Light Rail Vehicle Collisions with Vehicles at Signalized IntersectionsLight Rail Vehicle Collisions with Vehicles at Signalized Intersections

Although these intersections are typically protected with conventional traffic
signals and supplemental signage regarding the LRT, they do not operate like
conventional crossings, nor do they operate like conventional signalized


Publisher: Transportation Research Board

ISBN: 9780309098212


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This report presents the mitigation methods tested and used by transit agencies to reduce collisions between light rail vehicles (LRVs) and motor vehicles where light rail transit (LRT) runs through or adjacent to highway intersections controlled by conventional traffic signals. A particular focus is placed on collisions occurring between LRVs and vehicles making left-hand turns at these intersections. This report offers success stories and specific actions to achieve positive results, as well as examples of unsuccessful actions. The issues addressed include a range of LRT operations and environments such as median-running, side-running, contra-flow, and mixed-use LRT alignments; urban and suburban setting; and a variety of U.S. geographic regions.


Author: George Edgar Slusser

Publisher: SIU Press

ISBN: 080931374X


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These 17 essays from the seventh annual J. Lloyd Eaton Conference examine the relationship between fantasy and science fiction. They propose that fantasy and science fiction are not isolated commercial literary forms, but instead are literary forms worthy of the recognition reserved for traditional literature. Discussion of genre identification ranges from the standard forms of literary criticism embodied in Aristotle’s mimesis and poesis to innovative and possibly controversial points of view such as a theory of humor, a philosophy of time, and a detailed analysis of Dr. Seuss’s Cat in the Hat. The essays provide not only a detailed study of literary elements but also the historical treatment of the material, its commercial use, and its relationship to similar literary forms such as the gothic tale and horror fiction. While few of the essayists agree with one another, they all contribute creative insights to the debate.


Author: Lisa Suhair Majaj

Publisher: Syracuse University Press

ISBN: 0815629516


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This rigorously documented collection brings together for the first time original essays by leading authorities in the field on nine contemporary Arab women novelists from Algeria, Egypt, Lebanon, and Palestine. The essays focus on texts available in English translation and explore with great theoretical sophistication the relationship of these authors’ texts to contemporary phenomena of feminism, nationalism, postcolonialism, war, transnationalism, and societal change.

Joins and IntersectionsJoins and Intersections

Introduction Dedicated to the memory of Wolfgang Classical Intersection Theory (
see for example Weil [Wei]) treats the case of proper intersections, where
geometrical objects (usually subvarieties of a nonsingular variety) intersect with
the ...

Author: H. Flenner

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9783662038178


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Dedicated to the memory of Wolfgang Classical Intersection Theory (see for example Wei! [Wei]) treats the case of proper intersections, where geometrical objects (usually subvarieties of a non singular variety) intersect with the expected dimension. In 1984, two books appeared which surveyed and developed work by the individual authors, co workers and others on a refined version of Intersection Theory, treating the case of possibly improper intersections, where the intersection could have ex cess dimension. The first, by W. Fulton [Full] (recently revised in updated form), used a geometrical theory of deformation to the normal cone, more specifically, deformation to the normal bundle followed by moving the zero section to make the intersection proper; this theory was due to the author together with R. MacPherson and worked generally for intersections on algeb raic manifolds. It represents nowadays the standard approach to Intersection Theory. The second, by W. Vogel [Vogl], employed an algebraic approach to inter sections; although restricted to intersections in projective space it produced an intersection cycle by a simple and natural algorithm, thus leading to a Bezout theorem for improper intersections. It was developed together with J. Stiickrad and involved a refined version of the classical technique ofreduc tion to the diagonal: here one starts with the join variety and intersects with successive hyperplanes in general position, laying aside components which fall into the diagonal and intersecting the residual scheme with the next hyperplane; since all the hyperplanes intersect in the diagonal, the process terminates.


The four papers in this session fall into two groups , two devoted to intersections
with painting and two to intersections with music . Lucile Gaudin ' s analysis of
Lamy ' s discussions of painting as literature and of literature as painting , “
Peindre ...

Author: North American Society for Seventeenth-Century French Literature. Conference

Publisher: Gunter Narr Verlag

ISBN: 3823361538


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Textual IntersectionsTextual Intersections

Author: Rachael Langford

Publisher: Rodopi

ISBN: 9789042027312


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This volume examines the multifaceted ways in which textual material in nineteenth-century European cultures intersected with non-literary cultural artefacts and concepts. The essays consider the presence of such diverse phenomena as the dandy, nationhood, diasporic identity, operatic and dramatic personae and effects, trapeze artists, paintings, and the grotesque and fantastic in the work of a variety of writers from France, Germany, Spain, Britain, Russia, Greece and Italy. The volume argues for a view of the long nineteenth century as a century of lively cultural dialogue and exchange between national and sub-national cultures, between 'high' and popular art forms, and between different genres and different media, and it will be of interest to general readers and scholars alike.


Author: Iain Borden

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 0415232929


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Over the last decade, critical theories of different kinds have had an enormous impact on many different disciplines and practices. Intersections is the first book to survey comprehensively this impact on Architecture, providing sixteen essays that intersect a particular critical theory with specific architectural ideas, projects and events. An extended essay by the editors gives an in-depth introduction to the subject. Essays range from psychoanalysis and interiors; colonialism and modern urbanism; gender and the renaissance; to heteroptopia and Las Vegas. Contributors come from Europe and the USA, and include Iain Borden, Zeynep Celik, Sarah Chaplin, Beatriz Colomina, Darell Fields, Murray Fraser, Diane Ghirado, Joe Kerr, Clive Knights, Neil Leach, Barbara Penner, Jane Rendell, Katherine Shonfield, Helen Thomas, Jeremy Till, Henry Urbach and Sarah Wigglesworth.

Intersections With AttachmentIntersections With Attachment

Relationships: A Life-Span Perspective Mary J. Levitt ABSTRACT Intersections of
infant attachment theory with models of close relationships and social support in
adulthood are proposed within the framework of the social convoy model ...

Author: Jacob L. Gewirtz

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 9781134739134


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Attachment has long been a key area of social development. Work on attachment processes has involved a variety of species as well as humans in diverse cultures and at various points in the life cycle. This volume presents research devoted to the meaning and implications of the attachment concept, including possible indices of attachment, the role of learning, whether or not attachment is best treated as continuous or discontinuous, and considerations for viewing attachment as a trait across environmental settings or as a process with functions that operate differently in disparate settings. Other psychological-process concepts, such as imprinting, relationships, and identification are also discussed. Because the contributors are active researchers and theorists, this volume may help establish trends and determine directions to shape literature on attachment for years to come.

Deleuzian IntersectionsDeleuzian Intersections

Author: Casper Bruun Jensen

Publisher: Berghahn Books

ISBN: 1845456149


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Science and technology studies, cultural anthropology and cultural studies deal with the complex relations between material, symbolic, technical and political practices. In a Deleuzian approach these relations are seen as produced in heterogeneous assemblages, moving across distinctions such as the human and non-human or the material and ideal. This volume outlines a Deleuzian approach to analyzing science, culture and politics.

Conical IntersectionsConical Intersections

to the intersection of two states of distinct spatial symmetry . The two lowest
excited singlet electronic states of H - S - H , the 12 A " and 21 A " states , provide
an example of this type of conical intersection . For C2v geometries these states
are ...

Author: Wolfgang Domcke

Publisher: World Scientific

ISBN: 9812565469


Page: 838

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It is widely recognized nowadays that conical intersections ofmolecular potential-energy surfaces play a key mechanistic role in thespectroscopy of polyatomic molecules, photochemistry and chemicalkinetics. This invaluable book presents a systematic exposition of thecurrent state of knowledge about conical intersections, which has beenelaborated in research papers scattered throughout the chemicalphysics literature.
This collection of essays on later Chinese Buddhism takes us beyond the bedrock subjects of traditional Buddhist historiography - scriptures and commentaries, sectarian developments, lives of notable monks - to examine a wide range of extracanonical materials that illuminate cultural manifestations of Buddhism from the Song dynasty (960-1279) through the modern period. Straying from well-trodden paths, the authors often transgress the boundaries of their own disciplines: historians address architecture; art historians look to politics; a specialist in literature treats poetry that offers gendered insights into Buddhist lives. The broad-based cultural orientation of this volume is predicated on the recognition that art and religion are not closed systems requiring only minimal cross-indexing with other social or aesthetic phenomena but constituent elements in interlocking networks of practice and belief.


The volume focuses on the many junctions within applied linguistics and its
intersections with other disciplines and areas of practice as diverse as Education,
Indigenous Issues, Language Development, Literacy, and Social Interaction.

Author: Elke Stracke

Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing

ISBN: 9781443873420


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This book makes an essential contribution to the developing and expanding scope of the field of applied linguistics through an understanding of applied linguistics as a meeting place. As Terrence G. Wiley of the Center for Applied Linguistics, Washington, DC, states in the Foreword, Intersections: Applied Linguistics as a Meeting Place “extends the boundaries of the field while providing spaces for mediating within it and between other disciplines.” This book presents 16 papers by important researchers working in various countries around the globe. It focuses on the many junctions within applied linguistics and its intersections with other disciplines and areas of practice as diverse as education, indigenous issues, language development, literacy, and social interaction. Applied linguistics also has connections with broader areas such as the arts, law, medicine and health, society, politics and policy, and technology. The book will appeal to academics, teachers, teacher educators, and undergraduate and postgraduate students working in applied linguistics and language education, and those who take an interest in the many connections between applied linguistics and other disciplines and areas of practice.
In recent years there has been increasing interaction between basic and applied memory researchers, ranging from heated debates to highly productive collaborations. This collection of papers -- based on presentations at the Third Practical Aspects of Memory conference -- reviews the progress, as well as obstacles to progress, in the ongoing collaboration between basic and applied memory researchers. This volume represents the state of the art in memory research domains that straddle the basic-applied divide. The text is organized around three themes, including theoretical and metatheoretical issues concerning the interaction of basic and applied memory research, laboratory investigation of real world memory problems, and solutions of everyday problems using theoretical concepts derived from basic memory research. The first section illustrates why collaboration between basic and applied memory researchers should be beneficial and provides guidelines for avoiding some of the pitfalls. The second and third sections present some of the most significant, contemporary findings by researchers whose work is basic-yet-applicable or applied-yet-theoretically-based. Students and professional memory researchers will find the substantive results to be provocative and theoretically engaging, making the information presented in this volume invaluable. These examples of successful application will be of substantial, pragmatic value and researchers are certain to be grappling with these issues for years to come.

Intersections of Random WalksIntersections of Random Walks

The techniques of Chapter 3 give bounds on this power; in Chapter 4, the exact
power is derived. The first part of the derivation is to give asymptotic expressions
for the probability of “long-range” intersections (the results of the previous chapter

Author: Gregory F. Lawler

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9781461459729


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A central study in Probability Theory is the behavior of fluctuation phenomena of partial sums of different types of random variable. One of the most useful concepts for this purpose is that of the random walk which has applications in many areas, particularly in statistical physics and statistical chemistry. Originally published in 1991, Intersections of Random Walks focuses on and explores a number of problems dealing primarily with the nonintersection of random walks and the self-avoiding walk. Many of these problems arise in studying statistical physics and other critical phenomena. Topics include: discrete harmonic measure, including an introduction to diffusion limited aggregation (DLA); the probability that independent random walks do not intersect; and properties of walks without self-intersections. The present softcover reprint includes corrections and addenda from the 1996 printing, and makes this classic monograph available to a wider audience. With a self-contained introduction to the properties of simple random walks, and an emphasis on rigorous results, the book will be useful to researchers in probability and statistical physics and to graduate students interested in basic properties of random walks.

Conical IntersectionsConical Intersections

that CONICAL INTERSECTIONS of these multidimensional surfaces, predicted
by von Neumann and Wigner in 1929, are the rule rather than the exception in
polyatomic molecules. As a result, the concept of conical intersections has
become ...



ISBN: 9789814397933



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Troubling Intersections of Race and SexualityTroubling Intersections of Race and Sexuality

( Wilchins 1997 , 199 ) TROUBLING INTERSECTIONS Many educators and
educational researchers have made great strides in challenging the various
forms of oppression found in and out of schools , such as racism and
heterosexism ...

Author: Kevin K. Kumashiro

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 0742501906


Page: 226

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In recent years, researchers have considerably expanded our understanding of the experiences of students of color and of students who are gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered, and questioning (ie. Queer). They have provided us with rich resources for addressing racism and heterosexism; however, few have examined the unique experiences of students who are both queer and of color, and few have examined the heterosexist or white-centered nature of anti-racist or anti-heterosexist education (respectively). What of the students and educators who live and teach at the intersection of race and sexuality? By combining autobiographical accounts with qualitative and quantitative research on queer students of different racial backgrounds, these essays not only trouble the ways we think about the intersections of race and sexuality, they also offer theoretical insights and educational strategies to educators committed to bringing about change.


Author: Brij V. Lal

Publisher: ANU E Press

ISBN: 9781922144386


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“A wonderfully rich, insightful and personally touching collection of essays by the Pacific region’s most prolific and engaging historian. Brij Lal writes eloquently and poetically about his professional and political journeys, and the many different people and worlds he has encountered on the way. Readers will be inspired by this collective account of a courageous life committed to the achievement of democratic freedom and social justice. What shines through these pages is Lal’s love of and commitment to Fiji, from which he has been painfully exiled.” - David Hanlon, Professor of History & Former Director of the Center for Pacific Islands Studies, University of Hawaii at Manoa.


Author: Helen Ennis

Publisher: National Library Australia

ISBN: 0642107920


Page: 277

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Using photographs from the National Library's collection, Ennis introduces us to Australia from the 1840's to the present as we have never seen it before - at peace and at war, and in all its splendour and ordinary dailiness, as seen through the cameras of Charles Bayliss, Samuel Sweet, Peta Hill and many others. Large format.


Author: Mark T. McCord

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9781475945904


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Lieutenant Kate De Marco, an army nurse, and Captain Robert Coleman, an infantry officer, met in the Philippines in 1940. Finding themselves in one of the most romantic locations in the world, their love grew even as the winds of war threatened to drive them apart. After the bombing of Pearl Harbor, their lives changed completely, as American and Filipino soldiers surrendered to the Japanese in Bataan. Kate and Robert were separated in the melee. Evacuated to the relative safety of nearby Corregidor Island, Kate kept a diary, where she recorded her longing for Robert's safe return. Meanwhile, Robert opted not to surrender and instead swam the precarious two miles from Bataan to Corregidor in search of his love. As the Japanese threatened to take Corregidor, Kate hid her diary in the walls of an underground tunnel, where it stayed for seventy years. In 2012, Lisa Newhouse and Brandon Wales, two graduate students from the University of Tennessee, travel to Corregidor with a study group and discover Kate's lost diary. Inspired by her words and her love for Robert, they too admit their shared feelings. Although the intersection of their lives with that of Kate and Robert is coincidence, the diary leads them on a journey, which will change their lives forever.