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Great Retirement Notebook Are you looking for an outstanding retirement present?

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Great Retirement Notebook Are you looking for an outstanding retirement present? Then this great notebook is just for you. It has 100 lined pages and is suitable for many occasions at home, work (not anymore: -), and leisure. Whether on the way or at home, everyone has things to write down. A great gift idea for an anniversary or just in between for a loved one. Properties: 100 pages white lined pages Numbered pages Size 6x9 Inches Softcover matt For design variants just click on the author's name above.

John HawkwoodJohn Hawkwood

38 After 1375 , Florence paid Hawkwood , in addition to his salary , a pension of 1,200 ... according to legend , was the final resting place of Edward II ...

Author: William Caferro

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John Hawkwood was fourteenth-century Italy's most notorious and successful soldier. A man known for cleverness and daring, he was the most feared mercenary in Renaissance Italy. Born in England, Hawkood began his career in France during the Hundred Years' War and crossed into Italy with the famed White Company in 1361. From that time until his death in 1394, Hawkwood fought throughout the peninsula as a captain of armies in times of war and as a commander of marauding bands during times of peace. He achieved international fame, and his acquaintances included such prominent people as Geoffrey Chaucer, Catherine of Siena, Jean Froissart, and Francis Petrarch. City-states constantly tried to outbid each other for his services, for which he received money, land, and in the case of Florence, citizenship -- a most unusual honor for an Englishman. When Hawkwood died, the Florentines buried him with great ceremony in their cathedral, an honor denied their greatest poet, Dante. His final resting place, however, is disputed. Historian William Caferro's ambitious account of Hawkwood is both a biography and a study of warfare and statecraft. Caferro has mined more than twenty archives in England and Italy, creating an authoritative portrait of Hawkwood as an extraordinary military leader, if not always an admirable human being. Caferro's Hawkwood possessed a talent for dissimulation and craft both on the battlefield and at the negotiating table, and, ironically, managed to gain a reputation for "honesty" while beating his Italian hosts at their own game of duplicity and manipulation. In addition to a thorough account of Hawkwood's life and career, Caferro's study offers a fundamental reassessment of the Italian military situation and of the mercenary system. Hawkwood's career is treated not in isolation but firmly within the context of Italian society, against the backdrop of unfolding crises: famine, plague, popular unrest, and religious schism. Indeed, Hawkwood's life and career offer a unique vantage point from which we can study the economic, social, and political impacts of war. -- John France

Critical Companion to William Butler YeatsCritical Companion to William Butler Yeats

The origin of her permanent myth can be pinpointed in the poem's great question: ... of modernist legend, Yeats and Pound spent three winters—1913–14, 1915, ...

Author: David A. Ross

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Examines the life and writings of William Butler Yeats, including a biographical sketch, detailed synopses of his works, social and historical influences, and more.

The Encyclopedia of AmazonsThe Encyclopedia of Amazons

Some scholars believe her legend to be evidence of women's military academies having once existed ... She retired to her native Ghent, on pension, in 1808.

Author: Jessica Amanda Salmonson

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An “excellent” A-to-Z reference of female fighters in history, myth, and literature—from goddesses to gladiators to guerrilla warriors (Library Journal). This is an astounding collection of female fighters, from heads of state and goddesses to pirates and gladiators. Each entry is drawn from historical, fictional, or mythical narratives of many eras and lands. With over one thousand entries detailing the lives and influence of these heroic female figures in battle, politics, and daily life, Salmonson provides a unique chronicle of female fortitude, focusing not just on physical strength but on the courage to fight against patriarchal structures and redefine women’s roles during time periods when doing so was nearly impossible. The use of historical information and fictional traditions from Japan, Europe, Asia, and Africa gives this work a cross-cultural perspective that contextualizes the image of these unconventional depictions of might, valor, and greatness.