Just Plain Data AnalysisJust Plain Data Analysis

With a new chapter on statistical fallacies and updates throughout the text, the new edition teaches students how to find, interpret, and present commonly used social indicators in an even clearer and more practical way.

Author: Gary M. Klass

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 9781442215085


Page: 181

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Just Plain Data Analysis is designed to teach students statistical literacy skills that they can use to evaluate and construct arguments about public affairs issues grounded in numerical evidence. With a new chapter on statistical fallacies and updates throughout the text, the new edition teaches students how to find, interpret, and present commonly used social indicators in an even clearer and more practical way.

Exploring the U S CensusExploring the U S Census

This is the kind of data analysis that professor Gary Klass describes in his book
Just Plain Data Analysis and that we will cover in this text. Klass makes a
distinction between “plain data analysis” as processing, presenting, and
evaluating ...

Author: Frank Donnelly

Publisher: SAGE Publications

ISBN: 9781544355443


Page: 464

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The United States census provides researchers, students, and the public with some of the richest and broadest information available about the American people. Exploring the U.S. Census by Frank Donnelly gives social science students and researchers alike the tools to understand, extract, process, and analyze data from the decennial census, the American Community Survey, and other data collected by the U.S. Census Bureau. More than just a data collection exercise performed every ten years, the census is a series of datasets updated on an ongoing basis. With all that data comes opportunities and challenges: opportunities to teach students the value of census data for studying communities and answering research questions, and the challenges of navigating and comprehending such a massive data source and transforming it into usable information that students and researchers can analyze with basic skills and software. Just as important as showing what the census can tell social researchers is showing how to ask good questions of census data. Exploring the U.S. Census provides a thorough background on the data collection methods, structures, and potential pitfalls of the census for unfamiliar researchers, collecting information previously available only in widely disparate sources into one handy guide. Hands-on, applied exercises at the end of the chapters help readers dive into the data. The first chapter of the book places the census into context, discussing the history and the role of the census in society as well as in the larger universe of government, open, and big data. The book then moves onto the essentials of the data structure including the variety of sources and searching mechanisms, geography from nation down to zip code, and the fundamental subject categories (social, economic, and geographic) that are used for summarizing data in all of the various datasets. The next section delves into the individual datasets, discussing the purpose and structure of each, with separate chapters devoted to the decennial census, ACS, Population Estimates Program, and business datasets. A final chapter for this section pulls everything together, with a focus on writing and presenting your research on the data. The final section covers advanced topics and applications including mapping, geographic information systems, creating new variables and measures from census data, historical census data, and microdata. Along the way, the author shows how best to analyze census data with open-source software and tools, such as QGIS geographic information system, LibreOffice® Calc, and the DB Browser for SQLite®. Readers can freely evaluate the data on their own computers, in keeping with the free and open data provided by the Census Bureau. By placing the census in the context of the open data movement, this text makes the history and practice of the census relevant so readers can understand what a crucial resource the United States census is for research and knowledge.

Latino Small Businesses and the American DreamLatino Small Businesses and the American Dream

Just plain data analysis: Common statistical fallacies in analyses of social
indicator data. Illinois State University. Klein, S.A. (2008, March 31). The rise of
Hispanics; What a great demographic shift means for Chicago's economy,
business ...

Author: Melvin Delgado

Publisher: Columbia University Press

ISBN: 9780231521789


Page: 304

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Latino small businesses provide social, economic, and cultural comfort to their communities. They are also excellent facilitators of community capacity—a major component of effective social work practice. Social work practitioners have a vested interest in seeing such businesses grow, not only among Latinos but all communities of color. Reviewing the latest research on formal and informal economies within urban communities of color, Melvin Delgado lays out the demographic foundations for a richer collaboration between theory and practice. Delgado deploys numerous case studies to cement the link between indigenous small businesses and community well-being. Whether regulated or unregulated, these establishments hire from within and promote immigrant self-employment. Latino small businesses often provide jobs for those whose criminal and mental health backgrounds intimidate conventional businesses. Recently estimated to be the largest group of color running small businesses in the United States, Latino owners top two million, with the number expected to double within the next few years. Joining an understanding of these institutions with the kind of practice that enables their social and economic improvement, Delgado explains how to identify and mobilize the kinds of resources that best spur their development.

Data Analysis in Molecular Biology and EvolutionData Analysis in Molecular Biology and Evolution

Sequence files in the FASTA format contain just plain sequences as well as
sequence names to designate each of the sequences . The sample file invert.fas
is a typical sequence file in FASTA format . The GenBank format , designated by
the ...

Author: Basil Rapoport

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 0792377672


Page: 277

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Data Analysis in Molecular Biology and Evolution introduces biologists to DAMBE, a proprietary, user-friendly computer program for molecular data analysis. The unique combination of this book and software will allow biologists not only to understand the rationale behind a variety of computational tools in molecular biology and evolution, but also to gain instant access to these tools for use in their laboratories. Data Analysis in Molecular Biology and Evolution serves as an excellent resource for advanced level undergraduates or graduates as well as for professionals working in the field.

Clojure Data Analysis Cookbook Second EditionClojure Data Analysis Cookbook Second Edition

Reading CSV data into Incanter datasets One of the simplest data formats is
comma-separated values (CSV), and you'll find that it's everywhere. Excel reads
and writes CSV directly, as do most databases. Also, because it's really just plain
text ...

Author: Eric Rochester

Publisher: Packt Publishing Ltd

ISBN: 9781784399955


Page: 372

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This book is for those with a basic knowledge of Clojure, who are looking to push the language to excel with data analysis.

A Theory of Public OpinionA Theory of Public Opinion

Statistical analysis, mathematical calculations, and just plain judgment, all play
their part in such an inquiry. Even the more complicated tabulating and projection
machines may be used to reach final conclusions long before complete statistical

Author: Francis Graham Wilson

Publisher: Transaction Publishers

ISBN: 9781412851220


Page: 328

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This book traces the emergence of the ideas and institutions that evolved to give people mastery over their own destiny through the force of public opinion. The Greek belief in citizen participation is shown as the ground upon which the idea of public opinion began and grew. For Wilson, public opinion is an "orderly force," contributing to social and political life. Wilson appraises the influence of modern psychology and the slow appearance of methodologies that would enable people not only to measure the opinions of others, but to mold them as well. He examines the relation of the theory of public opinion to the intellectuals, the middle class, and the various revolutionary and proletarian movements of the modern era. The circumstances in which the individual may refuse to follow the opinions of the experts are succinctly and movingly analyzed. This book is a historical and philosophical evaluation of a concept that has played a decisive part in history, and whose overwhelming force is underestimated. The author’s insight brings an understanding that is invaluable at a time when public opinion, the force developed to enable the ruled to restrain their rulers, has become controllable. Attempts to manipulate it are made by those who would impose their will upon their fellow men.

Essentials of Strategic IntelligenceEssentials of Strategic Intelligence

In my experience as a practicing analyst in the military and in the CIA, raw reports
from human sources or technical sensors are sometimes fragmentary, biased,
contradictory, or just plain wrong. In order to analyze the data, the analyst ...

Author: Loch K. Johnson

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

ISBN: 9781440832284


Page: 498

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A highly valuable resource for students of intelligence studies, strategy and security, and foreign policy, this volume provides readers with an accessible and comprehensive exploration of U.S. espionage activities that addresses both the practical and ethical implications that attend the art and science of spying. • Provides a comprehensive, up-to-date examination of all aspects of intelligence by experts in the field, from collection-and-analysis and counterintelligence to covert action and accountability • Probes into how the United States' intelligence agencies attempt to protect the nation from cyberattacks by foreign nations and terrorist groups—and documents the successes and failures • Documents the involvement of the National Security Agency (NSA) in bulk "metadata" collection of information on the telephone records and social media communications of American citizens • Examines the effects that have resulted from major leaks in the U.S. government, from Wikileaks to the NSA Snowden leaks

Collaborative Action Research for Professional Learning CommunitiesCollaborative Action Research for Professional Learning Communities

Collaborative data analysis is the aspect of the collaborative action research
process that I always find to be just plain fun! As you've been working through the
action research process as outlined in this book, you have been engaged in the ...

Author: Richard Sagor

Publisher: Solution Tree Press

ISBN: 9781935543817


Page: 192

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Constant, high-quality collaborative inquiry sustains PLCs. Become disciplined and deliberative with data as you design and implement program improvements to enhance student learning. This book delves into the five habits of inquiry that contribute to professional learning. Get to know them and the action research process they represent. Detailed steps show you how to accomplish collaborative action research that drives continuous improvement.

Bayesian Analysis in Econometrics and StatisticsBayesian Analysis in Econometrics and Statistics

It is my contention that in other cases the introduction of a convenient parametric
statistical model seems to impel statisticians ... subjective or empirical ) ,
Structuralist , Fiducialist , Likelihooder , Classical Frequentist or just plain Data
Analyst .

Author: Harold Jeffreys

Publisher: North-Holland

ISBN: STANFORD:36105038901406


Page: 474

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Fraud and Fraud DetectionFraud and Fraud Detection

A Data Analytics Approach Sunder Gee. or anomalies. It is recognized that
people are ... They believe that informing on people is just plain wrong or that
they are siding with management. There is also the fear of being found out that
they ...

Author: Sunder Gee

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781118779668


Page: 352

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Detect fraud faster—no matter how well hidden—withIDEA automation Fraud and Fraud Detection takes an advanced approach tofraud management, providing step-by-step guidance on automatingdetection and forensics using CaseWare's IDEA software. The bookbegins by reviewing the major types of fraud, then details thespecific computerized tests that can detect them. Readers willlearn to use complex data analysis techniques, including automationscripts, allowing easier and more sensitive detection of anomaliesthat require further review. The companion website provides accessto a demo version of IDEA, along with sample scripts that allowreaders to immediately test the procedures from the book. Business systems' electronic databases have grown tremendouslywith the rise of big data, and will continue to increase atsignificant rates. Fraudulent transactions are easily hidden inthese enormous datasets, but Fraud and Fraud Detection helpsreaders gain the data analytics skills that can bring theseanomalies to light. Step-by-step instruction and practical adviceprovide the specific abilities that will enhance the audit andinvestigation process. Readers will learn to: Understand the different areas of fraud and their specificdetection methods Identify anomalies and risk areas using computerizedtechniques Develop a step-by-step plan for detecting fraud through dataanalytics Utilize IDEA software to automate detection and identificationprocedures The delineation of detection techniques for each type of fraudmakes this book a must-have for students and new fraud preventionprofessionals, and the step-by-step guidance to automation andcomplex analytics will prove useful for even experienced examiners.With datasets growing exponentially, increasing both the speed andsensitivity of detection helps fraud professionals stay ahead ofthe game. Fraud and Fraud Detection is a guide to moreefficient, more effective fraud identification.

Data Warehousing Fundamentals for IT ProfessionalsData Warehousing Fundamentals for IT Professionals

Data-driven automatic Analysis approach interactive analysis. knowledge
discovery. ... Rare, unusual, or just plain infrequent events are of interest in data
mining in many contexts, including fraud in income tax, insurance, and online
banking, ...

Author: Paulraj Ponniah

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781118211304


Page: 608

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CUTTING-EDGE CONTENT AND GUIDANCE FROM A DATA WAREHOUSING EXPERT—NOW EXPANDED TO REFLECT FIELD TRENDS Data warehousing has revolutionized the way businesses in a wide variety of industries perform analysis and make strategic decisions. Since the first edition of Data Warehousing Fundamentals, numerous enterprises have implemented data warehouse systems and reaped enormous benefits. Many more are in the process of doing so. Now, this new, revised edition covers the essential fundamentals of data warehousing and business intelligence as well as significant recent trends in the field. The author provides an enhanced, comprehensive overview of data warehousing together with in-depth explanations of critical issues in planning, design, deployment, and ongoing maintenance. IT professionals eager to get into the field will gain a clear understanding of techniques for data extraction from source systems, data cleansing, data transformations, data warehouse architecture and infrastructure, and the various methods for information delivery. This practical Second Edition highlights the areas of data warehousing and business intelligence where high-impact technological progress has been made. Discussions on developments include data marts, real-time information delivery, data visualization, requirements gathering methods, multi-tier architecture, OLAP applications, Web clickstream analysis, data warehouse appliances, and data mining techniques. The book also contains review questions and exercises for each chapter, appropriate for self-study or classroom work, industry examples of real-world situations, and several appendices with valuable information. Specifically written for professionals responsible for designing, implementing, or maintaining data warehousing systems, Data Warehousing Fundamentals presents agile, thorough, and systematic development principles for the IT professional and anyone working or researching in information management.

Microsoft SQL Server 2005 The Complete ReferenceMicrosoft SQL Server 2005 The Complete Reference

SQL Server 2005 (or just SQL Server) is Microsoft's database management
system, data analysis product, and just plain data everything product. This book's
aim is to provide as complete an independent reference as possible to the
relational ...

Author: Jeffrey Shapiro

Publisher: McGraw Hill Professional

ISBN: 9780072261523


Page: 645

View: 919

SQL Server 2005 is Microsoft's next-generation data management and analysis software designed to deliver increased scalability, availability, and security to enterprise data and analytical applications while making them easier to create, deploy, and manage. Filled with practical solutions and real-world examples, this resource includes full details on: Enterprise data management capabilities, including security and clustering Powerful developer tools -- T-SQL, .NET CLR, XML, ADO.NET 2.0 Business Intelligence features, such as Integration Services, data warehousing, and reports

The Art of Data AnalysisThe Art of Data Analysis

With so much variation, I need descriptive statistics to give me an idea of just how
big the ladies in this demographic are. But first, I need to turn these colorful yet
vague insults into data. QUALITATIVE VERSUS QUANTITATIVE DATA All data
fall into two categories: qualitative and quantitative. ... Plain and simple arithmetic

Author: Kristin H. Jarman

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781118413340


Page: 190

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A friendly and accessible approach to applying statistics in the real world With an emphasis on critical thinking, The Art of Data Analysis: How to Answer Almost Any Question Using Basic Statistics presents fun and unique examples, guides readers through the entire data collection and analysis process, and introduces basic statistical concepts along the way. Leaving proofs and complicated mathematics behind, the author portrays the more engaging side of statistics and emphasizes its role as a problem-solving tool. In addition, light-hearted case studies illustrate the application of statistics to real data analyses, highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of commonly used techniques. Written for the growing academic and industrial population that uses statistics in everyday life, The Art of Data Analysis: How to Answer Almost Any Question Using Basic Statistics highlights important issues that often arise when collecting and sifting through data. Featured concepts include: • Descriptive statistics • Analysis of variance • Probability and sample distributions • Confidence intervals • Hypothesis tests • Regression • Statistical correlation • Data collection • Statistical analysis with graphs Fun and inviting from beginning to end, The Art of Data Analysis is an ideal book for students as well as managers and researchers in industry, medicine, or government who face statistical questions and are in need of an intuitive understanding of basic statistical reasoning.

Information Security Risk Analysis Second EditionInformation Security Risk Analysis Second Edition

So off I went in search of answers to the question : What is risk analysis , and how
does it get completed in a timely and ... Guideline for Automatic Data Processing
Risk Analysis , ” published by the National Bureau of Standards in August ...
holes in the recordings of history and will present our heroes as just plain people

Author: Thomas R. Peltier

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 0849333466


Page: 360

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The risk management process supports executive decision-making, allowing managers and owners to perform their fiduciary responsibility of protecting the assets of their enterprises. This crucial process should not be a long, drawn-out affair. To be effective, it must be done quickly and efficiently. Information Security Risk Analysis, Second Edition enables CIOs, CSOs, and MIS managers to understand when, why, and how risk assessments and analyses can be conducted effectively. This book discusses the principle of risk management and its three key elements: risk analysis, risk assessment, and vulnerability assessment. It examines the differences between quantitative and qualitative risk assessment, and details how various types of qualitative risk assessment can be applied to the assessment process. The text offers a thorough discussion of recent changes to FRAAP and the need to develop a pre-screening method for risk assessment and business impact analysis.

Intelligent Information Processing and Web MiningIntelligent Information Processing and Web Mining

Analysis. of. the. Statistical. Characteristics. in. Mining. of. Frequent. Sequences.
Romanas Tumasonis and Gintautas Dzerayda Institute of Mathematics and
Informatics, Akademijos str. 4, 08663 ... We will examine just plain text

Author: Mieczysław Kłopotek

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 3540250565


Page: 684

View: 272

This edited book contains articles accepted for presentation during the conference "Intelligent Information Systems 2005 (IIS 2005) - New Trends in Intelligent Information Processing and Web Mining" held in Gdansk, Poland, on June 13-16, 2005. Special attention is devoted to the newest developments in the areas of Artificial Immune Systems, Search engines, Computational Linguistics and Knowledge Discovery. The focus of this book is also on new computing paradigms including biologically motivated methods, quantum computing, DNA computing, advanced data analysis, new machine learning paradigms, reasoning technologies, natural language processing and new optimization techniques.

Trend Forecasting with Intermarket AnalysisTrend Forecasting with Intermarket Analysis

If a high percentage of individual traders rely upon the same sort of single-market
analysis tools and information ... analysis is still performed retrospectively by
extrapolating past price data on a single market into the future, just as it had ...
close-minded to, or just plain intimidated by intermarket analysis for whatever

Author: Louis B. Mendelsohn

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781118538654


Page: 224

View: 421

In this groundbreaking new edition, Mendelsohn gives you the weapon to conquer the limitations of traditional technical trading-intermarket analysis. To compete in today's rapidly changing economy, you need a method that can identify reoccurring patterns within individual financial markets and between related global markets. You need tools that lead, not lag. Step by step, Mendelsohn shows how combining technical, fundamental, and intermarket analysis into one powerful framework can give you an early edge to accurately forecasting trends. Inside, you'll discover: Precise trading strategies that can be used by both day traders and position traders. The limitations of traditional technical analysis methods-and how to overcome them. How neural network computational modeling can create leading, not lagging, moving averages for more accurate forecasting. Innovative, quantitative trend forecasting indicators at the cutting edge of market analysis. PLUS-an introduction to VantagePoint Software, which makes Mendelsohn's "new economy" trading methods work simply-and effectively. This software applies the pattern recognition capabilities of advanced neural networks to analyze intermarket data on literally hundreds of global financial markets each day.

Computer Programs for Qualitative Data AnalysisComputer Programs for Qualitative Data Analysis

Whether you ' re working with just plain text , or setting up something that looks
more like a traditional records - and - fields database , you may want to make
such adjustments . To put more than one paragraph in a record , you can insert a
line ...

Author: Eben Weitzman

Publisher: SAGE Publications, Incorporated

ISBN: STANFORD:36105019566442


Page: 371

View: 695

Written by qualitative researchers for qualitative researchers, and not presuming extensive computer experience, this user-friendly guide takes a critical look at the wide range of software currently available. The book gives detailed reviews of 24 programs in five major categories: text retrievers, textbase managers, code-and-retrieve programs, code-based theory-builders and conceptual network-builders. In addition, the book provides ratings of over 75 features per program. The authors also offer detailed guidance on the operation of each program, helping the reader to ask key questions about the use of the computer - the nature of the project being undertaken, what time-line analyses are planned and what worksheets are re

SPSS Plain and Simple Analysis Interpretation of Group ResearchSPSS Plain and Simple Analysis Interpretation of Group Research

The structure of SPSS (Statistical Package for the Social Sciences)® includes
three files (See Figure 1.2): (1) a data file ... has a certain syntax or structure-the
commands are very easy to write and in most cases we will just use the pull-
down ...

Author: Matthew J. Zagumny, Ph.D.

Publisher: Lulu.com

ISBN: 9781105937415



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Structured Analysis and Design for the CASE UserStructured Analysis and Design for the CASE User

... data dictionaries , repositories , strategic planners , test generators , security
packages , and prototyping tools are just a ... programmer - analyst , data analyst
, data specialist , reengineering analyst , strategic analyst ( or just plain analyst ) ...

Author: Michael F. Rothstein

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Companies

ISBN: UOM:39015029559203


Page: 347

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Large Scale Data AnalyticsLarge Scale Data Analytics

Fabian Hueske and Volker Markl Abstract Massively parallel data analysis is an
emerging research topic that is ... It covers higher-level languages for
MapReduce, approaches to optimize plain MapReduce jobs, and optimization for
parallel data ... Companies and facilities that are affected by these trends come
from the Internet business, biology, climate, or astronomy research, just to name
a few [21].

Author: Aris Gkoulalas-Divanis

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9781461492429


Page: 257

View: 587

This edited book collects state-of-the-art research related to large-scale data analytics that has been accomplished over the last few years. This is among the first books devoted to this important area based on contributions from diverse scientific areas such as databases, data mining, supercomputing, hardware architecture, data visualization, statistics, and privacy. There is increasing need for new approaches and technologies that can analyze and synthesize very large amounts of data, in the order of petabytes, that are generated by massively distributed data sources. This requires new distributed architectures for data analysis. Additionally, the heterogeneity of such sources imposes significant challenges for the efficient analysis of the data under numerous constraints, including consistent data integration, data homogenization and scaling, privacy and security preservation. The authors also broaden reader understanding of emerging real-world applications in domains such as customer behavior modeling, graph mining, telecommunications, cyber-security, and social network analysis, all of which impose extra requirements for large-scale data analysis. Large-Scale Data Analytics is organized in 8 chapters, each providing a survey of an important direction of large-scale data analytics or individual results of the emerging research in the field. The book presents key recent research that will help shape the future of large-scale data analytics, leading the way to the design of new approaches and technologies that can analyze and synthesize very large amounts of heterogeneous data. Students, researchers, professionals and practitioners will find this book an authoritative and comprehensive resource.