Italian Americans on ScreenItalian Americans on Screen

This book challenges past definitions of Italian American cinema and media studies by introducing fresh critical models into the discourse.

Author: Ryan Calabretta-Sajder

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 9781793611550


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This book challenges past definitions of Italian American cinema and media studies by introducing fresh critical models into the discourse. Proposing new intersectional debates about ethnic identity, including race, class, gender, and sexuality studies, contributors establish new interpretations concerning Italian Americans on screen.

Hollywood s AmericaHollywood s America

Italian-Americans led the parade, becoming nearly synonymous with the immigrant criminal. ... While Italian-Americans assumed the lead among screen immigrant criminals, other groups took their turns as contemporary Alien Threats.

Author: Steven Mintz

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781405190039


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Fully revised, updated, and extended, this compilation of interpretive essays and primary documents teaches students to read films as cultural artifacts within the contexts of actual past events. A new edition of this classic textbook, which ties movies into the broader narrative of US and film history Ten new articles which consider recently released films, as well as issues of gender and ethnicity Well-organized within a chronological framework with thematic treatments to provide a valuable resource for students of the history of American film Fourth edition includes completely new images throughout

From Arrival to IncorporationFrom Arrival to Incorporation

ample, and Cuomo himself frequently played on his Italian American heritage. ... Fever young Italian Americans in New York's outer borough neighborhoods eagerly embraced in “Guido” images they saw on screen and began to imitate them.

Author: Elliott Barkan

Publisher: NYU Press

ISBN: 9780814799604


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The racially charged stereotype of "welfare queen"—an allegedly promiscuous waster who uses her children as meal tickets funded by tax-payers—is a familiar icon in modern America, but as Gunja SenGupta reveals in From Slavery to Poverty, her historical roots run deep. For, SenGupta argues, the language and institutions of poor relief and reform have historically served as forums for inventing and negotiating identity. Mining a broad array of sources on nineteenth-century New York City’s interlocking network of private benevolence and municipal relief, SenGupta shows that these institutions promoted a racialized definition of poverty and citizenship. But they also offered a framework within which working poor New Yorkers—recently freed slaves and disfranchised free blacks, Afro-Caribbean sojourners and Irish immigrants, sex workers and unemployed laborers, and mothers and children—could challenge stereotypes and offer alternative visions of community. Thus, SenGupta argues, long before the advent of the twentieth-century welfare state, the discourse of welfare in its nineteenth-century incarnation created a space to talk about community, race, and nation; about what it meant to be “American,” who belonged, and who did not. Her work provides historical context for understanding why today the notion of "welfare"—with all its derogatory “un-American” connotations—is associated not with middle-class entitlements like Social Security and Medicare, but rather with programs targeted at the poor, which are wrongly assumed to benefit primarily urban African Americans.

The Routledge History of Italian AmericansThe Routledge History of Italian Americans

Information about these and other television shows is readily available from this website “The Italians. ... end is a keenly sensitive, rigorous reading of the Italian American visual depiction on both the silver screen and television.

Author: William J. Connell

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781135046705


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The Routledge History of Italian Americans weaves a narrative of the trials and triumphs of one of the nation’s largest ethnic groups. This history, comprising original essays by leading scholars and critics, addresses themes that include the Columbian legacy, immigration, the labor movement, discrimination, anarchism, Fascism, World War II patriotism, assimilation, gender identity and popular culture. This landmark volume offers a clear and accessible overview of work in the growing academic field of Italian American Studies. Rich illustrations bring the story to life, drawing out the aspects of Italian American history and culture that make this ethnic group essential to the American experience.

Gramsci Migration and the Representation of Women s Work in Italy and the U S Gramsci Migration and the Representation of Women s Work in Italy and the U S

a a examination of cinematic representations of Italian American identity is crucial to an exploration of how the image ... She maintains that Italian Americans on screen are most often connected to working - class culture regardless of ...

Author: Laura E. Ruberto

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 0739144324


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Examining films, literature, songs, and photographs with an emphasis on a feminist materialist interpretation, Producing Culture considers the representations of different kinds of labor historically performed by women in Italy and the U.S. in order to reassess dominant narratives about the history of Italy and of Italians in the United States.

Beyond the Stars Stock characters in American popular filmBeyond the Stars Stock characters in American popular film

While Italian - Americans assumed the lead among screen immigrant criminals , other groups took their turns as contemporary Alien Threats . By the 1980s , Latino drug dealers , in particular , had joined Italian - Americans as screen ...

Author: Paul Loukides

Publisher: Popular Press

ISBN: 087972479X


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The third of five volumes of new scholarship on American movie conventions. The 19 essays explore cinematic representations of such material items as food, weapons, clothing, tools, technology, and art and literature. Not illustrated. No index. Paper edition (unseen), $13.95. Annotation copyright by Book News, Inc., Portland, OR.

The Italian American HeritageThe Italian American Heritage

... The Brotherhood is a significant Italian American cultural text in that it portrays the conflict between the old ... first Italian American female playwright, Julie Bovasso (1930–1991), the distinguished actress of stage, screen, ...

Author: Pellegrino A D'Acierno

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781000525557


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First published in 1999. The many available scholarly works on Italian-Americans are perhaps of little practical help to the undergraduate or high school student who needs background information when reading contemporary fiction with Italian characters, watching films that require a familiarity with Italian Americans, or looking at works of art that can be fully appreciated only if one understands Italian culture. This basic reference work for non-specialists and students offers quick insights and essential, easy-to-grasp information on Italian-American contributions to American art, music, literature, motion pictures and cultural life. This rich legacy is examined in a collection of original essays that include portrayals of Italian characters in the films of Francis Coppola, Italian American poetry, the art of Frank Stella, the music of Frank Zappa, a survey of Italian folk customs and an analysis of the evolution of Italian-American biography. Comprising 22 lengthy essays written specifically for this volume, the book identifies what is uniquely Italian in American life and examines how Italian customs, traditions, social mores and cultural antecedents have wrought their influence on the American character. Filled with insights, observations and ethnic facts and fictions, this volume should prove to be a valuable source of information for scholars, researchers and students interested in pinpointing and examining the cultural, intellectual and social influence of Italian immigrants and their successors.

Encyclopedia of Contemporary Italian CultureEncyclopedia of Contemporary Italian Culture

in Italian Americana, West Lafayette, IN: Purdue University Press, 374–96 (comes both to praise Italian-American film and ... 14 (3–4): 108– 26 (a somewhat optimistic study of the evolving representation of Italian-Americans on screen).

Author: Gino Moliterno

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781134758777


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This rigorously compiled A-Z volume offers rich, readable coverage of the diverse forms of post-1945 Italian culture. With over 900 entries by international contributors, this volume is genuinely interdisciplinary in character, treating traditional political, economic, and legal concerns, with a particular emphasis on neglected areas of popular culture. Entries range from short definitions, histories or biographies to longer overviews covering themes, movements, institutions and personalities, from advertising to fascism, and Pirelli to Zeffirelli. The Encyclopedia aims to inform and inspire both teachers and students in the following fields: *Italian language and literature *Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences *European Studies *Media and Cultural Studies *Business and Management *Art and Design It is extensively cross-referenced, has a thematic contents list and suggestions for further reading.

The Italian American ExperienceThe Italian American Experience

who, having spent much of his life in Italy, created a richly textured tapestry of Italian characters in his fiction. ... This wasthe second of Robinson's twelveroles that portrayed an Italian American, more than any other screen ...

Author: Salvatore J. LaGumina

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781135583323


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First Published in 2000. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.