The ShofarThe Shofar

“Organologická měření sbírky šofarů ve Státním židovském muzeu v Praze [
Organological Measurement of the Shofar Collection in the State Jewish Museum
in Prague].” Krajské ... Talmud Bavli (Jerusalem: Koren Publishers, 1965–2010).

Author: Jeremy Montagu

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 9781442250284


Page: 196

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In The Shofar, Jeremy Montagu offers a detailed study of the ram’s horn of the Bible, describing its history and use—both ritual and secular—from biblical times to the present. Because the same person normally blows the shofar each year during the Jewish High Holy Days, few are aware of the wide differences among communities around the world: the varying points in the Jewish liturgical service when the shofar is blown, what sound combinations exist, and the many varieties of the instrument. This is the first work of its kind to detail the full range of historical, musical, antiquarian, and religious issues surrounding the ancient instrument with all relevant citations from the Bible, the Talmud, and key post-Talmudic sources. Jeremy Montagu carefully examines horn types, sound characteristics, liturgical uses, and community functions to illustrate how the shofar has reflected local custom, regional needs, and religious practice. Chapters provide difficult-to-find information on how shofars are made; advice on how to choose, prepare, and maintain shofars; and instructions for aspiring blowers on a variety of traditions. With more than sixty photographs from the author’s personal collection, this is an ideal work for Jews and Christians, religious scholars and musicologists, and even practicing musicians seeking to understand the crucial role of this instrument in the life of a people.

Reading Jewish History in the RenaissanceReading Jewish History in the Renaissance

... among his descendants and act just like him” (Koren Talmud Bavli: The Noé
Edition: Gittin [Jerusalem: Koren, 2015]). ... Isaac Abarbanel, Perush al Nevi'im
Rishonim (Commentary on the Former Prophets) (Jaffa/Jerusalem: Torah ve-Da'
at, ...

Author: Nadia Zeldes


ISBN: 9781498573429


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This study examines the discourse surrounding Josippon in religious polemics and in the construction of historical and mythical narratives during the Renaissance period.


See Talmud Bavli : Masechet Moed Katan , ed . and trans . ... It is translated this
way in The Jerusalem Bible ( Jerusalem : Koren , 1980 ) . ... And on Purim , the
phrase " ve - calim micalim shonim " ( " beakers of varied design " , Esther 1 .

Author: Dan Cohn-Sherbok


ISBN: STANFORD:36105019300230


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This collection of essays explores the problem of the suffering of the righteous from biblical times to the present day.

The Medieval HaggadahThe Medieval Haggadah

Halikhot kedem: Shirim u-mehkarim meha-Rabanim Shir, Yashar, ve-Shadal. ...
Siddur Koren, The Koren Siddur. ... Shlomo. Jerusalem. TALMUD BAVLI. 1880.

Author: Marc Michael Epstein

Publisher: Yale University Press

ISBN: 9780300156669


Page: 324

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Discusses four illuminated haggadot, manuscripts created for use at home services on Passover, all created in the early twelfth century.

Understanding the TalmudUnderstanding the Talmud

Talmud Bavli (Vilna edition). New York: Otsar HaSefarim, Inc. 20 ... Torah, Nivi'im,
K'tuvim. Jerusalem: Koren Publishers, 1988. REFERENCE ... Emet Ve-Emunah:
Statement of Principles of Conservative Judaism. New York: 198 Bibliography.

Author: Edward S. Boraz

Publisher: Jason Aronson

ISBN: 9781461632382


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In Understanding the Talmud: A Modern Reader's Guide for Study, Rabbi Edward S. Boraz presents a thoughtful introduction to the Talmud designed for study by the untrained reader. Using a unique approach, Rabbi Boraz focuses on a specific selection from one tractate of the Talmud, allowing readers to uncover the moral and theological concerns of the text. The portion he has selected comes from the tractate Bava Metziah and deals with the conditions under which an oath may be administered in a civil lawsuit. On the surface this issue appears mundane and far removed from the domain of holiness. However, when the discourse is studied in relation to passages from Scripture, Midrash, and Mishnah that are also presented, it becomes a spiritual and ethical adventure. Before embarking on this journey of discovery, the reader is given a concise explanation of the rules of logic and the argumentative style utilized in the Talmud. It becomes evident that the Talmud's style is essential to its mission to understand the timeless messages of Torah in the context of the ever-changing world in which we live. Equipped with the necessary background, the reader is prepared to delve into the texts.

Megillas VintzMegillas Vintz

Shevet Yehudah hegih u - ve ' er ' Ezrie ' el Shohat arakh ve - hikdim mavo
Yitzhak Ber [ Baer ) . Jerusalem : Mosad Bialik ... Talmud ( see Bavli or
Yerushalmi ) . Tanakh . Jerusalem : Koren , 1972 [ Hebrew and English ) .
Targum Sheni , The ...

Author: Elhanan Helen

Publisher: Peter Lang Pub Incorporated

ISBN: 0820448389


Page: 216

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The Jewish community of Frankfurt am Main was expelled from the city in 1614 during the Fettmilch uprising. In 1616 the Jews were readmitted to the city in a formal ceremony during which the leaders of the riots were executed. These historical events were set forth in a poem entitled Megillas Vintz by Elhanan Helen, an eyewitness. This book contains an introduction, a critical edition of the Yiddish and Hebrew text of Megillas Vintz, the German translation by Wagenseil, a translation into English and a bibliography. The literary characteristics of the poem are discussed as well as the Ashkenazic rituals of coping with catastrophe. Since Megillas Vintz was chanted to the tune of Die Schlacht von Pavia in Frankfurt on Purim Vintz, the melodies are reproduced in an Appendix.