The Worlds of Japanese Popular CultureThe Worlds of Japanese Popular Culture

A survey released by the Cultural Affairs Agency in November , 1993 , cited karaoke as the most common cultural activity in which the nation participated .

Author: Martinez, Dolores P. Martinez

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 0521637295


Page: 212

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International team of authors explores Japanese popular culture, including sumo, manga and women's magazines.

Karaoke IdolsKaraoke Idols

What is it about the practice of karaoke that incurs middle-class performers' ridicule? I've already alluded to one factor: cultural boundary marking.

Author: Kevin Brown

Publisher: Intellect Books

ISBN: 9781783204465


Page: 180

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Most ethnographers don’t achieve what Kevin Brown did while conducting their research: in his two years spent at a karaoke bar near Denver, Colorado, he went from barely able to carry a tune to someone whom other karaoke patrons requested to sing. Along the way, he learned everything you might ever want to know about karaoke and the people who enjoy it. The result is Karaoke Idols, a close ethnography of life at a karaoke bar that reveals just what we are doing when we take up the mic – and how we shape our identities, especially in terms of gender, ethnicity, and class, through performances in everyday life. Marrying a comprehensive introduction to the history of public singing and karaoke with a rich analysis of karaoke performers and the community that their shared performances generate, Karaoke Idols is a book for both the casual reader and the scholar: a fascinating exploration of our urge to perform and the intersection of technology and culture that makes it so seductively easy to do so.

The SAGE International Encyclopedia of Music and CultureThe SAGE International Encyclopedia of Music and Culture

From this point on, the crossing of karaoke from one national, socioeconomic, political, ethnic, racialized, gendered, or ideological threshold to another ...

Author: Janet Sturman

Publisher: SAGE Publications

ISBN: 9781506353388


Page: 2728

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The SAGE Encyclopedia of Music and Culture presents key concepts in the study of music in its cultural context and provides an introduction to the discipline of ethnomusicology, its methods, concerns, and its contributions to knowledge and understanding of the world's musical cultures, styles, and practices. The diverse voices of contributors to this encyclopedia confirm ethnomusicology's fundamental ethos of inclusion and respect for diversity. Combined, the multiplicity of topics and approaches are presented in an easy-to-search A-Z format and offer a fresh perspective on the field and the subject of music in culture. Key features include: Approximately 730 signed articles, authored by prominent scholars, are arranged A-to-Z and published in a choice of print or electronic editions Pedagogical elements include Further Readings and Cross References to conclude each article and a Reader’s Guide in the front matter organizing entries by broad topical or thematic areas Back matter includes an annotated Resource Guide to further research (journals, books, and associations), an appendix listing notable archives, libraries, and museums, and a detailed Index The Index, Reader’s Guide themes, and Cross References combine for thorough search-and-browse capabilities in the electronic edition

The Encyclopedia of Contemporary Japanese CultureThe Encyclopedia of Contemporary Japanese Culture

Karaoke provides an opportunity for Japanese who like singing to express their ... karaoke helped lead the recent charge of Japanese pop culture exportation ...

Author: Sandra Buckley

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 041548152X


Page: 634

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This encyclopedia covers culture from the end of the Imperialist period in 1945 right up to date to reflect the vibrant nature of contemporary Japanese society and culture.

Karaoke NightsKaraoke Nights

Thomas A. Gonda Jr., “Cattle Call—Karaoke as Audition,” in Karaoke: The Bible, ... Raymond Williams, “Culture Is Ordinary,” in Resources (y'Hope: Culture, ...

Author: Rob Drew

Publisher: Rowman Altamira

ISBN: 9780759116900


Page: 160

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Karaoke creates its own culture, while reflecting much about the wider culture and the place of popular music as a media form. Its complexities and nuances make karaoke a marvelous ethnographic subject, and Rob Drew is compelling in his experience and understanding. Karaoke Nights is both a keen observation on the external behavior of deejays, performers, and audience and an intimate portrait of the emotional rollercoaster that is the internal life of a karaoke singer.

Global CultureGlobal Culture

First , one must play golf ; second , one must love karaoke . Compared to these cultural practices , which are not particularly Southeast Asian but are ...

Author: Diana Crane

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 0415932297


Page: 286

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Contributors to the volume focus on such important issues as media imperialism, national identity, cultural policy, globalization of urban cultures, cultural production in a global context, free trade negotiations and agreements, the economic impact of cultural tourism, the impact of globalization on children's television, and the impact of Japanese culture in Asia.

Hop on PopHop on Pop

Culture. in. Karaoke. Bars. Robert Drew Maybe you've noticed it on your way home from work, the hotel lounge marquee missing a few letters: “K RAOKE HAP Y ...

Author: Henry Jenkins III

Publisher: Duke University Press

ISBN: 9780822383505


Page: 760

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Hop on Pop showcases the work of a new generation of scholars—from fields such as media studies, literature, cinema, and cultural studies—whose writing has been informed by their ongoing involvement with popular culture and who draw insight from their lived experiences as critics, fans, and consumers. Proceeding from their deep political commitment to a new kind of populist grassroots politics, these writers challenge old modes of studying the everyday. As they rework traditional scholarly language, they search for new ways to write about our complex and compelling engagements with the politics and pleasures of popular culture and sketch a new and lively vocabulary for the field of cultural studies. The essays cover a wide and colorful array of subjects including pro wrestling, the computer games Myst and Doom, soap operas, baseball card collecting, the Tour de France, karaoke, lesbian desire in the Wizard of Oz, Internet fandom for the series Babylon 5, and the stress-management industry. Broader themes examined include the origins of popular culture, the aesthetics and politics of performance, and the social and cultural processes by which objects and practices are deemed tasteful or tasteless. The commitment that binds the contributors is to an emergent perspective in cultural studies, one that engages with popular culture as the culture that "sticks to the skin," that becomes so much a part of us that it becomes increasingly difficult to examine it from a distance. By refusing to deny or rationalize their own often contradictory identifications with popular culture, the contributors ensure that the volume as a whole reflects the immediacy and vibrancy of its objects of study. Hop on Pop will appeal to those engaged in the study of popular culture, American studies, cultural studies, cinema and visual studies, as well as to the general educated reader. Contributors. John Bloom, Gerry Bloustein, Aniko Bodroghkozy, Diane Brooks, Peter Chvany, Elana Crane, Alexander Doty, Rob Drew, Stephen Duncombe, Nick Evans, Eric Freedman, Joy Fuqua, Tony Grajeda, Katherine Green, John Hartley, Heather Hendershot, Henry Jenkins, Eithne Johnson, Louis Kaplan, Maria Koundoura, Sharon Mazer, Anna McCarthy, Tara McPherson, Angela Ndalianis, Edward O’Neill, Catherine Palmer, Roberta Pearson, Elayne Rapping, Eric Schaefer, Jane Shattuc, Greg Smith, Ellen Strain, Matthew Tinkhom, William Uricchio, Amy Villarego, Robyn Warhol, Charles Weigl, Alan Wexelblat, Pamela Robertson Wojcik, Nabeel Zuberi


For an account of Swedish karaoke culture , see J. Fornas , ' Filling Voids along the Byway : Identification and Interpretation in the Swedish ...

Author: Xun Zhou

Publisher: Reaktion Books

ISBN: 1861893000


Page: 207

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Presents an illustrated exploration of the world of Karaoke around the globe, from its role in prostitution in South East Asia to Karaoke taxis in Bangkok and nude Karaoke in Toronto. It addresses the complexity of this social craze, exploring its emergence in post-war Japan, its development, and its spread from South East Asia to the West.

Karaoke Around the WorldKaraoke Around the World

CULTURAL. ENCLAVE. Karaoke. in. a. Japanese-Brazilian. community. Shuhei. Hosokawa. Walking around Liberdade 'Liberdade': a district whose name means ...

Author: Shuhei Hosokawa

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781134713417


Page: 224

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The karaoke machine is much more than an instrument which allows us to be a star for three minutes. The contributors to this lively collection address the importance of karaoke within Japanese culture and its spread to other parts of the world, exploring the influence of karaoke in such different societies as the United Kingdom, North America, Italy, Sweden, Korea and Brazil. They also consider the nature of the karaoke experience, which involves people as singers, co-singers and listeners.

Can Tocqueville Karaoke Can Tocqueville Karaoke

between cultural practices of different groups (for instance, young and old people) is reduced in municipalities oriented toward unconventionality, ...

Author: Terry Nichols Clark

Publisher: Emerald Group Publishing

ISBN: 9781781907375


Page: 328

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This volume questions the importance of arts and culture and their possible impact on politics and the economy. Chapters outline a new framework for analysis of democratic participation and economic growth and explore how these new patterns work around the world. The ideas of Alexis de Tocqueville and Joseph Schumpeter and Jane Jacobs are analysed.

Globalization and Security Social and cultural aspects Introduction to volume 2Globalization and Security Social and cultural aspects Introduction to volume 2

of karaoke was exported from Japan following the movements of Japanese busi- ... From there, it spread out into the local culture depending on a number of ...

Author: G. Honor Fagan

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

ISBN: 0275996964


Page: 887

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Broad in scope, this two-volume set covers the economic and political aspects of globalization, as well as its social and cultural impacts.

Culture and Everyday LifeCulture and Everyday Life

Karaoke originated in Japan in 1972 when the proprietor of a bar in the city of Kobe decided it was economically more viable to arrange backing-tape ...

Author: Andy Bennett

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 9781446225875


Page: 216

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'Bennett provides a well organized, very readable and interesting discussion of a number of significant everyday cultural forms and I am confident student readers will find the book very valuable' - Barry Smart, University of Portsmouth Culture and Everyday Life provides students with a comprehensive overview of theoretical models, issues and examples of contemporary cultural practice. Bennett begins by summarising and situating - in everyday settings - the key theoretical models applied in the study of existing cultural practices. This entails a systematic study of how academic thinking about mass culture has changed, from critical accounts of early mass cultural theorists to radical postmodernist critiques of mass cultural accounts and to 'the cultural turn', which explored how various social identities are culturally constructed. Following this are themed chapters that cover a particular aspect of late modern culture, such as media, music, fashion, tourism and counter-cultural ideologies and movements. In each case a comprehensive literature review is provided and its theoretical and empirical relevance to our understanding of the relationship between culture and everyday life in contemporary society is explained. Lucid, meticulous and illustrated with a host of examples, this is a superb text for teaching and research in the Sociology of Culture and Cultural Studies.

in Search of A Voicein Search of A Voice

Karaoke and the Construction of Identity in Chinese America Casey M.K. Lum ... I take culture to be those webs, and the analysis of it to be therefore not ...

Author: Casey M.K. Lum

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781136490309


Page: 144

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Originating in Japan early in the 1970s as a simple sing-along technology, karaoke has become a hybrid media form designed to integrate mass-mediated popular music, video images, computer graphics, and the live musical performance of its human users. Not only has karaoke become a multimillion-dollar entertainment industry, its varied uses have also evolved into diverse popular cultural and social practices among many people around the world. Based on a two-year ethnographic study, this book offers a penetrating analysis of how karaoke is used in the expression, maintenance, and (re)construction of social identity as part of the Chinese American experience. It also explores the theoretical implications of interaction between the media audience and karaoke as both an electronic communication technology and a cultural practice. This book analyzes the social origins of karaoke and the dramaturgical characteristics of karaoke events, and explains how various musical genres are reframed as karaoke music. It also visits the numerous karaoke scenes in their natural context -- the sites of the actual consumption of media products, such as expensive private homes and fancy hotel ballrooms in the affluent suburbs of New Jersey, working-class restaurants and nightclubs in the multiethnic neighborhoods in Flushing, Queens, and Cantonese opera music clubs in New York's Chinatown. Finally, the book offers an intimate analysis of how karaoke has been adopted by several interpretive communities of first-generation Chinese immigrants not only as popular entertainment but also as a means to help (re)define their social identity and way of life.

Routledge Handbook of Chinese Culture and SocietyRoutledge Handbook of Chinese Culture and Society

This section explores the intersection of entrepreneurial masculinity and social status in the sex industry of karaoke bars in contemporary China.

Author: Kevin Latham

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781351718752


Page: 494

View: 293

The Routledge Handbook of Chinese Culture and Society is an interdisciplinary resource that offers a comprehensive overview of contemporary Chinese social and cultural issues in the twenty-first century. Bringing together experts in their respective fields, this cutting-edge survey of the significant phenomena and directions in China today covers a range of issues including the following: State, privatisation and civil society Family and education Urban and rural life Gender, and sexuality and reproduction Popular culture and the media Religion and ethnicity Forming an accessible and fascinating insight into Chinese culture and society, this handbook will be invaluable to students and scholars across a range of disciplines, including anthropology, sociology, area studies, history, politics and cultural and media studies.


Although larger companies, rather than karaoke's inventors, ended up making huge profits, Inoue changed Japanese and world popular culture. Karaoke is a ...

Author: Lucien Ellington

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

ISBN: 9781598841626


Page: 463

View: 604

This introduction to life and culture in Japan presents a captivating portrait of the island nation, home to 127 million people and one of the most robust economies in the world. * A detailed historical account takes the reader on a narrative journey from the rise of the Jomon culture some 13,000 years ago to the economic downturn of the 1990s and subsequent recovery * Includes an annotated bibliography and a wide variety of images

Eastern Europeans in Contemporary Literature and CultureEastern Europeans in Contemporary Literature and Culture

Ugrešić, Karaoke Culture, 232. Dubravka Ugrešić, Europa u Sepiji, 242–243. Ugrešić, “Europe, Europe”, in Nobody's Home, 99–120. All further references are ...

Author: Vedrana Veličković

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9781137537928


Page: 219

View: 276

Eastern Europeans in Contemporary Literature and Culture: Imagining New Europe provides a comprehensive study of the way in which contemporary writers, filmmakers, and the media have represented the recent phenomenon of Eastern European migration to the UK and Western Europe following the enlargement of the EU in the 21st century, the social and political changes after the fall of communism, and the Brexit vote. Exploring the recurring figures of Eastern Europeans as a new reservoir of cheap labour, the author engages with a wide range of both mainstream and neglected authors, films, and programmes, including Rose Tremain, John Lanchester, Marina Lewycka, Polly Courtney, Dubravka Ugrešić, Kapka Kassabova, Kwame Kwei-Armah, Mike Phillips, It’s a Free World, Gypo, Britain’s Hardest Workers, The Poles are Coming, and Czech Dream. Analyzing the treatment of Eastern Europeans as builders, fruit pickers, nannies, and victims of sex trafficking, and ways of resisting the stereotypes, this is an important intervention into debates about Europe, migration, and postcommunist transition to capitalism, as represented in multiple contemporary cultural texts.

Contemporary Asian ModernitiesContemporary Asian Modernities

Curiously , while current studies delve into karaoke's unique cultural characteristics , micro - social functioning , nationalist and diasporic connections ...

Author: Eva Kit-Wah Man

Publisher: Peter Lang

ISBN: 303430093X


Page: 318

View: 245

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Karaoke CultureKaraoke Culture

Finalist for the NBCC award for Criticism.

Author: Dubravka Ugrešić

Publisher: Open Letter Books

ISBN: 1934824577


Page: 324

View: 995

ull of candid, personal, and opinionated accounts of topics ranging from the baffling worldwide-pop-culture phenomena to the detriments of conformist nationalism. Sarcastic, biting, and, at times, even heartbreaking, this new collection of essays fully captures the outspoken brilliance of Ugresic's insights into our modern world's culture and conformism, the many ways in which it is ridiculous, and how (deep, deep down) we are all true suckers for it.

Patterns of Middle Class Consumption in India and ChinaPatterns of Middle Class Consumption in India and China

Karaoke may initially have been a Japanese product, but it is undoubtedly ... It is a mass culture without being 'mainstream'; there are a few 'Karaoke ...

Author: Christophe Jaffrelot

Publisher: SAGE Publications India

ISBN: 9788178299976


Page: 308

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Patterns of Middle Class Consumption in India and China explores the complex history and sociology of the middle class from a comparative perspective. It has papers written by sociologists, anthropologists and political scientists rather than economists, so the emphasis is on cultural shifts rather than economic statistics.The major contribution of this volume is that these two emerging powers of Asia are not, as is usual, compared to the West, but with each other. Considering that these two societies have so much in common in scale, civilization history and as emerging economies, the book is timely. The focus of the book is on the social and political implications of the new consumption patterns among the middle classes of India and China in the context of economic growth, liberalization of markets and globalization. Reflecting upon and critically engaging with the traditional sociological notions on which definitions of the middle class have been based, the book analyzes the intermingling of these notions with new attitudes in the wake of the consumer revolution. More specifically, an entire gamut of aspects of the consumer culture have been explored-tourism, leisure activities and the entertainment industry (art, Karaoke and soap operas)—as well as the consumption of experiences through these. It is argued that these phenomena have particular Indian and Chinese incarnations, which need to be analyzed in a manner that does not privilege a limited western experience of globalization. With its fresh insights and perspectives, the book will appeal to students of anthropology, sociology, political science, media studies and cultural studies. It will also be useful for market research professionals.