Economic Expansion and Social Change England 1500 1700 Volume 2 Industry Trade and GovernmentEconomic Expansion and Social Change England 1500 1700 Volume 2 Industry Trade and Government

Hoskins , W.G. Industry , Trade and People in Exeter 1688-1800 ( Manchester , 1935 ) . Hoskins , W.G. " The Leicestershire farmer in the sixteenth century ' , in his Essays in Leicestershire History ( Liverpool , 1950 ) .

Author: C. G. A. Clay

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

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Clay provides an analysis of the economy and society of England in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.

Merchants Markets and ManufactureMerchants Markets and Manufacture

De Maurepas estimated that the figure was as low as 10,000 pieces in 1731: Winterthur Library, 65x15.1, de Maurepas report on the Levant trade, 1731. W. G. Hoskins, Industry, Trade and People in Exeter, 1688±1800 (Manchester: Manchester ...

Author: J. Smail

Publisher: Springer

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This book explores the causes and nature of the industrial revolution through a comparative study of the main wool textile manufacturing regions of England. Addressing many of the current debates in economic history and eighteenth-century studies through a detailed, archivally-based analysis, it examines how the interplay between merchants, markets and producers shaped the pace and character of economic growth during the eighteenth century, paying particular attention to the implications of rapid product innovation and the export trade.

The Cambridge Urban History of BritainThe Cambridge Urban History of Britain

However , the region's cloth industry was never homogeneous , but rather formed a series of separate trades ... 2–5 , 110-15 ; J. Youings , Tuckers Hall , Exeter ( Exeter , 1968 ) ; W. G. Hoskins , Industry , Trade and People in Exeter ...

Author: Peter Clark

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

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This volume examines when, why, and how Britain became the first modern urban nation.

The Wiltshire Woollen Industry in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth CenturiesThe Wiltshire Woollen Industry in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries

II, LI, 64, &c.; Hoskins, Industry, Trade and People in Exeter 1688–18oo (1935), 6.6-9. whole output of cloths, numbering annually probably some hundreds. But. * Privy Council Register, 4 May 1644. * Cf. S.P.D. Jas. I, passim.

Author: G.D. Ramsay

Publisher: Routledge

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First published in 1965. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Locating the Industrial RevolutionLocating the Industrial Revolution

W. G. Hoskins, Industry, Trade and People in Exeter 1688–1800, with special reference to the Serge Industry (Manchester: Manchester University Press, 1935), p. 53. 33. Youings, Tuckers Hall, p. 177. For criticism of the conservatism of ...

Author: Eric L. Jones

Publisher: World Scientific

ISBN: 9789814295260


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The familiar industrialisation of northern England and less familiar de-industrialisation of the south are shown to have depended on a common process. Neither rise nor decline resulted from differences in natural resource endowments, since they began before the use of coal and steam in manufacturing. Instead, political certainty, competitive ideology and Enlightenment optimism encouraged investment in transport and communications. This integrated the national market, intensifying competition between regions and altering economic distributions. Despite a dysfunctional landed system, agricultural innovation meant that the south''s comparative advantage shifted towards the farm sector. Meanwhile its manufactures slowly declined. Once industry clustered in the less-benign northern environment, technological changes in manufacturing accumulated there. This book portrays the Industrial Revolution as deriving from economic competition within unique political arrangements.

Transport in the Industrial RevolutionTransport in the Industrial Revolution

... 1700–1914 , published by the author , 12 Dudwell Road , Brighton . ( f ) The South - west . W. G. Hoskins , Industry , Trade and People in Exeter , 1688–1800 , University of Exeter Press , 1935 , is a classic study .

Author: Derek Howard Aldcroft

Publisher: Manchester University Press

ISBN: 0719008395


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