Laziness in the Fertile ValleyLaziness in the Fertile Valley

Enter the catatonic heroes ofAlbert Cossery's Laziness in the Fertile Valley, exercising their right to do nothing. In a dilapidated villa in the Nile Delta, a family sleeps all day, rising only for meals.

Author: Albert Cossery

Publisher: New Directions Publishing

ISBN: 9780811219938


Page: 176

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A portrait of a family of proud layabouts who avoid work and sleep all day by the Egyptian writer often referred to as "the Voltaire of the Nile" Laziness in the Fertile Valley is Albert Cossery’s biting social satire about a father, his three sons, and their uncle — slackers one and all. One brother has been sleeping for almost seven years, waking only to use the bathroom and eat a meal. Another savagely defends the household from women. Serag, the youngest, is the only member of the family interested in getting a job. But even he — try as he might — has a hard time resisting the call of laziness.

Tragedy and Postcolonial LiteratureTragedy and Postcolonial Literature

An exemplary instance of such plots of inertia is also to be seen in an Egyptian novel, Albert Cossary's Laziness in the Fertile Valley, which was published in 1945 (twenty-three years after Egypt gained partial independence from ...

Author: Ato Quayson

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9781108924955



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This book examines tragedy and tragic philosophy from the Greeks through Shakespeare to the present day. It explores key themes in the links between suffering and ethics through postcolonial literature. Ato Quayson reconceives how we think of World literature under the singular and fertile rubric of tragedy. He draws from many key works – Oedipus Rex, Philoctetes, Medea, Hamlet, Macbeth, and King Lear – to establish the main contours of tragedy. Quayson uses Shakespeare's Othello, Chinua Achebe, Wole Soyinka, Tayeb Salih, Arundhati Roy, Toni Morrison, Samuel Beckett and J.M. Coetzee to qualify and expand the purview and terms by which Western tragedy has long been understood. Drawing on key texts such as The Poetics and The Nicomachean Ethics, and augmenting them with Frantz Fanon and the Akan concept of musuo (taboo), Quayson formulates a supple, insightful new theory of ethical choice and the impediments against it. This is a major book from a leading critic in literary studies.

Slow PhilosophySlow Philosophy

Cossery's Laziness in the Fertile Valley brings to mind Paul Lafargue's important book The Right to be Lazy (1880) (Lafargue 1917). See Cossery (2005). Cilliers underscores the significance of delay in our understanding of complex ...

Author: Michelle Boulous Walker

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9781474279932


Page: 336

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In an age of internet scrolling and skimming, where concentration and attention are fast becoming endangered skills, it is timely to think about the act of reading and the many forms that it can take. Slow Philosophy: Reading Against the Institution makes the case for thinking about reading in philosophical terms. Boulous Walker argues that philosophy involves the patient work of thought; in this it resembles the work of art, which invites and implores us to take our time and to engage with the world. At its best, philosophy teaches us to read slowly; in fact, philosophy is the art of reading slowly – and this inevitably clashes with many of our current institutional practices and demands. Slow reading shares something in common with contemporary social movements, such as that devoted to slow food; it offers us ways to engage the complexity of the world. With the help of writers as diverse as Nietzsche, Wittgenstein, Woolf, Adorno, Levinas, Critchley, Beauvoir, Le Dœuff, Irigaray, Cixous, Weil, and others, Boulous Walker offers a foundational text in the emerging field of slow philosophy, one that explores the importance of unhurried time in establishing our institutional encounters with complex and demanding works.

The International Film Index 1895 1990The International Film Index 1895 1990

Author: Alan Goble

Publisher: London ; New Jersey : Bowker-Saur

ISBN: UOM:39015025238299


Page: 1687

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Probably the most exhaustive film directory and director's filmography ever compiled, this remarkable new reference spans the entire moving picture era from 1895 to the present, covering features, shorts, animated features, documentaries, television and serial films, and art films, and encompassin

A General Gazetteer Illustrated with maps The fifteenth edition with considerable additions and improvementsA General Gazetteer Illustrated with maps The fifteenth edition with considerable additions and improvements

Cudljeva , a town of Hindoostan , in AllaThe town stands in a fertile valley , near the babad , 11 m ese Korah , and 90 ... grain , and cattle , their laziness , and the want of hands , only and famed for many remains of Peruvian a very ...

Author: Richard BROOKES (M.D.)


ISBN: BL:A0019286617


Page: 776

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The General Gazetteer Illustrated by Eight Maps The Fifteenth Edition with Considerable Additions and ImprovementsThe General Gazetteer Illustrated by Eight Maps The Fifteenth Edition with Considerable Additions and Improvements

The chief trade is stands in a fertile valley , near the river in fish and wild ducks , which are plen : Guapaix , 160 miles ... having extirpated on a point that runs n into Lake Cham- the natives ; but from their laziness , plain .

Author: Richard BROOKES (M.D.)


ISBN: BL:A0024239685



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The Dead Sea a New Route to India with Other Fragments and Cleanings in the EastThe Dead Sea a New Route to India with Other Fragments and Cleanings in the East

... traditional observances ; consequently , they do not utilise their beautiful and fertile valley to its full extent , and few of them are rich . ... Owing to the obstinacy , ignorance , or laziness of Jusèf or the mukri , we took the ...

Author: William Allen


ISBN: BSB:BSB10466207


Page: 384

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