Cultivating VictoryCultivating Victory

... led to progressive changes in fashion and female style. Socially, single English women pushed boundaries as “Bright Young People” frequented nightclubs, ...

Author: Cecilia Gowdy-Wygant

Publisher: University of Pittsburgh Pre

ISBN: 9780822944256


Page: 230

View: 423

A compelling study of the sea change brought about in politics, society, and gender roles during World Wars I and II by campaigns to recruit Women's Land Armies in Great Britain and the United States to cultivate victory gardens. Cecilia Gowdy-Wygant compares and contrasts the outcomes of war in both nations as seen through women's ties to labor, agriculture, the home, and the environment. She sheds new light on the cultural legacies left by the Women's Land Armies and their major role in shaping national and personal identities.

Indian Immigrant Women and WorkIndian Immigrant Women and Work

Their journey serves as a forceful counterpoint to the linear narrative since they end up pushing the boundaries of women's choices regarding life and work ...

Author: Ramya M. Vijaya

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 9781134990177


Page: 114

View: 961

In recent years, interest in the large group of skilled immigrants coming from India to the United States has soared. However, this immigration is seen as being overwhelmingly male. Female migrants are depicted either as family migrants following in the path chosen by men, or as victims of desperation, forced into the migrant path due to economic exigencies. This book investigates the work trajectories and related assimilation experiences of independent Indian women who have chosen their own migratory pathways in the United States. The links between individual experiences and the macro trends of women, work, immigration and feminism are explored. The authors use historical records, previously unpublished gender disaggregate immigration data, and interviews with Indian women who have migrated to the US in every decade since the 1960s to demonstrate that independent migration among Indian women has a long and substantial history. Their status as skilled independent migrants can represent a relatively privileged and empowered choice. However, their working lives intersect with the gender constraints of labor markets in both India and the US. Vijaya and Biswas argue that their experiences of being relatively empowered, yet pushing against gender constraints in two different environments, can provide a unique perspective to the immigrant assimilation narrative and comparative gender dynamics in the global political economy. Casting light on a hidden, but steady, stream within the large group of skilled immigrants to the United States from India, this book will be of interest to researchers in the fields of political economy, anthropology, and sociology, including migration, race, class, ethnic and gender studies, as well as Asian studies.

Journey GirlJourney Girl

... I belatedly understood why the LaLeche League was also “pushing” for women ... I would not challenge my father in my home, I would not push any boundary ...

Author: Susan Heffron Hajec

Publisher: Balboa Press

ISBN: 9781982252939


Page: 252

View: 936

Journey Girl is a story about motherhood and a memoir about secrets-- more specifically, it is about breaking them. First-time author Hajec unfolds her journey of becoming a courageous family secret breaker and defeats her fears that she will pay a price to do so. Her quest is to disintegrate the generational silences that surround the death of her mother shortly after her own birth and explore the mysterious childhood memories that still linger as she reaches adulthood. As the author unwinds a tightly-held but harmful family silence, she also introduces to the reader simple, ordinary, and helpful types of silences they can use in their everyday life to bring them peace and balance, not harm and mystery.These are the Islands of Silence that begin each chapter before continuing her own story.

Narrative Journeys of Young Black Women with Eating DisordersNarrative Journeys of Young Black Women with Eating Disorders

With her disciplined ED practices, Body pushed the boundaries of her health and these ... This change felt all too familiar like an “out of control again” ...

Author: Stephanie A. Hawthorne

Publisher: Lexington Books

ISBN: 9781498589123


Page: 140

View: 636

Narrative Journeys of Young Black Women with Eating Disorders: A Hidden Community among Us explores how the realities of three young black women who have experienced eating disorders since childhood were transformed, discussing the larger implications of disordered eating in underrepresented populations. People of all ethnic, gender, and socioeconomic backgrounds are susceptible to their grips, yet black women and children are experiencing eating disorders and suffering in silence due to shame and stigma. Due to barriers such as the conventional thought that eating disorders do not occur in the black community, they are often not acknowledged, discussed, or treated properly. Stephanie Hawthorne argues that these women’s lived experiences substantiate the need for culturally sensitive and inclusive prevention, intervention, and care when it comes to mental health, and offers recommendations to schools, clinicians, parents, and adolescents to accomplish this goal. Scholars of communication, mental health, race studies, education, and medicine will find this book particularly useful.

Citizenship Pushing the BoundariesCitizenship Pushing the Boundaries

12 ANC Women's Struggles, Kimble & Unterhalter. Women's Strike in Holland 1981, de Bruijn & Henkes. Politics of Feminist Research, McRobbie.

Author: The Feminist Review Collective

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781134718801


Page: 200

View: 902

Citizenship: Pushing the Boundaries brings together global perspectives and issues of citizenship in particular regional and national contexts. It comprehensively covers contemporary feminist debates on citizenship such as: citizenship as a status bestowing rights and responsibilities, passive and active citizenship, and the distinctions and interconnections between the public and private citizen.

Women Writing the Neo Victorian NovelWomen Writing the Neo Victorian Novel

Likewise, Byatt complicates Olive's life by making one of the other women in ... male bildungsroman's journey, women fairy tale crafters pushed boundaries ...

Author: Kathleen Renk

Publisher: Springer Nature

ISBN: 9783030482879


Page: 199

View: 502

Women Writing the Neo-Victorian Novel: Erotic “Victorians” focuses on the work of British, Irish, and Commonwealth women writers such as A.S. Byatt, Emma Donoghue, Sarah Waters, Helen Humphreys, Margaret Atwood, and Ahdaf Soueif, among others, and their attempts to re-envision the erotic. Kathleen Renk argues that women writers of the neo-Victorian novel are far more philosophical in their approach to representing the erotic than male writers and draw more heavily on Victorian conventions that would proscribe the graphic depiction of sexual acts, thus leaving more to the reader’s imagination. This book addresses the following questions: Why are women writers drawn to the neo-Victorian genre and what does this reveal about the state of contemporary feminism? How do classical and contemporary forms of the erotic play into the ways in which women writers address the Victorian “woman question”? How exactly is the erotic used to underscore women’s creative potential?

Women Breaking BoundariesWomen Breaking Boundaries

A Grail Journey, 1940-1995 Janet Kalven. seized in the middle of the night and forced to leave their young children at home alone.

Author: Janet Kalven

Publisher: SUNY Press

ISBN: 0791443310


Page: 347

View: 520

Through memoir, interviews, and historical overview, Women Breaking Boundaries chronicles the evolution in the United States of the Grail—an organization of Catholic lay women dedicated to restoring the Christian spirit to all aspects of life. Janet Kalven, who has been part of the movement since its inception in the early 1940s, traces its development through 1995.

My Continuing Journey Into Spritual Artistic Revolutionary ThoughtsMy Continuing Journey Into Spritual Artistic Revolutionary Thoughts

Each lesbian women, fragmented and jarred shellshocked, retreats into her own ... pushing boundaries & frontiers of many topics, means of statement, ideas!

Author: Red Jordan Arobateau


ISBN: 9780578006826


Page: 284

View: 381

Ongoing journal of an artist/writer, spiritual revolutionary.

Gendered Journeys Women Migration and Feminist PsychologyGendered Journeys Women Migration and Feminist Psychology

... and societal possibilities both push the limits and constrain the boundaries ... As an additional illustration he showed how changes in the memories of ...

Author: Oliva M. Espín

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9781137521477


Page: 314

View: 301

This book brings a psychological perspective to the often overlooked and understudied topic of women's experiences of migration, covering topics such as memory, place, language, race, social class, work, violence, motherhood, and intergenerational impact of migration.

Barbara Egger LennonBarbara Egger Lennon

Woman,. 1909–1915. Barbe's journey toward greater autonomy took place during ... the New Woman pushed against traditional boundaries and expected a greater ...

Author: Tina Stewart Brakebill

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9780429973758


Page: 216

View: 128

Facets of Barbara Egger Lennon's life depict an ordinary white Midwestern woman of her time: teacher, wife, mother. Her work as a union organizer and political activist, however, complicate that picture. The way in which Egger Lennon balanced these roles illustrates how many women of her time shaped their lives in the face of three significant forces: work, family, and politics. Enriched by years of her detailed diary entries, Barbara Egger Lennon: Teacher, Mother, Activist deepens our understanding of the ways in which work and political activism existed alongside the traditional role of women in the early 20th century. About the Lives of American Women series: Selected and edited by renowned women's historian Carol Berkin, these brief biographies are designed for use in undergraduate courses. Rather than a comprehensive approach, each biography focuses instead on a particular aspect of a woman's life that is emblematic of her time, or which made her a pivotal figure in the era. The emphasis is on a 'good read', featuring accessible writing and compelling narratives, without sacrificing sound scholarship and academic integrity. Primary sources at the end of each biography reveal the subject's perspective in her own words. Study questions and an annotated bibliography support the student reader.

Developing Women Leaders in Corporate America Balancing Competing Demands Transcending Traditional BoundariesDeveloping Women Leaders in Corporate America Balancing Competing Demands Transcending Traditional Boundaries

I have to find a way to effectively embrace change and understand the vision of others, ... I have many available options to help facilitate my journey ...

Author: Alan T. Belasen

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

ISBN: 9780313395741


Page: 260

View: 318

This book provides research-based evidence within the Competing Values Framework to examine women's leadership styles, demonstrate their suitability for senior management positions, and show how employers must embrace women in leadership roles in order for their companies to be diversified and globalized. • Developmental plans based on self assessment and self-analysis of women managers using the Competing Values Framework

Life Reconnected How Women Can Make Simple and Powerful ChangeLife Reconnected How Women Can Make Simple and Powerful Change

A Hero's Journey Penny C McClean ... push the comfort-zone boundary and live life to the fullest” Jessica McGregorJohnson, Author of Remembering Perfection ...

Author: Penny C McClean

Publisher: Troubador Publishing Ltd

ISBN: 9781780885100


Page: 112

View: 250

“I have written this book for women who feel their life is out of whack in some way. You may feel bored, directionless, hurt or angry or are struggling to make meaningful and lasting change. It explains why women find it hard to keep motivated and offers a way to make simple and powerful change by making the most of our differences.” Illustrated by one woman's personal journey, the psychological backdrop to how we create meaning in our lives is explained. Using Penny’s NLP and coaching experience, the book offers a creative process that every woman can use, whether they are young and just setting out into the world of career paths, relationships and finding their purpose in life, or whether they are mid-life and reflecting both on what has been and what is yet to unfold. In a world of digital communication, a shout-out for positive role models and how we can support each other to become leaders in our own lives, as well as positively influence those around us, is made. It offers another way to find inspiration and ultimately our own intuitive wisdom that is inside each and every one of us. It teaches us that by incorporating a sense of balance, love, connection and purpose in our lives, we will have lives we love to live. Deeply moving, bluntly honest and elegantly written, Life Reconnected – How Women Can Make Simple and Powerful Change: A Hero’s Journey will take you on a profound personal journey so you can find, voice and take your heart-centered purpose to the world.

The JourneyThe Journey

Real love, which is difficult to model when a conflict arises, needs to be shown to our kids when they push their boundaries and make us angry.

Author: Linda Letkemann

Publisher: FriesenPress

ISBN: 9781460263365


Page: 250

View: 464

There are many challenges to becoming the person God desires us to be. Everywhere we look, Christians are suffering from the same problems as the rest of the world: divorce, financial issues, confusion, and stress. Something is amiss and it’s time we allow Jesus Christ to change us from the inside out through the power of the indwelling Holy Spirit He’s given us. The Journey will guide you towards encountering the real God, who desires an intimate relationship with you. You will learn to use the tools God has put in your hands to become the person He wants you to be, and to share His good news with those around you. Learn to be a victor, not a victim, and to overcome the hurdles the enemy puts in your way. This book looks to God’s word and applies it to our daily lives so that we can truly know Him and thrive personally, financially, and in our relationships.

The Path of HappinessThe Path of Happiness

Yet archetypes are having to change, as society evolves and pushes the boundaries of previous set ideals. And the circumstances of every case of ...

Author: Trudy Joy

Publisher: Balboa Press

ISBN: 9781504386616


Page: 186

View: 203

Have you ever had a feeling within you that felt bigger than you, a knowing and overwhelming feeling that you must act upon something unknown? When Trudy separated from her husband, she needed something that would give her and her young daughter some hope, some optimism and reassurance that their future life as a single parent family was going to be okay. Trudy needed to understand that she was not the only one who was feeling unsure and insecurethat she wasnt alone, sailing in an ocean of heartbreak and uncertainty. She wanted to read that someone had come through the worst of times and been able to create a positive, new, happily-balanced life for themselves and their children. When she found websites geared towards single parents, their words of wisdom were very matter-of-fact. Within the words, there was nothing that seemed personal that she could connect to directly. She didnt read anything that gave her the warm inner glow of comfort. And The Path of Happiness was born. Learning as she went, Trudy found that writing about the incidents she encountered and had dealt with helped her with the rejuvenation process itself. Challenges were surmounted, goals reached, and with each one, Trudy learned a little more about herself. Written from experience, The Path of Happiness is Trudys first-hand survival guide for single parents, with tips on everything from budgeting and lifestyle, to dealing with the emotional rollercoaster and other obstacles encountered on her and her daughters journey.

Pushing the Boundaries of Latin American TestimonyPushing the Boundaries of Latin American Testimony

By documenting notonlythe storiesof the women involved, but also the ... ofPF is titledSangtin Yatra, translatingas“a journey ofsangtins” (xxiii). 2.

Author: L. Detwiler

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9781137012142


Page: 271

View: 472

Revealing twenty-first century contexts, ground-breaking scenarios, and innovative mediums for this highly contested life writing genre, this volume showcases a new generation of testimonio scholarship.

A Hijabi s Journey to Live Laugh LoveA Hijabi s Journey to Live Laugh Love

Standing up for women's rights was certainly something that was dear to me, ... However, it was a difficult place to work when my boundaries were pushed ...

Author: Farheen Khan

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9781469033235


Page: 138

View: 136

This is the story of Farheen Khan and her inspiring voyage as she rose above betrayal, culture and tradition to live in the present. She will motivate all women to face challenges and re-evaluate their purpose in life in order to focus on what matters most.

Multiple ModernitiesMultiple Modernities

The continuities in the lives of two professional women, two pioneers, ... achievements could have been reached without Burgos's desire to push boundaries; ...

Author: Michelle Sharp

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 9781351697286



View: 822

This collection of essays confirms Carmen de Burgos's pivotal place in Spanish feminist history by bringing together eminent international scholars who offer new readings of Burgos's work. It includes the analyses of a number of lesser-known texts, both fictional and non-fictional, which give us a more comprehensive examination of Burgos's multipronge feminist approach. Burgos's works, especially her essays, are essential feminist reading and complement other European and North American traditions. Gaining familiarity with the breadth and depth of her work serves not only to provide an understanding of Spanish firstwave feminism, but also enriches our appreciation of cultural studies, gender studies, subaltern studies and travel literature. Looking at the entirety of her life and work, and the wide-ranging contributions in this volume, it is evident that Burgos embodied the tensions between tradition and modernity, depicting multiple representations of womanhood. Encouraging women to take ownership of their personal fashion, the design of their homes and the decorum of their families were steps towards recognizing a female population that was cognizant of its own desires.

A Journey to Unlearn and Learn in Multicultural EducationA Journey to Unlearn and Learn in Multicultural Education

Throughout the process of currere , my writings have led me on a journey . ... is to challenge the status quo and push against boundaries of stagnation .

Author: Hongyu Wang

Publisher: Peter Lang

ISBN: 1433104466


Page: 221

View: 242

Multicultural teacher education does not work without attending to the inner landscapes of learners. This collection of essays depicts a journey of unlearning deeply cherished assumptions, and gaining new, difficult understandings of race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, class, and global issues in teacher education. Foregrounding learners' own voices and highlighting those intimate moments of awakening through a process-oriented and dialogic approach, this book, in its profoundly moving narrative and critically reflective voices, speaks directly to pre-service and in-service teachers and informs teacher educators' multicultural pedagogical theory and practice. Demonstrating the power of multicultural education through the learner's lens, this compelling and inspirational book is a much-needed text for undergraduate and graduate courses in teacher education, multicultural education, curriculum studies, and social foundations of education.