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[ In the “ Riverside literature series . " ) LAING , Mrs. Caroline H. B. Stories of the seven hills . ... 19810.2 [ The 3 above mentioned are in the “ Riverside literature series . ... series . " ] WHITTIER , John Greenleaf , editor .

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The Cavalries at Stones RiverThe Cavalries at Stones River

John Wynkoop, Official Records, Series 1, Volume 20, Part 1, 631–632. ... John W. Green, Johnny Green of the Orphan Brigade: The Journal of a Confederate Soldier (Lexington: University of Kentucky Press, 1956), 59–60; William C. Davis, ...

Author: Dennis W. Belcher

Publisher: McFarland

ISBN: 9781476665368


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At the Battle of Stones River, General David Stanley's Union cavalry repeatedly fought General Joseph Wheeler's Confederate cavalry. The campaign saw some of the most desperately fought mounted engagements in the Civil War's Western Theater and marked the end of the Southern cavalry's dominance in Tennessee. This history describes the events leading up to the battle and the key actions, including the December 31 attack by Wheeler's cavalry, the Union counterattack, the repulse of General John Wharton by the 1st Michigan Engineers and Wheeler's daring raid on the rear of Williams Rosecrans' army. The author reassesses the actions of General John Pegram's cavalry brigade.

Alumni CantabrigiensesAlumni Cantabrigienses

See 'The case of John Greenshields, 1710.' (Notes and Queries, 4th Series, 1. 119; H. B. Swanzy.) GREENSMITH, EDWARD, 260. Add Died Oct. 17, 1684. Buried at Rockland St Mary. (R. J. Beevor.) GREENWOOD, JOHN, 1622, 261.

Author: John Venn

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9781108036108


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Detailed and comprehensive, the first volume of the Venns' directory, in four parts, includes all alumni until 1751.

Catalog of Copyright Entries Third SeriesCatalog of Copyright Entries Third Series

A840933 ..... 2361 Green , Morris . A864018 .... 2932 Green baun , Howard H. A 8 4 18 50 ... Green , Edna ... 2812 Green , H. B. SEE Green , Henry Bascon . Greene , Carol . A821228 .. A837900 . ... 2308 Green , John R. A830796 .

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National Library of Medicine Current CatalogNational Library of Medicine Current Catalog

Crosse , John Green , 1790-1850 . Sketches of the medical schools of Paris , including ... Series DNLM : WA 540 FA1 C9p 1972 Cit . No. 360111 Crowe , Walter C. see Arnheim , Daniel D. Crowle , Alfred John , 1930Immunodiffusion . 2d ed .

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Major Sanderson s WarMajor Sanderson s War

David Farr John Lambert, Parliamentary Soldier and Cromwellian MajorGeneral, 16191684 (Woodbridge, 2003). J.W. Fawcett The Parish Registers of ... (Camden Society New Series 49, 54, 61,62) (18911901) ... 'The diary of John Green'' ed.

Author: P R Hill

Publisher: The History Press

ISBN: 9780750980104


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In 1919 the diary of a parliamentary cavalry officer, written on an interleaved copy of William Lilly's Merlini Anglici Ephemeris, was exhibited at the Society of Antiquaries of Newcastle upon Tyne. It was discovered to be that of Major John Sanderson for the year 1648, an officer in Colonel Robert Lilburne's regiment of horse. This was an extremely rare find, as while Civil War memoirs were common, daily accounts were not. Spanning from 11th January to 30th December, Sanderson's diary contained 270 entries that not only recalled well-known events, but also depicted the minutiae of patrol and skirmish. Major Sanderson's War is not merely a transcript of the diary, but an analysis of the role of cavalry and the northern campaign of the Second Civil War. No other book will provide the enthusiast with such a unique glimpse into the life of one of Cromwell's officers.

Apple IncApple Inc

MOBILE PHONES According to the CTIA wireless association, an amazing. Apple's first real set-top box—The Apple TV. Image © John Greenleigh, The Sony-designed PowerBook 100. Image © John Greenleigh, www.flipside ...

Author: Jason D. O'Grady

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

ISBN: 9780313362446


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Assesses Apple's impact on society, technology, processes, and methods; shows how Apple beat the competition in selected markets; details financial results over the years; and, predicts Apple's future prospects and successes. In addition, the author offers special features that include a look at the colourful people associated with Apple, interesting trivia, an Apple time line, a focus on products, and where the company is headed


Author: Irene Izod

Publisher: K G Saur Verlag Gmbh & Company

ISBN: 359823905X


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The Subject Guide divides works into over 200 subject groups, facilitating targeted searches by the subject fields. Both parts of the Guide to Reprints contain an Index of Persons as Subject providing fast and reliable access to reprints focussing on specific individuals and their work. Each part also comes with an index of publishers and distributors worldwide along with all relevant information.

Catalog of Copyright Entries New SeriesCatalog of Copyright Entries New Series

Life & letters of John Greenleaf WhitJugendliebe . 6187 . tier . Appendix 462 . Liebesfrühling . 6687 . ... Daniels ( Josephus ) Phillips ( H. B. ) Differential equations . Our navy at war . 800 . 1474 . Pie borgne . ( Drama ) 450 * .

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Publisher: Copyright Office, Library of Congress

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Part 1, Group 1: Books, v. 19 : Nos. 124 - 139 (February - March, 1923)

Catalog of Copyright Entries Part 1 A Group 1 Books New SeriesCatalog of Copyright Entries Part 1 A Group 1 Books New Series

4021 , John Greenleaf Whittier . RenewStory bk , of earth's treasures . al . 1287 . 4352 . Park - street papers . Renewal 967 . Story bk . of gold . 4022 . ... Histoire exacte de la vie intérieure Peters ( H. B. ) ...

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Monthly Bulletin of the Providence Public LibraryMonthly Bulletin of the Providence Public Library

LAING , Mrs. Caroline H. B. Stories of the seven hills . ... 19810.2 [ The 3 above mentioned are in the “ Riverside literature series . ... series . " ] WHITTIER , John Greenleaf . Snow - bound , and other poems . [ 16 copies . ] ...

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Histories of the Transgender ChildHistories of the Transgender Child

Virginia Allen to “D.U.,” July 9, 1976, Box 3, Series II-C, HB 35. Agnes C. Nagy, [patient record name redacted], [date redacted], 1976, Folder 52, Box 5, JH. 36. See, for example, Elaine Ferranti to John Money, August 27, 1974, Box 2, ...

Author: Julian Gill-Peterson

Publisher: U of Minnesota Press

ISBN: 9781452958156


Page: 288

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A groundbreaking twentieth-century history of transgender children With transgender rights front and center in American politics, media, and culture, the pervasive myth still exists that today’s transgender children are a brand new generation—pioneers in a field of new obstacles and hurdles. Histories of the Transgender Child shatters this myth, uncovering a previously unknown twentieth-century history when transgender children not only existed but preexisted the term transgender and its predecessors, playing a central role in the medicalization of trans people, and all sex and gender. Beginning with the early 1900s when children with “ambiguous” sex first sought medical attention, to the 1930s when transgender people began to seek out doctors involved in altering children’s sex, to the invention of the category gender, and finally the 1960s and ’70s when, as the field institutionalized, transgender children began to take hormones, change their names, and even access gender confirmation, Julian Gill-Peterson reconstructs the medicalization and racialization of children’s bodies. Throughout, they foreground the racial history of medicine that excludes black and trans of color children through the concept of gender’s plasticity, placing race at the center of their analysis and at the center of transgender studies. Until now, little has been known about early transgender history and life and its relevance to children. Using a wealth of archival research from hospitals and clinics, including incredible personal letters from children to doctors, as well as scientific and medical literature, this book reaches back to the first half of the twentieth century—a time when the category transgender was not available but surely existed, in the lives of children and parents.