, the album no longer referred to anything but itself: a concrete talisman that drew you into its world, into the frame. All the stopgap titles we throw at the thing are lame: Led Zeppelin IV, [Untitled], Runes, Zoso, Four Symbols. In an almost Lovecraftian sense, the album was nameless, a thing from beyond, charged with manna. And yet this uncanny fetish was about as easy to buy as a jockstrap.

Led Zeppelin on Led ZeppelinLed Zeppelin on Led Zeppelin

I mean, to have people coming along and saying Grand Funk [Railroad] are the ... and let audiences pay their money and just come out saying something and ...

Author: Jeff Burger

Publisher: Omnibus Press

ISBN: 9781783233892


Page: 480

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Few bands have made as much of an impact on popular and rock music than Led Zeppelin. With rumours and speculation abound, often it's hard to tell the facts from the fiction. Now, with Led Zeppelin On Led Zeppelin you can hear the truth in their own words, in interviews ranging from 1957 to 2012, this level of insight has never been seen before. Led Zeppelin On Led Zeppelin tells the story of the British band that rocketed to stardom in the late 1960s and went on to become one of the most influential and biggest-selling rock bands of all time. Through the eyes of Robert Plant, Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones and John Bonham, the band takes shape, takes charge of the charts and changes music forever. Any band is made up of its individual parts, but occasionally some very special musicians come together and create something that is more than the sum of its parts. Led Zeppelin On Led Zeppelin aims to encapsulate the band's mindset and creative process as they crafted some of the greatest songs and the greatest albums ever. This book will offer invaluable insight, some never seen before, into what made the band tick, and how they became the most popular band in the world. Led Zeppelin On Led Zeppelin provides an unparalleled amount of detail and information on this most monumental of rock bands. For fans of Led Zeppelin in particular or fantastic rock music in general, this is one book you aren't going to want to miss.

Scott Westerfeld Leviathan TrilogyScott Westerfeld Leviathan Trilogy

... they were saying —she'd heard the word “zeppelincome from Klopp's mouth. ... wanted to slink back to the castle and let the zeppelins do their work.

Author: Scott Westerfeld

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781442443921


Page: 1504

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All three books in Scott Westerfeld's around-the-world, steampunk, adventure trilogy, now collected together in one ebook bundle!


So it wasn't rescuers coming . . . It was barking Germans! She reckoned Klopp wanted to slink back to the castle and let the zeppelins do their work.

Author: Scott Westerfeld

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9780857070005


Page: 448

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The year is 1914 and Europe, armed with futuristic machines and biotechnology, is on the precipice of war. Prince Aleksandar is fleeing for his life, having discovered that his parents have been assassinated and he is now a target for the Clanker Powers, a group determined to take over the globe with their mechanical machinery. When he meets Deryn Sharpe, an orphan girl who has disguised herself as a boy so she can to join the British Air Service, they form an uneasy, but necessary, alliance. But the pair will soon discover that their emerging friendship will dramatically change their lives - and the entire course of the Great World War...

Zeppelin Zeppelin

could be permitted to share the scene with Adolf Hitler , let alone exceed his ... 2 Because of this reduction , symbols come to carry unintended meanings .

Author: Guillaume de Syon

Publisher: JHU Press

ISBN: 0801886341


Page: 295

View: 836

Six decades later, there is still a mystique surrounding these technological leviathans, one that Zeppelin! addresses with insight and wit.